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  1. ElrogGA

    [PSA][0.8.0] Visibility (gun bloom) fix commentary

    ok ill come back to the game after 4 months
  2. ElrogGA

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Keep it as it is now, there is no need to tinker with it at all.
  3. ElrogGA

    Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    This mod doesn't make a difference for the majority of the player base in their game play (for obvious reasons). It does give though an advantage in combination with spotter plane when the BB tries to smoke shoot or even the cruiser.
  4. ElrogGA

    Citadel Iowa

    oh my god , battleships get punished if they show broad! Who would have thought that such days would return to the game
  5. ElrogGA

    fletcher bote; did i do it right?

    that is exactly how you should play it
  6. Drawing arrows in minimap could be helpful yes. Should be implemented to the game
  7. ElrogGA

    Toxic Moaning Community

  8. ElrogGA

    Stop smoking up BBs!

    I'm not smoking up anyone ! How about that ;
  9. ElrogGA

    Z39 New German Premium

  10. ElrogGA

    Diehard in a Destroyer!?

    My dude , I've never seen this before ! it's amazing
  11. ElrogGA

    WG seriously, this issue has to be addressed!

    This is amazing
  12. ElrogGA

    Normal penetration damage on DDs

    It's like this months now but i guess we are overconfident