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  1. MortenTardo

    WG Get Real

    Yeah. 5 BB's per side has been the standard since KM BB's came out. Back then they said that this was a temporary thing that would pass very quickly. Still, almost every game has 5 BB's per side. Its sooo clear that WG favors BB's. Atleast now we know what the reason for nothing happening to the BB MM. WG is not interested in balancing the MM when it comes to the strongest and most noob friendly class. Just everything else.
  2. MortenTardo

    Do you want a coal / free xp destroyer?

  3. MortenTardo


    You are correct there.
  4. MortenTardo


    Its a more tanky DM with worse radar and better long range AA. So basically plays just like a DM.
  5. MortenTardo

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Gulio does not dominate the Kamikaze tho.
  6. MortenTardo

    What ship shouId go for next?

    Cute. You play the most broken a$$ ship in the game and you call ppl noobs. CV rework is going to be guuud! On topic tho. Voted YY since its just a great DD.
  7. MortenTardo

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    CV players go: REEEEEEEE
  8. Hi, you made it to youtube! ^^

    Well played o7

    1. MortenTardo


      lol. :cap_rambo: Did not realize flambass was playing until mid game. :Smile_teethhappy:

  9. MortenTardo

    T8 MM and arms race

    I almost only play Arms race with my T10's now. So hopefully it will have a good impact on T8 MM.
  10. MortenTardo

    Arms Race feedback

    So basically the enemy on the flank i spawned got a buff right away. We did not. Next buffs after this also spawned for the enemy. Very hard for us to fight the enemy when they get buffs and we don't.. Yeah its somewhat mirrored on the West flank, but that does not give us on the East flank any chance. They ended up getting multiple concealment, reload and HP buffs. We only got two HP buffs. Automatically we lose that flank. This needs to be fixed WG. Other than that though. This gamemode is fun as hell! @Tuccy @MrConway
  11. MortenTardo

    Arms Race feedback

    Hello speshul people of the internet! So i have been playing Arms Race a bit today with a bunch of different classes and ships. Solo and in divisions. And i have to say, i love it! Having basically a battle royal (ish) gamemode really works. I was a bit skeptical when i initially watched it play on different streams, but it came as a positive needed surprise. Warning: Its far from realistic, so you realism guys should stay away. Why do i think it's fun? Well, it brings something new to a game that really needs it. We always get new ships, PVE missions ya-ta ya-ta. That is all fine and dandy but it does not bring a new "dimension" to the game. This does. I have not been triggered once in that gamemode(yet). Players do stupid but hilarious things to get a buff to their ship. Things they would NEVER do in even Randoms. It's simply fun. And it works! It forces players to move around the map to get the different buffs. Those who camp in the back will get HEAVILY punished later in the game. ("stock" Yamato vs Repulique that has 11km consealment and 14 seconds reload is very fun for Republique, but not the camping Yamato.) Yep, you can get ridiculous numbers like that. Cruiser reload on BB's! That is why you see players play so aggressive and do some interesting things to get those buffs. It creates funny moments. I'm guessing we will see some ridiculous DMG numbers the next few weeks as well. Does it need tweaking? Yeah. Balancing is needed. The buffs needs to be more evenly spread out around the map. You get some games where the flank you are on basically get no or few buffs, and the other flank gets many. The game then becomes quickly one sided. I imagine this can be easily fixed by WG tho. Soon™ DD's also seem benefit a bit to much from the buffs. But so far everything i have played in this gamemode has been fun. Economy seems fine, but where are the achievements WG? So if you have not tried it out yet, i encourage you to do so and tell us what you think. And if you have tried it, what needs work? Did you like it or not? Why? Please tell us so we can scream at the devs. I give the gamemode a solid o7 peeps!
  12. MortenTardo

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Those USS Moneyprinters are so inconsistent tho. Some games you delete everything and some games your gunners are so drunk they can't hit a broadside cruiser at 5km sitting still. Salvo after salvo. Was lucky with that game tho, RNG was not to bad. But i told you man! Wrong team. You always pick the wrong team!
  13. MortenTardo

    I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    Oh nois! Hope they make depth charges look epic.