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  1. My only guess is the strategy to having a decent game will be
  2. Ok how does this thread rate on the Germano Mosconinacale? Need to prepare myself before reading.
  3. The problem I have is the fellow battleships on your team seem to have a collective reaction of “oh we have a Cesare, hang back and let him do the work.”
  4. Oh WG always with the interesting balans choices.
  5. Lit was the only way to keep it safe from the Trumps.
  6. I was still kind of hoping the 152/55 batteries would get the rapid fire times of the Abruzzi's turrets. Not that they will be of much use. At least I can get my Re.2000 to annoy incoming torpedo bombers.
  7. Well there is a RPC bonus in there somewhere too right? We are about to have a slew of AP bombers in game and WG is probably pre-balans™ing a bit.
  8. And German 105mm mounts aren't inflated?
  9. Would be nice if this was compensated with full turret traverse.
  10. There are many premiums in the pipeline and that means some are going to be released a little under and others over powered. I believe we need to accept Abruzzi will be underwhelming. Beware balans gifts from Russian devs.
  11. Ehhh WG rarely releases a for pay weak premium. So enjoy the ride with Abruzzi. English YT review. I was never a fan of using the spotter with d'Aosta so not sure how I will feel about it with Abruzzi.
  12. Nothing makes me cringe more than when someone calls a game purchase an investment. German 6” AP gets damage boost and HE 1/4 pen. Japanese 6” HE has a burn chance boost I believe. French, Russian and US all work well with the system. UK gets super AP. Italian 6” is just average with HE stats that don’t work with the system. RoF and using most optimal speeds are the boosts given.
  13. It should be a non-issue to correct the text. Hopefully WG willl listen. I admit to not having paid attention. Oops.
  14. Well as discussed Italian HE just doesn’t fit the paradigm of WG’s model. Instantaneous fused shrapnel based damage is the worst thing one can have in this game. I’m guessing if WG did receive the information on the base fuse HE shell it was bad enough to stick with the current round. Still should hopefully be a good destroyer hunter hunter on the rare occasion you are allowed to hunt. Now WG just needs to repeat a past mistake and give us access to the tier IX modification.