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  1. Update №2 is now here. I played it a little more, got about 18k XP till the hull upgrade, but it is actually quite good... except the wonky accuracy... What I kinda do is getting closer to the turd ships in the battle (for example Izumo, Colorado, stock Kongo) or waiting for low-armored ships (Omaha, Furry Taco, Aoba, Myoko, Mogami, Nuernberg, Koenigsberg) to come nearby. The third way is to feast upon inferior battleships such as the Kongo, or even the Kaiser I saw today due to it being divisioned with a T-22 (The story of this Kaiser is rather interesting, due to RNGesus interfering. It citadelled me (possibly), and I was able to return it as soon as it popped over 15km, becoming vulnerable to my plunge-fire) Overall, what I dislike is the horrendous dispersion, but according to WG Wiki it gets better w/ Hull B
  2. Sure they should... I mean, it is known for surviving a lot of punishment, especially in Operation Crossroads so... And yeah, actually I use it with AP. A little update. I got 75k damage in it right now, in the end, I died to an [EDITED] Graf Zeppeling throwing three AP bomb squadrons at me. But considering I did 35-40k average on the Fuso, this is an upgrade.
  3. Just got my Nagato and tbh, I am rather underwelmed. I did whole 752 damage in my first battle!!! That's such a lot! Hell, even with ships like lets say Myogi I did about 20k... at least. I was so eager to try Nagato out but I hit an Iowa which then deleted me. And yes, I am still stock. Thanks!
  4. I pretty much expected an answer from people who understand that there are some who run into my torps on purpose at their max range (in this case mutsuki with 8km torpedoes). And at max range, I can't get a friendly killed at max torp range this easy. If it is at 3, 4, 5, 6km at most, I would understand... Oh and, (unlike a friend of mine) I don't like TK-ing on purpose, so, people like the last one who answered - please. Egoleter - I know my maximum torp range, as you have seen. Everyone - really. I can't do this at maximum range.
  5. The title explains it all. Why do you people do this? Why do you think it is cool? I just got my shameful pink removed off my service record, and a game later, a destroyer decides to run into my torpedoes! I reported him, but I am still sure I am going to get punished for him (!) running into my torpedoes and get my account suspended. Please people, if not for me, do it for the others. Do not walk into friendly torpedoes!
  6. American battleships are unusable. I am waiting the whole 5 minutes for queuing in randoms... Waited 35 (!) times already with my South Carolina and didn't get into a match just once. Why?
  7. Oh brother. Waaaaait... another ship eligible for the Worst ship contest. The even more unplayable South Carolina... The same problems like Myogi, but while it has even worse accuracy and more guns... This means it has a better chance to hit due to the volume of dispersion but will still deal less damage, but on top of everything is its 14,8kn speed. I once decided to test it on a 24x24km map, over 10 minutes according to the computer clock.
  8. I am done with the myogi (for a reason w/o capital letter, I just hate it) anyway... grinding for Fuso now.
  9. Play Ishizuchi to its strenghts. I mean, the Ishizuchi, after it has been buffed (probably much earlier than I bought it in June). So, play her to her strenghts. Her AP is pathetic, I know. Her HE wreaks havoc. But her range is now almost 16km. You have a lot of guns which fire fast. That means you are a cruiser hunter. Stick with cruisers and go in a cruiser fight. If you have to fight battlewagons, just try angling, but just not bow-on, as you carry the majority of your firepower in the stern (this doesn't mean that you can't do bow-on if its necessary) Play her, Kongou and Amagi (nobody even mentions Myogi) as cruiser hunters. And you will be good. My worst ship(s). Myogi. It is just unplayable. Only 6 guns which practically mean nothing. Pathetic detection range, horrible AA even when upgraded added, armor is nonexistent... guns, simply put, just don't work well. With most of them on the stern, you could pursue chasing ships with ease, yes, but they know that and never attack from the back. Those guns have nice range (22km with spotters, 18.6km w/o them) but hitting just one shell at 8-10km is... common, yeah - as winning the lottery. I once got sunk 4 minutes into the game after being magazined by a Danae or something like that. Without getting a single target hit due to the nonexistent accuracy. Kawachi. Slow, range of 8.9km, 17.8 knots maximum speed stock. Yes, sure... While this ship goes in the worst of mine... it was actually pretty good... especially compared to the South Carolina. It has two guns more of something pops on the opposite on the side you are firing out of, though with your great great accuracy you could hardly hit it. Also South Carolina with those pathetic 15 knot speeds... Well. Kawachi's guns hit quite hard. That's what I liked. And it is still better than Myogi. I recently rebought it and started wreaking havoc on them - a team with the enemy battleships being only Myogis and a South Carolina against me (Kawachi) and the other 4 of ours were three Kaisers and an Arkansas. I killed all 4 Myogis, and the South Carolina finished me off, because the last of those Myogis crippled me hard, RNG gave him a chance to show up. How I did this? I went bow-in and fled stern-in. They can't hit me due to their dispersion past the 8km mark while I am able to point 6 of my guns bow-in, something which Myogis can't if they are angling bow-in or stern-in. Plus I am trying to zig-zag somethimes.
  10. Hello! I have a question about the premium shop which is not working. Why isn't it? I tried to purchase doubloons from there. But in the end, I recieved a picture with broken gears and a message 'Something went wrong.' Why?
  11. Yes, I know. I just read about this... and I was literally in mood to start upgrading my St. Louis! :P Still thank you for reading my topic! :)
  12. Hello! Due to the fact I cannot find an appropriate place for my thread, I am writing it here. If you decide to move it elsewhere, it is okay. Just tell me if you do. So, my problem is that I have no idea why WoWs EU is down. I attempted joining today, and there was this server error messages. And I was exactly in mood for playing... So, why is the server down? What is happening? P.S. I am from Bulgaria - if this could help in fixing the problem. Thank you for reading this, staff.