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  1. Hi all, I've been a player on WoWs every since release now, and I've never posted on these forums. Evidently, something extraordinary has to happen for me to get active on the forums... What happened wasn't a good thing, and if you'll pardon me - I'm going to rant a bit. I don't consider myself a bad player. I hover around 55% winrate at over 4k games played, but this is including two years of me not really paying attention to the game while playing (i.e. youtube in the background, or other distractions that caused me to perform badly). For years I only played seriously whenever I tried to get into ranked. The first few ranked seasons went swimmingly. I got 3 rank 1s relatively easily within the first 4 ranked seasons (I was too much of a noob to even have a high enough tier ship for the first season), and unlocked the flint. I reckoned I was only 2 ranked seasons away from the Black. Over the next ranked seasons I missed out on one, and the others... Well... I just could not get to rank 1. No matter how hard I tried. I remember one ranked season I reached rank 2.3 with 60% winrate in about 200 games... And then lost so many games in the next 400 (yes, you read that right, FOUR HUNDRED) that my end score was 43% winrate and I ended at rank 7.2. That experience was so infuriating I actually sent in a rant directly to Wargaming, knowing full well they would not be able to do anything about my case in particular. I figured at least it'd make them aware of my dissatisfaction. That was last summer. Since October however I've gotten much more into random games. I ground up in total 12 lines to T10, and I really started enjoying non-competitive gaming. I started patching up my bad stats from years of playing with distractions, and things were going well. Until I reached 55% winrate. For the past month, I've had days where I lost 10 games straight. It seems like every time I get above 55% I just lose everything until I am back down to 54.90%-ish. The last batch of these losses made me look at my latest-played games, and, well... In the first 7 games of my Jutland I had 65% winrate. I love the ship. Turns out that now, with 33 games under my belt and having unlocked the Daring, I only have 42.42% winrate left. My Richelieu, with 26 games, only had 46.15% winrate. My Missouri, an abysmal 38.1% winrate with 42 games. Akizuki - love this ship, but 41.38% winrate (on the Kitakaze, which I enjoyed perhaps even more, but which is not substantially different in playstyle, I have a 70.83% winrate, for comparison). The list goes on. See how fickle things are in the picture below. A week ago I still had enjoyable games, games I sometimes had to carry, but games I -could- carry. Now it seems matchmaking is punishing me for them. How the hell does this keep happening? You'd be forgiven for thinking I was a bad player, judging by my winrates in these ships. But my total winrate (even ruined through years of mis-play) shows a clear ~55% winrate. I consistently (of course with exceptions) place top of my team every battle in these losses. I consider myself very capable in any ship class except CV (which I never play). I have the skills to carry, but seemingly last week (and in periods throughout the last month) I have not even been given teams competent enough to allow me to carry them. Besides, how does my performance on one flank of the map in any way affect our other flank melting? My winrate peaked at 55.20% in December, to muddle around 54.90% for weeks after, until I managed to drag it back up to 55.15% last weekend. Now I'm back down to 54.89%. It's infuriating. It hurts to see these ships that I felt I genuinely performed well in, and which I very much enjoyed playing (Akizuki and Jutland were some of my favorite ships, and Richelieu and Missouri I very much enjoy as well), with such atrocious winrate stats. It's genuinely embarrassing. I've screamed at my computer. I've tried to 'guide' my team to victory with being helpful in chat, but usually their refusal to even acknowledge what I write, or outright hostility, mostly just means this devolves into toxicity. Even if I was a middling player at best, you'd expect me to win at least half of my games... Middling fourties, or even upper thirties, in winrate on these ships is just atrocious. Considering I'm substantially better than the average player, how the hell is it possible that I am consistently so unlucky with my winrates? This doesn't even seem statistically possible. I want to play this game more, and I want to keep like this game. Why is the game doing everything it can to try to get me to quit and stop playing? How do you deal with periods like this? How do you deal with atrocious winrates, or evaporating teams? Am I insane for starting to suspect Matchmaking was randomly updated a week ago to ruin it for me? If you read this far, well... Kudos to you for making it through my rant :D - Bratyn