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  1. FooFaFie

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Only about the ships that I own or have owned: I >>> Orlan II >>> Can't remember III >>> Oleg IV >>> Svietlana V >>> Emiel Bertin VI >>> La Glassonnière VII >>> Myoko VIII >>> Charles Martel IX >>> Ibuki X >>> Zao
  2. FooFaFie

    European research tree?

    Personally I would find it strange to have a flag with countries on it that will NEVER have ships in the tree because they have their own trees. I'm looking at the U., France, Germany and Italy. That's just going full moronic. Also they said at Gamescom this was just a provisional flag. You could go the EU-flag because the PAN-EUR tree has ZERO to do with the UK or their Brexit. But not every possible candidate for the PAN-EUR tree is in the EU. And of course the EU didn't exist in 1910 to 1950. And if the the PAN-ASIA goes mythical why not the PAN-EUR. The unicorn still stands symbol for 'purity' and 'grace' . Also it's linked with the medieval times (+ Renaissance). Most European national identities are from those times.
  3. FooFaFie

    European research tree?

    I really hope they get a little more creative about that flag... maybe ...something like this 1 The PAN-ASIAN has the mythical dragon. Why not the medieval unicorn for the PAN-Europe. I would keep it blue. Still hope they will hold a contest about it.
  4. FooFaFie

    European research tree?

    In 1 of the last streams Mrconway has said the words "pan-Europe tech tree". And so far that we know it would be a tree of Poland + Austria-Hungary + Netherlands. Sadly nothing is final until it's launched in to the game.
  5. FooFaFie

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    I still say the answer lays with with matchmaking. - OP ships only in same tier or higher tiers. Never with lower tier ships. - Only 1 OP ship per side in randoms with only the same tier. - Divisions with the same OP-ships automatically get op-tiered. - If needed exclude the ships from ranked or clan battles.
  6. FooFaFie

    Upgrade graphics setting

    Are you guys talking about this: LOD settings
  7. FooFaFie

    Some interesting info around the world

    If you want a personal close look yourself. USS Georgia 3D model
  8. FooFaFie

    Do CVs belong in Clan Battles? (Poll)

    I had me some KOTS yesterday (as spectator) and I have to say it wasn't half bad. No at all. But all battles I saw all the teams had a CV and max 2 DDs (normally only 1). The games didn't seem that different than the previous KOTS tournament. maybe a little bit less campy. But that is only from a spectator view of course.
  9. FooFaFie

    Why is the Mikhail Kutuzov seen as broken OP?

    I looked it up. The Kutuzov is for update 0.5.2. The game has changed a lot.
  10. FooFaFie

    Why is the Mikhail Kutuzov seen as broken OP?

    But hitting a moving ship around 19km asks a lot of skill. And if you want to do a lot of damage you have to do it over and over again wit your little 152mm guns.
  11. With the drama around the Giulio Cesare and people asking for the Belfast. I feel the urge to ask about the one ship, of all broken ships, that I want to buy. The Mikhail Kutuzov. Why is she seen as broken OP.? She doesn't seem to be much better than the Charles Martel. Even if you look at the 5% best players with that ship she only does 4000 av damage better. WIth 50% best players not even +2000 av damage. The periode of removal was prior the radar ships so far I can remember. Surely her OP status got a hit out of this?
  12. FooFaFie

    An idea to fix the, supposedly, OP Premium "problem"

    And see game after game the same ships over and over again. No thanks.
  13. FooFaFie

    PTS - Bugs

    I had that 1 too. But after a time it rectify itself. And i was to slow
  14. FooFaFie

    I’m absolutely terrible at the game, any tips?

    Tip!!! Don't look so much at your stats and hide them. They are nobodies business. Best tip you EVER will get on this forum.
  15. FooFaFie

    Can anyone recommend a line for me to grind?

    Of all the lines I would love to do, it's the USN CL with radars. So Worcester.