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  1. AmbiroaEU

    [ Clan Recruitment ] Special Combat Service

    Still recruiting for new commanders, we have members on both sides of the atlantic and play on the NA, EU/SAF timezones.
  2. AmbiroaEU

    new premium ships ?

    I guess someone at WG clicked on the wrong button. That IJN premium destroyer is no longer in the shop.
  3. AmbiroaEU

    new premium ships ?

    The NA has just introduced the Fujin, Tier V IJN destroyer, port slot, flags, doubloons, and a special redyellow skin. I am curious what EU will get.
  4. AmbiroaEU

    Fed up of noobs and Afkers

    Same here. Did you get my PM by the way? ;)
  5. AmbiroaEU


    The only ship I have right now that I consider a grind. The rest is fun to play.
  6. AmbiroaEU

    [ Clan Recruitment ] Special Combat Service

    Bump, bump bump it up
  7. AmbiroaEU

    The main problems of the game

    Iwaki is to have only 140mm citadel's guns still managed to shoot a csatahajóba Dunno what that is, but I think I should grind for the Iwaki.
  8. AmbiroaEU

    Current teamkiller punitive system

    Haven't played much on EU, but on the NA it actually kinda works. I have seen many times, the enemy having a TK on their team, and they will say via chat to all, to kill that person asap when you have the chance. So basically asking us to FF on that person if we have the opportunity. Funny enough, most people do. I don't know, it feels to me as a sort of courtesy to the other team and honest gamers in general.
  9. AmbiroaEU

    I really dislike the map rotation.

    I think they are already making steps for this. On the NA forum there was a contest running for map design, 200+ entries, the winners won premium time or something like that, didn't check anymore lol
  10. AmbiroaEU

    World of Warships wont accept my password

    Actually the client itself doesn't matter, its the same for all servers. It's the account that separates the access. I have downloaded the client from the NA website, but can use it to log in both the NA and EU servers.
  11. AmbiroaEU

    World of Warships wont accept my password

    First of all, we are not bad-sighted. Are you trying to log in the correct server?
  12. AmbiroaEU

    I really dislike the map rotation.

    I get your argument, but doesn't it simply mean adjusting the measurements for some maps, after all, the layout stays the same? E.g. make the ice islands, "smaller" in dimensions, so it can rotate for the mid tiers.
  13. AmbiroaEU

    Going premium again when the Clan Wars start

    For me it's not so much about the grinding or incentive, but more the annoyance when being grouped with non-team players, that's the whole reason we started a new clan, ahead for the clan wars. 3 member divisions are still better than 1 member divisions, which you have right now, a lot. ;)
  14. AmbiroaEU

    Ranked battles

    My experience on the NA server, is that with ranked, you have a slightly higher chance of people that do want to play as a team. But the numbers aren't that much far apart. Sometimes at randoms, everything goes nice and smooth, everyone listens to each other etc, and we all just wished this was ranked. Other times we are in ranked, and everything falls apart from the start and we all wished it was just a random
  15. AmbiroaEU

    Braincage playing the Germans and Russians

    One reason could be is that many players don't max out the captain skills once they collect sufficient xp and creds to tier up. So there is some logic to test it with only 2 or 3 points, as that reflects the ship's performance for those that are not planning to fulfill all 5 skill levels.