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  1. Arent we supposed to get 48 Guineas?

    So far that I understand now. The event stops with the end of 0.7.9 But 1 of the currencies will last until the end of 0.7.10 and 1 of the currencies will end with 0.7.11.
  2. 10 Guineas for less than 1 pound/euro

    I don't understand anymore. Doesn't the RN event stop after this week? No more RN boxes? Who do you get to 48?
  3. UK WOWS Event??

    Poor Venom. All he wanted is to look lovingly into the eyes of MrConway and maybe get some free stuff.
  4. UK WOWS Event??

    Brutal occupation of friendly people.
  5. UK WOWS Event??

    Begium didn't. We were a clear victim of the childish European powers (Germany, France and UK) that had to start a war. We were neutral.
  6. UK WOWS Event??

    Again. It was the private property form Leopold 2 until 1908. What Leopold did was to give licenses to compagnies to get the rubber. A lot of those companies were British (ofcourse also Belgian).
  7. UK WOWS Event??

    Belgians? The period you are talking about Kongo was a the private property from of Leopold II. So Belgians?
  8. Operation Narai

    Yup I agree. Dunkirk was way to easy. Me too had the 5 stars in the first try. Should have been more challenging.
  9. Some interesting info around the world

    From the Asian WOWs site. (source : Regarding recent BOT issue ) Dear Commanders, Recently, there have been increasing reports on bot accounts. Both the World of Warships Asia Team and Dev. team, are aware of the issue and recognize the seriousness. In order to solve the issue, the Dev. team is breaking down some of bot programs. After investigation & testing, the programs will be added to our detection system that filters any usage of forbidden program. Meanwhile, manual investigation on accounts & reports are now conducted regularly by World of Warships Asia Team. Recent two investigation on accounts led to banning 59 & 90 accounts respectively, and as effective of today, additional 46 accounts will be banned. Every report of suspected bot activities in forum & CS also enter investigation process. From 80 accounts that were reported, 45 of them were successfully identified as bot and banned. World of Warship Asia Team would like to thank everyone who reported related activities and encourage to report any bot program or suspected account. We understand your inconvenience and will do the best to fight the issue. Action Stations!
  10. Yesterday I got the last one that I was still missing. From a free container the tier 7. So that makes 1 from a money container. 1 from an arsenal container. And 2 from free containers. What's strange is that I still didn't get a double. Or so far that I know nobody got 2 the same DDs. Which is strange.
  11. Dasha Perova Coming To Game

    It wouldn't be a bad idea if WG ever needs another spokeswoman for the game they choose a person that speaks more than 1 language. Nothing against Russian but English seems the bare minimum. It's after all the most spoken second language globally. A thirth or even fourth language couldn't hurt.
  12. Suggestions thread

    I want a sell button for part here.... Just switch it off if you can't sell
  13. Best Destroyer

    HSF Harekaze sounds good. But sadly for you...the ship will never be seen again.
  14. Luckily I'm only doing JPN and the French MN. I can't do much with this guy. Maybe I can get some (premium) ships out of the containers that I can sell for silver.
  15. And this one. Will it only speak Russian or will we have English too this time? According to the press release, these four commanders are “one that can serve with the US fleet, one for Soviet vessels and two unique ones. These two extra special commanders will be dual-nation, a first for World of Warships, meaning players can easily switch between Soviet and US fleets with a single commander.” So again. Does he speak English or not? The Dasha commander was a little dissapointed in that sense.