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  1. xxHELIOS


    Hello there ! Here we are again, after getting the Bourgogne i finally earned enough steel to grab another steel bote, but i'm not sure which one worth it. FDR: NO WAY Shiki: I already have my cursed Yami so No. Ragnar: i've got Smaland so no again Stalingrad ? heard she suffer these days with nerfs, commander rework, Petro release etc .. Plymouth ? i do not see this ship often so it seems to be difficult to play or bad ship idk, i just don't like the shells arc of RN cruiser ( after testing the line in PTS) Wait for new ships ? Thanks for your advices guys
  2. Do not forget about WG: they create a problem then sell you the solution. I can understand that a lot of people would play some interesting and epic battle where score would be close until the last minute instead of seeing steamroll, afk bot, pew pew kiddos in arp Yamato etc. They could add a new temporary game mode with selective MM where ( for example) >50% get access, it could give some special combat chain mission with some steal, coal or something as reward. Maybe that could motivate the lower player to inform and improve their skill to play this game mode i dunno..
  3. xxHELIOS

    Chkalov launches before planes return?

    Skip bombers are powerful only if you sail broadside and are easier to deal with than rockets or dive bombers.
  4. This « statement » is just good to be printed and used as toilet paper. Shame on you Wargaming.
  5. xxHELIOS

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    WG HQ staff is a bunch of *Removed Only Art department and few CM deserve congratulations rest should be fired
  6. xxHELIOS

    NEW Missouri

    Was waiting for years to get her but wargreedy is taking another bad decision with random crates. So i’ll pass, sadly I am tired of this company.
  7. xxHELIOS

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    Nope she is not, these 2 ships share few similarities but are completely different playstyle. As @gopher31 said, Champagne is a fast long range sniper ship with quick reload time, Borodino is more like Jean Bart style, « bow tank » at medium range with long reload, support battlecruiser.
  8. xxHELIOS

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    25 sec is fair as she trades a lot to get access to radar consumable gimmick. If they nerf the radar duration they will have to buff some other parts (reload for example)
  9. xxHELIOS

    Borodino in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Borodino is quite fun and balanced, she has strengh and wickness, maybe you could reduce a little bit the reload time 31—> 28 sec for only 6 guns will be more fair because dispersion is trollish. Except of that i find her more enjoyable than Constellation for example, especially due to Colorado’s poor guns effectivness when downtiered.
  10. xxHELIOS

    Another Hybrid but its much much worse

    Right here dude: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/162
  11. xxHELIOS

    Unsportsmenlike behaviour problem (edited*)

    New gamemode where teams are balanced by player efficiency, lets start with easy way with <50% WR play Random battle and >50% WR give you access to this new mode. dont tell anything me about ranked, thats just 7v7 random battles with rewards. So you dont punish bots and few brain cells players who just want to play « driving fishing boat simulator » and you bring back fun to average and good players.
  12. xxHELIOS

    This is indeed a day of days

    I’m ok to whale in game when you have in front of you a SERIOUS company who deliver a great game and keep improving it in collaboration with the community, making it interesting and make players happy then they feel glad to reward devs works by spending money in the game. BUT Things are different in this cash grab game, this company is greedy, doesnt give a fk about community wishes because they know what is good for you, and, dont forget the best part: they dont hesitate to scam you ( hello rigged santa crate container, PR event ..) I understand a lot of ppl like this game (i like it too) and i would to buy some contents but if you want to see some changes you have to keep yout wallet close as often as possible. We need Balance (CVs/Captain skill..) not broken dumb mechanics ( adjustment firing, hybrid ships..) We need new maps not copy past premium (able to be nerfed if needed) We need new interesting lines not more garbage ones (US BBs, German DDs) And we need to be listened and more transparency not rigged/scam content (PR sh*t storm, rigged santa crates) So, in actual state of the game dont whale anything.
  13. Sad to see how dumb they are Thats probably the worst dev team i’ve ever seen, able to do crap choices after crap choices and still saying to players: guys we are proud to show you how we improve the game. Stop spending (or really reduce) money for a year, and maybe they will start to listen their community, this is the only way to see the game changing in the right direction.
  14. xxHELIOS

    Congress TVIII prem US cruiser

    Will every premium be under that new statement of « can be balanced at any time » ? Cause she will get an hammer nerf sooner or later for sure