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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Nice initiative! And very generous of all the donors! Prize #1: Enterprise. Prize #2: Arizona Prize #3: Doubloons Prize #4: Arizona Prize #5: Doubloons Prize #6: Doubloons Prize #7: Doubloons Prize #8: I have both the Tachibana and the Marblehead, so just give this ship to someone else instead =) Good luck to all participants and Happy Holidays!
  2. This was a while ago but still worth posting
  3. Izumo or FdG?

    Depends on your playstyle i guess. While i only played the Izumo and Yamato the german ships have similar stats so i do believe they are balanced. If that's the case then it depends on what ship you like the most. Hint: Do you like the Amagi or the Bismarck more? You should probably continue with whatever line you like the most...
  4. blyskawica; buy or no buy

    I would be reluctant to buying a ship that can't train captains, mainly because i can't afford to buy premiums for every line so i feel like buying the blyska would be kind of a waste of money for me... But maybe you are in a different situation or maybe you just don't care about captain training as much as i do... whatever the case is, i'm pretty sure the blyska is still a good ship (or so i have heard... can't really say much myself since i don't own it). Maybe this video helps?
  5. the "carry harder!" thread

    I'm starting to get good games with the Mogami.... but i still can't win
  6. IFHE brutal nerf to 152/155mm cruisers

    Obviously wargaming is afraid the new BB line will be too powerful and to make sure they're not too powerful, it only makes sense to nerf IFHE since they love spamming HE shells so much (as proven by this video) So you see, this is wargamings way of nerfing BBs!
  7. If you didn't have the Atago but you had the Arp Takao, would you be willing to pay 2k doubloons for the credits and exp bonoses? I know i would because it is an awesome ship. Would you be willing to pay 3k doubloons? I would. How about 4k? I would probably pay that much. 5k? Maybe... i would consider it. 6k? probably not. 7k? Absolutely not, that is way too much! Would you pay 10,7k? I did and i thought it was worth it since i thought i was paying for not only the bonuses but also the ability to train japanese captains. I never had any problems when the Arp ships did not have the ability to train captains. I also do not consider the credits and exp bonuses for the Atago to be worthless. Like i said i think they are worth about 3-5k doubloons but certainly not 10,7k. So is buffing the camo to make it give +50% captain exp really that unreasonable?
  8. So the only difference between Arp Takao and Atago is the camo? Does that mean i payed almost 11k doubloons for a premium camo? That is obviously not worth it and if i had known this i would have bought a different premium ship instead. Could i get my doubloons back or trade my Atago for a Kutuzov? Seriously though, the ability to use camo on a ship does seem to be a bit overpriced at almost 11k doubloons, so maybe the camo should get buffed. Like +50% captain exp bonus on top of the already existing +50% normal exp bonus? Or maybe missions that you can only complete with the Atago? Actually maybe every premium ship could get its own mission? Or actually, maybe i am too tired to be on the forum and i should sleep now...

    I think its more complaining about how unfair it is rather than complaining that you get containers. Imagine you get 10m credits in a SC. It makes you happy, doesn't it? Then imagine your friend gets a Belfast (or some other premium ship). How would that make you feel? These containers are all just a big gamble and having bad/disappointing contents like those upgrades isn't making the situation better.
  10. Mikasa mission

    They should change the last mission to "Remove 99% of health from two enemy BBs and then let somebody else kill them." I believe this would be much easier to complete.
  11. Rage quit anyone

    Aerroon made a video about this. Basically, as the average skill level is lowered, you should have a bigger impact on the game and therefor a higher winrate during weekends (unless you are playing worse than the weekend warriors).
  12. Could I join? I haven't played much since the last ranked season but i would like to start playing more again and divisioning up with people, since that's something i've never really tried before.
  13. You get more captain exp with premium so you could also ask if having a more experienced captain increases chances of winning. I would say it depends on how long you have premium. If it's only 3 days, then no, it doesn't help you. If it's longer... say 30 days, then yes, it helps you win more often.
  14. An important announcement for all BB captains

    Oh it's this thread again. Time for my standard reply! How meyos thinks teamwork should be like in wows: The DD goes to cap/spot the enemy The CL/CA supports the DD by killing the enemy DD The BB supports the DD by killing the enmy CL/CA who is trying to kill the friendly DD If your DD died, your team (all of you) need to push! otherwise you will lose on points... How meyos has experienced teamwork in wows: The DD goes to cap/spot the enemy The CL/CA can't support the DD since he is too busy spamming HE shells on the enemy BB The BB is actually trying to kill the enemy CL/CA, but not necessarily because he actually wants to help the DD, it is just one time when the reward system works really good (more damage means more exp and credits) If your DD died, small groups are formed and your team charge in one at a time, only to be focused down really quickly. A small group chose to not charge in at all. Sooo... it seems like the DD is the most important ship (atleast when there is no CV around) When should the DD cap/spot? pretty much always Conditions for spotting? The CL/CA must support the DD When should the CL/CA support the DD? Always Conditions for supporting the DD? None, the CL/CA doesn't rely on other ships for this. When should the CL/CA push? When the rest of the team is pushing, the CL/CA is relying on mainly the BB When should the BB push? When the enemy team is in a bad position/have fewer ships than your team Conditions for pushing? The DD needs to spot the enemy team, otherwise you don't know how many ships they have or their positions. Should the BB push if both teams are equally strong? NO Why not? Because (especially in random battles) it is hard to move as a team. Remember that a successful push requires everyone to push at the same time. If you don't, you will just be focused down.
  15. Penetration information?

    Thank you! That's pretty much what i was looking for