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  1. I uninstalled on Sunday, i did not see the point of carrying on with subs imminent. I will not return while subs are in the game Pubg for me now
  2. Then the 6th is my last day
  3. I will uninstall the day these game wrecking monstrocities are released into random games
  4. Kiagy

    Why ranked is not competitive at all- vol 2

    Ranked is just incredibly unbalanced
  5. Kiagy

    Ranked matchmaking is awful

    Then you woke up
  6. Kiagy

    Ranked matchmaking is awful

    and "Colonel (weegee) Pete" reckons it all down to the players, its definitely not just down to the players
  7. Never seen MM so bad at T10 ranked 2 radar v 0 2 smolensk v none Ragnar and smaland v 2 Shima's its just totally unbalanced so often
  8. Kiagy

    WG dont play the game

    I switched off after only a few minutes, most annoying, irritating voice possible Rather watch paint dry
  9. Badly flawed You supporting convoy, enemy just send ships to meet convoy at the end of the line, boring
  10. Kiagy


    I will give it a go, thanks
  11. Kiagy


    You mean like Smolensk ?
  12. Kiagy


    I will have it soon, only need 8k coal, hope its good