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  1. Yeah i know, same as when i started playing this game, but instead of being salty i adapted and got better.
  2. Its not his problem he can club seals at t10
  3. The discusion is about low tiers
  4. Asakka

    Win Rate, what is that mean?

    It just feels so good to be better, dont blame us
  5. Asakka

    So how does dead eye work?

    Oh this skill got into the live game ? Guess they give free drugs to everyone at WG, because this is not only Vodka anymore
  6. Just ignore the reports, they are like badge of honor anyway for CV player. Its funny making people salty just by being in their game I feel like WG made reports just that some people can feel better about themselves, but it doesnt matter anyway and thats the funny thing, they do it anyway
  7. Asakka

    Ranked battles CV toxic/unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    Well thats how you play CVs, its a damage race againts the other CV.
  8. Asakka

    General CV related discussions.

    It be like that when you balance it with more rng.
  9. You are so funny dude
  10. Asakka

    General CV related discussions.

    Well hes certainly trying
  11. So you rushed t10s because you wanted free containers ? Are you ok dude ?
  12. Meaningless for you maybe
  13. Asakka

    Karma is coming Wargaming

    Yeah but i feel bad for them, i saw pics and vids from console players and its horrible. And iam here playing with max settings and 50+ fps