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  1. Let me just give you an example why what Teob says has been needed a long time. A few days ago i decided to do a few games. One of them were super close and after my 6th kill i realize that my top tier BB teammate is sitting in the A cap with full HP. Im telling him and two other T10 cruisers to go cap B and ill cap C. That was the only chance we had to win. Stop the point gain for the enemy team. But our BB mate suddenly writes in chat: "Stay in the cap". I tell him no, we need the caps. He then says: "Stay in cap for faster capture points". I then ask WTF. The two tier 10 Cruisers then goes on to listen to the guy despite my efforts to explain that its not how it works. So the game ended with me trying to cap C and B but knowing that i dont have the time. If only information about gamemechanics were easily avalible.
  2. OP just thinks A.Nesky can stealthradar because he probably watched some CC's say it back when it was in testing. So OP, instead of listening to information that comes from unreliable sources, go out on the wild wild web and do some reasearch yourself.
  3. ClappingLollies

    Clan battles season 9

    @OM40 Basically just summed up why we just quit halfway this season.
  4. ClappingLollies

    So they have finally done it

    Nono. They did not adapt. It was like 1 week with whining, then they went back to the speshul tactics
  5. ClappingLollies

    So they have finally done it

    But its funny how its almost always DD's that have to adapt. Not the speshul class for example. Imagine the outrage if BB's would have to adapt for once. Jeeez.
  6. ClappingLollies

    PSA: Shikishima for 32.000 Steel

    Yeah right! Like we gonna grind this toxic CB season for some steel that can get you a Yamsuhima. Pff.
  7. ClappingLollies

    Tier 10 battles are too expensive - who can afford this?

    Or just gitgud. Then you don't need any of it.
  8. ClappingLollies

    Ranked Battles Concern

    If you could get the 20km shima into T7 i think it would be awesome TBH.
  9. ClappingLollies

    quite strange - cheater

    Dont believe everything people say on the internet. You simply got carried. A replay of the match would clear everything up for you.
  10. ClappingLollies

    Ranked Battles Concern

    When did Atlanta get huge gunrange? Mine never got that update. Never seen one with huge range either. Getting spammed to death by a squishy ship like the Atlanta is again nothing more than user error. Play more and you will learn the game eventually.
  11. ClappingLollies

    Hate fighting these things

    But if you point and click once you might send them to port. That is fine right? Jeez. The level of potato on the forums these days.
  12. ClappingLollies

    Ranked Battles Concern

    But again. Getting HE spammed to death at T7 with a BB is user error. Nothing else. I play BBs aswell in ranked. No issues what so ever. And remember that getting hit with BB overpens when you sail in a DD still hurts like hell. I think you favor BBs a bit too much. Go play cruisers a bit in ranked and see how weak they are. (most of them)
  13. ClappingLollies

    Ranked Battles Concern

    World of BBs vs DDs. Sounds like a bad idea if you'd ask me
  14. ClappingLollies

    Ranked Battles Concern

    So you don't want fair engagements OP? We all know T7 cruisers does so well against T7 BBs in open water. No difference in power lvl there. Maybe you should change up your tactics OP? If you get HE farmed all the time its something wrong with your gameplay.
  15. ClappingLollies

    Why has ranked never been fixed?

    I still stand by my ranked proposals. No starsaving for the top players on the losing team and no premiums.. Would be much better no matter the tier then.