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  1. ClappingLollies

    Ise - should I be worried?

    Ofc they see it coming. That is what they do. Sell you something thats a problem and makes other players frustrated. Then at a later point sell the people that did not buy into it in the first place a solution to the problem. It will be something with super AA or along those lines. Its how they milk you people for money. Smart if the game has a playerbase that is made up of idiots. And lets be honest. The WOWS playerbase..... Woof.
  2. ClappingLollies


  3. ClappingLollies

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    Its funny because its true. WG will 100% do some stupid crap like that. And the whales will go " Oh well. Here is money comrade".
  4. ClappingLollies

    Stupid skills lead to a stupid meta.

    Now. Lets add subs to the mix and we have a proper clusterf****. GG WG. GG
  5. ClappingLollies

    ST, changes to attack aircraft (DB 93)

    Who cares. Just clap the DD's with torpedo planes instead.
  6. ClappingLollies

    Rasputin? Divs?

    They for some reason make the Halloween event less and less fun every year. Ive played 3 games in the new one. Its boring as hell and you can't even have fun playing with friends. Oh well.
  7. I do not get that. "tinfoil hat on"! I swear WG has a hidden modifier for potatoes. I can hit ships with countless torps and HE shell. No fires or floodings. But if i take 1 torp from a 40%'er on my torp belt its a guaranteed flooding. Freaking insane. Seriously at the point i do belive crap like that is out there in the amazing WG code. Saying that tho. Whatever, RNG is RNG. Git gud and do not relay on RNG and you will do much better than the ones who does.
  8. After that CB's session mate. lol :D GG tho. Acutally accedentally went out with the Haku a game before. 100k dmg in 6 minutes and game over. And WG keeps saying CV's are balanced
  9. ClappingLollies

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    Just shows once again that WG don't give a flying sh*t about what their players think. Guess CBs is properly killed off now then.
  10. ClappingLollies

    Option to remove storm UI overlay

    Will there be an option to remove the storm overlay on Island of ice epicenter? Serioulsy makes me ill looking at it, and almost had to just quit midgame because of it.
  11. ClappingLollies

    More quick commands

    It is. literally don't have to say anything and get chatbanned.
  12. ClappingLollies

    More quick commands

    Can we please get more quick commands, WG? Since alot of us are chatbanned more than we are not, we can't tell people basic stuff like "My RPF is pointing this way" "Hey dumbass, you can't cross the border" or "Get ready for radar" and so on. Stuff like that. Would be nice to see this expanded upon. Good'ay.
  13. ClappingLollies

    Stalingrad Vs Slava

    Why do people still think this? No, you can't tank HE spam or sit bow in and expect to tank like a Kremlin, but she is hella tanky if angeled. Just like many other BB's.
  14. ClappingLollies

    What would be you'r dream ship in the game?

    Fletcher with Yamato guns and Fletcher rate of fire. Does a few barrel rolls when shooting. Something like this:
  15. ClappingLollies

    Question for Erich Loewenhardt carrier owners.

    NoZoupForYou usually have no clue what he is saying or doing tho. Most of the time he just spits out random crap to create drama. He is like the Kardashians of WOWS. Going there for advice is a horrible idea. Entertainment? Yeah sure. Advice? Hell no!