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  1. Wrap it up all you want. The deaths of sailors are characterized by a drunk pre-adolescent female character. Period, end of story, full stop. I'm not asking you to hate Kancolle. My only concern is about this game and the attitude of players to various ships. As I've stated it doesn't take very hard look to find people making fun of the fate of Pola's crew. The link I posted to is from a community contributor affiliated with WG for pete's sake. Gorizia had a long and good career. It should be the premium. If it isn't it is for the same reason Roma was chosen and why a bomb is the Easter egg on Roma. For once WG should choose an Italian ship based on its career. Not being a war prize, German fan boy wet dream to destroy, nebulous plans for a more famous ship or whatever the next excuse will be from WG. The choices are simple. Gorizia, a ship that served through 1943 in many operations or Pola, which only had two notable operations. Notice how we aren't even talking about Fiume? If people loved Italian heavy cruisers so much why is Fiume always left to the way side? To choose Pola over Gorizia is simply to appease those that just get their laughs at the deaths of sailors serving their country. Justify your choice all you want however the posting history of this community only points to one thing from this part of the community. I speak only for myself, however I don't feel the Italian player base deserves to listen to the verbal diarrhea that will come with Pola being chosen. This is the last I will say on the subject in this thread.
  2. He wants a nod to the history. That means the sinking. These anime ship fans revel in the deaths of the sailors based off British propaganda. Exhibit A: B: exhibit b: http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Pola “ Personality Is a drunkard, loves to drink red wine, and sometimes tends to get naked while drunk.“ I won’t even post the quotes. You will find jokes about the fate of the Pola’s crew on the various forums and reddit. At some point enough is enough. Roma already carries a fritz x bomb to appease the German fanboys. Two lead ships have been used as premiums. Say what you want however the history of what people post about Pola is on my side.
  3. You are one of the kancolle people who want to mock the deaths of the sailors is what I’m getting. With that disgusting underage drunk girl avatar? Hopefully WG will be smart and choose Gorizia.
  4. Out of curiosity does anyone know why WG doesn't apply the camo to the primary and secondary fire directors? They become glaring eye sores when using other camos.
  5. Turrets being knocked out I can deal with. Not being able to punish broadside battleships under 12km? Do I just need to start aiming underwater with all the lowered citadels? Every time I've tried that before I've never seen rounds actually impact.
  6. Well look in the armor viewer while the armor has nice angles it is rather light at the back.
  7. What about those of us from the north who eat more polenta and rice?
  8. I was quite surprised that against a Yorck my secodaries in 22 shots racked up 7k+ damage in hits and fires(2kish). Not that I wanted to be that close of course. Also yeah I had a potato game.
  9. I'll give you secondaries. However bragging about using German 380mm past 18km. Boh
  10. From what I have been told there is no way to equip the camo and disable it from view. So anyone who doesn't want to see Birra Roma cannot get the credit bonus from the camo.
  11. Unfortunately no, that was from someone putting the camo on the in game Roma model. I imagine when aslain's mod comes out the Birra Roma in all its...something...will be visible in the client. Just noticed neither Roma or Duca degli Abruzzi are visible in the current tech tree after the patch.
  12. That’s why I hope the WG Italia employees realy fight against just copying kancolle. My understanding is the kancolle brigade get a kick out of a drunk underage girl character. I will just let that set in. These are people who fantasize over an inebriated pre-adolescent female character. Willfully mocking the death of men in service to their country to get gratification.
  13. Posted a thread on there about the citadel volume. It will be interesting to see the reaction when someone popular brings this up.
  14. FUUUUSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO also has some weird exhaust port on the broadside that allows the weirdest citadels. AP shots from a d'Aosta that would cause 200hp damage on anything else will instead on FUUUUUSSSSOOOOOOO!!! Blessed be the Emperor's Pagoda to Heaven™ cause citadels. Ouch. I really hope WG just takes the time to do a top down rebalance with the USN Cruiser split. Seems a good as time as any.