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  2. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    You are never! :) Is he now? Do i have to leave the country?
  3. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    Poor guy. Hope you where nice. Haha
  4. WoWs has 78 fps locked?

    Not the case for me. Im around 120 pretty steady.
  5. another ranked thread

    Hold ill find it for you ;) Edit: Here you go
  6. another ranked thread

    I have just given up. I don't like to do things that pisses me off. Ranked is just cancer. And since WG has said that Rank 1 isnt needed for getting the reward ships anymore then hello more CB and adios Ranked. We will never meet again.
  7. Battleship change/rebalance

    It would however fix it for the few good BB players. The bad ones would get punished for bad play. Like cruisers, DD's and CV's. If you play bad in one of those classes you tend to get punished hard. Often with instant death. BB's atm can screw up time after time with little to no punishment. Which is why almost every BB player is crap. I say almost because there are a few good ones out there, but they are rare these days.
  8. Big improvement imo. Think it should have been done sooner, but hey.
  9. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    Ranked season 9 summed up in one word: crap
  10. which DD line to choose? DD questions

    I would recommend the USN DD line. Only because of their versatility. USN DD's are for the most part considered "hybrids" aka both torp and gunboats. That makes you much more flexible than with the IJN DD line which for the most part is considered "torpedo boats". If you intend to go to T10 that is. At lower tier you struggle with torp range, but remember that you are the "top dog" when it comes to DD fights for the most part. So at low tier you bully other DD's with your guns, at high tier you bully DD's, Cruisers, BB's and CV's. (Yes you can make CV's cry aswell if you spec for it).
  11. Detonation change with 0.7.2

    hum hum. Can you please use your magical powers and force WG make it so people have to actually hit you for you to detonate? I mean. Cmon. I dodge and do everything right and i get rewarded with a detonation. I know about the splash dmg and all that. But COMEON!
  12. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Moskva is very hard to tame, but once you do that thing is NASTY.
  13. Double CV matches... Why?

    I don't mind double CV's at all. What i do mind is when you play a T5 CV against a T5 and T6 CV, and said T6 CV is AS. Then its just cancer. Thanks WG for removing strafing from low tier.
  14. That is just wrong. Ranked has NOTHING to do with skill. Its a starsaving simulator. Do the right thing and you might lose a star. DMG farm with a Conq and you keep it. Thats it. No skill. Even the biggest potato can reach rank one. Only thing you need is patience. Not skill.