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  1. Okk3


    When i´m trying to get a cap in my Shima I usually try to swing full around and reversing inside the cap so i always can speed boost out if needed or get behind cover, and if the radar ship get spotted mark it for focused fire to try to get rid of it asap!
  2. Okk3

    Ibuki: Fire chance?

    I think I got around 10 % actual fire chance in my Zao when most games are over, cant remember how it was in the Ibuki.
  3. Okk3

    Is there any reason to play US Carriers?

    I have been thinking that perhaps not stack the bombers, as it feels as it´s only one air group that hits the target ! or is that just me ? (only at Lex atm)
  4. Okk3

    Type 16 and 15 Camouflage removal

    Thank you Hedgehog1963 !
  5. Okk3

    Type 16 and 15 Camouflage removal

    I had Type 16x2, type 17x1 and Type 18x1 being removed`. I found that I "lost" (havent bought any) the camo on the Fubuki and the Kagero. what are the other 2 camos for ?
  6. Too greedy to say no to free stuff, so count me in !!
  7. Okk3

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Awesome initiative guys !!! ID: Okk3 Ship: Anshan
  8. Okk3

    how to outplay the Shokaku's 2/2/2?

    Thanks for the replies, I´m leaning towards the same conclusions myself,
  9. Okk3

    how to outplay the Shokaku's 2/2/2?

    Hello fellow Captains ! I have played a few games with my Lexington (always as Strike) and some games (usually the small maps) I can get quite shut down if the other captain dont take the bait to loose his Fighters. So is the carrier sniping still valid in high tier ? Should one go for a full snipe strike firstly depending on the size of the map ? large maps can mean alot of searching and therefore missing out on perhaps a few rearms I have not been on the receiving end of a snipe in the lexington yet, thats why I´m wondering
  10. Okk3

    Unable to play

    Alright I'm back in the game now thanks to the update !Thanks for suggestions and the help see you on the high sea ! // Okk3
  11. Okk3

    Unable to play

    Hi, Sadly that didnt work in my favour Sol _Kanaar =( So im putting my hope on 5.10 will return soon after its done updating ! BR Okk3
  12. Okk3

    Unable to play

    Hello, I´m not able to play in the last update The game crashes on the loading screen after pressing play on the game launcher. Is there anyone who got an idea on what to do or do i need to reinstall the whole game !? Best regards stranded captain Oktay, aka Okk3