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  1. SparvieroVV

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    This is the real issue with Italian ships overall. It's not about them not being good...it is just that once again the work rate for reward is really out of balance.
  2. SparvieroVV

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I'm not saying WG wanted to make the Italian cruisers bad. Some choices are just odd though. SAP shell based on HE shell weights. Game engine favors heavier shells for less "floatiness" Poor rifle range coupled with long reload and poor concealment. Just forcing torpedoes on Trento and above. I realize the designs showed torpedoes for the Super Washingtons. 203mm AP never kicks up to 940-960 mps at tier VII. Amalfi upgrade hull AA receives 20mm mounts with 2km range instead of 37mm mounts with 3.5km reducing AA efficiency. 37/54 quad mounts were dual 65/64 mounts make more sense. Italian battleships used pop up aa mounts on the bow to preserve firing angles. Venezia gets eye sore armored aa mounts. Italian ships became progressively well armored and speed toned down. Lesta hits the reset button at tier VIII. (Don't get me wrong I love 38.5 knot Amalfi supercruise)
  3. @Historynerd Given how close Azure Lane and WoWs are does this mean I need to take my chill pills? I hadn't had my coffee when I was pinged so I just did the old
  4. There was a page here: https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2019/07/paolo-emilio-tier-x-italian-destroyer.html That seems to have been removed. Here is the google cache. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:s_pzIIQoMxwJ:https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2019/07/paolo-emilio-tier-x-italian-destroyer.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us Premium flag Maybe it is made up and I fell for a joke? I don't know.
  5. Nisshin. An Italian built armored cruiser. Whenever the Japanese turned the line it became target number one instead of Mikasa iirc.
  6. @Historynerd any luck finding the Ansaldo progetto 39 referenced by WG?
  7. Honestly not much excitement in admirals who were good at logistics and refusing to sacrifice more capable units. Especially when the meme is the British sunk everything. The destroyer captains had a tendency of dying to achieve their notoriety. Iachino is probably off the table for his post war theatrics. Campioni and Bergamini are the shoe in for battleship captains. I think I would prefer Campioni since he met his death in defiance of taking the easy path. In looking for more glory by the time things were worked out the RMI didn’t have fuel and the British could play the long game avoiding use of heavy units. Also the small issue every engagement used up inordinate amounts of ammo. In the limited opportunities Vian took his cruisers and himself to safety at 2nd Sirte. And then tiffed with Harwood until it was obvious Vigorous was going to fail. So no real chance to shine for anyone. The opportunity to repeat Pantelleria was foiled by poor German eyesight. Parona has more of a chance as a submarine captain. Most people will go de Courten who? Fioravanzo is best known for what he didn’t do, Etc for the other cruiser division commanders. If we go by Cernuschi then Matteucci gets consideration for pelting of Warspite by his heavy cruisers. That would cause a riot because despite publishing his book I don’t think the MMI holds strongly to his theories. Sansonetti isn't a bad choice. Just not the one brain dead idiots like myself wanted.
  8. Shocking. Someone elsewhere made a good point. It looks like the choice of Sansonetti was a quick wiki search. Commanded a cruiser division. ✔ Easy to copy picture. ✔ And that was that.
  9. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    As of this variation too much seems to be given up for the SAP gimmick. AP potential is kept low to encourage the faster m/v of the SAP shell. Which still uses the lighter HE weight to make for a floaty shell from what commentators have said. Couple that with the need to make sure you are hitting pieces of ships with less than 53mm of armor I was seeing a lot of null impacts on battleships just thanks to angle/armor issues. I was actually surprised to see that WG is mixing the original AP weight with reduced m/v so I hope that helps out the AP a little bit in terms of ballistics. The more I look at Venezia the more I'm discouraged by the design. To utilize all five turrets requires an angle of 31° - 148° or 211° - 327° which if I understand correctly means you won't be bouncing anything. Given the sheer size of the ship not something any sane person would really want to offer. If trying to utilize the bow armor to tank you are basically using 6 rifles if I understand correctly? The ship just seems meant to play at the very back with spotter planes.
