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  1. MortenTardo

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    Put on your tinfoil hat and go back to your flat earther club. Edit: And there is the trusty wife ready to dislike.
  2. MortenTardo

    where is this player base heading to...?

    You sound optimistic. But the plays ive seen lately. Even from top clans is..... Speshul. It seems like people have become dumber idk. Its not uncommon to lose 2-3 T10 BB's within 5 minutes lately (which should be an achievement TBH) I have no idea how they do it. But they do. And right after 2-3 DDs just die. So you are left with a few idiots against a full team. How do you win? You cant. :D Just my experience the last few weeks. :D
  3. MortenTardo

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Where is the playerbase heading to? About here:
  4. MortenTardo

    Transaction error

    Its faith saying "do not spend money on crap like that".
  5. MortenTardo

    Does current CV gameplay lack skill aspect?

    OT. It takes less "skill/patience" than the RTS CV's. But its more in line with the other classes now. Still far from BBs tho. We all know they are the "speshul" class.
  6. MortenTardo

    Wargaming is doing bullshittery again

    Im all for balancing all those ships. Belfast, Gulio, Kamikaze R and so on. I just want a fair refund. Not some doubloons. But meanwhile at WG
  7. MortenTardo

    Bow Camping, autobounce, and HE/AP value

    Load HE. Problem fixed.
  8. MortenTardo

    im having a wierd resolution issue.

    I had that issue after i switched monitor. Dont remember how i fixed it tho. long time ago
  9. MortenTardo

    Automatic DCP for all classes

    To troll? :D Oh. Never mind. **Moderate**
  10. MortenTardo

    Clash at the carnaval

    We get christmas, halloween, april fools an new years. Guess we should count ourselves lucky for getting even that.
  11. MortenTardo

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Depends on the CV. Some are horrible to play. (have not tested after the new patch) so they might be fixed. But in general they are not underperforming. (Hopefully that goes for IJN now aswell). We have different views on what "immune" intels clearly. But that is fine, yes you can attack AA ships but it will cost you greatly. And it should. Ive always said that. That is subjective. I for one enjoy the current CV gameplay more than the old RTS style. That is probably because i used to play proper RTS games, and WoWs RTS was horseshait IMO. The C word is not allowed! Lol. But yeah, Like i said before. If you play like you used to it will ruin the game for many. That is just have it is. CV's breaks the old meta. It does not help anyone being stubborn about that. But before it was basically no CV's unless you queued up with one or got lucky/unlucky(Depends on how you look at it). That is why its new and scary for people. People don't like change. I get that. But they should try to adapt. I see the same gameplay everyday still. DD's sailing straight into the cap with no cover whatsoever. Only to get spotted by me and killed of by either me or other nearby ships. It might be offensive to some people that changing their playstyle is needed to succeed (I don't understand why that is offensive, but ok). Maybe some DD's needs some buffs, maybe some don't. Stuff like that takes time to figure out. You can 100% play DD's like DD's. I do it! But you can't sail of doing whatever you want anymore. I had a Shima on my team yesterday (i think it was yesterday) He said it was one of the most fun games he have had in a long time. I was in the Lexi and the enemy was in the Shokaku. But he played smart. When i scared away the DD that was going for the cap he looked at the map and saw that the enemy CV was busy with trying to drop some BB sailing towards the border. So he reversed in and got the cap. Went of to the next one and blapped an Iowa on the way there. Biggest difference between him and most other DD players was that he payed attention to where the enemy CV had his attention. And used the minimap. He topped the scoreboard by far.
  12. MortenTardo

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Nope. Sometimes arguments don't go nowhere. Does not mean either one is right. You will learn that some day
  13. MortenTardo

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Yep. I was a bit tired when i was checking that yesterday. And i apologize for being wrong there. @who_dares_wins Nono. I just have other things to spend my time on than arguing with you and forlornsailor. You clearly can't see things from other perspectives, and i can't understand your perspective. So Ill leave it there. I can sit here and write a wall of text, but whats the point when we have so different opinions? Hopefully ill see you in game with my OP ships so i can reset you
  14. MortenTardo

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    I have given up. No they are not. They are not added together.
  15. MortenTardo

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Good for you. But i was hinting to DFens tho. Edit: I checked your stats. That is flat out incorrect. Infact. Your avg dmg is practically the same as your BB's. 47k And you had higher average dmg before the CV rework. Winrate is almost the same. Sub 50%. Worse than any other class. From what i gather from these guys lately they seem to think IJN needs more nerfs aswell. Not useless enough. Why not adapt and make it fun again? Instead of sailing straight to the first cap and get spotted? Why not learn to use WASD? Players have been so pampered with not having CV's in the game for the last few years that they have gotten stuck in an old meta that does not exist anymore. Sailing on the border with a Shima is not possible anymore. Going solo with a BB is far from the smart choice. If people started to learn things like that it would not be a problem. If you want rush caps then play CSGO. OFC its boring for players when their old "tactics" don't work because a class that have been absent is reintroduced. It is a L2P issue Now i'm not saying that CV's don't need balancing. That is pretty much clear by this point, but the meta has changed. Deal with it. And it will be fun again. It is boring! I'm biased? You do know i mostly play DD's and cruisers right? But i also play all classes and want them to be balanced and enjoyable. The facts are incorrect. He is comparing a few players (and it is only a handful right now) that play T10 CV's to the Montana? Which is a ship that all potatoes and their mothers have. My super casual friend has one. With 42% over all WR and 40k avg dmg. So no that is not facts. WG probably have the facts. We don't. True, but the RTS CV's could flat out blap a ship at the 18 minute mark. Not chip it. Delete it. So i will ask you again. Since you seem to think that CV's are OP because of this and that. What should be done to them? Floatplanes? That float around the map instead of flying because that is clearly overpowered if i'm reading you correctly? Only be able to have CV's in port? Can't be only spotting, because that is OP. Dot dmg was OP and is not something CV's can do reliably any longer. Come up with something that could better the gameplay for everyone instead of trying to shut down every argument with this BS.