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  1. If you are among the winners of the WG raffle, do the crates appear in-game after a certain time or ...?
  2. Arjen_Peters

    PSA: Twitch Drops

    I watched like 10 -20 minutes of a stream yesterday and I was welcomed by three containers when I started playing today
  3. Arjen_Peters

    Updated Operations

    I don't know what 'more diverse' means in Wargaming language but so far the only thing I noticed is one cruiser that is now spawning north and AI that is blatantly retarded after the rework. They apparently increased the number of routes to 4 but after several tries I have never seen it taking a different route. Also, how are you supposed to support the Raptor when you have to dedicate at least one ship to killing the Zuho as it lurks behind an island going straight SSW. It puts you so far off you're out of the game.
  4. Arjen_Peters

    Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    Finally got a good run going, all ships still alive and every enemy killed with 1:30 minute on the clock with all other objectives completed. Easy 5 stars, I thought. And then comes that lonely Alabama from the east. Only thing it does is shooting the forts while there are 3 ships within 8km and the fort is 15km away. And sure enough, with 10 seconds left, the second fort goes down. F this from the bottom my heart
  5. Arjen_Peters

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    I am being completely retarded or I have missed anything regarding T10 ships being 500k xp to research? How can a man complete the Reward on Main Account #3 with the PTS time?