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  1. batch1


    The meta had shown itself after one game in our clan, 2 x CV and 5 smoke cruisers. Dont waste your time taking a BB as you will have nothing to shoot as all under continuous smoke over. Don’t take a DD either as he will be constantly spotted and dead once their first safety smoke runs out. One of the highlights is who can spot the dd first out of the 2 Cv…..how sad is that! keep your sanity everyone 👍
  2. batch1

    is this a new trend when playing petro ?

    I unlocked Petro when it first came out, it was clearly OP so only had 8 games in it and never played it again. for me it’s more fun killing a petro in something like a Plymouth than killing a Plymouth with a petro. not knocking anyone that’s played it though, live and let live.
  3. batch1

    Kutnetzov heal

    This.....pop a normal heal after this activates and you can literally come back from the dead with an impressive HP boost. Everyone by now has faced a Russian ship that they thought they have killed then boom HP from nowhere.
  4. My HE spammer of choice is Goliath for the 50+ mm pen. Moskva lighthouse build with Legendary upgrade and Yoshino works well also.
  5. To save my sanity I’m not progressing beyond bronze. Just assume everyone else not good and you won’t be disappointed. You usually have to carry to win. my strat has mostly been Friesland in anti dd role in the contested cap...kill there dd then hope by then our bbs have at least stayed alive so I can then help them. worked out well so far.
  6. batch1

    [OLEUM] is looking for captains!

    Step up all you waifs and strays with no home!!
  7. batch1

    DDs without Survivability Expert?

    I would take SE on both. DD priority’s: 1. Stay alive 2. Spot 3. Deal damage dds alive late game are a massive threat 5% here or 10% there is meaningless when in port
  8. batch1

    DDs without Survivability Expert?

    I don’t even know why it’s up for discussion, if you have a dd it’s all down the right side until survivability expert, then into concealment for 4 points then branch out from there.
  9. batch1

    Forum game "back in my day"

    Back in my day citadel hit medals/flags were yellow/gold instead of black
  10. batch1

    How are you doing in ranked today?

    Just assume the worst but be happy when some team work happens eventually 😁 My progression to R1 came by killing there dds with Friesland as soon as I could and hopping our bbs lasted as long as possible....I first tried this with the Orkan but Friesland worked better.
  11. batch1

    If you can't beat them, join them

    It’s for this very reason that I’m running Friesland in ranked as a dd killer, very few radars to deal with. it also helps when CVS turn up
  12. batch1

    ORP Blyskawica

    Blyskawica was my favourite ship a few years ago, I have over 400 battles in her and did ok, all I think she needs is a little bit better concealment.....all t7 will struggle in t9 matches so won’t comment on that. fun memories and my first ranked 1 4 years ago ish
  13. batch1

    1/2 Citadel damage for Cruisers

    I have just picked up the Yoshino, It was a ship I was never interested in as HE spamming from 20k + didn’t float my boat, I feel the current meta has forced this in me so thanks WG for this....not. I am having fun with it though hitting all the bbs camping far away, Moskva with UU works well also. these 2 are my go to cruisers for now but I hope it’s not like this for long.
  14. batch1

    How to enable "dazzle"???

    I’m running dazzle on Orkan in clan brawls and it’s working ok for me as I intend to get spotted at times taking out red dds....I have the heels, survivability expert, HP buff flag and HP buff Drops in game to survive and dazzle is the icing on the cake to escape n reset. our clan has 89% win rate so far over the two days so somethings working.
  15. batch1

    Edit: Brainfart

    Do not lock.....death to all team killers!!