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  1. Because there are plenty of issues related to that mode. Various ideas and formats have been tested for the sake of fixing these issues and unfortunately none of them have provided satisfactory results, whether that be smoke limits, adjustments to smoke mechanics, IFHE changes, nation limits or BB limits. Here are some of the issues encountered at competitive T8: 1. OP premiums which WG is not willing to nerf. 2. Kutuzov and Chapayev are clearly superior to the other cruisers because of IFHE/radar/smoke. 3. Only two DDs are really viable (Benson/Lo Yang) and their slow 9,2 KM torpedoes don't counter smoke properly, especially after the Lo Yang buff. 4. Too much smoke. 5. BBs are too strong. 6. CV scouting greatly diminishes the usefulness of DDs. 7. CV are incapable of striking most targets because of excessive AA. Aside from the CV issues, these problems are less notable at T10 or even non-existent. T10 is better balanced for competitive play. Unfortunately in a 7vs7 format limitations are necessary even at T10. Whether 7vs7 is the right format is questionable, but I can understand that they prefer 7vs7 for the sake of accessability. That the Clan Wars are at a tier most players do not play and that 1,5 classes are banned from it obviously sucks, but until WG starts nerfing premiums, reworks CVs and addresses BB balance, these adjustments might be necessary.
  2. Kurbain

    Summersale... "the grand finale"

    "The Grand Finale" is the opportunity to save money by not purchasing any interesting bundles. A few months down the road you will be thankful to WG that you've still got money in your wallet since they enticed you to keep your wallet closed. Joke aside, I would expect more to come and if not...well, the 50% deals were pretty nice.
  3. Kurbain

    HSF Graf Spee, einmalig?

    Ewig wird es den Grafen sicherlich nicht geben, da die Kollaboration irgendwann ihr Ende finden wird, aber die Spee wird noch 80 Tage lang zum Verkauf angeboten. Das sollte ja reichen, um sich zu entscheiden, ob man sie kaufen möchte und dann das Geld zusammenzukratzen. In den USA sollen die HSF Schiffe bis zum dritten Quartal 2018 im Angebot sein, was darauf schließen lässt, dass es noch ein Weilchen dauern wird, bis die Zusammenarbeit mit HSF beendet wird. Könnte ein Schreibfehler sein, aber ich habe gelesen, dass ein WG-Mitarbeiter das Datum bestätigt haben soll.
  4. Huh, didn't know that was possible. As far as I can tell this is not the case for the two HSF captains.
  5. You'll have to buy the ships to get the captains, but once you have them their voice-over is applied to any ship and battle you use them in. Would be nice if WG offered unique captains for purchase separately from ships.
  6. Kurbain

    Duca D'Aosta in shop 50% off

    She's worthy of purchase. Her performance alone is no reason to buy her since her DPM, range and fire chance are low, but more importantly she is fun and unique. She's has the highest top speed and longest torpedo range of any cruiser in-game (36,5 knots and 12 KM). A well-played Duca is very difficult to kill because of her slim profile, great maneuverability, high speed and good concealment, even at the relatively short ranges she has to operate at to properly utilize her AP and stay in range of her main guns. On top of that it's a very sexy ship. I put her in the same category as the Perth and Atlanta. A demanding ship that is enjoyable to play and performs well in experienced hands.
  7. I'm a bit disappointed with the Harekaze personally. The option to choose between three different gun loadouts is unique and should be a great selling point, but only one of the loadouts is actually worth using in my opinion. If the IJN 127mm guns are equipped, she is just a weaker version of a mediocre ship, the Kagero. The only strength of the Kagero is its amazing concealment, but there is so much hydro and radar around that it's difficult to use it and getting spotted 6 KM from the enemies can easily get you killed in the Harekaze considering its small health pool. The US 127mm guns are surprisingly strong, but there are only 3 of them firing every 4 seconds. The DPM is lacking. AA is not great either. The 100mm guns are the only ones with good DPM and acceptable AA power, but utilizing those correctly requires a high-level captain. At least 14 points, preferably more. (DE+IFHE+AFT+CE/SE) For anybody that got a high-level captain ready for her and intends to use the 100mm guns I can recommend a purchase, though. A 100mm Harekaze with an 18-point captain is definitely fun to play. Of course she can be played as a torp boat, but I wouldn't bother. Playing a high-tier torpedo boat is an exercise in frustration these days, trying to dodge all the radars, hydros and planes. Few torpedo boats got the required power and/or utility these days to be effective (Kamikaze/Fletcher/Shiratsuyu/Shimakaze/Z-52) and the Harekaze is unfortunately not one of them. The loadout issue aside, the camos are nice, have good bonuses and her voice-over is unique. Excerpt from LWM's review: It's a cool feature which makes even me want to use her, even though the voices of young Japanese anime girls can be pretty annoying.
  8. Kurbain

