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  1. 0.6.13

    Bad lagging. Friends have severely damaged and even killed teammates. (This shouldn't be here, as the problem exists since the release of the game). Oh, and yes, I just had this case in my Nagato. No, I am not trying to mask my teamkill (if I would teamkill, why would I announce it here, what the heck?). Please fix the lag issues. P.S. I have everything the game requires to run without lag.
  2. News. Well, after I got killed by a Wakatake (which I found in my game due to it divisioning with a T4) I just sold this. Going to play russian T5 instead and re-buy it. At least it IS fun.
  3. Just bought it and I am about to sell it again, buy the V-170 and play it instead. I just have no idea how to play this. Only decent feature is that I can stick AP shots into other destroyers without overpenetrating. Any tips how to make this at least actually possible to do its job?
  4. Not really. 11 sec reload on the Aoba and 15 - on the Furry Taco. And the 6x1 guns are pretty much impractical... with the 2x3 A-B-C you can have four guns forward, as opposed to only two on the A and B hulls. Also Aoba has 0,5kn more speed. Oh and, actually Amagi might be really useless firepower only due to this turret positioning... Can basically get 75% firepower only most of the time, this 3rd turret arc is just bad if I see it right in the game model, probably worse than New York's. It can fire only broadside at most, due to the clutter infront of it. Idk, I am at nagato right now and not really satisfied. I got 100k+ damage in the Fuso twice... Only once (and it was a defeat) in Nagato so far. And this was for cruiser Tone, was it not?
  5. I don't know... Maybe they will put in some stupid gimmick, add some more upgrade slots, idk... and hopefully put the top Amagi propulsion, because 30 knots... isnt bad. But then again, it is the same ship. Downtiered. I don't get it, thats like adding a tier 5 Kinugasa, which would be the same as the Aoba (sister ship). The only difference from Furutaka would be 0,5kn more speed and 4 seconds improved reload rate.
  6. Turret layout. :3 Sure they are... I mean, the design would be similar. I heard something like they are planning to put the stock hull Amagi as its planned sister Ashitaka at T6 or 7.
  7. Your being partially right, considering that: Eugen = Hipper with more health. Oleg = Bogatyr with more health once again. Mutsu = Nagato with less health, 0,1 less range, less armor, higher speed and torpedus. What else? Tachibana = Umikaze with the 120mm's deactivated and its 76,2 secondaries put as main guns instead, with worse torps too. Atago is a Mogami with worse gun arcs. Murmansk and Marblehead are a better and a worse Omaha-class, respectively. After QE was additioned as the T6 UK BB, Warspite is pretty much... [edited] now. Has less health and less armor too. The AA is the worst of all T6 battleships, since Fuso actually has +2 (I think) AA guns rating. Ishizuchi. This is an Amagi with 305mm/45 instead of 410mm/45 with bad HE and AP shells, and the slowest battlecruiser out of all five in the game (except for Myogi and Kongo with stock propulsion)
  8. Seriously, why does WG say it is an impossible challenge for them? It is not... It would be interesting gameplay. What if they make catapult torpedo and dive bombers too? And add two more unique consumables which are those. Also, theres this option, which gets Tone/Chikuma a weird Defensive fire gimmick - putting those six (?) fighters in the air when activated. I read Lert on the NA forum answering a similar question that the ship just destroys the game. Why?
  9. I did something else... Told a friend to take out his own Kaiser in a training room against a Yamato... Well, he citadelled it twice... (didn't do more than 16k on the salvo I think, because 305mm rifles can't do more than 8 or 9k). Then, he switched sides, took his Yammy and didn't citadel the Kaiser... I saw him sharing this on skype, and the kaiser sank to seven salvos at 4km range, broadside with AP.
  10. Update №2 is now here. I played it a little more, got about 18k XP till the hull upgrade, but it is actually quite good... except the wonky accuracy... What I kinda do is getting closer to the turd ships in the battle (for example Izumo, Colorado, stock Kongo) or waiting for low-armored ships (Omaha, Furry Taco, Aoba, Myoko, Mogami, Nuernberg, Koenigsberg) to come nearby. The third way is to feast upon inferior battleships such as the Kongo, or even the Kaiser I saw today due to it being divisioned with a T-22 (The story of this Kaiser is rather interesting, due to RNGesus interfering. It citadelled me (possibly), and I was able to return it as soon as it popped over 15km, becoming vulnerable to my plunge-fire) Overall, what I dislike is the horrendous dispersion, but according to WG Wiki it gets better w/ Hull B
  11. Sure they should... I mean, it is known for surviving a lot of punishment, especially in Operation Crossroads so... And yeah, actually I use it with AP. A little update. I got 75k damage in it right now, in the end, I died to an [EDITED] Graf Zeppeling throwing three AP bomb squadrons at me. But considering I did 35-40k average on the Fuso, this is an upgrade.
  12. Just got my Nagato and tbh, I am rather underwelmed. I did whole 752 damage in my first battle!!! That's such a lot! Hell, even with ships like lets say Myogi I did about 20k... at least. I was so eager to try Nagato out but I hit an Iowa which then deleted me. And yes, I am still stock. Thanks!
  13. I pretty much expected an answer from people who understand that there are some who run into my torps on purpose at their max range (in this case mutsuki with 8km torpedoes). And at max range, I can't get a friendly killed at max torp range this easy. If it is at 3, 4, 5, 6km at most, I would understand... Oh and, (unlike a friend of mine) I don't like TK-ing on purpose, so, people like the last one who answered - please. Egoleter - I know my maximum torp range, as you have seen. Everyone - really. I can't do this at maximum range.
  14. The title explains it all. Why do you people do this? Why do you think it is cool? I just got my shameful pink removed off my service record, and a game later, a destroyer decides to run into my torpedoes! I reported him, but I am still sure I am going to get punished for him (!) running into my torpedoes and get my account suspended. Please people, if not for me, do it for the others. Do not walk into friendly torpedoes!
  15. American battleships are unusable. I am waiting the whole 5 minutes for queuing in randoms... Waited 35 (!) times already with my South Carolina and didn't get into a match just once. Why?