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  1. MortenTardo

    Stalingrad OP

    The role of Russian fantacy ?
  2. MortenTardo

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Hmmm. Mino. Most fun ship in the game. Plus you can troll @El2aZeR with full AA builds.
  3. MortenTardo

    Lonely BB player looking for fun, lets hook up?

    You could have gone all out tho, @DFens_666! Like "69xxXxx666_DFens_666xxXXxx69"! Thats what all the cool kids do!
  4. MortenTardo

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    Do it!
  5. MortenTardo

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    !raffle Emm. i want to join the lottery!
  6. MortenTardo

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    I don't know if i wanna facepalm or give you a high five for that.
  7. MortenTardo

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    My total T1 games is 49. Filthy sealclubber And it's 20 games in the Orlan. You just have to git gud mate. Then maybe one day you can have 115k XP on the Orlan aswell :D I however think its XP being moved to the tier one ships from events. Nono. T1 competitive is still going strong. Hermelin with AFT and BFT is the new meta. You don't know this? God's sake! Nuub!
  8. Just wondering how much ship XP people have stored up. I have 31 332 875. It would cost me around 3900 Euro to convert my ship XP into free XP. Never going to happen WG How much ship XP do you have laying around?
  9. MortenTardo

    clan battles

    Rather have the Moskva back to how she was. She is stupid now as well. My highest potential dmg in her. And that should paint a picture of how idiotic the Stalingrad is. But what do i know. I think the Stalingrad is OP in CWs. Infact. Lets break the balance completely. Buff BBs to retarded levels. Then the BB kevins can be happy aswell. Who needs balance am i right?
  10. MortenTardo

    clan battles

    Why does it seem like everyone that have the option always go for the Stalingrad then? If i had it. I would use it aswell. But i wont. And never will. Fake OP russian wet fantacy ship. That is all it is.
  11. MortenTardo

    clan battles

    So you admit that the Stalingrad clarely is better than the Moskva? Its very obvious but you still see these guys deny it.
  12. MortenTardo

    clan battles

    But why were you not running Moskvas? You get higher HE dpm with the Moskva remember. Clarely the better choice.
  13. MortenTardo

    clan battles

    Nice Moskvas you have there.
  14. MortenTardo

    clan battles

    Yep. Noone playes them. Because Moskva has higher HE dpm. That is why you see no Stalingrads in CW.
  15. MortenTardo

    Should Radio Location be removed?

    I don't like it. I use it on almost all my DD's but only because its so strong. The amont of times i have RPF torped enemy DD's without them even being spotted once is retarded. Gives you way to much information on where enemy ships are. If you learn how to abuse RPF you will know exactly where an enemy DD will go and torp that spot. More often than not it end up in a dev strike. And that is just one of uses RPF has.