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  1. thiscando

    MIdway legendary upgrade

    Just got my second (double) legendary mod for Zao, I was expecting silver as the first is already on the ship. What can I do with it except sell it for 2.5 mil?
  2. thiscando

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I want to participate in this too
  3. thiscando

    Lazo Limit

    I dont see that option, there are soviet era containers for 30 tokens or those for 1250 doubloons but I thought that we'll be able to buy extra (missing) allowance tokens like it was for Ironium if You know what I mean?
  4. thiscando

    Lazo Limit

    I understand that in 8.4.0 You'll be able to buy allowance tokens in crates, for doubloons?
  5. thiscando

    "Tester" achievement

    Fire, torpedo/flooding, secondary guns, main guns and ramming. 5 ways to destroy a ship. Is that it?
  6. thiscando

    flight control mod. 2

    So it's a keeper?
  7. thiscando

    flight control mod. 2

    hello, I got this upgrade (flight control modification 2) ingame some time ago and I just got my first T8 Cv and i see that it is not applicable - it's a T10 upgrade i suppose so my question is, - is it worth keeping it and putting on a tier 10 Cv or there are better options for that slot and an upgrade is useless kinda like magazine modification 1?
  8. thiscando

    special commanders

    US has John Doe (former Steven Seagal) and Alexander Ovechkin that could be obtained ingame
  9. thiscando

    Which legendary upgrade to use?

    so all in all, which legendary modules are worth spending 600 ironium and grinding for a ship, I'm thinking/going for russian artillery, for cruiser or destroyer.. - cant find a thread mentioned above?
  10. thiscando

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    I've got both captains pretty easy, was very lucky with the daily containers for an american ovechkin and I have a Bismarck that i buffed for secondaries, they shoot (with flag +5%) decent 11.3 km and with Manual Fire Control captain skill I menaged to get 150 hits in my first match when the mission begun. Not wanting to brag hehh I still did not assign neither of those on a ship so i suppose i will see colored tracers when i assign them? Any suggestion as to where to assign them on a VII-IX tier ships, I've put John Doe on Baltimore, Jack Dunkirk is on Fiji atm, Jean-Jacques Honore is on Algerie but I will move him to a BB anytime soon 'cos' adrenaline rush is of no use on a cruiser..
  11. thiscando

    Captains with special skills

    tnx, I know wikia but didnt look for captains, anyway which ships do you play em?
  12. Hi, I dont know if this topic was already discussed, couldn't find it by search; so, we have some ship captains with special skills in game like USN John Doe (formerly Steven Seagal) and HMS Jack Dunkirk that I have and I noticed that Dunkirk has 3 special skills and John Doe just two? Also Dunkirk has more "valuable" specials. Any other special captains in game, sometimes I have long pauses from playing so I have only two of the above? And If You have those or other special captains, which ship do You put them in?
  13. ty, i resolved it in the end, the feature is under SETTINGS - CONTROLS - ALTERNATIVE BATTLE INTERFACE MODE and the key assigneg to it (manual drop) was changed somehow from 'alt' to some other letter.
  14. what alternative controls, and where is a config file to delete?
  15. Hi all, i started playing again after some time and i realized tier VI CVs also can't do manual torp/bomb drop with "alt" or am I doing something wrong, also there's nothing under settings commands?