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  1. Sorry to tell you. But I'm a Belgian living in Belgium. And I did get my 2 crates. Nothing great. All ready forgot what it was. So memorable was it. But so far I can tell the X-mas gifts were blocked for Belgium in fases. So far I can tell at first you could be the X-mas gifts in store and in game. Than they were removed in store and later in game too. And I think I got the gifts between the 2 fases. Sorry.
  2. Well my stupid idea is to give the buyer to option to reject their gift and instead give the value in doubloons of what they have paid. So a Mega Santa gift (€4,50) would garante 1058 doubloons. With the idea to eliminate that gambling aspect. But let be honest. Practically everybody is buying those gifts for the ships. So the gambling aspect would remain.
  3. WG removes ships, of 10 to 50 euros, that were to strong for the game to protect the standard player. Than WG put them in packages that costs up to 67,5 euro. Now people are paying up to 270 euro or more for the same ships. And people are actually thanking WG for the chance to get those rare ships. It's a made world.
  4. If you were quick you had a few hours to get the boxes in Belgium. So you had a chance. Personally I didn't care because I'm not a big fan of such lotteries.
  5. Do you life in Belgium? Than that's why. It's illegal to sell such boxes in Belgium.
  6. FooFaFie

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    If I ask questions what kind of player I am than: 1/ What do I play the most DD/CL(A)/BB/CV? That's cruisers. 2/ What do I play random/coop/scenario/clanbattles/Ranked? Most is scenarios and random. And most scenarios are tier 6. So it should be a tier 6 ship. 3/ Of all the special abilities of ships (torps, smoke, radar, ....) what do you like the most? That is long range torps for me. SO I end up with a tier 6 cruiser with long rage torps = IJN AOBA An extra would be that I wouldn't have to many enemy radars with a tier 6 ship.
  7. FooFaFie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I don't hate anybody or even envy them. I think I gonna wait for sales and buy the ships that I actually want and play with. By the way. It seems they corrected their mistake. No more payed boxes for Belgians.
  8. FooFaFie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    But spending €270 and suggesting your lucky...sorry that doesn't compute. For €270 you could have bought the ships that you wanted directly. Money doesn't seem to be an issue for you.
  9. FooFaFie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    You do understand you have paid €270!! Nothing to do with RNG gods. I have the urge to give you this link.
  10. FooFaFie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Not tried yet. But it seems they are also available in Belgium. So that no-loot-boxes-for-Belgians policy didn't hold long. I should be tempted to buy some if you read what people got out of the boxes. Until you noticed what they have spend. For that kind of money I would buy the ship(s) that I wanted directly.
  11. If you could get 1 historical captain into the game (and isn't in the game yet). Who would you choose and why? Any idea for a historical female captain? Idem for battles. Do you have a sea battle that really find fascinates you? Any battle that you could imagine being implemented in to the game as scenario? Did you find experimental ship designs that were to weird for the game?
  12. In general which countries/musea/... are the easiest to do research? And which countries are really hard to get the wanted info? While doing research. What was the most unexpected but exiting find? Of all the research done for the game did you consider about making a book about the ships and your finds?
  13. FooFaFie

    atago b. keep or sell?

    If you sell it. Play at least 1 random game in it. Later you can always ask for it back. How to ask for a sold premium ship back.