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  1. Another Detonation Thread

    So its fine until it happens to you? How about using a module?
  2. Recommend best tier 10 DD to contest caps

    Kidd. You crap on T10 DDs with that thing.
  3. This is getting [edited] old WG

    Care to elaborate? What is the way you see everything? Do you have some special info the rest of us don't know about? You where defending detonations pretty heavily earlier. Why not now?
  4. This is getting [edited] old WG

    Well, the only guy that Donald trumpe'd it has gaven up. He's counter did not work. The module IS NOT A COUNTER if anyone is insecure. You can still detonate. Just matters how much WG hates you xD
  5. HE Spam from BB

    Ive got 8k games and a few in BBs, and fires is not a freaking threat. If you got a fire or two on you most ppl focus on something else and its free killing for you. Need a tutorial??? Keep in mind after all that i look at myself as a bad BB player when i compare myself to some of my clanmates.
  6. HE Spam from BB

    That can happen yes. And in all the battles ive had in the Conq so far ive done it once. You need RNG to [edited]you up royally! Its like you delete cruisers that are angeled. That is down to RNG not the ship. Ive done 19 fires with 100 hits in the Kidd and 1 fire on 50 hits with the Conq. Does not happen that often, but it happens. So if you wanna nerf BBs like the Conq, pls also nerf the Yamato, Montana and GKF. They can do the same, but are much tankier! All in all. RNG! That is why i detonate all the time!
  7. HE Spam from BB

    Well. No. If they spam HE, use it to your advantage. You are much more tanky when they shoot HE. Fires are 100% repairable. AP unless you play the Conq or Lion at long range(which you should not do). Even the Conq AP is pretty good at medium range. If you are not in British BB's. Go AP only. If not, you miss out on some juicy retarded 15k dmg AP pens on DD's. Also who does not like to do 30k dmg to broadside GKF's without getting citadels?
  8. This is getting [edited] old WG

    Its part of the complex fun and engaging mechanics.
  9. This is getting [edited] old WG

    I detonated with the "module" on today. Soooo. Yeah! Still not a counter man.
  10. This is getting [edited] old WG

  11. Yeah. My back hurts from carrying too many potatoes today.
  12. Another solo warrior. Check! Also Kidd dreadnought.
  13. This is getting [edited] old WG

    16k dmg. 1 Kill 0 hits. :) That is it
  14. This is getting [edited] old WG

    No i wish. These days i play between 5 and 15 games pr day. Still detonate once or twice pr day almost consistently..... Well. I'm in that awkward state of not knowing if i should laugh or cry.
  15. I like Cleveland - will I like Atlanta?

    EL is nice for the Cleveland, but you know. That is where the captain usually goes, but he fits nicely in the Atlanta as well. Ofc if i would have a Atlanta only captain i would build him a bit differently.