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  1. New ship preview: Monarch

    In my opinion you're just taking all the historical value away from the King geroge V class. If the reason behind this is because you want to release the historical Prince of Wales later as a premium, then you're only going to get another PR disaster. As a history enthousiast KGV was the main reason (together with Nelson) to play this line. i'm not sure if our comments will be heard, but i had to put it out there.
  2. Merry Shipmas Captains!

    Best wishes to all!
  3. Ranked battle vunerable to traitor in team.

    You're the guy that's playing ranger without fighter squads or not using them (i don't know specifics of cv's) What you actually did last night is get your [edited]kicked because you lost air superiority almost immediatly. (this is about that game we lost extremely hard) The reason why we lost that fast was more about us having 2 dd's (of wich one suicided on the wrong side of the map) and the other one ran into the enemy team at c. rest of the team was constantly spotted bc you had litterally 0 fighters in the air. Your concerns to the MM picking "losers" from earlier games are just.. i managed to have you on my team 2 times last night and both times you didn't do anything. If you're gonna blame traitors (bc i think you're on about that atlanta) at least make sure they're not doing the things you force them into. E.G. all he did was protect you because the enemy cv figured out what setup you were using pretty fast and you had no chance of launching squads bc he just kept his fighters close. Maybe our messages concerning this problem in your setup didn't sink in as fast as your carrier did..
  4. Project R - Feedback / Questions

    Making a reward system based on "luck" isn't fair at all. In the end this will just upset active players that tried really hard and failed to get a kamikaze. It's a geat way to kill a small community once again.. maybe they can start putting bots in normal matchmaking after this. (yes i'm reffering to WOWP.)