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  1. Submarines ingame?

    I looked it up. And you're correct and not correct so far I can tell. They said indeed that the player-guided-rockets were super fun to play but to strong. But the unguided rockets were just boring. But in the Q&A( I'm looking at) they are talking about the possibility of player subs spawning behind enemy lines. But I just wanted to point out that they are looking at the possibility of submarines in game. That the devs are always looking for new things to implement in game. Nothing is 100% sure.
  2. Submarines ingame?

    That's a lie. The last thing WG has said about it that they are actively looking at the option of subs. But at that moment they did know how. And what they have come up was boring gameplay. Just like they have looked at guided and unguided rockets. Which was also boring to play.
  3. Spanish Tech Tree Proposal

    Do a new thread...get the message that there are multiple threads about it already... go look at them...response on old thread...being called necromancer...
  4. Suggestions thread

    If in random a captain is still AFK after 5 minutes. He should be kicked out of the game ( get 1/2 pink as punishment) and the captain should be replaced by a bot captain from COOP. Everything is better than a ship staying still for 20 minutes in a game.
  5. Nerf BBs pl

    I have a feeling that the finals will be boring. 2 teams waiting for the other to make a move. Just like BBs.
  6. Yes to submarines. But not specially against radar. Just for a more divers gameplay. But the best counter and most natural against are the freaking islands. And making islands impenetrable for radars isn't even a nerf for radar. The situation now is you are behind a island you get picked up by radar and you stay behind the island until the radar has run his/her time. if the island is impenetrable for radar you will get no indication that somebody is using radar so you think you're save to move. ofcourse the radar-ship will not know you are there until somebodie actually moves and play the game. LOOKING BEHIND AN ISLAND SHOULD ONLY BE POSSIBLE WITH (SPOTTER-)PLANES!!! Radar should be for smoke. Spotter-plane for looking behind islands.
  7. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    I haven't played WOWs much the last years. And just downloaded the game recently. But yesterday I had a game in my Tier 8 DD. And I was on the map North. ThI was on 1 side of that big-[edited]island in the middle. But apparently there where a few radar ships on the other side. it was literately radar after radar after radar after radar after radar after radar after .... There was 100% of the time radar active. It did kill the game for me. Do the devs know that radar doesn't go threw big-[edited]islands? Radar doesn't need a nerf it is the islands that need a buff.
  8. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Downloading the game back on my PC I guess.
  9. On top of all that. The East-Cantons WERE a part of Germany before WW1. Austria and Switzerland were never a part of Germany. Those East-Cantons have their own government. Their own parliament. Their own Minister-President. Their own flag.
  10. Don't say that in the East-Cantons (Eupen-Malmedy).
  11. There are 3 official languages in Belgium. Dutch, French and German. had them all when I was in school.
  12. So Belgium? German is here also an official language. Do we get it too?
  13. Submarines.

    The battle of the Philippine sea of 19-20 June 1944? The end of HMS Cressy and 2 other cruisers is also a fun one.
  14. Submarines.

    How doesn't want this in the game... This debate just reminds me about the debate of bombers in WOWp. Jus old players stuck in their old world. WEIRD!!! I wonder. WG has said recently that they experimented with guided and unguided misseles. I made me wonder if they tested this..
  15. Submarines.

    And Destroyer was made to hunt BBs (just like in the game)? How many DDs were made to counter a new BB design? It makes much more sense to have destroyers hunting submarines than that they are hunting BBs.