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  1. FieFaFoo

    Continous chat bans

    If you have time the read or type in the ingame chat...you are doing something wrong if you ask me The best way to deal with ingame chat is simply to turn it off...if people insult you, you can't see it ...if you get angry you can't type nothing ...it all equals no chat ban (but that won't matter anymore )
  2. FieFaFoo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I'm not gonna write an essay about subs. But after playing them a few days/weeks. I have to say I like them a lot...really a lot. The last days there where at least 2x7 to 2x9 players in each battle. The bullet points that I didn't like: - depth charges. You could activate the second depth charge too fast. The sub had no chance to get away. Wasn't fun in a sub...wasn't fun in CL/DD...or at least not challenging - the fact that BB, CV and CC couldn't do much against subs was just wrong. - running aground on a underwater cliff even when your subwas still clearly far way of that cliff - I hope the visual aspect of the enemy subs will be come better... that flat grey image wasn't real pretty. You needed the minimap to see which direction they went. But I liked the underwater effects for the most part - Canon shells hitting the water should be heard...even canons firring..we need more underwater sounds so we feel a part of the surface battle. But in my opinion your on something good
  3. FieFaFoo

    Increasing minimap size.

    Can't you go in setup and change the keys for in/decrease the minimap?
  4. FieFaFoo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I had my first battles in subs. I have to say I like them. I'm glad you can surface the subs now. Of course there is room for improvements. The fact that CA, CV and BB can do little to none against it is still wrong. Looking forward to the changes. Keep up the great works.
  5. FieFaFoo

    Vehicle restoration issues

    Actually now in the support section, when you're creating a ticket, you get the list of the ships you can restore for your ingame profile. Like I said it's better now. You get the list and no stupid time limits But getting back a premium ship should be ingame feature. Not something for support section of the website.
  6. FieFaFoo

    Vehicle restoration issues

    It's simple you need the 750 the value of doubloons in credits. If your premium ship goes for 10.000 (without any discounts) doubloons in the shop. You need 7.500.000 credits to restore your ship. I had a similar case. I sold credit ships but the devs said I didn't have enough credits. I think they see the credits in delay or there has to be a time between the 2 (selling silver ships and restoring premium ships). Next day it wasn't a problem anymore. By the way restoring a sold ship is getting easier and easier. Better and better. Now you don't have to wait for 6 months to restore the next ships. The only down side is that you have to do it 1 by 1. Not in a group of x ships.
  7. FieFaFoo

    Delete account

    What is so hard about not playing a game you don't like for 1,5 months?
  8. FieFaFoo

    Suggestions thread

    Beaching yourself should help against flooding. It's simple and logical.
  9. FieFaFoo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    After all the drama on this forum....than yes "only 5,5 hours" (mind you he did it well before the last day).
  10. FieFaFoo

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    Don't tell me people wrote to the WG-staff to get iEerlGrey fired because of PR and his response? If so...special case of snowflakes. Especially that now it seems it was only 5,5 hours of gameplay each day to get the PR.
  11. FieFaFoo

    Simply BAD Premium Ships

    Most of the ships named aren't bad ships but challenging ships only to be handled by the pro's. Bad ships are the premiums that are way too OP. They are to ones that suck ALL the fun out of the game.
  12. FieFaFoo

    merry Christmas

    I'm actually surprised that WOWs didn't do anything. Didn't do something last year?
  13. I know there isn't golden ammo in WOWs. But if they ever think to do it in WOWs and it's broken OP, or even OP, I probably leave. They have golden ammo in WOWp. But it's specialist ammo. They have a +'s and -'s . They aren't OP or even that popular.
  14. I'm fine with it all. I'm still very happy with the game. It's still a fact for random that the oldest ships in game are still more than relevant for. I have known games that wasn't so after 4 years. My red flags are: - selling expensive (idem freepremium) ships that are broken OP (which WG already did but did some things about it). That's why I don't care about the RN event. That ship sin't broken OP. - selling golden ammo that is broken OP.