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  1. Contender83

    clan battles

    Just a suggestion, but maybe we need to wait a bit further into a season and people will figure out a hard counter against stalin-heavy setups. As for TTT we just replaced our 2 moskvas with the stalin so you could argue that stalin IS in a sense an "improved" moskva and just fits the CB meta much better. It's very good against players who make mistakes, but I'm not sure how it is against players/clans who know what they're doing. Maybe you could argue its too good at punishing mistakes and needs a nerf, but whether WG would see it your way is another question entirely, especially when they get around to monetizing steel.
  2. Yet another ranked season of failing for me, only ship with positive winrate was the blatantly OP cesare :( I'm especially ashamed of my performance in the Nicholas. I mean sure I would face those blatantly OP kamis in the enemy team and I would actually have to rely on my team a bit, but I am definetely having another round of Nick on sprint 2. As for Cesare, I just don't care if you are a cruiser/dd/BB whatever, show broadside and I punish you, don't and I still punish you anyway. I don't need to worry about the skill levels of my team so much since I either win or save my star in like 90% of games in this monster. But with that said I'm definetely going to try and take revenge on those kamis in my nick on season 2 :D
  3. If you actually take this attitude and hold on to it, all your past failings are irrelevant. In fact your last 9 ranked games in the Republique were pretty decent. You have less than 2k battles in the game so there's a limit to how much competence can be expected from you by the community. I get that you've been trolling people in this thread pretending not to understand how much you need to improve to be an asset to the teams you play for, which is fine up to a point I suppose. Just try to be humble enough to improve yourself as a player and you will find ranking out a much more realistic prospect on top of being considered a good teammate to have in the team. This game rewards you a lot more on many levels if you win games instead of losing them. I know I might not be one to talk given my own ranked failings this season, I saw my winrate plummet all the way to 46,5%(!!!) until I picked the radar minotaur and have not looked back since. No matter how good you think you are in this game, always room to improve...
  4. Contender83

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    The real problem with the Stalingrad is the fact that mistakes by less competent players are punished too heavily. If the game rewards too much skill, it will punish the less competent players - which is most of the playerbase - so heavily that they will just give up and leave the game all together. People just don't like getting their asses handed over to them repeatedly whether they deserve it or not. That is why you have things like RNG in the game, to put a cap on how much good players can crap on bad players especially over a bigger sample of games played. WG needs to keep the population of players as high as possible to ensure that a lot of players spend money on the game. Also most of the super unicums and unicums are so called "whales" who spend A LOT of money, especially over a longer period of time in order to stay competitive at the highest possible level. These players would also stop spending and probably move on if the playerbase collapsed and there was not enough seals to be clubbing around. Technically stalin is NOT OP if you know how to play the game (positioning and awareness mostly), but the problem is that most of the population doesn't and they are getting punished too heavily for it. So WG has two options: Wait for more players to get the stalin and see that it's not as OP as you would think or make an exception and nerf it to prevent too many less capable players from being deterred from playing T10 or quitting altogether and costing WG too much money. And that's my 2 cents...
  5. Contender83

    A way to identify seal clubbers

    Personally I do use the MM monitor to get a feel for various things like: How good are the DDs in my team vs enemy team? How good are the CVs in both teams? Do I need to focus someone on the enemy team? Can I rely on the DD in front of me if I play CA/BB or do I have to assume he will most likely get himself killed early? Can I rely on the BBs behind me if I'm playing CA/DD or are they just going to backline snipe without putting their HP to use to win for the team? Do I need to watch out for good enemy CA/BB players? There are some other conclusions that are highly controversial, but I feel all of the above help me a win a few more games and have more satisfying games in general. Obviously I try to mainly focus on myself and improve myself as a player to win more, but the extra information helps my decision making process a little bit. To summarize: If someone tells you that stats mean nothing that is obvious BS in my experience. Suprisingly the avg exp metric seems to be one the most accurate statistic that manages to correlate a lot with player ability even if they div often. If someone tells you that stats are everything that is also BS. There are stat padders and people who div with players who suck at the game because theyre friends so you cannot read stats like a bible but they do correlate, if very roughly.
  6. Contender83

    Whats your favourite ship for ranked?

