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  1. Operation Narai

    Hidden achievement, Shark among Shrimps, killed 5 auxiliary ships.
  2. Operation Narai

  3. Eagles or Sharks?

  4. Weirdo Wednesday?

    DDs rush to the middle of caps, get radared and deleted. Then cruisers who just finished sailing to hug islands near caps don't have spotting info to be useful and get overrun by flanking enemy. BBs from map edge BEHIND spawn telling cruisers how badly they play and soon after get deleted themselves. Accurate description of wows gameplay about 50% of my games.
  5. Bug Reports

    Same with me. 2x. And no other way to get out of this than kill application from Task Manager.
  6. Unable to connect to update service

    After updating PTS, nothing works. Not normal live game nor pts. For now, have to download and install that unwanted game center and try that, 20 GB ffs...
  7. Born in the USA Baltimore camo

    Why did they have to make Cleveland and Baltimore to look like Circus tents in childrens playground, instead of bad [edited]war machine camouflages.
  8. Bug Reports

    Tried couple times to run PTS client, will not open. Just hangs before it gets to port.
  9. Scenario: Futility of Naval Station Newport

    If you see lots of BBs and DDs in roster, then it's lost before it started. Use cruisers! Budyonny or Leander works for me. Don't leave defended area! I see ships sailing north for no reason and they die soon. Learn scripted mission if you didn't succeed the first time. It's about the same every time. Work together and delete closest enemy first. With a good team who plays with right ships and know what to do this mission is easy.
  10. Best ship for 150 hits? (Indianapolis Marathon)

    Tried many times with a Belfast. Got 150 hits but game lost or game won but not enough BBs to shoot at (1-2 per game). Did it first try with a Cleveland.
  11. Muhriplere yapılan acımasızlık

    Not many people know how to Dothraki. Almost only Emilia Clarke. You should ask her.
  12. Can't connet to server

    "Due to technical issues, server downtime for update 0.7.5 will be extended to 11:00 UTC"
  13. Can't connet to server

    "Due to technical issues, server downtime for update 0.7.5 will be extended to 10:00 UTC (12:00 CEST) "
  14. I have noticed that horn in game starts to behave buggy a bit before game crashes, sometimes in that match or the next. For example noticed that mine or other players horn gets "stuck" and blows continuously. And sometimes other players presses "N" and horn in my ship makes sound, but its the sound of that ship that other player is in. That is very weird, because was in a DD and some BB player pressed "N" and my little destroyer put very low but loud horn sound. It takes about 15 games before something like this starts to happen and then i know it's time to stop playing or restart client or it crashes soon, of course in the middle of game.
  15. Poll error 403

    This happens almost every time when game asks to fill some poll. And not any way to get back to it, because link just disappears from port. I often would have liked to send some feedback, but no luck this time either...