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  1. Honestly not much excitement in admirals who were good at logistics and refusing to sacrifice more capable units. Especially when the meme is the British sunk everything. The destroyer captains had a tendency of dying to achieve their notoriety. Iachino is probably off the table for his post war theatrics. Campioni and Bergamini are the shoe in for battleship captains. I think I would prefer Campioni since he met his death in defiance of taking the easy path. In looking for more glory by the time things were worked out the RMI didn’t have fuel and the British could play the long game avoiding use of heavy units. Also the small issue every engagement used up inordinate amounts of ammo. In the limited opportunities Vian took his cruisers and himself to safety at 2nd Sirte. And then tiffed with Harwood until it was obvious Vigorous was going to fail. So no real chance to shine for anyone. The opportunity to repeat Pantelleria was foiled by poor German eyesight. Parona has more of a chance as a submarine captain. Most people will go de Courten who? Fioravanzo is best known for what he didn’t do, Etc for the other cruiser division commanders. If we go by Cernuschi then Matteucci gets consideration for pelting of Warspite by his heavy cruisers. That would cause a riot because despite publishing his book I don’t think the MMI holds strongly to his theories. Sansonetti isn't a bad choice. Just not the one brain dead idiots like myself wanted.
  2. Shocking. Someone elsewhere made a good point. It looks like the choice of Sansonetti was a quick wiki search. Commanded a cruiser division. ✔ Easy to copy picture. ✔ And that was that.
  3. Not even borderline. If you are going to pull one pull all. Torino was not the cradle of the worst dynasty in Europe. It was their escape from the French.
  4. There was only one great Maritime republic. Genova couldn't even hold onto a little island full of silly people right next door. Well you might want to give some historical cruiser names then? If you are going to complain at least complain about all three. Until then I will hug my precious Verona until it becomes Veneto.
  5. It's the convenient scapegoat term when someone tries to imply Italy was anything more than a punching bag in martial terms. Only northern Europeans are manly men, even their women.
  6. Really think we should just rank the battles and say use these WG. Birds of of prey should be reserved for carriers. Yes they will happen. Redeemed cities will eventually cause hurt feelings from our neighbors or some nationalism drama. Don’t repeat Taiwan. I’m curious if WG focused on easy to pronounce names as a priority.
  7. Which I'm absolutely fine with. The point I was trying to make is replacing one set of names with a set of names that strikes your fancy isn't a valid choice. imoo. Especially when you are just pushing names that someone lazy crafted. Now to be completely tongue in cheek I've also gone to pains to say I'm completely biased that if Lesta is going to name the tier VIII Verona Take away Verona for another silly choice? Please choose names that make Historynerd happy. Just use the maritime republics that suck to name the tier IX and X. Venezia deserves to be on a ship that actually sparks joy.
  8. How are they painful in this context? A CC read a list of names from Friuli Venezia Giulia and sorted by population to attach names to his proposed tech tree. Replacing any of the already given names with Udine and Pordenone would be even more outrageous in reality. edit: I'm all for more inspired names. However if it is gonna be a ho hum name give me Verona.
  9. From the third war of independence considered part of the creation of the country over time not just one magical date and you are in and any time after that you don't count. They were included during the Risorgimento. Irredentism is defined as after these wars. Pordenone is like what 50k people? Udine not much more. I get it one of the contributors got an idea to name the Ansaldo big cruiser Pordenone however neither city is better than Milano, Torino and Verona. Which one could argue, very poorly like I am don't take me seriously, are a bit of fan service to the community at least. As I discussed with @Historynerd on reddit. The redeemed cities is not really a theme that should be carried on. Important battles from the wars of independence, Garibaldi and others that cruisers were historically named after, even regions. Sure. And I'll admit I'm biased towards Verona at tier VIII it doesn't seem to bad at this point. I would have preferred maybe the first series Super Washington look with 4 x 2 203/53 or a Super Zara since we were denied Zara but ehhh.
  10. Neither Pordenone or Udine were redeemed cities.
  11. They couldn’t even be bothered to put a realistic interpretation of radar on these ships. The extensive “research” was an intern sent to go shopping in Milan.
  12. SparvieroVV

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Based on beehive shells? Apologies for not putting a full set of footnotes on everyone. The fact you want to even have a debate about this?
  13. Silly me thinking torpedoes were one thing WG was usually pretty hands off on. The constant changes to the French torpedoes certainly corrected that opinion.
  14. SparvieroVV

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Because every ship is buffed. Japanese destroyer/cruser HE. German AP RNBB HE, RNCL AP RoF: Everyone Traverse: Too many to list. so on and so forth. Yet there is an attitude that Italian equipment should somehow be exempt from this. Sort of fits with the constant dehumanizing.