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  1. FooFaFie

    Youngest WoWS Player

    You do know you can turn off chat in the game. No chat = no toxicity.
  2. Why make it so hard? Just make the rule only 1 ship of each type per team.
  3. FooFaFie

    Summer Sale

    This was the summer sale of 2021 and this one is from 2020. Enjoy!!!
  4. FooFaFie

    Economic Change

    To be honest I haven't followed it that much. But would be the biggest change not be what you get out of your standard lootbox (free and paid)? Before lootboxes have sometimes camos with financial benefits. With the new system the the lootboxes will sometimes give camos without financial benefits or sometimes the financial benefits. But never at the same time. So in the new system you will need more lootboxes to have the same quantity as in the old system. So if you buy lootboxes you will have to buy more to get the same quantity as in the old system. If you only get free lootboxes you will get less. If WG don't change the number of lootboxes you get you simply will get less. It will be camo or financial item (I don't think the number of items in the lootbox will change). Of course I could be wrong. I don't follow it. I will adapt when we get there. Or not.
  5. Weird. I'm from Belgium too and so far I could tell I had zero opportunity to take part in the Ruckus event. Maybe there was an opportunity in the first hours of the event. I don't know. But for myself I haven't seen a possibility. So my first response would be "wtf?!?" and "What did you do?". That being said. Events like Ruckus don't interest me and I did really look in to it. I have ignored that event so far. And that has nothing to do with being Belgian. I already ignored lootboxes before the Belgian law.
  6. FooFaFie

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    I still like the game. Gamble containers I don't mind. I rarely buy them. I like subs. I do Current CVs are a better than the old RTS CVs I don't do all the events and don't want all the ships. Never did a single shipyard event. I rarely go tier 9 or 10. So superships I rarely see. Nothing to do with superships. I just don't like the typical tier 10 BB captain. As an arcade shooter it's fine...fine enough for my few games a day that I play. And also I don't have to upgrade my old PC to play this game.
  7. I don't think it's better or worse now than in 2015. It's the same
  8. And me not remembering voting.... ...getting old
  9. FooFaFie

    DEPOT not a fair practice - WG should change it

    Just remember your own lawmakers, which you voted for, don't see a problem with gambling boxes. WG is doing this all according your countries laws. IT ISN'T ILLEGAL!!!!
  10. FooFaFie

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    All that I know I, a Belgian, can't see that page in my armory (I see it when I log out). So I don't think there gonna be free missions for it. It's a 100% payed event. If you ask me.
  11. FooFaFie


    You play with a lesser ship for the challenge. Trying to do good in lower tier and inferior ship can be more rewarding that your typical overpowered and overplayed BBs. That's how I view it. But it seems a lot of players don't.
  12. FooFaFie

    Free Code

    SWEDISH500 Gives a white flag with blue waves It's an old Swedish navy flag from 16th century.
  13. FooFaFie


    It says limits reached for me.
  14. FooFaFie

    New Code from twitter

    All mentioned codes are expired. At least for me.
  15. FooFaFie

    Dear Wargaming. Please nerf smokescreen.

    I remember the days after WG gave us smoke cruisers but before we had radar. That were truly horrible days. Teams of smoking cruisers giving each other smoke.