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  1. MortenTardo


    Nono. What we need is player controlled E-boats.
  2. MortenTardo

    This is a real problem

    Exactly. I also played hundreds of battles before progressing past T6. Nowadays you see top tier players with hardly any lowtier games. And ppl wonder why the gameplay is going down the drain.
  3. MortenTardo

    This is a real problem

    Its waaay too easy to obtain and keep playing T10 ships. Premium T10 camos and premium T10 ships have totally destroyed the T10 economy. Players like OP posted can fail their way up to T10 and stay there because even when they fail hard they still break even or even make credits. WG should have drastically lowered the credit gain at T10 a long time ago. But instead they pump out premiums, camos and flags like its no tomorrow that make it easy for potatoes to keep on failing at T10. Which have made the highest tier in the game filled with more potatoes than mid tier. But spreadsheets probably says its fine.
  4. MortenTardo

    Fire on BBs by CA;s

    Remove the R spamming macro OP and let one fire burn. Lul
  5. MortenTardo

    mODS !

  6. MortenTardo

    25000 free exp for DM Donskoi?

    He wanna know why he got ripped off. Pretty easy to understand.
  7. MortenTardo

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    Not if its Russian or the Thunderer tho. Then the other way around. Except no nerfs. Rather buffs camoflaged as nerfes.
  8. MortenTardo

    BB HE is to powerful.

    Since we derailed.
  9. MortenTardo

    BB HE is to powerful.

    That is the ting. A slight buff to some AA and giving rocket planes a 5 min delay and CV's would be just fine! Man i should be a dev!!!!
  10. MortenTardo

    BB HE is to powerful.

    Shooting down planes??
  11. MortenTardo

    BB HE is to powerful.

    Now, i know what you are going to say. Blablabla. BB's are underpowered ? But the HE that BB's sling is broken. Not only do some of them do more than AP dmg but certanly these days with all the CV's they are broken. 1 HE salvo from a Conq or Thunderer and all your AA is gone. Even those speshul Yamatos that sling HE wreck ur AA. You are a T3 ship at that point. Its dumb. Bad gameplay WG. If you are going to have CV's as strong as they are now, you cannot have BB's slinging HE around and stripping off all AA. And please for the love of god STOP doing these HE missions for BB's. ITS NOT HELPING THE GAMEPLAY!!!!! Keep in mind that i play alot of CV's myself and i think this is stupid WG... Pls fix. Cheers
  12. MortenTardo

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    Hey, hey, hey! I have not engaged yet!!
  13. MortenTardo

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    Its like WG is completely disconnected from their playerbase.
  14. MortenTardo

    HE is way too powerful

    BB HE is too powerful yes. I agree.
  15. MortenTardo

    ranked need to vent

    Ranked has nothing to do with skill. No matter how good you are as a player you cannot carry these idiotic players that play ranked.. It does not reflect my skill when you for example tell the DD to NOT yolo and the first thing he does is Yolo as soon as hes torps are up. And and misses all of them. Or the idiot Thunderer/Conq that sits on the blueline farming whilst you try to do something to win. And he saves the fing star because after everyone else is dead he pushes in and farm some more to no winning effect. Or the idiot cruisers that sail full broadside in the middle of the map only to get deleted within the first 4 minutes. Ranked is simply RNG. It all depends on the team you get given. You can influence the team, but you cannot single carry. (Some games when the enemy team is completely beyond stupid you can) But other than that you can't. If you could bring your own team it would be a different story. As i have seen a few clans do. Wont name any but we all know them. So they have 3-4 players on one team coordinating against 7 potatoes. Guess who will win. Ranked is not representative of anything other than how lucky you are. (as most other things in Wows) Just plain simple luck. How dumb the players on your team are. Thats all. If a few on your team has half a brain you will likely win. But more often than not(in my case atleast) the players you get on your team misses the whole thing. Braindead rather. If players want to compare "ranked" skill you play the wrong game. 1v1 ranked had skill in it. 7v7 does not