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  1. Mahaaret

    Radar ships..... Balance??

    Another radar thread to go with the hundreds of other radar threads, just shows how broken radar is It should be heavily nerfed or removed would be even better
  2. Mahaaret

    Radar ships..... Balance??

    Great idea
  3. Mahaaret

    New Game Mode

    Yeah single player, no teams Just need something, anything to freshen up this game
  4. Mahaaret

    New Game Mode

    How about everyone giving ideas for a new "game mode", personally i am bored stupid with random and feel the game needs more battle modes. So i will give my idea, as daft as it sounds at least its an effort. Game Mode: Warships Battle Royale A single player large map with plenty of islands, not sure how many ships could enter something like this in Warships but its a start. Map shrinks at set intervals, last ship still sailing wins Yeah maybe a daft idea but its just an idea to get the ball rolling Hopefully the developers will take note of some of the ideas put forward by players
  5. Mahaaret

    CV games with Halland are unfun

    I have to agree with this
  6. I was so disappointed with ranked, it just boring
  7. Mahaaret

    This game is a mess

    The game has lost its balance CV's are OP but then again the Defensive AA can down a whole squadron in about 4 seconds, that is way OP too, plus CV's do little damage most of the time,. Radar is the most stupid thing ever added to the game, no skill at all, just press a button and light up everything within 12km, it can even go through mountains too. Smolensk should be heavily nerfed, way way OP The balance of ships tier for tier is simply abysmal (from T7), +2 MM is a joke
  8. Mahaaret

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    Well possibly right, but T6 and under is more balanced than above T6, but i do see your point, but i see no point in the shambolic mess at T9 and T10
  9. Mahaaret

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    TX game play is shambolic, the ships are incredibly unbalanced, the best tiers for balance are T6 and under, TX is simply a mess
  10. Mahaaret

    DDs where has the love gone?

    How can you say that when you rarely play DD's, Your main ships are BB's and Cruisers
  11. Mahaaret

    DDs where has the love gone?

    I am seeing more and more matches with no DD's
  12. Mahaaret

    DDs where has the love gone?

    I have noticed less and less DD's in random matches, all because of radar Nerf radar heavily or get rid BB players: radar is not too bad, we can work round it, but planes are a big problem Cruiser players; Learn to play DD, radar is not that bad NOOB! Carrier players: We hunt DD's for fun, they have no hiding place with radar and planes spotting them, so much fun DD players:
  13. Mahaaret

    Unsporting conduct!

    Bots, lots of them in random games
  14. Mahaaret


    I agree with the OP, the balance of the game is an absolute mess. I will no longer invest in this game Radar (game killer) OP ships considerably more powerful than most of their tier counterparts CV's unbalanced, but AA is unbalanced too Time for me to take a step back
  15. Mahaaret

    tis will be interesting...real DD vs BB

    You might find this interesting... NO RADAR