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  1. The inherent problem is that if the reward isn't good enough then people will just ignore the grind and the concept is useless. If the reward is too good then everyone will feel like they are forced to grind more and most of them will hate it. In my opinion i don't think there can be a balance unless the reward are purely cosmetic, because then peopl ewill not feel like they are forced to do it. But it looks like WG doesn't want to make the reward purely cosmetic for some reason which means the whole concept of having to regrind everything is just going to fail. I sincerely hope WG will not go through with this since it will make the game unplayable for most players. And i really mean that. PEOPLE WILL STOP PLAYING! As a result of a decresing player population the matchmaker will struggle even more than now and ofcourse WG will not earn as much money. There really is nothing positive about this... Of course if WG decides to make the reward cosmetic it could actually work. But then why not just make missions that can only be completed on a certain tier? Make one mission for each tier (except the highest tiers since that's what WG wants us to avoid).