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  1. laBanshee

    keyboard freeze/hang

    ​OK. Thanks. I think it is a bug that should be solved. Will file a ticket.
  2. laBanshee

    keyboard freeze/hang

    fellow captains, I have been feeling that after patch 0.6.0, it happens much more often that my keyboard hangs/freezes. In a lot of situation i press A or D and thought i was turning, but in fact i wasn't. And i end up eating the torps. Before 0.6.0 i had about 3500 games and it happened 2 or 3 times. After 0.6.0 it alrady happened 5 times. Anyone feeling the same or it's just my tin-foil hat?
  3. laBanshee

    Tier VIII BBs: Amagi-class or Bismarck-class?

    I own both and take both to rank. imo the Bismarck represents teamwork, you are the pusher, but you can't do consistent oomf to the enemy like the amagi, due to the bad dispersion. you depend on your team to smoke, to do damage while you tank and use that glorious secondaries. the amagi is pure dps. both are viable. in a cruiser heavy environment the amagi will do better.
  4. laBanshee

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    well i got a port slot, not bad
  5. laBanshee

    Zao Within My Grasp

    of course zao is all about fire and concealment. But do not forget her AP, which is even more damaging than Hindi's IMO. It's only her rate of fire is much lower, and you tend to miss the opportunity. AP is all about situation. And she is a good brawler too, with her OKish armor and torps.
  6. laBanshee

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    my achievement of the day: 5 citadels in one salvo from a bismarck to a moskva, from about 19km away. was accused of ussing aimbot of course another achievement: i made my first youtube video, about this eqic moment, hope you enjoy:
  7. laBanshee


    i play my amagi in TB and RB, while getting good results with her, she is fragile as usual. I did not feel any difference.
  8. laBanshee

    Gneisenaus guns make me cry .....

    i am at the Bayern and i hate those guns... not my play style. Every match after the Bayern i have to go back to my Amagi to keep my bb love. But i think it's a good thing because it brings diversity of game play and prevent the german bb line to be op.
  9. laBanshee

    German BBS unbalanced all game

    Only tier 7 and tirpez have torps. And the acuuracy of the whole line is just mediocore if not terrible. Op stop this nonsrnse post. Sorry for spelling. On my phone.
  10. laBanshee

    König: Bad ship, bad player or victim of tier 5 MM?

    yes, the amagi is super good. It's my go-to ship for TB and rank. But i don't know if it's the best, i still have high expectation for the Bismack. For me it is just the bad accuracy that kills my joy in this ship. I can deal with the tier 7 MM quite OK. But i lots of people say that the ship is very accurate. I don't know.
  11. laBanshee

    König: Bad ship, bad player or victim of tier 5 MM?

    i just skipped the Konig after a couple of mediocore games with her. I went back to my Amagi boy i miss that accuracy. I just can't hit things at 10 km in the konig, or just overpen a lot. I am at the Byern now, much better than the Konig IMO.
  12. the manner achievement is painful. I was careful for 8 games and at the 9th one a teammate ran into me...
  13. laBanshee

    Starting the German Cruiser line. Any tips?

    i think the playbase should start to purge the old feeling of: 1. yorck is bad (not it is not, it's super fun to play) 2. high tier german HE are bad (no, it was buffed and now they are very good fire starter with the rate of fire)
  14. laBanshee

    strong hindenburg is strong #replay

    Hi everyone, i would like to share my humble opinion about the Hindenburg. Dame she is so much fun! The hindi is my second T10 CA, after the zao. I had a reasonable amount of games in the zao, doing average performance. The hindi is so much more fun, simply because the superior rate of fire and the ability to tank. She is still quite situational, but with the recent HE buff, she is actually a capable arsonist. I find myself doing about 30K fire damage averagely in every game. Currently i am thinking to get loading expert because i find using the right ammo in her is very important. I am still new to this ship,having about 12 games in her with 100K average damage, but i am eager to sail her more. Below are some replays that i think worth sharing. I will keep adding. Hope you like them. 1. replay 1 (200K damage, very close game featuring one of the youtubers) 2. replay 2 (166K damage) 3. replay 3 (178K damage)
  15. laBanshee

    Tier 8 Cruisers...

    Tier 8 CAs are the worst for me. I agree with op.