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  1. When I try to open ingame Menu(with settings and so on) this crap comes up: There is no exit button, ESC doesn't work, can't go back to port view. Every time I try to get into settings I need to terminate WoWS via task manager and relunch entire game. EDIT: And I obviously can't get into settings because of this screen... Any solution?
  2. Hello, I have Windows 10 x64 and system DPI scaling set to 125%: WoWSLauncher.exe looks like this: Can't see the start or settings button, I can launch game only by pressing enter. Game itself looks and works perfect. I've been try to use compatibility tab in file properties and select: - disable DPI - run program in comp. Win7, 8, vista, xp - run as a admin In Windows 7 x64 I had also DPI scaling set to 125% and WoWSLauncher.exe looks normal.
  3. EdibleButtPlug

    [P-I-S] Przeproś i Spływaj - rekrutacja

    Jakie priorytety w wydawaniu ropuszki?
  4. EdibleButtPlug

    How does the banning system work?

    Thank you for your replies. Do you know if WG is planning to change this, so one person can't ban other player chat by using on him his all complaints? Ferry_25: I wanted to change nickname but I'm too stingy to spend 10EUR on it ;)
  5. EdibleButtPlug

    How does the banning system work?

    Hi everyone, I wonder how exactly the banning system works based on complaints in the game. What I mean: I did not play 2-3 days, the first battle, I rammed my teammate, he fired a full salvo in me, I lost about 75% of life points, he died, a moment later i got a ban on the chat for a few days (do not remember exactly how much ). Is it enough if one person has sent a few complaints to another person for the ban to work?
  6. EdibleButtPlug

    Disable ARP voices after last patch

    Maybe you guys know some kind of mod for disable or change ARP voice?
  7. EdibleButtPlug

    Disable ARP voices after last patch

    Hi how to disable ARP voices now? This solution doesn't work anymore: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/82908-want-to-get-rid-of-the-arp-voices-guide/
  8. EdibleButtPlug


    "nie kazdy chce wydawac na wirtualna rozrywke pieniadze" Sam sobie odpowiedziałeś - nie chcesz wydawać kasy to nie wymienisz expa.
  9. EdibleButtPlug

    Game freezing/re-logging on battle end?

    I had the same thing today, a few hours ago on the map that looks like Mars. I guess that the server crashed or WG team again played with the cables in the server room.
  10. EdibleButtPlug

    Surveillance Radar on tier 5-6 battle

    Ok how can I find replay in game? I added a professional tactical picture of what exactly happend :-) When I saw first Konigsberg showing behind island, I start turning for torpedo shot, then I saw radar icon so I turn more for escape. I press engine boost, try to dodge bullets and I was killed very close to the island. The closest Konigsberg was more than 8km from me. It happend in first 2-3 minutes of the battle. There was no carrier and no planes close to me. I saw only a radar icon all the time.
  11. EdibleButtPlug

    Surveillance Radar on tier 5-6 battle

    Hello! I've just been spotted in the battle for tier 5 and 6 (with two tier 7 - Shchors and Fiji, which were on the other side of the map), possibly by Konigsberg (they chased me) with a distance from 7 to ~ 8.5km. From what I read on:http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Surveillance_Radar tier 5 and 6 should not have Surveillance Radar and hydroacoustic search should not have such range. I would appreciate an explanation of this situation. Please excuse my english.
  12. EdibleButtPlug

    Wielkie Bitwy Morskie - nagrody

    Gdzie ty widzisz misję na milion expa? Ponawiam pytanie - czy dni premium się sumują czy zalicza tylko najdłuższą? Pozdrawia
  13. EdibleButtPlug

    Wielkie Bitwy Morskie - nagrody

    Wystarczyło kupić 10-15 okrętów niskich poziomów(I-III), wrzucać na serwer i od razu wychodzić, bez grania. Koszy napraw znikome a 100 bitew zaliczało się w 2-3 godziny. Panowie do kiedy można odebrać prezenty/otworzyć skrzynki? Czy premium 1, 3 i 7 dni mi się zsumują w 11 jak od razu otworzę czy muszę po kolei?