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  1. FooFaFie

    New Ship Line

    That German CV, with the Europa base, small? Really? The Midway had a displacement of 45.000 tons and a lengt of 305m That Europa ship would had a displacement of 44.000 tons and a lengt of 291,5m Smaller? Yes. But small?
  2. FooFaFie

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    I personally can't wait for subs. But than again I prefer the new CVs to the old CV-gameplay any day of the week.
  3. FooFaFie

    Premium Shop Price Decreases

    A 10 to 15% price drop isn't enough to make me buy some stuff that I don't need/want at the moment.... ...sorry!!!
  4. FooFaFie

    CV Rework Discussion

    The one thing I miss the most in the current CV system is the fact that the planes fly 100% (attacking not included) at the same altitude. As player I hoped the Devs would have picked a system like the subs were the player has some controle of the depth. I would have loved a system with: - Just above the water altitude the decrease detection - A cruising altitude. Let say the current altitude and also the standard. Maybe even split this one in 2 altitudes. One higher but slower. And 1 lower but faster. - Altitude above all AA. Just to avoid AA bubbel. "Surface altitude" and "high altitude" with have a timer like the current AA-system. I know from a past video-interview with the devs they were looking into the possibility of flying at high AA-avoiding-altitudes.
  5. FooFaFie

    New Ship Line

    I still say that after the Italian cruisers and 2/3 subs lines we will have the German CVs. Why? - The German lines are some of the most popular lines with players. - of the major blocks JPN, Germany and US. Germany is the only one without silver CVs. Even the less popular nation UK already has a CV line. - It's the only country with a premium CV in game (which is very popular) and no CV-line. Italy and France has none yet. And on topic. I don't see torpedo boats for players in the future.
  6. FooFaFie

    Calm down dear, It's only a U boat......

    Ev1n did say something about that in Gamescom stream (I think).
  7. FooFaFie

    Calm down dear, It's only a U boat......

    If you ask me what the next big thing will be is "hard mode" for randoms for the players that have been here for years. Like the game that we will not name but it begins with a "W" and it ends with a "arthunder". You could do multiple things: - no guide for torps - moving + shooting = less accurate shots - no guids bombs/torps/rockets for planes - hitting an island/friendly ship does real damage - ...
  8. FooFaFie

    Twitch Epic Drops

  9. FooFaFie

    Submarines: the next step.

    Now the subs really comes close. Always thought the subs would come to the game eventually but I didn't except them this year. Can't wait for Gamescom presentation.
  10. FooFaFie

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Why not? A lot of people/clans would love to do nation vs nation games? With that hard grind you could give German cruisers radar. But it isn't an and-and-and-story. But a if-if-if-story. If they pick radar they lose something else like the fighter plane because it's in the same slot. Maybe it's a weaker Russian radar with even shorter time... For the Henry it's maybe a Russian radar in the slot for reload. Maybe it's a buff but it also gets a minus. What if the Shima get's a torp reload. But it's in the slot of smoke Generator. Is it then a 100% buff? Why not give the possibility of a super fast reload booster but it's in the slot of repair party. Is it then a 100% buff? Itisn't like a gave a 100% worked out suggestion. It's more of a general direction they could pick that changes over nation / ship types.
  11. (previous post had the wrong conclusion from me) But that training center is still te worst idea ever.
  12. FooFaFie

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    So that training center will come 100%....if they already selling the ships...this is bad...real bad
  13. Just listen to Jingles. Didn't know anything about that "Training Center" before that. But what a horrible idea. I'm the kind of player that unblocked 1 Tier 10 in 3 years. I'm a casual player and now you gonna give the diehard players even beter ships? So if I play it's me in a tier 8 cruiser against tier 10 BB. And now it will be me in a stock tier 8 cruiser against a tier 10 BB on steroids? Do you really think that will be a fun experience for me? Something that will keep me playing this game?
  14. FooFaFie

    Can't buy containers

    But here's the kicker. In most (if not all) there are laws that forbid gambling for people under a particular age. For Belgium that is for example. Casino's not under 21y. Slot machines not under 18y. Scratchcard 18y. And so long games can't (or will not) have age restrictions the end conclusion will be NO LOOTBOXES FOR NOBODY!!! If WG made their games ages +18y and no children allowed the adults would be abele to buy as many lootboxes that they want. Because gambling for adults is still 100% legal in Belgium.
  15. FooFaFie

    ST, French arc, new map, balance changes

    Will we get the French destroyers that soon? Not a lot of time for testing if you ask me. Than again you will have the full release at Gamescom it seems.