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    It's not a two account trick, actually. Adelise was merely testing the latest addition to our esteemed TTT Hag package, which we developed with information gained from our infiltration of the Supertest project. It forcibly disconnects one enemy opponent to enhance your chances of winning. We are proud to currently possess the most haggalicious Hax package in the community. 60%+ winrate guaranteed. Just check our roster. As every expert player knows, winning in random battles is pure luck and zero skill, which means these winrates are a sign that the Hag package is working.
  9. Kurbain

    Forum Update

    Cute fish? Not on my watch! I Know what's for dinner today.
  10. Kurbain

    premium vs promo

    Promo ships are ships that are not available for purchase every day. They are either sold in the premium shop for only a short time, have to be acquired by completing campaigns/events (Graf Spee, Shinonome, Katori, etc.) or by buying products (Lima ships for ASUS purchases). Keep in mind that the premium shop selection is different in each region and a ship may be a promo ship in one region but a regular in another. You can expect promo ships that have been sold in the premium shop before to appear there again or even show up for sale in-game, unless they are overpowered or had to be acquired in unique ways. I'm sure ships like the Duca, Perth and Kaga will be for sale again, but don't hold your breath for a Katori, Imperator, Kamikaze, Marblehead Lima or Iwaki Alpha sale. Promo ships got a golden chain around their ship type instead of a laurel wreath: Promo ships do not appear in the in-game tech tree, even if you own them. Missouri is the exception.
  11. Kurbain

    World of Warships British BB9

    That's an aspect of CA gameplay I wouldn't mind handing to the BBs. If BBs start spamming HE regularly it would be a lot more of an issue for bow-tanking BBs than it would be for cruisers.For cruisers even a full duration fire deals less damage than a single citadel hit, and 100% of that damage is repairable instead of 30%. Torpedo belts absorb HE shells and most cruisers got enough main belt + turret armor to prevent BB HE from penetrating.
  12. Kurbain

    New Players Beware!

    Excellent post, Maniac. Great to see somebody with your outlook. fallenkezef, on 23 June 2017 - 05:03 PM, said: i play whatever ships I want, however I want because this is my release from a life of REAL responsibilities. I will play around with fun skill and equipment combos (played a full secondary build Fiji just to hunt DDs) My stats and game performance is, basicly, meaningless to me. It's true that everybody has the right to play however they want as long as they are not actively harming their team (teamkilling, calling out the positions of friendlies) and nobody wants to be insulted for their playstyle after a hard day at work when you're looking for some relaxation, but if players skip to the higher tiers quickly, they aren't doing anybody a favor, not even themselves. They are not doing their team a favor since they've got a teammate they can't rely on and will probably die quickly. They are not doing themselves a favor since they are going to get their butt handed to them by much more experienced players and get thrown back to their port early, joined by a big repair bill. Unless they intend to sail at the map border the entire time, in which case I'm not sure they are having any fun, either. I think we can all agree that achieving good results in a game and winning is a lot more fun than getting wrecked and losing, even for players that are not directly looking for results. At the very least everybody is here to sail warships and shoot guns, and if you are playing at a tier suitable for you, you can spend a lot more time doing that and less time looking at your port screen waiting for the ship to be ready again.
  13. Kaga-Torpedos besitzen eine Geschwindigkeit von 48 Knoten (53 mit TA). Daher legen sie eine deutlich größere Strecke zurück, bevor sie scharf sind, als die Torpedos der anderen Träger, die nur 34/35 Knoten schnell sind.
  14. Kurbain

    Fixing the Enterprise

    No need to be rude, Northesk. Personally I appreciate that the community is trying to come up with their own ideas, even if they haven't played the ships. Keep on making your threads, CKD. Some extra input never hurts as long as its presented and expressed correctly. I doubt the Russian developers are reading them, though.
  15. Kurbain

    Battleship AP damage to destroyers.

    Sorry if this question has been answered already, I do not intend to read through all 6 pages, but the reason for these is the interaction of the shell with the water. An AP shell can regular-penetrate a DD by impacting the water in front of the DD (which arms the shell), then travel through the water and detonate inside the DD. The armor thickness of a broadside DD is not high enough to activate the fuse of a shell, but a water impact is sufficient. There's a reason why the two variables "Underwater Dist Factor" and "Underwater Penetration Factor" are assigned to shells. These regular penetrations aren't the only issue. BB shells that hit DDs sometimes deal damage twice. A known bug that unfortunately hasn't been fixed yet. Sometimes shells will deal their damage to two ship sections separately, resulting in higher damage per shell than should be possible. They may even end up dealing more damage than a citadel hit in case of cruisers. Made a short video providing some examples to illustrate my point: These occurences are not uncommon for BBs with slow shells such as the Alabama/NC. Those clips were collected across ten games and don't include all examples.