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  1. muumis

    Wargaming, you can still fix it.

    you could say wargaming has a.... PR PROBLEM.
  2. Forgot to mention how horrible the research bearuo system is...
  3. the incoming update was to change the legendary modules from personal assignments to the research bureau. don't do it. first of all, I do not understand why? in order to unlock the research bureau, one must first have 5 tier 10 ships unlocked. which means that in order to get that one legendary module you want, to that one ship you like you first must play the game for hundreds of hours. currently, I have friends as do many that like to play the game for fun, no more simply because they don't have the time. many of those friends have just unlocked their first tier 10 ships and few are just about to unlock. I am now going to have to tell them that in order to finish that build that they have done to their ship they first have to unlock 4 more tier 10 ships to get that one legendary module INSTEAD of just playing with that one ship they like having fun and in the meantime making progress towards that legendary module. this is a change to come. DO NOT LET IT COME. I think this is absolutely horrible decision and you should not make it. I am going to say I am sorry in the head of time if this is in the wrong place I wasn't completely sure where to post this as we talk INCOMING update.
  4. muumis

    LFP sunray op super hard

    yeah I know it is not easy but it is possible that's why I am looking for a team that actually know what to do you need 2 destroyers to kill the carrier alone let alone all the other goal to get 5 stars
  5. muumis

    LFP sunray op super hard

    looking for experienced players to get 5 stars in operation sunray