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  1. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    You dont have to buy the modules, i just like to research everything before i move onto the next ship
  2. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    I dont care what anyone say, but not researching all modules on ship just makes her grind incomplete in my mind
  3. Can these patches be deleted

    Dont die
  4. Combat flags should be earned, not bought Play ranked, you get flags almost every rank.
  5. Call that FAIR Match making?

    Have you tried torping him while his radar is not ON ?
  6. Call that FAIR Match making?

    He is the DD equivalent of german BB sniping 20+km away
  7. Call that FAIR Match making?

    Interesting, so killing important ships will most likely lead to victory. Who knew
  8. Call that FAIR Match making?

    Try to kill enemy radar ships so your team has more, i heard it helps :)
  9. doubloon theft - autospending

    Reading is op
  10. About winrate

    Iam just too lazy to play with someone iam afking too much between battles
  11. Atleast once per week it seems lately
  12. Tier gap

    Horrible game mechanics = his inability to learn and git gud
  13. About winrate

    Divs are boring
  14. over pens

    Nope, people like you who dont know anything and lecture others are problem. HE in montana is situational and not bad