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  1. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    The long range AA needs more flak puffs in my biased opinion. I realize this is a three patch balancing process. However the 100/47 and 90/50 feel balanced at the bottom range of what can be expected.
  2. I’m curious the last time the premium based on a real ship had its rifles magically changed to those used on other ships. WG just conveniently hand waved switching the stats to the later mod 24.
  3. SparvieroVV

    Ragequit because enemy teams are too bad

    SoBritish Royal Navy rage quit and let Italian Royal Navy complete 90% of their missions successfully?
  4. SparvieroVV

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Pretty sure he is trying reverse psychology.
  5. SparvieroVV

    The hysteria surrounding Russian ships

    @Atankean Thats the 1.000.000₽ question. Who gets priority for the Gamescon release? Italian cruisers or the Habsburg based PanEU A-H/Dutch/Spanish line? Since WG rolled out a PanEU announcement at the 2018 Gamescon I’m betting on the Habsburg bois.
  6. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Well just think of Leone as the crappy free premium for the Italian arc this summer? Or eat sbrisolona until you pass out.
  7. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I don't think anyone expected Leone?
  8. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I was hoping for Legionario with a radar consumable to make the forums burn. When all the Royal Navy/Commonwealth destroyers started appearing I think we all knew the truth. It should be easy to find WG next time they visit the archives. They are the russians with the really short arms. Someone help them get the material needed, and pay for the copies most importantly.
  9. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    So who besides me is guilty of taking a peak at Leone in the tech tree preview in game?
  10. British cruisers have backing plates calculated as part of the armor.
  11. This was from the datamined information from awhile ago. Best to keep an eye out for Balans™ adjustments. Which I'm sure will all appear in the main topic for this thread.
  12. From gm3d I'm guessing this is the modernized coastal artillery shell? I'm not sure where else to find the data apologies.
  13. It is silver, it just seems oddly placed in the land of smooth progression and if the following information is correct it might not be the most pleasant ship to play unless you like USN ships. I'm guessing very good sigma? the 1928 HE most likely belongs to the tier VI?
  14. It really seems like a premium candidate. However I guess having three straight variations of Gangut was a bit much. :)