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  1. It might be a nerf to the cruisers, but HELLO secondary Conkek :)))
  2. VanD4rk

    buff t7 german bb sec range finally

    Nice, time to dust off those unspecced captains ones the update come ( if it will come)
  3. I was sad that Agir was not released as a secondary BC as it was tested in one iteration, it would have been an insta buy for me. 9x2 128 mm would have made a lot of fun starting with 7km base range. I can only hope that with the new skill rework we can get a skill for improve secondary range on cruisers or get a module for that as someone else mentioned.
  4. VanD4rk

    Finally!! The truth about this broken BB

    Am I the only one who thinks that Conq is better than Thunderer ? I see the main advantages of Conq to have the stupid heal which allows to tank the HE spammers like no problem and the more guns with wonky dispersion can help when you shoot targets that make hard maneuvers, being overall better than the bigger and more accurate guns of Thunderer.
  5. Why nerf the "Engine boost Modification 1" ?? This is another nerf to French BBs and CAs...
  6. VanD4rk

    Grosser Kurfurst Torpedoes

    Aha, new German TX premium incoming with just a small change in the main armament caliber from 406mm to 510mm.
  7. VanD4rk

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Pls keep the Ludendorff name. It fits more the ship.
  8. VanD4rk

    Is it possible to get the Missouri?

    Don't bother with Missouri. It is average at best these days combat wise, and the radar gimmick is no longer that important today than it was when released since there are a lot of ships which have longer radar range. It is still the only BB with radar but in order to use it, will require to get dangerously close. The only true benefit is the credit farming but as others said, you can farm a lot of credits with other T9s premiums which combat wise are better than Mo. If you want to feel the Mo experience than grind the Iowa ( which has an improved rudder shift time than Mo with the upgraded hull).
  9. Imo Odin was already meh with those 20 sec reload and low hp. A buff to some secondaries that need to get in danger at higher tiers is useless. Sometimes WG amazes me about their balance decisions. I am pretty sure they just collected the data when Odin was top tier and played by a vodka infused tester against some floating potatoes in fail divisions. Only this way I can maybe understand that Odin was OVERPERFORMING. Since WG consider the majority of playerbase composed out of apes and not giving the possibility to switch between the main guns and secondary guns because it will overcook the brains, I doubt that playerbase will be able to overperform with Odin in the current stats iteration. This nerf is just another troll by WG to the community
  10. VanD4rk

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    NO !
  11. VanD4rk

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    Got the bundle of subs but not gonna use that . I prefer the coal.
  12. VanD4rk

    WoWS Warhammer Collab

    Smolensk in 40k Theme raging for more DAKKA will be glorious.
  13. VanD4rk

    Kremlin Machinery space missing

    The Hand of Stalin ?
  14. VanD4rk

    Your fav T7 for upcoming ranked?

    Time to dust off the Holy Trio: PayFast, ShinyHorse, SinOP. My plan is also to get to the R10, no point playing more knowing how rank is...