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  1. Think I remember stating them that they would be complementary to the old NTC rewards, and since they scrapped those the free prem consumables are gone as well. Tough I really wish they weren't, it makes such a difference if you have them or not, and de fact that they get replenished wit credits also means that there's barely any money to be made of them
  2. This has to be the funniest thing I've read since looking through the WoWs forums. If anything, the game is setup to NOT equalize, otherwise we wouldn't have roflstomps, unicum Players and all that comes with it. The world, where everyone in this game has a 50% Winrate and average Stats doesn't exist. Those that are above the average know how to turn battles in their favor with the unicum+ Players being even better at that. Sure, bringing a ship that's known to be strong helps, but there's enough examples out there to prove that its possible in (almost) every ship. Heck, there used used o be a series on the YT channel of WoWs dedicated to those moments
  3. Lucasbamio

    Is Yamato even playable with a Tier X CV in the match?

    Short answer: yes Long answer: I have been playing less and less Warships over time and the Yama has always been fun to play. After the rework, i still don't really fear CV's. That being said, I still play my Yama Secondary (keelhaul me for it if you will), so my AA is better then the Survival setup. I have never encountered one of those so called "Impossible games". Of course it's best to back up those claims with Screenshots. Here's some of my first game of today, and my on of my first Yama games in weeks
  4. [5D] [-5D2-] [-5D4-] On EU- Server all use the following Icon:
  5. Lucasbamio

    German native speaker is looking for a clan

    If you haven't decided to join any Clan yet, then you should consider joining Fifth Dimenson [5D]. We are an international Clan that startet out as an American WoT clan and spread onward from there. Currently at over 200 Warships members (across both EU and NA), we always welcome any new Members. The only thing we ask of uor members is to to be at least 18+ Years old an capable to communicate in English. No X amount of battles or winrate needed. Also, make sure to check out our Website (http://www.5dclan.com/) and our Forum recruiting post, in case that this little text of mine is not enough information for you. Best of luck on your search for a clan that suits your taste. Lucasbamio
  6. Lucasbamio

    Looking to join a clan

    How about thinking about joining 5D? We are a international clan with english as our main language, and no other requirements than being 18+ (We can make exeptions) and to be present on our Teamspeak Server every now and then. We tend to host events for our clanmembers, with prices ranging from dubloons to premium ships. Training nights for everyone who's interested are also hosted by us on a weekly basis. And before you make an early decision, I invite you to check out our website (http://www.5dclan.com/) and to join our Teamspeak server to play a few games with some of our clanmembers, to see if this clan is what your looking for. Best of luck in your search for a clan that suits you Lucas
  7. Fifth Dimension Gaming [5D]is actively recruiting for World of Warships - All Nationalities Welcome 5D is active in both competitive and casual play. We are international clan, with members from all across the globe. We also have our own website, where different intern events and meeting are planned,as well as its own forum section. If this sounds intessting to you, feel free to come over to our TS server ( or send me a message, be it ingame or here in the forum and i'll try to get back to you as fast as possible Fair luck and good seas Lucasbamio
  8. Lucasbamio

    1. Topic, might as well make it a nice game i had

    Will remember that, thank you
  9. Lucasbamio

    1. Topic, might as well make it a nice game i had

    It's the Kancolle Enchant Interface from Xandier. I really like it
  10. Long time forum lurker, but first time I post something in these forums. Thought I might as well share one of my latest Kutusov games that was pretty good. Might post other screenshots, if people are intersted in how i score.