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  1. T_H_0_R

    Are IJN destroyers just bad or am I missing something?

    I don't really see your problem here with guns or with engine knocked out? Please tell me you are not potatoing without Last Stand skill? As with all DDs preparation and knowing what to expect is key. If I see a Fletcher on enemy team I am always expecting it in the cap that I intend to contest. That being said, when entering the cap (medium to large size) I imediately turn 180° and get ready to high tail out of there. Not to mention it helps with dodging random torps. And then there is smoke to break the line of sight if I end up in an awkward situation. Last but not least don't yolo but move with your team. Depending on the support you have Fletcher can be taken out easily or just detered from persuit. Fletcher may have better ROF and good turret rotation, but you have good ballistics and can actually hit stuff at range unlike he can. After scoring torp hits this is great to start some fires or to finish off damaged pray. Shame about the old alpha on them guns. "Surprise mofo" hit and run tactics was one of the best part of the old T8 Fubuki...
  2. T_H_0_R

    Are IJN destroyers just bad or am I missing something?

    The post is mostly on the mark. Fletcher is still king of all DDs and a must have for any DD captain. There isn't a job that this ship does bad. From pointing a middle finger to CVs to torping and gunning down stuff. OTOH Yugumo is hardly a bad ship either. F3 torps are the only ones worth using. And the guns are phenomenal for IJN standards (better than Shima which comes after). Yes, Fletcher wins in ROF and probably DPS. But only if you fight on his terms. At range and running away you can land reliable rounds on target and you can win a duel with Fletcher. If not win, then hurting him as much that it is a bad choice for him to duel with you. Back to torps. Fletcher torps are the best DD torps in the game. Hard hitting with low detection. 10.5 km range being perfect. And coupled with excellent reload. Both Yugumo torps have higher damage, but at the same time worse detection (1.9 km base vs. 1.6 or lower on Fletcher IIRC). For the same detection, the saving grace of Yugumo torps is their speed. For that or them to work you need a 15pt captain and some skill and proper positioning. Radar being an argument here for torpedo range is a poor choice since you should avoid radar cruisers to begin with. And when and if you end up being radared, I'd rather have F3 over Fletcher torps. They are ideal for killing german Hydro BBs. TL;DR : Fletcher is more comfortable to play and the stats reflect that.
  3. T_H_0_R

    Anybody played the Des Moines? Any tipis?

    Q1: More often than AP. Q2: CA at max range (18.4 km with range mod). BB sub 10 km. Both of which require RNGesus blessings. Q3: Angled HE. Slightly angled (e.g. 0-30°) more likely HE but AP might get through if aimed properly as on the most flat surface (e.g. hull under turrets sometimes does the trick). 30-90° both are viable choices.* * If I know BB has DCP down I fire HE. If there is a BB very close to me and showing side - AP as I need to kill it fast. AP into superstructure, under funnels or under turrets or even barbettes depending on the ship type. Hitting barbettes can knock out a turret or two and helps with your survival. When a CA is rushing you and bow on - HE and HE only. When you see that side showing up for torps, 6s is plenty of time to load AP that will pen even from weird angles. AP into broadside BBs deals consistent dmg. 8k salvos into Bismarcks and Tirpitzes every 6s are a real treat. Especially considering those two you can bow tank with impunity. For the rest angle (30-40°) since they will overmatch your bow armor and hope that your belt armor does some tanking. My 2 cents.
  4. T_H_0_R

    Is AA to strong on HT?

    Note to self: do not feed the troll, do not feed the troll... There we go.
  5. T_H_0_R

    Is AA to strong on HT?

    I see nothing has changed. Avenger121's personal vendetta vs. CVs is still ragingly strong. Excellent example how to not understand stats and tailor them to your subjective hate vs. one class you don't want to see in the game in the first place. Because carriers use planes as means of the attack. That by definition makes them not ships I guess... Stop feeding the troll pls. Yes AA is bad and CV interface is horrid. Blatantly obvious to anyone who ever played CVs.
  6. T_H_0_R

