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  1. Ingame and of frustration IRL?
  2. Hey, I got detonated twice in a row too. With a Scharnhorst if that makes you feel better.
  3. Happens. The dispersion buff from having an enemy ship locked doesn't disappear instantly as you cover yourself in smoke, it lasts 1-3 seconds before you dissapear from sight so yeah, probably that's why he still hit you with that accuracy firing just after you cover yourself with smoke.
  4. It's the only mode that map should have. Epicenter is horrible in that map and if there's no caps like in standard everyone just camps for the whole 20 minutes.
  5. Late war Kongo as T6 would be really cool indeed. Edit: Maybe they could be even geniuses and bring one of the other three sister ships so it's not completely "yet another Kongo" considering the silver one and the 4 ARP ones.
  6. Obviously the map hasn't been removed from the game since most of players haven't been clear enough on how hated this map is yet, duh. I remember having it once last month in ages. Could have been longer. Never again would be ideal.
  7. I don't know how you guys can trust a guy that has no idea like Flamu instead of WG. Conqueror is completely fine, there's even room to buff it. It's everything else that needs nerfs and that's why WG is doing it. I just can't understand why can't you guys see that's the correct thing.
  8. Best part for me is that two players still did worse.
  9. Hipper, 203 Mogami or whatever CA tbh needs some love. I agree that a reload buff would be very nice for the Hipper but since IFHE exist all CAs need a buff. CLs were supposed to be more efective against light armored ships like DDs or other CLs and CAs were designed with larger guns to be more damaging against larger ships like other cruisers or BBs if needed. Armor was usually better in CAs to make them tankier than CLs but with overmatch mechanics and the BB meta such difference doesn't exist here either. So the only difference in the game is damage dealing capabilities and with IFHE light cruisers are better at both roles, period. A reload buff for CAs would be nice and mitigate slightly the difference in damage between them and the one CLs deal, but it's not enough, CLs will still be stronger than CAs with just a small reload buff. Something must be done to give CAs a meaning in this game again.
  10. Well, if they can limit divisions to only have 1 CV they could limit CVs to only make divisions with same tier ships. Which TBH the should have done that long ago, CV or not. End faildivisions in general please.
  11. How about limiting CVs to one per team at all tiers and since they are mirrored you'll always face a CV of your same tier so you won't end up in a T5 CV against a T6 one murdering all your planes strafe after strafe? Crazy, huh?
  12. Demo expert BBs are real.
  13. Then I'd worry more about a MM bug than the teamkill bug if it's such a thing in this case. Because you can't face a Shimakaze with a whole T7 division. T7 doesn't meet T10, ever.
  14. Why do you want a 15 km range Atlanta? You can't even hit a non BB at 10+km most of the time if they react in the slightest to your wonderful rainbows of fail. Problem is not range, problem is growing a beard between you shoot and the shell land because of the mortar shell arcs if you shoot at more than 9 km.
  15. My guess is that he means that you can get an absurd performance without even trying to plan ahead like on regular BBs just by spamming HE 24/7 so imagine if you bother to do that and pay attention on people that use damacon on your fires to have everyone around you on fire all the time. Not sure though, I might be wrong.