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  1. Just to answer in short lines to Namolis. First of all, you have my post in other topic where I said myself that players did find out BBs are doing too much damage, but devs first said "its nothing", then they said "its ribbons", then year after they finally said "oh yea, there is a problem, we are trying to fix it". So don't talk BS that noone cared about it, since people were quite vocal about AP mechanics for over a year, and devs just kept ignoring them. 2nd, whereas you say there was no changes to AP mechanic, I'll just give you one: Shorter fuse on some AP shells that work quite different then your good old Yamato AP shells. Also, I can't say for sure (since its too late and I'm half asleep), but I'm pretty sure they "Improved" armor models on ships in few occasions, introduced overmatch mechanic, as someone said changed how armor plating works, and probably few more "tweaks". And something went really wrong somewhere in between. So pls stop talking BS.
  2. 09/27/2016 - Thats the freaking date that WG implemented flat service cost 09/13/2017 - Thats the freaking date in my freaking country A FREAKING YEAR HAS PASSED, and still I dare to say that 50% of playerbase thinks that repair costs is directly influenced by damage taken. I just cannot, simply CAN NOT understand what kind of people are playing this game... And yea, I know that OP was polite and everything, sorry for me being rude in the topic, but Jesus F. Christ, these things really #"%$# me off...
  3. The less damage you take in your battleship (only works for battleships tho), the less your repair cost is. Although the values my differate because of the ammo spent (the amounts of shots you took), and the fuel spent (how much you moved during the game). So your best bet to minimize the costs is to put spotter plane (not the premium one, but regular one for less costs), reverse back to the border of map at the start of the game, turn off your secondaries and anti air guns (press P by default) so they don't waste ammo, and shoot only when you are sure you will hit something (when they come 10km away from you is ideal). Remember to move as little as possible to minimize the fuel costs, shoot as few shells as possible, and possibly to stay undetected the whole game so nobody shoots you. That way you will maximize your profits, while minimizing your costs, and you will easily cut down the cost of ship maintainance to some 20-30k creds for t10 battleships, while gaining easy creds since you will shoot only the things you know you will damage. Cheers.
  4. Was a Des Moines, not Balti :P But yea, my teammates just died like flies one after another, and was a complete fail of the game sadly... Cheers
  5. I'll just say that I was quite shocked to see that this game is offering you to buy yourself a way into the most experienced / elite (now its not really like that, but when I started to play t10 players were mostly experienced) gameplay without a single game played beforehand. I played a bunch of f2p, p2p or whatever online games, and I have seen INSANE p2w game where you had to spend INSANE amounts of money to be a top player, but neither one of them (at least I can't remember one) allowed you to instantly jump into a fight with a top player, no matter what amount of money you threw at your monitor...
  6. bb ap vs dd

    Yup, exactly this. Before ribbons we all noticed something wrong is happening, but noone had a real proof of that (Damage counters etc were not implemented in the game yet), and after we got a proof of something being awefully wrong with mechanics, they said its just ribbons. Then its "yea, its broken", and year later "yea, we are working on it, but it will take us another year". Now just take a second and think about it. Huge bug (not working as intended) in a freaking core mechanic of the game, and I mean literary fundamental mechanic, that everything else is built around, aka shooting something with your shells in a goddamn naval warfare game had to be found out not by developers, but by players themselves. THEY DIDN'T KNOW THEIR CORE MECHANIC WAS BROKEN. And even after PLAYERS told them their core mechanic is broken, they ignored it for a year, and now they are "working on it" but it will take another year to be fixed. Once again, a CORE MECHANIC! There should really be some medal to give to such a amazing devs...
  7. bb ap vs dd

    Just to add to this, that while I also have no proof (I don't really keep WGs posts from year ago), they DID say that they have acknowledged *buggy* AP shell behavior where light armored ships (cruisers and DDS) are taking too much damage from BB shells. And now, year or so later, its all of a sudden a pressing matter, and they will fix it in a year or so... Give me a break...
  8. Hope that 68 is enough for this topic. (damn you Sanders, you beat me by 1 :( ) Won't even bother with CV ones, since I'm getting 40+ plane kills quite regulary, but Clear skies are a different story.
  9. Seriously, you are mostly scared to nerf BBs because babies will get mad and leave the game... Trust me, you can nerf all the BBS in the game tomorrow and 80% of your BB players will have no idea something happened, let alone will be crying about it, while the rest of us normal people will have a better game to play. (And trust me, people still aren't aware that damage you took in the battle isn't accounted in your repair bill, so yea, if you don't change Yamatos HP to 80k, they won't even notice you nerfed their precious toys...)
  10. My biggest issue with them is that WG once again effectively removed all the skill from the game. While you can use AP to get good results on broadside targets (just had 120k damage game using AP only), you don't have to. HE is just too effective, and there is no reason for you to switch ammo, or to choose targets. Angled BB? No problems. Angled cruiser? No problems. Broadside cruiser? Citadels with HE all day long, coupled with few fires, broken engines, guns, rudders, you name it, they break it... Try to play against them? Same story. You can angle, you can wiggle, you can do whatever you want, they don't care. They will deal a good consistent amount of damage increased by LOTS of fire no matter what you do and how much you angle against them. And I'm not talking about 1k damage salvos here. They are doing more damage per salvo then I was doing with Fuso in last ranked season against angled BBs. Its just freaking lame... Oh, and if that isn't enough, you can go full lame mode and bring 2 of them in a division. Watch the world burn. Just focus the closest target with 2 Iron Dukes, and watch them melt whatever they do... (PS. you have 12.5 km concealment, just in case all of that wasn't enough).
  11. Feel free to check my stats with t5 BBs. While I have only 8 battles in Duke, and its too small of a sample, I think you will see what I'm talking about.
  12. Izumo and Fuso are probably the only 2 ships in the game that you COULD put that camo on (but don't.)
  13. While I'm usually the one saying pretty much the same as you said now, especially when it comes to high tier games (150k damage in Zao burning 4 different BBs is useless damage if you ask me), in this case it just doesn't sum up as before. On t4/5 you have that broken Orion/Iron Duke thingies that will easily deal 6-7k HE salvos, + 2-3 fires per salvo every 30 seconds. Thats something that even Yamato can't handle properly, let alone t4-5 ships with 40-45k HP max, and most of them not having access to heal. I was in the games where I was scared to repair 2 fires because I knew that if I do that, in next salvo I could easily catch 3 of them, and trust me, especially on lower tiers when you constantly have 2-3 fires on someone, he dies pretty damn fast...