    The CV skill(s) that should die

    +1 for the effort. I don't agree with removal of AS skill, especially since now that it requires 14 points to get it (well, it will with the new skills). The new CV skills are plain noob traps and IMHO garbage and need to go or be reworked / moved to different rows when reworked.
  7. Excellent summaries here. I've been using it on all my DDs, and as of lately on New Orleans and Des Moines. And I can say that it has transformed both ships for me. Especially if you combine it with Steering Gears Mod 3 then you can dodge some serious crap. Concealment on some cruisers is overrated IMHO. It is good to have other options.
  8. T_H_0_R

    The new Adrenaline Rush skill

    0.1% gain for 90% HP lost translates into 90 x 0.01 = 0.9 % off your reload. In terms of usual BB reload, lets say 30s this means 30 / 1.09 = 27.5 s reload. If it was 0.2 % I might consider it. This way it falls into "noob trap" category, like the new CV skills. Thanks but no thanks WG. ​That. Unless it is based on the overall % of lost HP (as in after using heal, then receiving more damage) which I seriously doubt.
  9. I am with Sander on this one. German BBs were just what the game needed, a BB that even not so good players can take up to the front and do something useful for their team. However, with the new skill set and especially the two catapult planes being available already on 1st row - I guess this is something as a stop gap meassure since someone has come to his senses that disabling the ability to set 2 fires on superstructure and having 2 floatplanes rotating around you are actually huge buffs to certain class that no one in his right mind wants to see buffed even further. They could have just moved the skill to a higher tier and be done with it, but no. The same goes for the retarded new CV skills that are noob-traps in all honesty most likely designed by someone with little or no experience of actually playing CVs. I am also seriously considering taking a break from wows if some of these changes get through. RDF in particular - just like CE, DDs will now have to spend 2 4th row skill points to become competitive. Instead of 15 points before, we're talking about 14 required for the first proper DD build. And I am not sure what I'd take sooner, RDF or CE. Talk about game balance and more choices. Yeah, right... WG at its "finest" is what this is.
  10. T_H_0_R

    Anybody played the Des Moines? Any tipis?

    I have nothing against the full concealment build. It is absolutely a valid choice and a good one. That being said, I would still recommend Propulsion Mod 2 over Steering Gears Mod 2 (-20% to rudder shift). Des takes painfully long time to start motoring from a stationary position. And if you like to abuse friendly DD smokes like I do and the smoke starts fading out or you spot incoming torpedoes - that dodge build has saved my bacon so many times I am not even counting. Especially that Propulsion Mod 2. In as much that I will probably be testing the full concelament with PM2 and try giving out the rudder shift of 5s (Pensacola level) and try using stock 8.5 s (IIRC). Find a gameplay that works for you and that suites you. These are just options here.
  11. T_H_0_R

    Do you like DD's

    RPF will be a must have on all DDs that wish to stay competitive.
  12. Whats the point in playing carriers after this patch? Almost every ship can now take strong AA and the new skills are utter garbage. Unless the penalty on speed is -30% then that 1st row skill might actually help.
  13. T_H_0_R

    T_H_0_R's short WOWS clips

    Fletcher: Keep calm under radar and continue carrying your team Second replay with commentary. Enjoy!
  14. Radio Position Finding needs to go or be changed into something like Target Aquisition to increase assured spotting range. This way it would give an edge over other DDs in spotting / smoke etc. and still be powerful but not game breaking like it is now.
  15. T_H_0_R

    Anybody played the Des Moines? Any tipis?

    If you liked to play Baltimore and previous USN cruisers with the focus on WASD hax and dodging, you won't be able to do so with Des. Baltimore is smaller than Des and cruiser vise has phenomenal armor. Des Moines is larger, moves slower and is easier to hit. Thus more squishy. Can only tank other cruisers bow on and slightly angled. The only BB you can tank is german T8 BBs due to 380mm guns that can not overmatch your bow armor (27mm). That being said, Des is mostly played stationary i.e. camping behind islands or using your DDs smoke. Because everyone knows of your ROF and how deadly you can be, expect shells from across 20km that will most often do heavy damage on impact. You have shells that go over islands and can fire from safety. Do so. If you really need to absorb some BB shells from 10km or less, try to angle just so that you don't bring in your rear turret and use your side armor to bounce as much as you can. I am a strong supporter of the so called "Dodge Build". 10.6 km is great, but due to how Des is played she benefits greatly from Propulsion Mod 2 and Steering Gears Mod 3. Especially on maps like Ocean and when you need to dodge torps. 11.8 km you get without the last module being concealment is more than workable.