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  1. Mahaaret

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Radar has killed DD play It is almost impossible to cap since radar came into the game,i am seeing more and more radar than ever before Most stupid idea ever implemented into this game
  2. Mahaaret

    T9 MM = 90% T10 matches

    But it does not matter to some CV players who use divisions to cheat their way to higher win rates as highlighted on an earlier thread
  3. Mahaaret

    Buff Worcester

    Never have i seen so many trolls gather in a single thread. WOW's Forum needs cleaning up fast
  4. Mahaaret

    HE or AP

    Thank you
  5. Mahaaret

    HE or AP

    When in battle with a DD (Shiratsuyu), when do i use HE and AP, do i use AP against other destroyers
  6. Mahaaret

    Invisifiring - A simple solution.

    Invisifiring is one of the worst features in the game. It needs to be removed asap