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  1. rinkula_go

    Last Prinz directive

    It took 2-3 days to grind 6x4 million credits. Also finished Mighty Prince -campaign and PEF missions for 4019 steel. Collection done too. - i have basically all (not many cvs) tech tree ships so easy to choose from those to play. Mostly premiums though, because better money gains. - used premium time we got free from collection (1 day per subcollection = 4 days of premium). I did not pay for premium time. - used moneyz flags (at least 2 at the same time) - used camouflages with 20% or 30% money gain After money grind, used 19-point captain from Bismark to make PEF a bit more playable. Mighty Prince -campaign kinda did itself while i was doing steel grinding with PEF. Got some camos for T6s and credits (because i had those ships already).
  2. worked. 950 doubloons and one port slot.
  3. rinkula_go

    crashes to desktop

    Make sure you are using windows 10 game mode (it's in windows settings, not 3rd party program). This is suppose to prevent windows focusing other programs or popups. For example free antivirus doing update and pops up advertisement won't take away focus from your game. Also in windows Focus assist, tap "when I'm playing a game" rule on.
  4. rinkula_go

    Left over guineas

    Only 48 can be obtained by missions. You need to buy 2. This info from WG.
  5. rinkula_go

    Server Overload warning for ranked games

    Yep and ~25 players in queue... Happens in Randoms too btw. Server hamsters must be tired.
  6. rinkula_go

    EU server down?

    OK now i got in. Try it.
  7. rinkula_go

    EU server down?

    I couldn't. Number of players in server readable in main page. Scroll down. https://worldofwarships.eu/
  8. rinkula_go

    EU server down?

    Number of players: 8,789 This was about 12k before i was kicked out.
  9. rinkula_go

    EU server down?

    Have tried several times, no luck.
  10. rinkula_go

    EU server down?

    Server kicked out and can't log in. Anyone else having same issue?
  11. rinkula_go

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Just couldn't lose today. Even Kraken twice. I'm not this lucky normally.
  12. Worst thing to see in roster is Zuiho in my team and Bogue in enemy. As a DD player i know there will be planes hovering over me the whole game. That means lost game and pitiful xp so also losing a star.
  13. rinkula_go

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Have to agree reward for rank 1 really bad. Most flags cost more than that in arsenal. Can't even buy any camos with that amount of coal.
  14. rinkula_go

    Best Destroyer

    Best (in my opinion).. ..torpboat must be Kamikaze ..hybrid YueYang ..gunboat Kitakaze I like too Gadjah Mada, Z-52, Clemson, Shimakaze