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  1. Leave my Mutsu alone. Go away.
  2. Yeah, I understand that RN cruisers need the smoke, but I mean... even if it's not as "realistic" as they try to be with the ships they should give cruisers a bit more armor even if it not was the real values in RL. The game is not simulator enough to understand a bit of armor that at least prevents cruisers from being deleted from a BB looking funny at you. My opinion in this, what I tried to say is that they should have tried to start with that to balance RN cruisers with that too instead of just going the lazy way arond that and just slap a smoke generator of them, that's all.
  3. Yes, T10 cruisers are very strong a a good cruiser player is more dangerous than the average BB, of course. The thing is that while heavy cruisers are good things are a lot worse for mid tier cruisers. Cruisers are very strong at T10 and at low tiers there are decent ones, but some at low and mid tiers in general are kinda useless between getting nuked by a random BB out of range or having to hide behind and island if they don't have smoke which is only a RN cruiser thing. I still think that giving smoke to RN cruisers was arguably the worst idea even in this game baring the constant buffs to BBs. Cruisers with smoke not only increased the obvious smoke meta but it really f***ed up previous nations of cruisers, even more if they don't have radar to counter them because while before you had to be careful around BBs now you still have to be careful around the BB but also to the RN cruiser that will pop smoke in front and start hammering you whithout you being able to reliably do anything about it unless your lucky shooting in the smoke if you happen to be lets say for example an IJN cruiser. Cruisers should have an increased survivability overall, not just the new nation and it should have never have come in the form of smoke for anything that's not a DD.
  4. Not a DD player, but first thing that comes to mind is using IJN DDs with the torpedo reload booster and play with a BB with the two waves of torps in a row. Looks like one of those rare missions that give those DDs in particular something they're better than any other class of DDs at for once. At the cost of smoke though.
  5. Yeah, the old "it doesn't happen to me that often so it's ok". It doesn't matter if you detonated someone else from full health so you feel proud about your complete display of pro skills. It doesn't matter if a ship of your team gets suddenly blown up for no reason and you have that sudden disadvantadge in your team because f*** you that's why. Specially DDs no team cares about and no one needs for the objectives. Who cares? None of those guys get detonated themselves so it's a nice, cool and perfect mechanic, of course it should stay as it is. How dumb are all others to not be as enlightened as them.
  6. I'll concede you the "resistance" to detonations is slightly better, but I wish it really was less of an issue. It's wonderful to react to torps and turn into them to dodge them and turns out you have to eat one and you eat it on the nose and BOOM. That's what you get from reacting to torps and eating just one instead of being a potato and not straight line eating four of them in the belt. Well played WG.
  7. No? That's what I said. I don't play that much so I doen't bother getting the mods in the last few updates but I remember that mod and what I was saying is that I didn't get any information from that mod I couldn't get just watching around me what's going on, so what's the problem?
  8. What is allowed Any mods that are approved by our team. You will be able to find those on our official forums in the "modifications" section: This includes any and all mods compiled exclusively with our own mods API
  9. Well, with the X minimap mod you can shoot a ship in smoke from it's last know position if the enemy ship doesn't move from there which you can know, you can see where the ship stops in his smoke. If the ship move in the smoke you miss the shot, nothing wrong there. Also if the ship shoot from smoke you see the shell tracer with which most of us can shoot at a ship in smoke without any help, so I don't exactly know what would be the problem with the X mod and how does exactly show any information you can't get ingame.
  10. Scharnhorst and Giulio Cesare lately. I like Mutsu too even if it's frustrating not having a decent AA in the last 2 ships. I really miss my cruiser time but I don't feel "comfortable" playing them with so much BBs last months.
  11. Meh, for me a 7v7 match would mean less BBs to worry about since cruisers would have to enter the battle with that limited places so not much BBs unless no cruisers at all, which would make cruisers a lot easier to play and would encourage that a lot, which for me is one of the most needed things of this game.
  12. Hey, can happen.
  13. I guess I have a lot of exceptions most of the days I play tier 8 too, which I rarely do lately because of this since it's utterly disgusting to stand.