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  1. If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    When Atago was introduced, she was the most powerful t8 cruiser. Or maybe not at the moment she was introduced, but held that title for long enough for most of people to remember her as such. True that, but once again, was simply a better counterpart in almost all regards with radar included. Just counted ships that I remembered in first minute or two, and didn't want to include free xp ships, since they are (to some extent) available to most of people to earn them ingame. Closest ships that were comparable to Blyska are RU DDs, since she had their type of gameplay, but just better. Aka, she had everything RU DDs have and more. Not even sure if Lening came out when Kiev was still in the game or a bit later, or just before the split... Honestly can't remember that. And last itteration of Kiev was already a nerfed one IIRC, but still, lenin had higher speed and better torps. Not saying that Kiev was bad or anything, I have extremely good results with her (played both versions), but still even if its just for the torps, lenin has the upper hand. Enterprise is not a IJN CV, so she is not a superior Shokaku, but she is superior Lexington :) Yes, nowadays 2 of them are quite close and one could argue that you have radar or smoke advantage. But once again, once upon a time, aka when she came out, she was insanely powerful, and only thing that could even come close to her was AFT Mogami (without a smoke ofc), and strangely enough, Mogami got nerfed, while Kutuzov stayed the same :) yup, I know how the story behind Kamikaze went, since I loved my Minkaze and had her in port for a long long time ^^ Buddy is better at harassing, and Molotov is better at killing :P Just kidding. Yea, that might not be the best example out there, and they are somewhat in the same strength category, but I still think that putting t9 guns on t6 ship is a bit funny idea :)
  2. If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    Well, thats because WG already shot themselves in the foot. They released so much OP premium ships that nowadays, whenever they release a new one, people are simply saying : "Why would I buy Yorck class premium, when I already have Belfast that has smoke + hydro + radar." Or to make it short: "Why would I buy this premium when I already have one that is better." Yea, great examples... Not... First of all, such a powerfull hydro on a DD is not "merely a hydro", and you know it, so why the hell are you acting like a donkey here... Second of all, every single premium ship already has a huge advantage over the silver counterpart. And that advantage is that they are making more money, cost less to maintain, earn more xp, and can use any captain from any other ship of the same nation without a penalty. So obviously, they are also great captain trainers. You see, they have huge economical advantage over silver counterparts, why the heck should they need a huge fighting advantage as well? For instance, I wouldn't mind having a premium ship that has the same characteristics as the silver counterpart, but with premium advantages. Of course that should be the ship that I like, but I REALLY wouldn't mind having a premium Nagato / Amagi / Cleveland etc in my port. So if you have one, feel free to send them to me And to go back to your car example, the proper one would be: I can have this car that spends 10 gallons of gas, or I can have the same one that spends 4 gallons, but it costs a bit more at the start. Should I spend more money now to save money in long term, or I don't have that much money now, so it will be easier to handle a bit higher maintainence costs in the future...
  3. If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    Oh, I don't know... Buff AA a bit, but decrease rudder shift. Increase reload by 10%, decrease AA values Loose 1 gun, get 20% better torp reload (dds ofc) Give her a bit longer lasting hydro, remove defensive AA on her. Give better fire chance, lower AP pen value Give better turret traverse loose 10% reload etc etc etc You have 100 things that you can play with in the game. Literary 100 things. Armor plates, AA mounts, consumables, gun characteristics, torpedoes, shell characteristics, maneuverability, and what not (not to count all of them). And you are telling me that the only way to make a premium ship is to only buff all of them, and to take away nothing in return?
  4. If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    Honestly, seeing Nechroms posts is always enlightening
  5. If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    From the top of my head, the first ones that comes to mind: Atago Lo Yang Indianapolis Belfast Scharnhorst Blyskawica Lenningrad Saipan Enterprise Kaga to some extent Kutuzov Nikolai Gremyachy Konig Albert Murmansk Kamikaze Molotov De Grasse Yea, very few examples... And thats only the ones I could have tought of in 50 seconds... PS. Graf Spee isn't garbage, she is just different.
  6. [PSA] Eastern Dragon available.

    Thats probably the last thing on this world that I would spend my 20€ on...
  7. Clan Battle ridiculous Match Making

    You lost 13 points while on average you were winning 40+... If you won that game you would probably get something like 60+ points...
  8. Błyskawica Game(in the background) play COBI

    I love the fact that they even put a proper camo on that Bismarck.
  9. Enough is enough.

  10. Take your Blyska, find an Emerald, and you will citadel her from 14 km with ease ^^
  11. Enough is enough.

    Eh, everyone just casually bashing as always, while at the same time everyone is actually complaining about t8 MM... T8 IS the worst "Higher" tier to play nowadays. Doesn't matter what you might say, but playing t8 against t10 all the time IS NOT fun. Yes, you can have good game, yes you can SOMETIMES have some influence on the game (good t8 DD can still do reasonably well), but most of the times you are just that +1. And I'm not talking about troll ships like Kutuzov that don't give a damn, but fighting 4 Yamatos in an Amagi is a joke, heck, fighting Minotaur in Amagi is a joke... Thats the main reason most of my (I think) 11 t8 ships I have ATM are collecting dust in port. If I want to play lower tiers, I'll go for 7, if I wanna go higher, I'll take 9/10... T8 simply doesn't have a place in the game nowadays...
  12. Who needs balance anyway...

    I can vouch for that :)
  13. Who needs balance anyway...

    Drop the torps into their smoke and wait for them to run out like rats so your team can kill them. There, your game just got balanced.