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  1. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Aircraft Carriers: Check out the Changes! - Discussion Thread

    I have cv's but not got an email... I only have tier 7 jap...
  2. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Aircraft Carriers: Check out the Changes! - Discussion Thread

    I assume everyone should be using it now as well? ;P
  3. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Aircraft Carriers: Check out the Changes! - Discussion Thread

    I hear people complain a lot about WG should of fixed CV then change them.. And I have to agree, this is an arcade type game, people join the game for that and enjot it, but thwne they try out cv gameplay it's like a different game.. and it is almost.. With this change, controlling one squadron at a time, you are almost like a normal ship, but being able to move all over the map and hit every ship, it move more to the arcade like style in the time of gameplay that the game was designed around. But as well even if you tried to "fix" the current issues, there still would be the HUGE skill gap, and the point where one cv can dominate the game way to much. the fighters on each side are good at what you do and any decent player can beat the other side, no matter what cv you use (Apart from the premium cvs) And while the jap side seem to be "better" I think thats because people who are skilled at RTS style can use the mass amount of squadans to their best, being able to command and move them flawlessly While on the US side they have smaller amount and I see this as the "not so much rts side" as you don't have to fuss about with the mass amount of squads. Both are balenced in their own way if you know how to use them.. The issue in CVs I see is tier 4 and 5, where the player has to learn to play them, with the fact you can manual drop and the lack off proper "AA defence" among ships, new players don't get to learn how to play them properly... And when trying to go and fix them, you can't really fix the AA on the ships has adding more/less would make them look strange compared to their irl counterparts and changeing their hp and dmg of fighters... in the end it would be a huge udne taking to balence it all.. So changeing the RTS style gameplay to an arcade like to how the game is deisgned and starting from scratch almost is the best way, and with the effect us players can test them and talk to them during the process, I think they will be able to balence them with our help... So In light for the people "No I wont like it I wont try it" Try it and see if you like it, and for the people who think they won't be able to balence it, play them in the test if you get accepted into it and help them balence them. But of course this is my own opinion in the end so take it all with a grain of salt~
  4. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    British Destroyers

    ive opened over 10 premium ones and maybe 30 maybe more non premium and only got the tier 5 and 6 And you know what? Im still quite angry the fact there are missions that are still blocked as i need a tier 7 Come on wargaming! blocking missions behind LUCK? it isnt very nice
  5. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    The 3 new Anniversary Patches

    Its been 3 years so I can't remember.. how I'm I suppose to? But considering as joined and started playing around the Anniversary time I would assume that I tried? or couldn't because of tier limits
  6. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    The 3 new Anniversary Patches

    Whelp still no wargaming staff seemed to have looekd at this..How im I suppose to get to a person who can help or do something about this... support is a bit useless as they send be back here
  7. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    The 3 new Anniversary Patches

    Yep must be LOL
  8. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    The 3 new Anniversary Patches

    Not much of an issue but, I was hoping to get the patch for being with the game for 3 years but instead I only got the one year and two year patches.. I joined the game i bealive only 15-16 days before it would be 3 years... SO ive basiccly been around for 3 years... its a bit disapointing that I don't get the 3 year badge... It just seems there should be a bit of a day difference of when ya allowed to get them... as I started ive been playing for pretty much 3 years.. but not getting it is empty... felt like being ripped off in a way.. Is there anyway I would be able to get it or earn it? Else it feels empty not getting it just because of how long I have been playing the game.
  9. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    So do we all get the ship and become temp Super testers? ;P Be so much fun! they would get so much data!
  10. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Same here, Must of been a mistake or something....
  11. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Chance of getting special missions for french battle ships is real low

    1st crate i got, i got the tier 5 ship mission... i wouldnt say rare at all
  12. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    How do you get the full HSF collection?

    Heh i decided to buy the HSF Graff Spree because of this as i did want it in the 1st place but well... this was quite worth it! Im still doing the missions and i must say i am getting them from crates as well
  13. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Halloween Event

    The 2nd part of this event is GREAT! but i have 2 issues with it: One: Urashima's Anti-Guidance system doesnt not stop seconderys from firing at you, This is an issue because you have such low HP already it doesnt matter if the main battery guns are going at you, your gonna die just from the seconderys Two: Match making, If you get into a match without at least one Magnu-s you are most likely not gonna win as you need that huge firepower, The best MM would be 2 DD's 2 Cruisers 2,BB's and a CV Because with that you have the 2 BB's that can heal pool both at the same time with the CV healing everyone if they are not in the rage of the BB's It possible without this setup but its impposible if you go in with 3 Urashima, 3 Svyatozar and 1 CV, you just dont deal the dmg needed
  14. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    iChase removed from WG-CC program

    To be honest what wargaming is doing is stupid, They got rid of properly one of the most popular WG-CC program person. And why is annoying. All that he did was state HIS OPINION! Thats apparently what WG wants and advised people what to do. Wargaming you need to calm down with all of this, this is the type of reaction you are gonna get if this sort of stuff happens! not just with you, any game company would get this reaction! Also WG get ya heads out of that board room and see what you are doing, do you just not care AT ALL about us players?
  15. Vinyl_ScratchPlays

    Public Test 0.6.10 General Feedback

    So i dont have the Lion yet but ive faced them a lot. What do i find out? You can citadel them but its very hard you need to do plunging fire to do it. They are also very bad at being close range, and being grouped up with lots of fire. To be honest it's not that OP, but if a change was to be made make the heal a bit less as it does heal a bit to much, but considering that we are not seeing tier 10 ships we dont know for sure how OP it is or how bad it is