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  1. rinkula_go

    Pacific mission stage get three destroyed ribbons

    Played 1 or 2 games with Clemson in Randoms and did Kraken. Early morning there are less players so teams filled with bots. Those yolo in so you just torp them down.
  2. Faster repair and heal cooldown, more accurate secondaries and 18 km range on main guns. But not better tools to spot torps or dds so it would not make dd-play even more hard than it is now.
  3. rinkula_go

    Torpedo ricochet: should it be a thing??

    Torps are hard enough to land, so no.
  4. rinkula_go

    KotS collection question for WG dudes

    I was missing only 2 collection items from previous Kots. So finally finished it few days ago. Got Ashitaka from T7 ship container.
  5. rinkula_go

    Farewell historical 6x1 203mm Furutaka

    ? Where is Furutaka going?
  6. rinkula_go

    What’s your most annoying thing?

    Easily CVs. Of course enemy cv keeps spotting my dd and dropping crap on me while our cv doing hundidumdum, hopotihop with sounds like someone licking the window.
  7. rinkula_go

    Notice-Big Hun Event "Engineer of the Future"

    Just upvoting a reminder to those who completed all missions in Big Hunt. Read above.
  8. rinkula_go

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Good luck all
  9. rinkula_go

    Small rant - aka what is the main problem in WoWs

    2 CVs constantly spotting and dropping crap on my dd from 1st minute of game, kinda is bad, mmmkay? There is no more unfair than that, not even close. And no ship AA can save dd from that.
  10. rinkula_go

    I want to buy anything

    Will not give WG any money until they solve still ongoing CV fuckup.
  11. rinkula_go

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Yup, Armoury not loading.
  12. rinkula_go

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    Kamikaze is basically a Minekaze. - M has faster torp reload (37.8 vs. 42.3 s with TAE) - K has faster torps (68 vs. 60 kts) but with 200 m worse detection - K has 200 more hp (11100 vs. 10900) - M turns faster, K feels a brick compared to M (2.1 vs. 2.9 s) - M is faster (39 vs. 37.5 kts) - K earns some more credits - you can get M almost for free, so try it and if you don't like it, stop dreaming K is the ship for you I like to play Kamikaze, so I play it. T5 is mostly low stress tier to play, only cvs counter dds hard at this tier. Just when was writing this, played one round: - 3 devastating strikes - double strike - kraken - first blood - high caliber So yes, It is one of the best seal clubbing ships in game.
  13. rinkula_go

    Carrier Advice

    If I get blapped by Kamikaze torps or GC salvo, I fucked up. But if I get constantly being dropped by a CV and they ruin my game that way, they earned their report from me. Some care, some don't, I report them anyway. I may not be the only one doing that, so if you care about Karma, don't play CVs.
  14. rinkula_go

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    CVs can seriously suck the fun out of this game, at any tier.