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  1. and from 30 of them, something like 5-10 are reserved for high tier games... And half of them are poorly executed, and are pain to play. Long story short: WG should really do something about the maps, but "Their map designers are too ocuppied and they think maps are fine", or something along those lines.
  2. Carriers are simply massively OP. Especially if you find yourself sailing: USN CAs, RN CAs, RU CAs, high tier KM CAs, high tier RU DDs, high tier USN DDs, USN BBs, RN BBs, higher tier KM BBS... (I probably missed few more). Or you are dumb enough to sail close to some of that ships. Man, they can simply do whatever they want.
  3. hey hey, don't you there to go around and tell people they should be doing their job! How dare you!
  4. Jethro, you should really send me some of that excessive cash you have lying around. I can PM you my adress / bank account.
  5. Thats not what she said.
  6. So, is there no 100% weekend bonus at all for this weekend, OR, did someone in their infinite wisdom changed weekend bonus from Friday (last week) to Saturday once again? Wth is going on?
  7. and how did you get your calculation? By what parameters?
  8. (INB4 Christmas is not EU thing etc.) edit: didn't read what Nishi wrote before me :(
  9. Well, this is actually one of your better cruiser by stats, and my God, you are really wrecking in her with your 44% wr. So yea, lets not even talk about your other cruisers and their stats, but lets just call this another one of your cr*p posts. Kirov 5 U.S.S.R. 36 44.44% 2 174 49 141 1.53 1.14
  10. So once again WG managed to fail, because they didn't account the daylight saving time, so I came 1 h late to the game... Well played guys, well played.
  11. how about no.
  12. Do you even know how to read what YOU have posted as an evidence? On average trough tiers, cruisers are getting 70% damage done on them from AP/HE shells, and 6% from fires (last time I checked 6% was lower then 70%). And now they will drop that 6% to 3% and it will help cruisers SO MUCH!
  13. This will help cruisers A LOT, since they are usually killed by a HE spam, and not by a BB AP salvos.
  14. Wait wait, from the tone of your post someone could suggest that you aren't enjoying the BB HE spamming meta? I hope thats not the case, since this is the pinnacle of skilled / fun gameplay in last 2 years, since I started playing WoWS.
  15. IMO they should add few more premium ships. 10 per month just ain't cutting it.