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  1. Mr_Jordan

    Silver Farming

    tier 5.. easy 100k-150k each game
  2. Mr_Jordan

    Public test error

    Anyone know how to solve this problem, deleted and reinstalled it 4 times now same thing every time
  3. Mr_Jordan

    Match Maker is more horrible than the one in WoT.

    My only problem with matchmaking is it can be easily abused...With divisions
  4. Mr_Jordan

    WoWs - Turn up the retro! (History Nerds Only)

    You could just turn off colour on your monitor to acheive this, mod seems unnecessary. But i did laugh at the anime captain, due to wanting a black and white game usually means you want it to be more historic and realistic.
  5. Mr_Jordan

    Secondary Armaments In-game (with Poll)

    Don't really care about range, but there should be a small area around the BB which is very dangerous to dds say around 4km ? Because if you fire your main battery and only score a few hits on him for half his health and he just charges you into a very short range (2km) you literally have no hope. Secondary's are more or less designed to stop this but as the accuracy is like a shot gun they are useless. Another reason they need a bigger accuracy buff is when you see a dd in a 5km range, obviously to get 100% efficiency out of your secondary you would have to show full broadside but realistically when do you ever show that to a dd in torp range. Doesn't matter if you have 50 secondary's if only 3 can shot at the target. However i went the USA bb line which might aswell just scrap all it's secondarys to save some weight and increase it's mobility.
  6. Mr_Jordan

    AIM bot or not?

    Cruisers have higher arc shells then most bbs which is why he can shoot you and you can't shoot him, although poor positioning also comes into place, if he is much closer to the mountain then you are its very hard to get a shell over an island then have it immediately drop on the target
  7. Mr_Jordan


    I`m still on the 2000 main battery hits. Trying to do it all in a tier 8 bb
  8. Mr_Jordan

    Research for ships is to slow

    WoT is way faster, I got my first t10 in 2-3 weeks with no prem.
  9. Mr_Jordan

    How do you counter HE spam?

    There is usually a bb right near the cruisers so, as soon as you turn a North Car is just a floating citadel
  10. Mr_Jordan

    How do you counter HE spam?

    Is there any way to counter HE spam, it just melts my North Carolina, every volley is 2k+ hits, combine that with the fires and i'm dead in minutes. Literally the main reason i die in games. Torps are easy enough to dodge. Even if i try chase them down to get some effective range so my shots can actually hit, they can easily keep a good distance away because of their speed. Moreover cruisers in my team don't realise their job is to be in front of bbs so they just stay in the back and laugh. Any bb drivers out there, got any technique they use or when 2 ships with 12+ guns spamming HE is just GG and just hope next game will be different.
  11. Mr_Jordan

    In game Communication

    Do people on this game even have keyboards.... It's like they blatantly refuse to talk.. Every game i ask CV's if they need first run AA cover because i have 99 AA on my North Cal and not a single answer in around 10 games.. Literally no one talks ? I don't get it, are they bots? You might get 1 game were around 5 people chat but that's few and far between.
  12. Mr_Jordan

    Repair cost increase ?

    Because people grind for hour and hours to get their dream ships at higher tier only to realize it's pretty much realistically turns into p2p, (I don't mind paying for games i like, but it feels like WG strategy is for example you're at the bottom of a cliff and as standard you get a old tattered rope to climb or for a small fee you get a brand new 100% safe rope, obviously you pay the small fee otherwise you're only screwing yourself over if you don't.) People see this then just loose interest. I know 2 people personally that it has happened too. World of tanks probably their biggest profitable game right ? I'm 99% sure it wouldn't be as popular if their was ridiculous repair fees. I can play 20-30 games in my t10 with no premium and not loose a single silver, and I'm just an good/average player no quicky. Just think the people who don't have a penny to scratch their arses with are pretty much denied end game content which is kinda F'ed up.
  13. Mr_Jordan

    Repair cost increase ?

    Performing well on a constant basis is hard on a very rng based game, having a bad game on t8+without premium with a BB or CV is crazy cash lost. And people say "premium is for t8+" In reality it shouldn't be, Prem should be a "bonus" not a "requirement". Should be a more similar system to World of tanks premium is a t10 cash sustain not t8-t9, if you perform very badly cash lost, perform average small reward, good game, very good reward. In World of warships average is still a big loss if your ship sinks. Just think it's a poor business plan to appeal to the top 1-5% of players who are obviously very good at the game like yourself and i presume use divisions in most of your gameplay and use teamwork then appeal to the 95% good/average players That's just my opinion.
  14. Mr_Jordan

    Repair cost increase ?

    I have no intention of going past tier 8 because of the insane repair costs, it's my biggest complaint about the game.
  15. Mr_Jordan


    Sure your keyboard didn't unplug ?