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  1. Since WG is very welcoming when its about sharing game stats and numbers, and since I wouldn't remember every coefficient of 200 ships anyway, I can't really answer you that question.
  2. Missouri has the highest cred income in the game. End of story. Every ship has his own credit multiplier, as well as every ship has his own xp multiplier, and simply, Mo has the highest one when it comes to creds.
  3. Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    And Nelson is badder Musashi? I would vote for Musashi, or Yamato, whatever float your boat. But @OP I sure hope so that you DID NOT say that Kongo is a bad ship. KONGO IS LOVE, KONGO IS LIFE. So are Fuso, Nagato and Amagi.
  4. long story short: Its not...
  5. How to learn DM players to use DF as CV?

    worst thing is, there is no need for Midway AP bombs. I've dropped DM with Shokakus / Taihos, heck 2 days ago my teammate DM got killed by enemy Taiho... How you ask? God knows...
  6. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Eh, Moskva was mostly used on bigger maps for 11.7 km range (where you can't bring DM into a position to radar the whole cap), and as a long range support yea, since she has great guns / shell velocity. But she wasn't brought purely for DPM, since it was quite situational for Moskva to have a chance to deal prolonged damage. You usually shot few salvos, then crawled back behind the island. Zao on the other hand was much more popular choice for DPM and HE spamming compared to other cruisers, but has fallen off quite significantly since Hindy got 1/4 pen. Usually now Zao is used purely because of concealment, on the maps where you can abuse him as some kind of flanking ship, but in all other cases Hindy is simply better. Same / similar DPM, higher range, better AA, more HP, turtleback etc...
  7. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Ah yea, thats the issue. I don't really consider ranked as competitive mode. Its just randoms with 7v7 instead of 12v12. You can see so much stupid things in ranked, and that being in high brackets 5-1 ranks, that your head will spin... Real competitive enviroment is only tournaments and CBs, where you can handpick players, ships and strategies to fight another handpicked team. And in such teams, most of the top clans sees Hindy as a VERY valuable asset to every team composition. And most of that comes from the ability to provide consistent long range (aka 20km) dpm output trough out the game.
  8. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    Just one serious question. Where are you pulling out your "competitive" stats from? And I'm dead serious, since now I would like to see them myself.
  9. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    OK, ofc you won't be sitting there bow on in Hindy, thats a waste of a ships potential. Where did you even get the impression she is bad in randoms?? She is probably the strongest cruiser in the game ATM, just for the fact that she is a jack of all trades. She is just good at everything, being competitive or random gameplay. Someone is sitting bow on? Just spam HE and burn him to death. Someone is showing you broadside? Blap him with your AP. There is a CV in the match? No problems, you have excellent AA. (people are still delusional and think Germans have bad AA) And thats what Exocet tried to point out. Before she HAD to be played as an opportunistic CA. You HAD to choose your targets, to blap someone with AP, because your HE was garbage. You HAD to position yourself properly to get to someones broadside. Nowadays, you don't have to do any of that, cause you have great HE coupled with German AP. You have 20 km range. If you get deleted from 20km volley, its usually your own fault (not saying its easy not to get hit nowadays with 5 bbs per side, but still.) And every cruiser in the game gets blapped very hard every now and then. Even Zao does, but you are forgetting that Zao has a lot less HP, so she is quite easily brought down even by a simple HE focus. You have million videos, streams, texts, guides, whatever nowadays to watch and learn. If you are an experienced, and a good player, you don't need to play 600 games in one ship to get a grasp of it. You need to watch few vids of how she plays, what are her strengths and weaknesses, and you are good to go. I got Hindy quite recently, but I'm performing "quite well" in her, And I even got to R1 with her in this season. Why? Because I knew all her strengths and weaknesses before I even started playing her, since I saw her in battles and videos of people playing her like 5000 times already. And I'm not saying that she has to be nerfed, or anything along those lines, but the arguments you presented in this topic were, eh, wrong to say at least.
  10. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    You, my friend, have no idea what you are talking about... She isn't an effective long range HE spammer? That's why we saw 4 Hindys in one team in last KOTS? She can't whitstand long range AP volleys? Yea, shes not tanky at all. GL winning 1v1 long range fight in a BB vs Hindy (if Hindy knows what hes doing ofc). And you don't have to have a ship to see how she performs while doing specific tasks. I don't have Grozovoi, but I might assume that you won't be citadeling Yamatos with her AP from 15 km away.
  11. Thats because you are a God of WOWS. You are the one that can look at the minimap, and see the ship that wasn't yet spotted. I bet you have 90% WR in your DDs. Maybe even higher.
  12. My highest in Kami is 167. Now I'm sad... Eh, don't have 160k in t3, Campbeltown is my #1 there with 111k, but I have only 120 games in t3, so that might be the reason :D But I do have 168k in Hosho, and IIRC that game was a loss
  13. Oh God, if I could, I would punch our Chung trough the monitor... I told him just to spot the Tashkent and thats it, we won... He started shooting on 1k hp and died ofc... Then he said "I'm playing this to shoot, not to watch." Needless to say I got reported after that game.