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  1. FooFaFie

    Suggestions thread

    Can you please complete the collection [MYCLAN] backgrounds for badges? Not a big request but I want the red one.
  2. FooFaFie

    Waterline: Winter 2023

    Just wondering where are the Russian submarines? Didn't WG show us already the tech tree of those subs?
  3. FooFaFie

    New code

  4. It seems most have a short memory. Or little experience with the previous operation system. In the old system of 1 operation each week it was always so that in the first 2 to 4 days you could lose a lot of operations (especially the first day). The days after that you rarely lost an operation. Because people got used to them (or the bad players just stopped) So it seems normal that you lose a lot of operations if every time you try an operation you get a different one. It's all in line with the previous system. Personally, I like it (even if it is from time to time frustrating).
  5. FooFaFie

    Download stops midway.

    My problem is solved with the excellent help form Player Support. So a big thanks to them.
  6. FooFaFie

    New Codes

    Worked like a charm
  7. FooFaFie

    Download stops midway.

    I did 1 better (i think) I downloaded WOWs from steam. That game seems to work fine. I have of course contacted Player Support. That answer was what I feared. Something technical. I'm merely a push-a-button guy. They ask me to do something that for most, certainly for them, is logic and simple. But for me...sorry I can't do that. Their answer was The problem is related to the fact that Wargaming.net Game Center cannot download the torrent file. ERROR | 9288 | 17 15:07:34.782 | [Update 03] Task failed for [WOWS.WW.PRODUCTION | 4240303254 | D:\Spelletjes\WorldofWarships], error: [Error.UpdateGame.FailedToLoadTorrent] Open a browser and try downloading the file from the following address: https://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/ww/patches/wows_0. I think I'm gonna wait for the next update and look if the problem solves itself.
  8. FooFaFie

    Top 5 Ships That Were nerfed To Hell

    Kiev. I liked the Kiev when it came out. And then they did things to my baby. Horrible things...unspeakable things....
  9. FooFaFie

    Download stops midway.

    Maybe somebody had the same problem. And found an easy fix. Emphasis on 'easy' (My PC consists of 2 screens, a keyboard, a mouse, and a box were all the magic happens). I'm trying to re-instal WOWs. But for some reason it says it can't midway the download. I already tried a few times. Even uninstalling the gamecenter and do it all over again. The error I don't get at the same point. Some times at 24%. Sometimes well over 70%. But always I get after a time the error (2000). And the message I have to contact support. So far I can tell my PC still is good enough for at least the minimum setup. I have to say at the moment I do the download via wifi and not via a cable. But my download speed is still between 1MB to 2MB. I did all the bellow: Add the game to the firewall exceptions in the game settings. In Game Center, on the game's page, click Game Settings > Add Game to Firewall Exceptions . Reboot your PC. Check your internet connection and restart your router. Add Game Center to your firewall and antivirus exceptions . Still problems? Try temporarily disabling or uninstalling your firewall and antivirus program. Clear the DNS cache (DNS flush) Press the Windows + R keys . Type cmd and press Enter . Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter . Cancel the game installation/update. Remove the game from Game Center and manually delete its components from your hard drive. Then try to install the game again. It is advisable to install the game on a different drive. During installation, make sure that the name and path of the target directory only contain Latin letters. Yelling at the magic box Kicking the magic box I have noticed I can't even download 1 of WG-checkup programs that WG also has. Even there it said it can't download it after a time. Downloading the game center isn't a problem.
  10. FooFaFie

    Recommend me a tier 10 coal ship

    If you want the Malta you should get the Malta. Otherwise you only have regrets and buy it later.
  11. Wow...english is one of the hardest languages to learn if you want to use it correctly. English is a stupid language that has more exceptions than rules. Spanish forum is closed Turkish forum is closed I think the Italian forum is also closed The Czech forum hasn't seen any action in he last 10 hours. So that forum is really needed. OP should remember that most of the people here don't have English as their first (or even second) language. And spelling mistakes aren't bad.
  12. FooFaFie


  13. FooFaFie

    Where is Dasha? New update girl don't fit pin-up style

    Yup let's keep the Russian woman that only speaks russian.
  14. yes...going for the German subs
  15. FooFaFie

    Lighthouse Auction: Belfast and Superships

    And yet this auction will be a hugh success.