  10. They just want you to spend time with friends and family.
  11. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I don't understand why Amalfi and Brindisi seem to have not only a tall citadel but wide as well and not even 30mm everywhere to deal with some HE. Especially since they are being given 19%-22% tds value. With the short range, high reload and such vulnerable armor seems like both are setup for the freexp sink. As most aren't very apt with spotter planes, myself included.
  12. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I apologize. I was talking about the 203mm armed cruisers. UP.90 I would like to see something happen and I posted on the NA forums about the 254mm version. As a 152mm armed cruiser in the 3 x 3 the 100mm belt and 60mm deck protection it seemingly could fit in at tier VI or a gap filler at VII. It would make an interesting departure from going with Eugenio di Savoia would be my thought at least. However we don't know what Lesta has planned for Garibaldi. I did some funny math with a 254mm armed model as a premium. Now that we have this weird SAP shell I can only imagine that the 254mm SAP round might be 6700-7000 per shell. I'm curious how game mechanics will actually affect such a number. I imagine saturation would quickly negate a large damage roll? https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/188766-italy-asset-re-use-up-90-pocket-battleship-based-off-aosta-or-abruzzi/ As it goes with UP770 I'm not sure. I still have the Super Washington I pegged as something I'd like to see at tier IX. Which has been supersized into the Brindisi. https://stefsap.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/the-1940s-super-washington-ansaldo-cruisers-for-spain-1200-plans-ii/ At that point going with the Brindisi hull and some armor improvements with 4 x IV 152/55 is my choice at X. At the far end of crazy I imagined Milanogami with 5 x IV 152/55. Imagine 20 152mm rifles. Keeping the UP770 design with the superstructure mounted twin 152mm mounts seems silly to me. Better to have a more uniform armament. At this point re-using an asset with different turrets probably is more tempting for Lesta. However maybe it is something Lesta likes, who knows. To go off on a daydream about a light cruiser split: V - Montecuccoli - 4 x 2 152/53 - VIII rifles VI - UP.90 - 3 x 3 152/55 - IX rifles or traditional Eugenio di Savoia w/VIII rifles VII - Garibaldi - 2 x 3 152/55 2 x 3 152/55 - X rifles VIII - Ciano - 3 x 3 152/55 or 2 x 4 152/55 - VIII - X rifles IX - Super Washington I - 4 x 3 152/55 - XII rifles X - Brindisi with quad 152/55? - XVI rifles? Alternately. V - Montecuccoli - 4 x 2 152/53 - VIII rifles VI - Eugenio di Savoia 4 x 2 152/53 - VIII rifles VII - UP.90 - 3 x 3 152/55 - IX rifles VIII - Ciano - 3 x 3 152/55 or 2 x 4 152/55 - VIII - IX rifles IX - Super Washington I - 4 x 3 152/55 - XII rifles X - Brindisi with quad 152/55? - XVI rifles? May I also be allowed to say this setup just still makes me go wtf? It really just seems to fly in the face of sacrificing speed for better armor. Venezia will probably be a great ship. However something more compact with better bomb deck protection would make sense. Maybe with the way AP bombs work the 90mm deck is better. I leave that to people smarter than me.
  13. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    I paid the money to get access to the site and just had a quick look before leaving for work. Zara seems to have been left completely vulnerable to HE spam, seems disappointing. Hope I'm wrong.
  14. SparvieroVV

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Crazy thought of the day. Given there were quad turret designs for 152mm and 381mm rifles why not go with four quad turrets for Chioggia? or two quads and two triples? imagine Amalfi - with Abruzzi x rifles Brindisi - same at XII Dolo - XIV rifles(2 x 4; 2 x 3) or XVI steady progression.