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  1. Fan made Italian tech tree

    The scartometer was the device used to measure the splash of the shell to figure out range between the shell and the target. Obviously it wasn't very effective in practical use from my understanding. The earlier systems used water tubes to determine pitch of the ship iirc. I believe it is once again in Friedman's work where this is talked about as comparison to USN love of all things gyroscope. Otherwise I only know about the system in reference to the Italian Dalek. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apparecchio_di_punteria_generale Basically as you stated Littorio class was the only class in the RM that didn't require to be at the top of the roll to fire. It would be interesting to note if a later ship class such as the Capitani Romani had this limitation. ========================== This is more of a joke and not serious. In a long distant future WG might be able to spin out two cruiser lines for Italy. Garibaldi VII, Ciano VIII, Spanish Ansaldo 152 IX, Spanish Ansaldo 203 variant TX Bolzano VII, Zara VIII, Spanish Ansaldo early variant TX, Ansaldo 254/55 BC TX.
  2. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Speaking of expensive I'm about to send money to my uncle and I'm tempted to add a little bit of money with instructions to have my cousins grab a couple of books since they are coming over in a couple of months. I still kind of want to get Quando tuonano i grossi calibri - Punta Stilo 9 luglio 1940 despite the controversy.
  3. Fan made Italian tech tree

    DO WANT! That pretty much fits with my understanding. Negatives usually leave out that the comparison is against systems that are developed later. ;) Russians didn't like how the system calculated angle to target(?), took years to develop a new one but act like it was always better. Late 1930s optical FCS vs 1944 all radar FCS, etc. So it definitely states there was no automated RPC? Rather odd since Friedman or someone else talks about Italians showing off an automated RPC system to the USN in the 20s but it being woefully under powered. Follow the pointer has always been a detraction for Littorio class. Does it talk at all about the scartometer? That was pretty much judged to be a complete waste, afaik. And no automated input from Gufo on Littorio? I could of sworn I read it stated that the Germans had let slip this was all done automatically on their ships while demanding a princely sum for access to the relevant materials from the Italians. That R2D2 on II turret doesn't come cheap.
  4. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Yeah it is a double edged sword. Abruzzi will lose that armor strake and Roma will possibly have a piece of armor reduced in value. Although as a premium it may be immune. I’m more miffed about their attitude on HE given all the benefits given to Japan, German and British HE. In other news it is Saturday and I’m watching sette giorni showing a story on ed sheeren instead of Chiara Giallonardo and Venezia.
  5. Fan made Italian tech tree

    I’m going to go watch Linea Verde now. It’s supposed to be Venezia this week.
  6. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Who’s complaining?
  7. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Well the case of where WG is pulling some information from is partially solved. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/149237-a-criticism-of-wgs-handling-of-roma/?do=findComment&comment=3563338
  8. I want to see this articulated smoke stack in action.
  9. I'm not sure the reality, however some people are claiming a 17 second reload with Jacques Pétanque's AR while at the helm of Big Batard. Between that and speed tanking while losing a turret is a concern, I'm just not sure it is a huge concern for Big Batard.
  10. Well Taranto will eventually appear.
  11. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Sometimes you think your gunners have been hitting the grappa, other times you know. Grappa. No grappa. Grappa. No grappa.
  12. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Forgot I had the filter turned off. Fortunately I was able to erase the mistake from my screen. The rest of the game is just bad potato play on my part so watch the ship go boom and walk away.
  13. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    10km is really pushing a little too close. I find myself having a hard time complaining about the fuses because they where set long. I managed 3 out of 4 ~100k games in Roma. Basically sit back and hope your 1-3 out of 9 shell hits might be of the 5k variety instead of 1-2k. That's all damage of the AP variety so not as much to heal back unlike HE damage so there is that. As much as being unable to punish broadside battleships is annoying the stats seem to be in WG's favor. Example my stupid potato self can get 100k on only 15 solid hits basically. Yeah the 45 second bit gets old. Let's have WG use actual ranges instead of compressed ranges. See how much people enjoy waiting over half a minute for rounds to land.
  14. Wrap it up all you want. The deaths of sailors are characterized by a drunk pre-adolescent female character. Period, end of story, full stop. I'm not asking you to hate Kancolle. My only concern is about this game and the attitude of players to various ships. As I've stated it doesn't take very hard look to find people making fun of the fate of Pola's crew. The link I posted to is from a community contributor affiliated with WG for pete's sake. Gorizia had a long and good career. It should be the premium. If it isn't it is for the same reason Roma was chosen and why a bomb is the Easter egg on Roma. For once WG should choose an Italian ship based on its career. Not being a war prize, German fan boy wet dream to destroy, nebulous plans for a more famous ship or whatever the next excuse will be from WG. The choices are simple. Gorizia, a ship that served through 1943 in many operations or Pola, which only had two notable operations. Notice how we aren't even talking about Fiume? If people loved Italian heavy cruisers so much why is Fiume always left to the way side? To choose Pola over Gorizia is simply to appease those that just get their laughs at the deaths of sailors serving their country. Justify your choice all you want however the posting history of this community only points to one thing from this part of the community. I speak only for myself, however I don't feel the Italian player base deserves to listen to the verbal diarrhea that will come with Pola being chosen. This is the last I will say on the subject in this thread.