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  1. vaskemaskina

    Destroying secondary batteries.

    Sorry, you are right, it's 100. But still seems impossible to be honest.... but ill try yamato then
  2. Theres a new task in the Honorable Service campaign which requires you to destroy 200 secondary batteries. I've used my ARP Takao to do the task however in more than 8-10 battles ive only been able to take out 2. Most of the time using HE on BB's result in AA damage, but not the secondaries. What's the best way of doing this?
  3. vaskemaskina


    Still it's silly that if i shoot a cruiser and unless its player is a complete beginner it will just bounce off. Montana takes damage from EVERYTHING. This ship should be a tier 9 at BEST. Make NC tier 7 (eliminate the colorado) and iowa tier8. And finally provide the US with a valid tier10 BB, because it seems they are rather unwilling to fix up the montana casue right now it's a lame cruiser with big guns and nada more.
  4. vaskemaskina

    [POLL] What's your best Tier 10 BATTLESHIP?

    Whoever voted montana, do you only play coop?
  5. vaskemaskina


    I have no problem with accuracy actually, i just do a lot of blind shots even when i don't really think they gonna hit. I dont spare shells.. And no even though i prefer the spotter plane, i do tend to fight under 20km range. Here just in 13 mins BEFORE I got killed in a duel with an AMAGI.. Yes the amagi. I've seen the shells literally hitting the waterline at the turrets and amidships and BOOM 13k dmg from 12 shells. Mind you we were on the same HP and approx same angle to start off then it ended up being pararell to each other, then go half a circle more. It's just these shells are either made by in china, or by the enemy team.and I swear that it has worse armor than a North Carolina. For the record ive won a broadside duel (just like this one with the amagi) yesterday against a montana against which I scored 6 citadell hits. Laughable.
  6. vaskemaskina


    Fix F(insert random F word) Montana. Turning radius o fa cow. Gets citadelled by a pencil hitting the broadside. Did the USA really plan on winning at seas with this? I highly doubt it. Imagine if the japs would have had snowballs. Reacts to commands like my ex, maybe after the 3-4th call it will react(ie turn, or speed up). AA isnt anything impressive compared to Iowa or NC - Yes ive heard BUT ITS GOOD AGAINST LOWER TIER, yes im comparing to tierX, whats the point of comparing to t8? YES 12 guns but shells bounce off non stop or just do nothing at all. Now i have 300k XP with this and i can say i have had some real high results with it 160k+ dmg with 3-4-5-6-7 kills but that would mean a lucky game or completely muppet opponents. This ship can say it clearly is forgotten or just left like this on purpose. Worst of tier 10 BB's. A broadside exchange with a kurfurst would end up with montana being hit for 60k+ while kurfust at max 22k. Taking bow damage like hell as well (unlike the other two). I've heard comebacks like OH but its good against cruisers. Yes even cruisers are good against cruisers and basically any other BB is. Big deal. At least reduce the chance of being set on fire? Considering its FULLY steel? maybe? Torp protection can be thrown into the wastebin as well as i have both the target acq system mod and vigilance, which sounds nice, however at tier9 every submarine(ie destroyer) will launch more than 10+ torps at you, and given your 950m turning radius you will have a very good chance of doding a few but you'll surely be stuck. Just do SOMETHING with it as for the time being it's a lackluster and a waste of slot. You would need at least, in every game around 100k+ damage to gain any profit, given the current gameplay circumstances, it is rather annoying to achieve (No, challenging is not a word i'd use).
  7. vaskemaskina


    Umm just a random question: Why does the lexington s**k so much d**k?
  8. vaskemaskina

    [POLL] Simple question. Ranger YAY or NAY?

    Ranked is seasonal, at very best situational. Who knows when the next ranked is? Last time there was a good 4-5 months break.
  9. I think it would be against forum rules to write down the words that come into my mind about this ship. Let me know what you think.
  10. vaskemaskina

    North Carolina & Iowa

    Iowa is less tanky, goes fast, however you're unlikely to go at full speed too often, it accelerates somewhat crappy too (but hey it's a battleship). It has more accurate guns, better trajectory. I found the AA weaker vs t9 CVs than North Carolina's vs t8 CVs. NC is prolly the best AA battleship for it's tier. As peeps said, it's like 30% or so larger than the NC, which makes it an attractive target. I'd say the armor is also weaker, not meaning the stats, but for example a north carolina is almost invulnerable to frontal assaults, while with the Iowa you can get easy get some shells inside your superstructure. Oh yeah and I've sold my Iowa to get the montana, but I have kept the NC. In addition with the NC you can make quite a lot of cash. With the Iowa (being a t9 ship), it's much more harder.
  11. Right now, for the most it seems, you either play Air Superiority, or hope for another USN CV or an incompetent/afk IJN CV. Anyone got any info (maybe from RUS forums) if they have plans to change this?
  12. vaskemaskina

    Ranger help (but US CV in general)

    Is independence WG's version of april's fools? I mean unless you meet another independence you are SCREWED. Unless you go with air superioritiy then you cannot do sh1t. When i go with 1/1/1 it feels like he's got 4/4/4, ive taken out 3 squadrons of their fighters and he had 2-3 squadrons left. How the HELL does that balance out? There should be a big warning sign for USN CV's saying "SKIP, UNLESS YOU'RE A MASOCHIST" . Is it worth using all my free XP (60k) to get the ranger? Or does it also under perform so badly?
  13. How come WG never learns??? PUT A GODDAMN LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF DD'S PER MATCH Do the people responsible for the gameplay even watch ranked games above tier 15? If so, fire them.
  14. vaskemaskina

    Iowa BB help

    The description says fundamentally different armor system featuring an internal armor belt. Is that a marketing crap to sell the ship? It seems to take the same dmg as the NC if not more.
  15. vaskemaskina

    Stop with the kill X of class missions

    Really now. I'm not saying that should be done away with or that it's bad, but due to this design these missions can be rather silly. I've taken down 4-5 battleships for this mission and every time it was taken by someone else doing minimal dmg - not the first time. Hence I'm suggesting to change the mission goal to do certain amount of dmg to certain class. Avg battleship hp x 10 , for example