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  1. batch1

    Update 0.11.1—Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 2

    I don't do Research Bureau so all i have to look forward to is Steel and Coal ships. i thought i was taking the Forest Sherman out this Thursday, how wrong was i......when you say released to armoury for coal later what is "later"
  2. batch1

    Petition: Petropavlovsk needs LONGFIRE_BIGFLOOD

    It should not be able to tank this much with its low concealment, increasing its concealment by 0.5k -1k should level it out a bit.
  3. batch1

    we are vampires

    Its simple, just make the brawl similar to the bronze ranked setup(which it was not long ago)..and people can dip into it at all relaxed and happy at WG.
  4. batch1

    we are vampires

    I was looking forward to the brawl but the main loot is at the end, this means playing this mode all week a lot to guarantee the coal, not happening. the OP has a valid point and some might burn out. thanks but no thanks.
  5. batch1

    Fun T5 Cruisers?

    Another vote form me for the Exeter, it has a heal at T5, I will be dusting mine off for the upcoming brawl for sure.
  6. batch1

    General Submarines related discussions

    This is not a constructive post and the universe doesn't care about me but know this, i will not be playing this game till after the patch, my blood boils when i see there things pop up next to ship and fook all you can do about it...remove the little fookers. Have a good weekend!
  7. batch1

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Reward Drop

    same here claimed but nothing in port
  8. batch1

    Assasination play with subs

    Happened to me twice now by good players, sub pops up 2k away from you and fills you full of torps with zero chance to react, rinse and repeat…..very soon all will know about this I’m sure. hydro detecting subs under the surface removes this exploit….if it isn’t an exploit well done WG for some great fun and engaging game play.
  9. batch1

    Prime Gaming Santa Containers

    In the big container i received 12.5k Coal. I just bought the Carnot with coal with the recent coupon so i see this as a free speed boost module upgrade....im happy enough.
  10. Count me in. Many thanks.
  11. batch1

    Special commanders: worth the 175k coal ?

    I paid coal for the Russian and German commander as I have lots of premium ships I can use them on. If you can’t share them around many ships I would say don’t buy. I’m happy with them but won’t be paying for any more.
  12. batch1

    Is Marco Polo a good ship now?

    I already have the Georgia but wanted another premium T9 bb….every man and his dog has Pommern so Marco Polo it is, will pick it up in under 2 weeks when voucher refreshes. the new T9 German bb can fill a Pommern role so not missing out.
  13. batch1

    Should I play Ranked while roaring drunk?

    I do it all the time, not completely plastered but while having some wine. The trick is to choose a ship that’s slow firing like a bb or tanky cruiser, dds are out as need twitchie quick reactions and vigorous repetition mouse clicks.
  14. batch1

    Ranked in one week to gold is pointless

    Once the OP gets a job, girlfriend or life or all three then he will be in bronze/ silver like the rest of usmortals, must of had a great weekend spamming games, me I went for a walk in the sun with coffee and blueberry muffin….you get my point.
  15. batch1

    Yoshino good or bad?

    It was another option as well as IFHE Henry to counter Stalin spam in Cb due to above 50mm pen. Now the Goliath is in game which I think is the better ship.