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  1. ClappingLollies

    Patch 11.4.... the age of ROFLSTOMP

    There is no difference. EU has potatoes, NA has potatoes, SEA has potatoes. Potatoes are everywhere.
  2. ClappingLollies

    How good is game with CVs and subs... ??!!

    Had a game earlier with an FDR and two T10 subs on the enemy team. Was playing Prinz Rupperecht (I know, perfect ship for this meta). I don't often just give up, but after 10-15 minutes of constantly avoiding plane drops whilst hardly shooting down any planes, and being permaspotted and perma pinged by planes and subs that i can do NOTHING about, i simply ALT+F4'd the game. No point playing unless you play something that is busted. Like CV's, Subs or some of the Russian fantasy ships. Anything else, and you are just cannon fodder. GG tho WG. It was a few of us that actually thought you could not f the game anymore than you did in the past, but you proved us wrong again. Well.... Done..
  3. ClappingLollies

    Q: How to deal with CVs?

    Also remember the epic tactic i see a lot of players use. Make sure to angle the planes so you show broadside to the enemy team and get smacked for 30-40k dmg instead of that scary 3-6k the torps will do(depending on the CV, but) See it every day. Freaking great how stupid players in this game are.
  4. ClappingLollies

    Super (Broken) CVs - Shockingly late

    This. And also the fact that most of the people playing them are complete idiots.
  5. ClappingLollies

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery!!
  6. ClappingLollies

    Question to CV players

    Thought it was to make the CV's more fun to play and play against. I think they nailed it. So much fun to play. And everyone thinks its fun being bitchslapped by CV's with little to no counterplay. Right?
  7. ClappingLollies

    Subs get buffs, other changes

    Amazing that so many people don't get it. WG only speaks one language. MONEY! As long as people keep pumping money into the game, WG will never listen to you. They will pretend they listen to you, but they won't actually do anything unless they see a big drop in income. Thankfully for WG they have some insane whales out there that sponsor their "project". Even if the player is very unhappy with the developement, alot of these players keep dumping their hard earned money into loot crates, christmas containers and Ctrl+C Ctrl+v ships. Guess its an addiction. Player: This is BS. Same player: Sails a brand new 30 dollar premium expecting things to change. WG is the dealer and you are the junkie that keeps buying their crap. I doubt this will change anytime soon, but keep whining about changes that benefit WG. After you buy some christmas containers and premiums ofc.
  8. ClappingLollies

    Do you have a cursed map?

    This ^^
  9. ClappingLollies

    It seems that the update messed up aiming quite a bit

    Have the same issue with shells falling short. Also seems like the lock on bug is back. Many of the salvoes fires as you don't lock the target even when you are 100% locked on. On the client at least. My guess is its related to server performance. We know WG don't like to really upgrade their hardware. With all the new additions over the last few years i think they should do some massive upgrades. They have an issue when alot of shells gets spammed and alot of planes fly around. Also seems like the lock on issue and shells falling short happens more often when then the playercount is high. But WG won't openly admit that, so they will probably slap some flex seal on the issue eventually when enough people start complaining about the issues.
  10. ClappingLollies

    New graphics, crap performance

    Like any other game if you struggle with FPS issues try turning down reflections, lighting, shadows and ambient occlusion. Those are the ones that usually affect your performance the most. If your PC is pretty outdated you can also try turning down draw distance, object LOD quality and texture quality.
  11. ClappingLollies

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug reports

    Islands Of Glue. Great rework of the underwater terrain. Just at the cost of screwing over the above water terrain. https://replayswows.com/replay/145245#stats
  12. ClappingLollies

    WG survey regarding subs

    Im part of the silent majority now. Plus im sure my response is "very important to WG". Just like all feedback is.
  13. BTW. When did the live server become PTS again? Also. This video is comedy gold.
  14. ClappingLollies

    Stop crying about subs

    This is the "silent majority" right here guys. Nice!
  15. ClappingLollies

    Confirmed List of CCs and Modders That Quit The CC Program

    Wrong way of going about it imo. Instead of NOT supporting some CC's, stop supporting WG. Don't spend money on the game. The CC's that are left probably stay for a reason. Perks and early access = views to grow their channels. By doing what you are doing, you are punishing the content creators (Most of them know how crap WG is btw) instead of WG.