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  1. Yup, which make 7 ships that can smoke in just one battle. That's exactly what I said it was the problem for me. It's ok that DDs have smoke, they really need it, but when you add on top of that cruisers that can smoke too there's just too many ships that can use smoke and too much smoke everywhere which is the problem right now.
  2. The problem is not the DDs. DDs are fine and are going to pay unnecesarily for this. And limiting the number of DDs won't solve the problem either because the problem is RN CLs, the fact that they and DDs both have smoke. You can limit DDs all you want but if there's DDs and RN CLs at the same time you'll still have the map covered in smoke the first 5-7 minutes before something can be seen more than a few seconds and the game actually starts. It was ok I guess when Kutuzov was the only cruiser with smoke (besides the extremely rare Iwaki Alpha) but when the smoke problem got out of hand was when RN CLs were released and that's why IMO these changes should be applied to the cruisers, not to the DDs that smoke was always their thing, the game was ok when only DDs had smoke and they are nerfed every now and then by other things, like steath fire removal and such (or always, like the IJN DDs).
  3. Meh, true, I guess there's a lot of people interested in them either by nationality or history (even if this game shows more disconnection to that as time passes. I guess it's just that I'm pretty unbiased here. I'm Spanish, Spain probably will have a hard time to offer a line to be implemented to the game so it's not like I'm biased in favor of any nation that's represented in the game. There's just ships I like and ships I don't. I don't really have anything against RN BBs, I would have played them since I play BBs, so another line of BBs, fine. However, since I started to play not long after the game became open beta I got used with each class having a very differenciate role and consumables that back then were distinctive of each class. I really have how much lately another class gets consumables it's not supposed to and overtakes a role the class wasn't supposed to have. To be honest when I saw Kutuzov... I didn't hate it right away since I thought that the smoke was something different just for that one only ship so I let that slide. But RN cruisers? Half a line of cruisers with smoke? I never liked that and like with RN BBs it's not like I have anything against those ships. But now BBs with radar? And Def. AA, even if they have to choose one or the other? That's it for me. Thinking of that it makes me laugh when we were mad that the last 3 KM BBs get hydro. For me the fact that RN BBs have that many tools as you said earlier make them unattractive for me. I just miss the days when DDs where the only ones with smoke, and Def. AA and hydro was a cruiser thing and the heal the BB thing together with the last cruisers to add then that bit of survivability. I'm not outraged by radar but for me the game was better before this "gimmick era" of the game we are on now.
  4. RN BBs hyped? I may be the weird one here then. Even if I'm a main BB player lately I hate RN BBs. I liked when this game had roles and gave any class a different thing to do. RN BBs are the complete opposite of that, they overtake the role of cruisers so much that I almost throw up every time I think how I dislike them. But yeah, I guess we'll have more BBs the first days specially like with any new line but even with the bulls*** RN BBs are at the last tiers I don't think they're really as hyped as KM ones were (and still are). We'll just have to deal with it again, not much to do about it.
  5. Yeah, stop in a random battle to rescue someone's crew while being a sitting duck for the whole enemy team. The only thing that would accomplish probably is adding your crew in the same spot.
  6. It may be fake news, maybe just OP trolling a bit because of no source for such info. The sad thing for me here is that the trust in devs looking at how the game goes doesn't completely make me discard OPs post as completely false and impossible. I mean... what arguments should I really have to not trust it? That it would make BB to some extent don't need the support of DDs to be able to make a save turn and retreat from a bad position for example? That it could be arguably OP? We have Hood with Def. AA already and aparently the new RN BBs will be able to choose between that and f****ing radar on a BB. It can't go much worse than that already. Italian BBs with Perth smoke? I wouldn't considere it insane anymore...
  7. At least this time they waited to the match I was in to end before the game closed and not just close right away.
  8. Overconfident WHILE playing DDs. I don't even know who I do it even if I try to not but I always end ep overextending. That's what I meant.
  9. Because when I played Mogami the only ones that had smoke where DDs and I could play normally, do my thing, sink a few ships, get sunk if I wasn't careful enough not dodging BB salvos but it was ok. Now I just mostly see smoke, I don't wan't to go behind and island and try to play, but now I just get spotted, someone I don't even see kills me and I barely have something to shoot at meanwhile. So yeah, cruisers are in standby for me "until smoke dissipates" a bit. I don't play cruisers not because of the BBs. I can deal with BBs or any ship while playing cruiser. If I'm able to see when someone's shooting at me to try to dodge, which I'm not able to do and it's basically the whole point around non smoke cruisers play (at least for me). Is that logic too hard to understand? Edit: and my problem with DDs it's that I always manage to get "overconfident", but oh well.
  10. In fact I only "like" to play BBs, RN CL doesn't really interest me (not that I hate them, but yeah, not interested to grind that) and I suck big time in DDs, so that's out of the question too. I like other cruisers though. I started playing cruisers. My first goal in this game was Mogami. And yes, I mostly play BBs because as I said earlier playing a cruiser without smoke these days is either get spotted by a DD and quickly focused to death or just go behind an island and shoot from there. Either of the options are so fun to me that I might go play a slower boring OP BB to get mostly overpens every 30 seconds. But I really think (and some people will laugh at this) that less smoke will actually bring more cruisers to the game. At least I would play them a lot more even if BB numbers aren't reduced. With a bit of caution cruisers are playable without having to run behind an island or having smoke if at least you are allowed to see something to shoot at and do something meanwhile.
  11. I need a "Yes, but only for cruisers" option to vote here.
  12. I like the camo. But that's just my opinion. Just as OPs one. Anyways you can keep using any other camo. Or even none! It's a quite simple to solve problem.
  13. Well, logic says that if something isn't affected there's not even the need to change anything to achieve nothing with said non effect. So maybe they really should balance things around what is affected. Totally bad teams or the BBabies without you can't live. Because those are the only ones that would benefit of that change, absolutely anything else. The day you'll look somewhere else than at BBabies you'll gonna discover that there's a whole s***ton of other things in this game. Maybe.
  14. Because we all know that the only line allowed to be nerfed is the IJN DD one. It would be a shame that another line gets nerfed for a change. Or maybe it gives pleb cruisers without smoke the chance to see and do something before being spotted by a DD and focused by everything. Or maybe it makes able to see against what you are pushing or if you can move somewhere closer to the enemy without "accidentally" going in the way of some torps of who knows how many ships may be in or behind the closest smoke. Or maybe there's more BB players like me that are waiting the chance for something besides BBs, DDs and RN cruisers to be more viable before jumping in them the day we will be able to see the honorable ship daring to face us instead of... smoke. Seriously, stop using what people without a clue does with or without smoke meta as an argument to not remove the smoke meta just because you're scared of it. There's actually fully functional people playing too, you know? Maybe less, but we exist. And we like to play other things besides again, BBs, DDs, or RN cruisers. And we have the same rights for asking for that.
  15. Sheer number of them, definitely. The fact that bad players in any other ship classes doesn't exist so the only potatoes in your team are BBs it's another massive issue. And that they delete everything. With every single salvo. Always. That's why we have 7 minute battles. 12 salvos, trust me.