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  1. That is a WTF E-100 in world of warships. I am not whining about BB's being weak. And I am no camper, that's what the survival rates say. I go in and die first, but I am proud of that I am not at the back of the map.
  2. I don't think so, really. Watch this video by Flamu.
  3. A dumb question about British BB

    And better pen and damage too, QE and Warspite pen better due to their slow velocity (and thus high trajectory, allowing them to get through generally thin deck armor) and 11,4k damage is almost as much as Gneisenau/Bismarck/Derpitz' 38cm. Ohhh and QE turrets are glaciers even with expert marksman.
  4. A dumb question about British BB

    Well yes, but how would we get a British BB focused on, since everything is trying to run away from it, which is the opposite on focusing? It is just this darn citadel. If only it was largish like on other battleships... The problem is they cannot take damage reliably, especially at tier 10 with the super heal. It is very difficult to citadel because of the location of the citadel hitbox itself, but normal pens instead, which can be 50% or 60% healed back, while citadels - only 10%. Destroyers with their torpedoes can deal what is basically citadel damage with only 10% ability to repair, but they are running away due to the broken HE. That's it.
  5. A dumb question about British BB

    I am mostly there atm, don't worry ^ and, I mean with as well-armored as germans, that it cannot be citadelled easily. And it is not only Conqueror, it is the occasional Bellerophon or Orion on the red team, which I cannot deal with properly due to the lack of citadel to nail - aka no almost unrepairable damage to deal. That's what I mean.
  6. A dumb question about British BB

    Like, really? On the public test I fired at a Conqueror, using Yamato. Did about 9k damage, but no citadel. Those things are as well-armored as Germans, yet they have friggin broken HE which roasts everything, should I be an HE cancer, or should I continue my grind on Amagi and get Yamato?
  7. General Feedback

    Really bad lag. I know it is not from my internet.
  8. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    Don't be so sure... I tested both on public test, and to be honest, I was 99% sure I won't play this on my main client when I reach it, when I tested it - dear god, 1%+ - no I wont play this shet. Yamato though is just... I did some decent things there I think (2 100k damage games and one 150k) but I didn't go bow-in... I was using all my guns most of the time, but probably because nothing focused me.
  9. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    Hell no! I am planning to farm for Izumo, research it and play Amagi and Warspite, grind 125k on each of them and buy doubloons, I am not planning to play Izumo at all... XD
  10. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    A lot o' stuff. In ranked I tried once and cried after that. Nagato - hell no, that thing, never again... as I said, I will practice all day long, get F's at school, but learn how to aim, that's not the most difficult thing. I actually moved onto Amagi because I know only Yammies can overmatch my bow (Conqueror, if I have calculated correctly needs one more milimeter (458mm guns, and it has 457mm ones) to overmatch 32mm bows) and I've never met tier 10's except when my savage friend dragged me there in my Nagato (which was painful). My problem is that I citadelled a Nagato using a Kaiser in a training room once with its 305mm pillows, and that's not normal... And bigger guns are even worse. I can't bow-tank even (some) T6 battleships while Aoba's HE makes me... I played Izumo on the public test server... and I know for sure I am not hurrying at all... ;) Amagi is also pretty fun, so another reason not to hurry.
  11. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    It's been a while, now that I unlocked Amagi, I spent time trying to learn this thing, and did 114k damage. (on a loss, but it still stands) My first somewhat decent game in it, the rest were 40-50k, mixed (victories and defeats). Amagi seems even more sluggish in rudder shift and turning, but it's fast atleast, and I can move out of I'm put against the wall, it also has two more guns - easier to hit stuff. I enjoy it a lot, and I sure think the pain I had in Nagato was worth it. In my game today, I made a really bad mistake by overlooking a smoke cloud (belfasts I hate ya ), but 114k is high output for a player like me with poor stats and a hellish load of struggles. So honestly, Amagi is what I looked for.
  12. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    Seriously waiting for Friday when I will do well in a maths test and get doubloons in exchange... Seriously. I probably didn't explain my problem well. I can learn the aiming - I will practice, practice, practice, and it will happen. My bad aim is the smallest problem for me. The problem is I have bad RNG and go into tier 9 matches where an Iowa ends my suffering with a single shot usually, or DD's start focusing me and my life ends even faster, and the fact that Nagato is a huge, slow and squishy slug does not help... Being citadelled through the bow while trying to tank using it (yes, at least tanking I know how to perform) is not fun. So yeah, it's Wednesday and two days until said Maths test. I will get my A+ and enjoy my life, and my doubloons as well. People here said my life will be worse in higher tiers - they are probably right. But I will free-XP past this thing. It is horrendous. I just hate it. Probably I can re-buy a Kongo and use it to learn aiming as it has the same amount of guns and plays similarly. Yeah, that's a rant. I hate the Nagato, and I won't look back at it, I might unlock Amagi, not play it but my Kongo, learn aiming there, though for sure I know I will sell my Nagato and be done with this. I want something that has existent armor and not wet paper. (Oh and yes, I can re-buy Koenig too and use it as well.)
  13. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    I have a Kaiser (the one I took and citadelled a Nagato in, during a training session) which I can use to teach myself, but there I do one ton of damage and feel like a king. I did the best in Fuso probably, but Fuso has 12 shells - hell, no need to aim at all... In Nagato I actually had one week or so where I was rather consistent and had 75-80k games. Is it because I (possibly) said myself ''Hell I am the best now I don't need to try hard anymore'' or I am just bad and should never think of advancing to the higher tiers? It all started because I couldn't stand Myogi, so I speed-grinded and didn't stop in time? Why do I want Amagi? It's more well-armored (its bow is basically unovermatchable by anything but 16-inch, I believe) and it actually moves along, plus it has 10 guns. Yeah, it will be probably more difficult facing the Lolpen machine, I know. Or the third variant is just that I haven't spent enough time learning the Japanese? I started them, because it's a fact Yamato's guns are ultimate and I always wanted Yamato.
  14. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    Oh hell, I'd rather have somewhat existent armor (And what to angle at tier 7+? if I'm in any tier 7 BB except gneisenau and scharny, everyone can citadel me through the bow)
  15. Is it me or Nagato is just bad?

    Mine is mostly the same, except that I've got Incoming fire alert and not Adrenaline rush. I do not use premium consumables because I hardly manage to get any income, even with flags (For income I mostly use my Warspite, which might be just as derpy but I enjoy playing it) I've also gotten the accuracy module (As I said I hardly manage any income of about 50K per battle, and I don't want to spend money. Plus I've gotten 18 millions, and want to remain with about 7 after bying Amagi)