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  1. (After reading title) Who would expect, huh? Edit: Ok, after reading more I don't know how frequent is since I don't play clan battles, but I remember a topic about this issue last CW season.
  2. Valentine’s Day flag

    Come on, you make it sound like guys can't like stuff like that, outright classifying it as "girly" maybe it's a bit too much @YukiEiriKun is right, it's a cute flag.
  3. Valentine’s Day flag

    Pretty sure that's just a Yamato with the Yamamoto captain that just got kraken unleashed... So pretty sure the ship is about the get rekt.
  4. Valentine’s Day flag

    I'm worried about that dog. So many things could go wrong there. The dog jumping off a ship... What is RNG decided that someone missed an AP hit on the ship and doesn't get a citadel but the dog swimming around because he jumped out of the ship pays for it? And what about the ship propellers? What about missing HE shells that still have a burst area? And can you just imagine if the ship gets fun and engaged and goes KABOOOOM??? People just realize that it may be cute but no one realizes the rough life of that dog...
  5. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Must...... resist...... On the other hand for some reason I remembered a Minotaur setting a smoke screen and then prociding to explode by a BB salvo.
  6. I know, right? When will people learn to just bent over their knees and stop their irrelevant babbling about the best thing in the game... Those retard that can't value something good when they see it... Unbelievable... Yes, the hystorical accuracy module, detonations were a thing. Well, Gneisenau with triple 283 mm turrets was even more of a thing and the game says "f*ck you about that balance reasons even if Gneisenau only had those guns ever". Atago for example had quite a lot more of AA guns and the game repeats the "f*ck you, Atago is good enough for the game as it is, to hell with the hystorical AA equipment of the ship". The game can ignore a lot of details and hystorical accuracy if the balance of the game depends about it, and to be honest that good. But for the same reason detonations could be ignored as hystorical as they were too. But for some reason it seems that detonations must be a really good aspect of the game and a pretty solid weight as a mesure to balance the game so it's impossible to ignore that even when we already have ships with unhystorical upgrades, ships with over the top accuracy when it comes to RL comparisons as detonations, radar with magical anti-island properties, RN BBs with totally unsuspicious and scientyfically demonstrated HE capabilities and chance of fire... But yeah, throwing that hystorical accuracy out of the window it's fine, but something as removing a stupid representation in game about detonations oh my good lord... that's way too much. I don't even know how can we be that stupid and have topics almost every day asking about that. And the best part comes when on top of that it doesn't even matter if I'm a gamer or someone who appreciates hystorical accuracy. The game has defined itself as an arcade game from the start, it's not a simulator. Hystorical accuracy means nothing in this game, it just matters the balance of it.
  7. Yup, all hail the splash damage indeed. Yeah, I remember doing that when I still bothered collecting the different flags of each ranked season, but isn't this situation even more retarded? I mean... players who play ranked and CWs save their flags for that in a gesture that shows that even people that are ok with detonations show a sign of ultimately acknowledging it's a bad mechanic that can ruin matches meant to be serious and of some (in some cases, specially ranked, theoretical) skilled level and want to avoid that there and meanwhile when they play DDs in randoms have to get punished by the game because of that? That's why for me detonations are a bad mechanic. I'd like to see the one that some day comes an enlighten us with a reasonable explanation of what's the point of detonations, what they're trying to accomplish and the reason the game needs them to keep running. Because as of now we have people in favor and against of it but not even the ones that don't mind about detonations can come up with a reasonable argument about why. That's the thing that ticks me off about this.
  8. Yeah, but I mean... even with that with the first time he got ten. He could have put that on the ship and just be safe. And here will come someone saying that's what he SHOULD have done, but you know what? Even if that's true and a fair point it's just a perfect example that people don't care about that "compensation" for a detonation even if it's a real "10 time use" complete safety from another detonation. A lot of people just don't care about that. Why? Well, because it's a bad mechanic no matter how you really look at it or try to decorate the idea. A lot of people are just tired of it and giving "tools" to mitigate a mechanic that completely screws you over anyways the second it takes effect will not change that. WG can reduce the chance of detonations as much as they want but complains about detonations will keep coming no matter what, because it's just that bad. Detonations should be gone.
  9. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Hm... maybe it's that, but I'm not even sure anymore. I'd swear that after announcing the smoke changes the first time I remember a case where a DD smoked in front of me and decided to get closer to the smoke behind in without getting in the smoke and shot at a cruiser around 10 km from me (distance at which I should have been spotted if shooting in smoke and I remained undetected, but I don't know anymore. Anyway, I understand what yu're saying, probably it's just me remembering something worng and messing things up. Thanks anyways.
  10. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Oh, so they changed that too? Well, that really sucks then. I still remembered that working... My mistake then. Thanks for pointing it out though.
  11. Stop smoking up BBs!

