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  1. LavyDunois

    Coal spending help (sought)

    Thunderer is an HE slinger in my opinion and is very good at slinging it. I get a lot of 5k - 10k HE volleys with 2 fires. Since its a britisch BB you usually only get citadelled by Yamato, Musashi or any ships with 457mm guns. Tho if you show to much broadside you will get citadelled by more ships, but you shouldn't have to show a lot of broadside as it has very good firing angles. Jean Bart is also mostly HE unless someone is smart enough to show his broadside to you. Pop reload booster and pummel him with Citadels. I enjoy both ships a lot. I should have enough for the Smolensk by the time it leaves the armory. I also want to experience that overpowered HE spamming powertrip everyone keeps talking about. Anyway since Thunderer isn't going to dissappear from the armory (yet) you should probably go for Jean Bart or Smolensk.
  2. LavyDunois

    How to Chapayev?

    Stay at max range at the start of the match (not a lot of risk) or rush for an island to block the enemy DD from capping with your radar / sniper rifles (can be risky as you can get trapped if your team gets pushed). Move from cover to cover and if there is no cover stay behind or close to your team. When Priority Target shows u getting targetted u stop shooting and make a hard turn away from the enemy untill you have dissapeared. Then you look for your next target (or the same if your target begins shooting at someone else) to pummel with your HE and set on fire. Repeat above and you should be ok. DM Donskoi plays similar but has a worse detectability of 12.6km instead of Chapayevs 10.4km (both with Concealment Expert and Camo). DM Donskoi is more of a BB magnet then Chapayev from what i have experienced playing both. Still both eat a lot of Citadels if you get caught out of position, flanked or when you don't use your concealment inbetween enemy shots. IFHE is a must if you want to pen BB's and will significantly increase your damage.
  3. LavyDunois

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Also on the Devonshire grind. The range is frustrating especially when you get uptiered, when you get close enough to start shooting, any BB will send you back to port really quick. When your team doesnt push you cant either because well, read above. The concealment is nice. The HE shells feel lacking but i might have been playing to much Thunderer, Azuma and Yoshino. The torpedos are a very nice addition tho sadly they are very situational as i have only been able to get succesfull hits when i get pushed from behind an island once or twice so far. I tend to play Devonshire as a support, staying a little bit behind your team so you don't get focussed. Push or kite with your team. Setting BBs on fire and focussing on loliboats when they pop up. Also the usual island hugging and shooting over said island works fine. Once all BBs are gone you can be more aggressive towards other CAs and DDs. Bit of a below meh bote... Hope it gets better in the higher tiers.
  4. LavyDunois

    Anyone using the Torpedo Lookout or

    No, i still prefer the concealment. Tho, when i get the Kremlin i will probably give the Torpedo Lookout a try. GK doesn't need it because hydro.
  5. LavyDunois

    Inertia Fuse Skill. Yay or Nay?

    Pretty much with all cruisers (except for the English light cruisers and the Italian cruisers for obvious reasons), anything between 150mm and 180mm guns needs IFHE to pen battleships with HE. You will really notice the difference once you reach the Chapayev and the Donskoi. Dont put IFHE on cruisers with 203mm+ guns. That doesnt do anything. Ugh, obviously there are a couple of exceptions, but as a general rule of thumb this tip worked for me when i just started out.
  6. LavyDunois

    1 year CV rework anniversary

  7. LavyDunois

    FUBAR! Match making

    Tho i do agree this should not happen (it's never been addressed and probably never will be). Its easily fixed by queueing the same Tier ships if you are in a div.
  8. LavyDunois

    the "carry harder!" thread

    The teamwork in this one was amazing!
  9. LavyDunois

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I don't think i need to add anything else. This image says it all. And don't come to me with: "uuh ur on the bottom". Ye obviously, half my team died in the first 5 minutes. Couldn't be bothered to press LMB after that so i went for a coffee.
  10. LavyDunois

    the "carry harder!" thread

    My team throwed faster then i could carry... Still #1 of the game even tho on losing side, lol
  11. Does it increase damage? No. I've used it on my Iowa for a bit when i just got it as it was recommended on wows wiki. Played a couple of matches and swapped it out for the reload speed increase one.
  12. LavyDunois

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Sweet if true. And regrinding Tier V is easy. Not gonna lie about having to DM Donskoi again tho really did not like grinding on her...
  13. LavyDunois

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Does that mean if you purchase Kirov and Moskva before this update goes live you get to keep them both? Even tho one goes premium and the other goes for Coal?
  14. LavyDunois


    I don't know. I've had it a couple of times and restarting the game fixed it.
  15. LavyDunois

    What do you find anti fun?

    When you are playing like a god, perfect positioning with Des Moines getting those shots in and setting BBs on fire while you are on your last 5% of hp getting pushed. Everyones trying to shoot you but they can't hit you because of the island your hugging. A situation that sure gets the adrenaline going for everyone (I'm sure). And then you see it... Divebombers... Coming straight for you... ...