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  1. rinkula_go

    10k coal or 1k coal?

    You may be right.
  2. rinkula_go

    10k coal or 1k coal?

    I wonder if this happens to all of you or are they nerfing only me.
  3. I reset Harugumo line (at least) every 3 months. No need to notice or remember exact dates when 2x multiplier renews. It takes only few days to grind to Harugumo again. Not buying it, but only opening it with xp made with Kitakaze. Free XPing to Akizuki and playing it in Scenarios (easy 20k xp in one game with blue xp boost). That way I save a lot of free xp plus those 2 ships are fun to play.
  4. Only worked from ingame browser for me.
  5. rinkula_go


    Play it normally? It's a free game. If you have slow PC, then just lower the graphic settings.
  6. rinkula_go

    New Code

    take off the leading space from copy-paste
  7. rinkula_go

    Vote for reintroduction of the Bonus exchange.

    i didn't even know there was bonus exchange before they already took it away.
  8. rinkula_go

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got Mutsu from easter egg hunt supercontainer.
  9. rinkula_go

    People NEED to stop reporting CV

    Ok I'll stop reporting CVs if you stop playing them.
  10. rinkula_go

    Unsportsmanlike conduct

    Playing a CV means you deserve to be reported anyway.
  11. rinkula_go

    Q: How to deal with CVs?

    I just report CV players every time i get a chance. Mostly enemy CVs thou. 11 times a day.
  12. rinkula_go

    What is going wrong with the game? Mods issue?

    I have this issue too, can't get into game. It kind of loads but it won't let me in. Really frustrating when after match gives warning of not playing. Oh ffs...
  13. rinkula_go

    T7 Brawls - What to play then?

    Tier 7 is great in this mode, because there are lots of variety in ships. I found Leningrad to work great. It caps fast and forces enemy to push in. Also can yolokill BBs.
  14. I may hate CVs more, but this is good start (removing subs).
  15. I think unique commanders at least 20 pts and most of them 21 pts. Also lines that I reset those high tier commanders are 21 pts.