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  1. cro_pwr

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    You might want to check what complaining means, since you and I obviously have a very different view on that one.
  2. cro_pwr

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    "I'm sick of complaining" Starts complaining in very next sentence. Jesus, did not expect that one.
  3. I'd like to see some pros using new carriers with great effectiveness. I did try them on CBT, didn't really like them, stopped playing them, but it was against bots anyway so... I'm really curious about how good will they fare against real players in randoms and how useful will they be (they sure as hell ain't that much of a fun).
  4. cro_pwr

    Why Belfast is needed in game

    We need it in game to show everyone how good is WG at balancing this game.
  5. cro_pwr

    Talk trash in white when losing

    Theres no talk like trash talk.
  6. cro_pwr

    Gascogne is best tier 8 BBaguette

    I have 180+k top in whatever the name is of that other t8 FR BB, and I didn't even like the ship. Hell, I have 180+k top in every other t8 BB I've played... Even in some t5-6 ships... So yea, those standards got really low all of a sudden.
  7. cro_pwr

    Gascogne is best tier 8 BBaguette

    When did 100k dmg in t8 BB become a staple of bestest ship?
  8. cro_pwr

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    Dude, with your stats, you shouldn't tell others to git gud and how to play IJN DDs, but you should ask for advice on how to play them...
  9. cro_pwr

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    As noted, with all new DDs that have better guns, equal concealment, equal or better torps, hydros, radars, def AAs, god knows what not, IJN DDs have simply lost their place in the game. Yes, they can dish out good damage when you score few hits with your torps, but IJN torps have long ago become the thing you fear the least in this gameplay where there is so much things that can kill you a lot easier. (looking at all the BBs that can devastate you, all the english HE spammers that will deal 15k damage per salvo and start 2 fires even if you are angled, fast firing, hard hitting cruisers etc). Its just that nowadays DDs have too much jobs to do, and getting to the point where you can actually torp something and rack up some damage is more often then not either too hard, or too late. Even then, there is so much hydros, planes, and all other things that counter torps present in high tiers that scoring more then 1 torp on a target requires quite a dumb move from your opponent. (or you allready won the game, and you have free reign over whole map and you can run around torping things unspotted, but at that point it really doesn't matter anymore)
  10. cro_pwr

    Gameplay is now a joke

    What did you expect. For last 2 years WG is trying to remove any sliver of skill required in the game so cater for the masses of zombies "playing for fun" so bunch of actually skilled players just said f it, and stopped playing. And now you have this... mess... or whatever you want to call it. Bunch of people having 0 idea how to play the game, and if you stick 4-5 players with actual working brain in one team, game ends in 5 minutes. Mainly the reason I'm playing like 10 games a week, as opposed to 10 games a day I've played before. And I'm not alone. Half of my clan is barely active, or not active at all.
  11. Feed your hamster, you got enough money from helloween to buy him food.
  12. IDK, I mean, I know some people have s**tload of money to throw away for stupid things, and hey, I'm spending lots of money on drinks and things like that myself. But throwing that much money at WG out of all companies, just to get few measly camos (even if you get few permanent ones, thats a huge gamble that I would probably loose), is a huge nono for me. And I'm the guy that spent money on Dota 2 just to make my hero look a bit different, without any special benefits, but I did that to support a company that did a great job and provided me with a game that I enjoyed for a long long time. So I'm all up for "support the company", but pricing on WGs products is over the top, and once again, spending money on few camos is serious "wtf" moment for me.
  13. cro_pwr

    How to play that Kiev?

    You are not a DD hunter, you are a cruiser without a citadel. Provided that in this game cruisers should actually be DD hunters, you know rock paper shotgun whatever, but if you allready want to play that role, you play it as a support to your other DD. Aka sit 5-6 km behind him, when he engages into gunfight or when he spots another DD, blaze him away. you have good enough shell velocity to properly hit other DDs from 8-10 km away while not sacrificing your speed / maneuverability to keep yourself alive. Other then that, your main purpose is to be annoying bugger that will just pepper everything with his shells, and by that I mean literary everything. BBs, CAs, whatever. And pls don't forget about your AP, you can even citadel cruisers with it when they give you broadside, and even without citadels, you will deal a good constant damage per salvo on broadside targets. There are few good videos (a bit older ones, but they didn't change much bar forKhaba) over past few years, so feel free to watch some of the lets say Flamus videos about Kiev and RU gunboats in general (most of them play the same). And please, for the love of god, ignore the IFHE advice, and don't waste 4 points on it.
  14. cro_pwr

    How to play that Kiev?

    You are playing the fastest line of ships out there. If anything, you have the ability to get into good position. Speed is everything when playing RU DDs. Use it to change positions, to get to flanks, to pick the battles that suit you, and when s**t hits the fan, run away. And ofc, to dodge enemy shells.
  15. Sorry, but I never saw anything close to worth 50+€ except for the New year containers that had high chance of getting you premium ships. OK, there was that one time when containers were spewing out those oroboros, hydras and whatnot, so if you really wanted to speed up your grind you could throw some money on them, but most of the time they are giving you some random camos and flags that you get by playing the game. I literary have over 1000 special camos, so throwing hundreds of euros to WG just to get few more is a nono.