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  1. br1zz

    120-165 Hz Vorteil vs 60 HZ ?

    in wows ist das absolut egal. und selbst bei FPS bringen mehr hz keinen vorteil. input-lag ist das entscheidende. mehr hz sorgen einfach für ein "geschmeidigeres" bild und mausgefühl.
  2. br1zz

    Tirpitz bekommt Bismarck Sec Range

    Das stimmt. JEDOCH wäre das spiel längst tot wenn das game kostenpflichtig wäre und es keine f2p gamer geben würde, ein f2p braucht beides, zahlende kunden UND f2p gamer um erfolgreich zu sein. zahlende spieler sind also nicht wichtiger als nicht zahlende. Bezüglich der Tirpitz, ich habe keine, begrüße aber den sec range buff, schlachtschiffe müssen nach vorne, und genau dafür sind secondary builds gut. potentiell also weniger bb kevin sniper. ob das jedoch wirklich was am verhalten der tirpitz spieler ändern wird kann ich nicht mit bestimmtheit sagen.
  3. br1zz

    Clash of the Elements Event

    this is just crazy... someone suggested divide the requirements by 10, that sounds about right.
  4. br1zz

    T10 Schiffe

    Khaba vor langer zeit. nach wie vor mein einziges T10 schiff und ich liebe sie ! kann mich noch nicht so recht für andere T10 schiffe begeistern..
  5. br1zz


    das stimmt so nicht. ich hab zu jeder tag und nachtzeit konstant einen ping von ca 30 und keine lags. und bei allen mit denen ich spiele ist es auch so. wenn das spiel tagsüber bei dir laggt dann stimmt was mit deiner leitung nicht. edit: so ein thread gehört aber auch eher in die tech-ecke
  6. br1zz

    Custom Key Binds

    Hello, i usually edit the file command_mapping_config.xml in the res/ folder to rebind the gun locks which are on shift and ctrl+x, but after the patch this file is missing, i guess wg moved the file or moved the key bindings to another file ? i think i had the same issue some patches ago, but i cant remember where to look for the file now, i already looked in the folders and in %appdata%/roaming and local etc. theres also no command_mapping_config.xml on my drive now, so it must be another file now. can anyone tell me where i can edit the keybindings manually ? sadly its not possible to remap these within the game client.
  7. br1zz

    TK System

    its 100% YOUR fault. NEVER torp from second line. even if he sees your torps, dodging them might force him to show broadside to the opponents, or he needs to retreat to get unspotted and you DENY him that way.
  8. br1zz

    Number of battleships ingame

    has been discussed, and generally poeple agree that bb numbers are too high. but its not possible to set a max number of bbs per game, that would screw up the time to find a game.
  9. i think he means watching an ongoing game with the game client, not via twitch or similiar. an ingame spectator mode would just require very very few resources, since the server needs just to send gamedata. its not noticable on the servers cpu, and needs only a minimum of bandwidth. implementing a spectator mode wouldnt need much work aswell, i can just imagine wgs manpower is just very tight organized so they cant spare even a bit of manpower currently.
  10. br1zz

    WoWs lädt zunehmend länger

    hmm, kann keinen wirklichen unterschied zu früher feststellen, bin immer nach ein paar sekunden im gefecht mit meiner ssd, der timer steht auf 40-42 sekunden meistens. benutzt du eine hdd oder ssd @op
  11. br1zz

    Crazy detonations

    didnt wg state they are removing the open-water invisfireing mechanic in the near future ? i dont like that either, i mean its hard to kill a moving and dodging cruiser at 15+ km anyways when your driving a bb, and im not asking for a bb buff, but there should be at least the possibility to even fire back when he is on the open water.
  12. br1zz

    Crazy detonations

    its a fact, i dont feel satisfaction detonating someone, especially when im playing a T10 ship, i dont need more xp to grind towards the next ship... and yes you are right its not worth worrying about this mechanic because it happens to a player in roughly 1% of his matches, but no one can deny that its a stupid mechanic, no matter how small the influence is, even if it was only in 0.01% of the matches, the mechanic ITSELF is stupid, and therefor it should be removed, not because its frequency, but because the mechanic itself doesnt make sense.
  13. br1zz

    Crazy detonations

    i assume you agree with me on the limited usefulnes of the anti-detonation-flags-for-only-10-games then, since you skipped that matter suddenly ? and i never mentioned that detonation is bad because "I" get detonated too often, which, frankly doesnt happen THAT often. BUT firstly just because it doesnt happen that often to me or other players doesnt mean its a good mechanic. often enough it turned the tide of a battle to one side because a ship gets suddenly eradicated. not because he showed too much broadside, or sailed in a straight line for minutes and ate many torps.. NO he just gets killed with one shot, deciced by rng, no skill needed. whats the good thing about that ? edit: btw i dont feel good when i detonate someone else... i dont feel i earned that kill + dmg.
  14. br1zz

    Crazy detonations

    only for 10 games, after that you are prone to get detonated again, and the cycle repeats. that means i am not wrong about the usefulnes of getting anti-detonation flags.