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  1. batch1

    So, what are you bringing to ranked?

    I put a "like this" for the post for the best description for the Indy ever....I have just bought Indy to test her and although lovely , she comes to the party with cheap white wine....lol love it Well the Blyskawica got me rank 1 a few ranks ago but I have friends in the name of Belfast and Scharnhorst this time round... the Scharnhorst​ with secondary build from Bismarck with manual AA is a tough nut to crack.T The shiratsuyu​ with the X16 torp wall looks dangerous so might give it a whirl Good luck all in the next ranked.
  2. Hi all, are you interested in someone that works two weeks on(cant play) three off?(can play)...I only have TS as my son uses my Steam account because ive been hooked on this game for longer than I care to remember.. I don't touch cv as have company of heroes for plan view games but I play every thing else, have been known to yolo when drinking red wine but I promise to stay sober when playing serious Have a good evening
  3. batch1

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    I have 14 premium ships in port but this has reached and breached the price I'm willing to pay. good luck to those that get her.
  4. batch1

    Did not receive Jolly Roger II

    Same for me, it said on screen Jolly Roger 2 issued but when I went into flags it was not there. Maybe will refresh sometime today.
  5. batch1

    Royal Navy Cruisers (again)

    For me the difference between T5 and T6 is night and day much more enjoyable from T6 onward....just had a few games with the Belfast, big thumbs up.
  6. batch1

    Next thing in the Premium shop

    I wake up with a hangover and this is the first post I read... gona be a bad day
  7. batch1

    Guide: British Cruisers

    After the pain of the first 5 ships I'm enjoying T6 quite a lot, for me its the first one I actually feel competitive in, next up Fiji with even more firepower.
  8. batch1

    RN Cruisers...

    Reached T6 now and while it certainly not a keeper it a marked improvement on the rest. I have to wonder, if someone was playing this game for the first time due to the British being in town would they persevere past T5 getting slaughtered at every incoming shell. Now onward and upward to have some fun in this line.
  9. batch1

    RN Cruisers...

    I'm at T5 now throwing all my XP boost flags, camouflage and premium to at least get T6 and have some fun... never seen such low damage rounds before. A few games ago someone in chat said they had done 2600 damage for 31 hits... at least I beat him as I had done 4950 for 24 hits!!!.... and they were worried about giving British HE
  10. Ok just managed to get rank 1 at long last, as I said before in a previous post I hit a brick wall at rank 6 and it took and age to break through, I never dropped back outa rank 6 but didn't progress further....then rank 5 and boom all the way to rank 1 with 2-3 losses... there is no reason or rhyme to it. Was I holding on by the skin of my teeth and carried all the way to rank 1 on a sea of luck...who knows. Happy ranking all.
  11. I hit a brick wall tonight, rank 6 with 13 losses and 7 wins during the evening, with the top rank not dropping I stayed where I was after 4 hours graft, not 1 star gained or lost....must power through the negative thoughts. Sometimes I look at a few losses and I think, damn that's an hours play just to get back to where I was......I need to stop that.
  12. Ahh hello my old friend "two steps forward three back"... tis been a while since we last talked.... now bugger off and stop bothering me!!!!
  13. I managed to get rank 1 in the last season but was burnt out by the end, I was a bag of nerves when getting close to rank 1 and scared to play incase I dropped back which happened often. I try to focus on small goals per gaming time like three stars win or next level gained then quit for the night.....don't look to far at the distance of rank 1 chop it up into small wins. Happy ranking all.
  14. batch1

    Advice to all new players

    wow, I knew I should of waited till later to open my bottle of red wine.... cant read this with my old eyes.
  15. batch1

    Dragon Flags

    Just did a quick check... I'm expecting 450 but nothing yet, o well I'm in no rush.