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  1. On top of all that. The East-Cantons WERE a part of Germany before WW1. Austria and Switzerland were never a part of Germany. Those East-Cantons have their own government. Their own parliament. Their own Minister-President. Their own flag.
  2. Don't say that in the East-Cantons (Eupen-Malmedy).
  3. There are 3 official languages in Belgium. Dutch, French and German. had them all when I was in school.
  4. So Belgium? German is here also an official language. Do we get it too?
  5. Submarines.

    The battle of the Philippine sea of 19-20 June 1944? The end of HMS Cressy and 2 other cruisers is also a fun one.
  6. Submarines.

    How doesn't want this in the game... This debate just reminds me about the debate of bombers in WOWp. Jus old players stuck in their old world. WEIRD!!! I wonder. WG has said recently that they experimented with guided and unguided misseles. I made me wonder if they tested this..
  7. Submarines.

    And Destroyer was made to hunt BBs (just like in the game)? How many DDs were made to counter a new BB design? It makes much more sense to have destroyers hunting submarines than that they are hunting BBs.
  8. Submarines.

    I wonder what happened more during WW2: A destroyer sinking a BB Or A destroyer sinking a submarine.
  9. HMS King George V

    That ship is OP as hell. Don't know what WG was thinking. Where is the outrage now from this community?
  10. It seems WG is playing power creeps from now on. If you look at the RN BBs that's the only conclusion that there is.
  11. Submarines.

    Why people use old info of 2 years ago... I don't know... Here it's from Q&A Gamecom 2017
  12. Submarines.

    I'm with OP. The game needs subs bad.The current meta is to limited to give all the nations some sort of specialty. The last thing WG have said about submarines that they are looking into it. But that it was boring to play. But if 1 submarine is boring. Than give a fleet of submarines to play And if the solution lays with AI submarines. At least it would give the possibility of ships being bad or good against submarines. But this game needs submarines quick!!!
  13. [RN BB EXPERT] Demanding change

    It's a little bit sad. In the early years BBs where known for a good aspect. But they where also known for at least 1 bad aspect. Low max speed. Slow guns.... It seems that '1 bad aspect' was already lost +/- with the german BBs. But it seems it's totally lost with the RN BBs. I haven't read a single bad aspect

  15. a ship is about to be banned from sale

    is it this update that Albert will be removed?