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  1. MortenTardo

    Your Puerto Rico impressions

    Waiting patiently for the idiots that bought the PR to start topics like "I wasted money on a T10 cruiser. pls buff".
  2. MortenTardo

    WG and WoWs needs to make changes!

    I am 100% sure WG views the PR event as a success. Sadly. Seing all these PR's ingame tells me that they made loads on it. Shame that players support crap like that event.
  3. MortenTardo

    British heavy cruiser 3D models

    WG's model and texture artists are very good. No doubt about that. They deserve so much more credit. The PR departement however is a different story.
  4. MortenTardo

    Name one developer who have broken more promises than WG.

    Bohemia Interactive is up there with WG.
  5. MortenTardo

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Jethro. You know its always a pleasure meeting you ingame. However you did choose the wrong team just then. I mean. OFC you were going to lose. Even if most of our team tried their best to lose they could not. Next time please choose wisely and join us. Oh. And i lol'd hard when you were answering in "commands" because of the chatban. We all know how fun and engaging that it.
  6. MortenTardo

    Future of the Dockyard

    The dockyard looks are awesome. It has some amazing potential. However a bit wasted with the PR tho.
  7. MortenTardo

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico who wins?

    One VS one? CV wins.
  8. MortenTardo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    In my opinion WG was pretty damn fair with WoWs in the beginning. They had some nice deals, not selling higher tier ships and keeping it at T8 max, NO PREMIUM AMMO!!!! And so on. They ofc turned into the good old WG we know and dislike from WOT, but that happened gradually. They always did some questionable things. Like the different missions for different regions for example, but atleast then they owned up to it then. Now they don't. Now they just say the missions are for handicapped people or people that don't have jobs or some crap like that if they get criticized. Proper toxic. But whatever. And by "unfair as of late" i ofc don't mean the last week, but the last atleast 2 years. You might think they were horrible towards the playerbase from the beginning, but that happened later imo.
  9. MortenTardo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    A big company like WG does not rely on immediate income. They have that covered, don't worry
  10. MortenTardo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    Thats one way to look at it. Another way is to look at these whales like they are ruining the game we all used to enjoy playing. Because they support bad game design.
  11. MortenTardo

    Big nerf on FR top tier dds

    I love the Klubber. But to be completely fair it needs a big nerf.
  12. MortenTardo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    Im not a calling for anyone to boycott. I know people won't do that. A lot of players don't care one bit if their money is wasted. And most wows players won't even read the forums. If i was trying to get the playerbase to not spend money on the game, this is not the place to do so. I was simply stating the fact that i wish more players would stop spending so WG would get forced to change the way the do business. But lets leave it there.
  13. MortenTardo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    WTF are you talking about? The game is never going to be free for me. Infact, i have supported WG with probably close to 1k euro over the years. (If not more). Which is waaaay more than any other AAA title. Did you even read what i wrote? I have no issues spending money on a game like Wows IF the company is fair. Which WG is not as of late. If they would be fair and fix all the issues tomorrow i would be first in line to spend more money. But i highly doubt that is going to happen. But you mean that if a company screw you, you should still support them because they need paychecks? Man, you are nice! Can you support me aswel? You must be a scammers dream.
  14. MortenTardo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    If people would listen to that advice, it would force WG to not be so shady as they have become over the last few years. (In WoWs that is. Not WOT. WOT have been shady for a long time.). They used to be decent to their costumers. Which is why i spent probably more money than most on different ships for myself and my mates back in the day. Good deals and i did not feel like WG was trying to milk me. They also had some "rules" and guidelines they were following. Like no T9 and T10 premiums for example. Or no subs. It would be impossible to balance they said. (I 100% agree and they will see that they were correct in the first place). Stuff like that. But when a company like WG intentionally screw costumers and look at them like cash cows, as they have been doing for a while now, i do not support it. I also wish more people would stop supporting it until they change the way they do business. If people just roll over and say "this is fine" as they are getting screwed, guess what. They are going to be screwed even more and crap like this PR is going to be the norm.
  15. MortenTardo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    Looks like a classic scapegoat situation. Just goes to show how shady WG really is. Think about that everytime you spend a penny on this game ppl. The guy that came up with that grind probably got promoted thanks to all the whales that spent endless amount of money on PR.