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  1. Hairlock

    Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    I try to stay calm as long as possible and as long as Im playing good and I do huge amount of dmg a loss doesnt bater me. What gets me mad is when I get 3-4 losses in a row where my half team is killed after 4-5min. When you see this pattern its best to stop playing.
  2. Hairlock

    How many French BBs did you get?

    I bought 7 crates and got tier VI and VII. Sold tier VI, kept VII (Lyon). Great ship btw.
  3. Hairlock

    Really need some help here

    Oh and please make the mini map bigger by using + and - key. On the minimap you can chose to show the ship names on the map. Do that. This wil give you information aout whitch enemy ships are where. Very usefull tool when you learn the weaknesses and strengths of ships. Also learn to use the terrain as your advantage. If you play a DD always have a plan how to efficiently leave the cap if detected. When standing in the cap in smoke with DD try not stay broadsided or you will easily eat torpedoes. As a BB look on the minimap and ask your self how will you support your team if you go in a given direction? On some maps there are huge islands, if you go there you will be cut of the game easily for several minutes.
  4. Hairlock

    Really need some help here

    As a new player you are protected in the game until you reach rank 10. It means that you wil be facing only new players until rank 11. After hitting rank 11 you wil start facing also experienced players who play on low tiers. The ships you play may also influence you results. When playing BBs on low tiers its very important to have a good positioning since the BBs are very slow and the range of the guns is not that great. Sometimes if you go the wrong way in the BB it may take you several min until you engage in the battle at witch point the game is already lost. So general rule fo BB play is try to stay in a postion where you can support 2 caps and never go alone. Watch for your flank and take notice of enemy DDs position. DDs generally have a huge influence on the game at low tiers. If you play a DD remember its a 20 min game, not 2 min. If you are contesting a cap look at where you friendly ships are. Can the support you? Learn to use your concealment. There is no shame in losing a cap, than come back and recap it. As a cruiser support you DDs as much as you can and don't show broadside to enemy BBs. Watch some top players stream on Twitch like Flamu and Flambass.
  5. Hairlock

    Server problems?

    I was doing 140k dmg and winning in my first Lyon game when I got kicked out.
  6. Hairlock

    Aigle in the shop

    Does anyone knows the background of the custom flag with the eagle? Is it a historical flag? Does it mean somthing beside the obvious name of the ship?
  7. Hairlock


    Koningsberg is a great ship. The guns can angle very close to ship citadel so you can use guns hiding your broadside almost compleatly. Look where your guns are and angle after that. It is avery good ship but needs some finese to play it right.
  8. Hairlock

    Nagato noob

    Nagato is a beast! It exels in mid range battle and shoud lead the charge. If supported you shoud push up and rip everthying apart. Its a browler.
  9. Hairlock

    [12.6] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Its not working.
  10. I have a tier 6 IJN CV and another problem for me is that I more often than not have to play against tier 8 BBs and CA becouse of the lack of CV players generaly. It ruins the game and the most I can do is just spot enemy ships and hope for getting a lucky torp hit on someone. :-(
  11. Hairlock

    Silly newby questions

    about when to use small spread vs wide spread: -as a DD in close encounters against other DDs I use usually 1 close spread and 2 wide spread just to confuse the oponent when manuvering. or only use whide spread when they use smoke to chase them out if possble. On other ships I allways use close spread. Somthimes I also aim outside the aim assist in case the ships wil be turning. So usually here go for 2 shots by the aiming assist and 1 closer to target in case of turning. All 3 shots clse spread. -with Tirpitz dont bother using the torps if you are not sure you can hit. The time you waste on finding the right angle can cost you pressius seconds and you have to show broadside to the other ship/ships. I use only close spread when I use it and only in very close situations. Its all about situational awarenes :-)
  12. Hairlock

    Silly newby questions

    I woud sugest to stop playing against the AI in coop and start playing against other players. You are devaloping skills and learning how the AI is responding, not how other people play. The exp you gain is also much lower in coop games that in PvP.
  13. Hairlock

    [12.6.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    I did have the same problem after the april 1. update. It was very annoying becouse I usualy got kicked out of the game after 10 sec while in port too. Other times it happened after starting a battle so I got a few losses just becouse of this. It happened without Aslains mod pack too so I reinstaled the game and now it works normaly.
  14. Hairlock

    Please delete, old post

    Thx for the reply, no problem. I do want to mension however that I have only played 2 battles in a team or divison, so 99.99 of my games are solo battles. My win rate is actually very good if you take that into account. When it comes to dmg dealing per ship most of the ships I have been playing are under rank 6 so its limited how much dmg you actually can do with a low tier ship and certain classes do less dmg than others. Im a kind of player who wil sacrifice him self for the team to protect the CV or the lonely BB in a battle. Do that in random solo games and you know you wont come far in getting good stats. Dealing dmg in solo random games is somthing totaly different that playing in a divison or team battles and Im sure you know that. My results in ranked battles in seson 1 where preaty good on both accounts with win rates around 80%. However I didnt manage to play more than 8-9 games on this account so you can argue that the battles played are to low to say somthing actually. If you add the total randomnes of solo games, some game crashes i had lately (fixed the problem) it explaines why some of the stats numbers are maybe lower that what you woud expect. However playing on higher tiers with a higher pool of better players Im sure some of my stats wil improve. :-)