    What I don't get is why no one realizes that even if you're a BB you can still fire undetectedfrom behind a DD smoke if the smoke cuts line of sight with the enemy. I understand it's ironic, but you only get the penaly IN the smoke. You can be at 6 km from an enemy in a smoke and you'll get detected in a BB. But if you're BEHIND the smoke at 6 km even as a BB you can fire and the smoke hids you if you're behind of it.
  12. Stop smoking up BBs!

    Some day we'll have when a BB will ask a DD for smoke, will just stop shooting and use the smoke as cover to retreat from a bad position and reposition before engaging another ship again. Then the IQ will be so high the world will explode. But well, meanwhile you all could relax, and just don't expect much. It's random players after all.
  13. Enough is enough.

    Yes, I noticed that too, I don't know for sure since I only see one or two videos every now and them, but Flamu gives me the impression that (and probably is that)he doesn't play medium and low tiers that much, to me he looks a lot like a very high tier focused player so maybe he doesn't realize that much the fact that T6 has improved a lot and just remembers the bad day still, but I agree, T6 is far from something as bad as he paints it still. And yes, GC is a threat that and you need to be careful with him. Don't get me wrong, it's "very battlecruiser", make a mistake and it's very squishy for BB terms, and if you show broadside to another BB you can be nuked no problem but I personally love that. But you can still mitigate that with proper angle until you get in a bad position where you're focused in which case don't expect to last at all either. But on the other side if you find potatoes or catch someone making a mistake yourself you hit extremely hard. For me it's extremely amusing this "little" T5 ship where sometimes I catched Gneisenaus don't caring about showing me broadside because "ha ha, almost no citadels ever" and GC can consistently punch 12-15k salvos against them no problem. I sunk a lot of Gneisenaus with my GC, it's almost hilarious. I don't know what Gneisenau in particular does to players but 70% of the time don't care about angling and in that scenario a GC can eat them alive.
  14. Enough is enough.

    Agree with that, I like playing tier 6 last months and I don't feel it's much of a problem even when facing tier 8 ships since there's not as much of them as before and T6 ships can still retaliate against a tier 8 unless you do something stupid, obviously. Can't say anything about tier 5. I like playing tier 5 a lot, but that's because the only tier 5 ship I played for a while now is my Giulio Cesare. Now that's actually a little sealclubbing monster that can faceroll even tier 7 ships, so it doesn't even count and why I won't say anything about how tier 5 deals against tier 7 in general.
  15. Enough is enough.

    I get what you're trying to say but I don't understand how of all tiers, tier 6 is a "sealclubbing tier". What's the worse that can happen at tier 6? A lot of players may consider tier 6 boring because of it being mid tier or maybe because of the fact that tier 6 ships in general are actually pretty well balanced. Yeah, sometimes I hear some people that argue that Arizona is "OP" for a tier 6 but if that'd be the worse problem of WOWS I'd be crying of joy compared to what happens in other tiers with certain premiums. Tier 6 really had a similar situation to tier 8 now and nowadays it's somehow solved and any complain about it was a valid one at the time and I don't see how any of them should have been disregarded "because of sealclubbing" at tier 6. Returning to topic though, this has now remembered me that if I remember well this situation of T8 being uptiered a lot kinda began shortly after the T6 problem being solved, right? So... (TINFOIL HAT MODE ACTIVATED!) maybe it has something to do about it? Maybe MM was tweaked so T6 face T8 less which led to T8 being uptiered more because of that too?