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  1. Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    Should be a matter of logic at this point. Get you clan mates with which you can cooperate and don't ever play with random players.
  2. I vote for him being an USN captain that gives something never seen before too. Something like giving +50% shell velocity. Because he doesn't fire the shells with the ship, he kicks them in person to other ships. I'd be pleased with that.
  3. WOWS and insomnia: a bad combination.

    Just play something that's not CVs that just a pretty small minority wants to play as said before and problem solved. Specially at those hours.
  4. Nerf BBs pl

    Yeah, after reading a bit I think I got a bit what's going on here.
  5. Nerf BBs pl

    I don't understand. At least give a reason why, OP. But I don't understand a thing about what you're trying to say, sorry.
  6. 7 with Bayern because it's OP as f**k. Such accurate guided snipah missiles of Glorious German STEEEEEEEEEEEEEL. Good ship yo. Just make way in the unlikely event you ever see me again playing, specially that ship.
  7. Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    Well, let's see how that "amazing" CV rework ends up and brings that kind of ships. However I have to admit that always that I hear about Tone being a hybrid CV (even if it really was something like that IRL) I wonder how would work in the game a CA having to look out to not being blaped out of the water by a BB and toying with planes at the same time, but we'll see.
  8. Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    Sure, the model has been there for ages, but they seem to have less ideas to what to do with Tone than with CVs. Which is hard to believe already. I myself have waited Tone for ages, but at this point I'm even reluctant to believe something's going to happen with that ship ever.
  9. Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    You mean that's still a thing?
  10. Yup. I totally see it. A CV with AoE healing in the middle of a glorious flee... wait, wait wait, scratch that. Behind the closest island to the map border. Best pals: Two AA Montanas in front of the island within the healing area camping from there repainting the little scratches that maybe another BB can inflict them there. Indeed, sounds totally WGs dream for the year of the CV BEST BB GAME EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I think you catch up some big clues this time. Looking forward to it.
  11. Yamato/musashi AA buff

    Meh, I literally tried that a long time ago, you shoot down a few more planes but nothing special. 2/4 planes less than usual was nice and all but in the end if you survive a plane strike of a CV focused on you it's anyways because Yamato "muh biggest real BB, fear me" not because of the AA going over the roof. I don't own the Montana but when I had my Yamato with full AA build I don't remember her being much better than what I saw about Montana with just the standard BFT and AFT in videos and such. So yeah, obviously you can improve Yamato's AA to a decent extent, but don't expect anything really good but todays absurd AA standards. In the end in my opinion a full AA build for Yamato to accomplish that is a waste anyways after trying it. Better stick with upgrading anything main gun related as usual.
  12. Yamato/musashi AA buff

    Hey, they thought about it. Wasn't it supposed to be the gimmick for the second line of Russian DDs that never came out because the missiles were OP as f**k or something like that?
  13. Yamato/musashi AA buff

    Funny how even if it's true that those shells acomplished basically nothing everyone pulls that card right away... As if WG would care if for some reason they'd go like "lol, ok, let's do it". Look at how Hood's rockets were royal crap against planes too and in game are like the ultra doom weapon of mega death for planes...
  14. ... You almost made me cry after realizing how true is that... Even if I at least ended up liking Mutsu...