    I'm going with what worked for the previous season: T8: Atago most of the time, some NC games mixed in when I play a potato game in the Atago which should not be too often. T:10 Des Memes all the way, the carry potential of the 56 second radar was ridiculous, but even with 48 seconds it should win quite a few games. Dirty I know, but I won a lot of games just by hugging an island close to the cap and keeping the dds spotted for long periods of time. I had games where I did about 10k damage but felt like I carried the game by keeping the enemy dd lit up while dealing with enemy focus well enough not to die in the first 5 mins of the game. For the next season I can add Cleveland with IFHE for T8 and Worcester + Monty with Halsey into the mix for T10. Ironically I seem to be one of those players who have benefited from ranks 10-1 being moved to T10 despite not having that many T10 ships. Maybe just having the right ones count.
  7. Hello, After being on the fence of whether to continue playing WOWS I've decided to give it one more shot, assuming I will still be considered good enough to play for some of the top clans out there, obviously not the absolute best, but still way up there in terms of general competence. So without further ado let me get to the heart of the matter: What can I offer to the clan? - A decent division mate that can communicate in fluent english and co-ordinate with my division. I don't have that many battles in divisions so you might be surprised. - Despite my recent absences, I can be VERY active and online every day of the week, assuming things work out well and motivate me to keep playing actively as well as spending money to catch up with those who have been playing for much longer etc. - A fairly competent cruiser player for clan battles, I played with the best and against the best in season 1 and held my own pretty much. Caveat: A big credit goes out to the competent FCs in HOME clan, you know who you are :D - I can take constructive criticism fairly well to improve my game. I do NOT assume to know it all when I have less than 3k random battles played, although I consider myself to be an "early riser" in terms of learning the game. - I will show up in clan trainings a lot so I will not be the weak link during comp games or clan battles etc. If I want to keep my spot in the team, I know I have to work for it. What do I expect from the clan? - A high level of general competence. Everything mentioned below falls under this. - High level of communication during battles. Understandable english, calling out all relevant info such as targets, consumable use/CD etc. - A spot in a competent CB roster. Meaning 50%+ winrate in the top group of the top league (hurricane). I'm not just interested in showing up, I'm expecting winning performances from myself and my clanmates. If you don't really need me, why recruit me? - A relaxed yet focused atmosphere. I'm not intrested in dirty politics or hating on someone because of their voice etc. Just chill and have fun while still doing your absolute best to win games and get better as individual and team. - A basic level of respect. I know that respect is a two way street and I will behave accordingly. I know I will not be the top player in your clan or even top5/top10 but still don't want to get belittled or being put under the microscope without a good reason. My general stats here: http://wows-numbers.com/player/531224268,Contender83/ -------- My strengths: - I'm a damn solid cruiser player, although separated from strong unicums and super unis by experience and consistency. I can get better and probably will. - I'm a decent BB player, probably better than my stats suggest but obviously need more experience to improve positioning and general consistency. - I'm a potentially decent DD player, only started playing them recently, but how well will I adjust to the radar meta will decide my true level. My first T10 will be most likely Gearing. - I have experience from high level CB and believe I still got it, especially if the FC is competent in organizing and leading the team during CB. My weaknesses: - A weak ship selection. I only have FOUR T10s (Moskva, DM, Hinden, Monty) and that can be a problem for the clans that I'm really looking to be a part of. I can work on this, but only if I'm part of a good clan and have a future there... - Limited spending potential. My finances will get better for the coming months, but with WG pushing more and more ship lines to keep making money the gap to the top players in increasing. I CAN and WILL spend more to keep up if necessary. - A lack of consistency compared to the absolute top players. This will get better with experience but I do make slightly more errors than them and thats all it takes for the difference, so if you pick me up I will work on it. ------- I would say my future in WOWS now hangs in the balance. I need a strong team around me to keep playing the game. I can and will also give to the clan, not only take from it. If you are interested, you know what to do. I'm willing to do interviews and trial divisioning if that's what it takes to get to a good team. Hopefully I can continue enjoying the game ;)
  8. Contender83

    What's wrong with my recent winrate?

    So here's the issue: https://wows-numbers.com/player/531224268,Contender83/ I was overall 56% solo wr player until I came back into the game and now I keep getting teams that just melt in 5 mins every time, especially in the Iowa. Is it that my WR was considered too high and it's being normalized by giving me potato team after potato team or is this just a passing phenomenon? Just RNG? Especially on the Iowa i'm quitting after 8 games lost straight where the team collapses very quickly. Feel free to check my stats and suggest some improvements to my gameplay and tactics if that's the problem but this is getting embarassing...
  9. Contender83

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I have the same problems in this season ranked, looks like its time to call it quits for this season. I don't mind having about 52% - 53% winrate in ranked, but after using some stats tools to check the teams I see I constantly weaker players on my side time after time again. It's too systematic and I feel like all my time is just wasted in this mode. It's like wargaming is taking wins away from me and handing them out to someone else considered more "worthy", regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Ofcourse I also have the problem of not playing DDs, which I do intend to rectify soon enough. We will see if that has any effect on my ranked winrate... Regards, 56% solo winrate in randoms, 48% winrate in ranked. Apparently I'm just not good enough...
  10. Contender83

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    My problem seems to be the skill based MM, too often I get the teams that just throw the game despite myself playing my guts out. I'm almost 56% wr in random solo games, but my winrate in ranked is LESS than 50% despite not doing stupid crap most of the time. Maybe I just need to buy more premiums and try ranked when I have the advantage of starting higher rank due to playing the previous season? Maybe then I will be given the courtesy of having decent teams at least half of the time...
  11. Contender83

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I seem to be stuck at rank 9-10 for a while and I would consider myself above average player. Does this get better by just playing a lot and brute forcing it until WG is more generous with the teams? I started from rank 23 so maybe thats why I'm considered "low priority" for consideration of ranking out and getting good teams over 50% of the time. Any thoughts from others who ranked out "the hard way" because that was the only option given to them by wargaming?
  12. I have the same issue, really need to know which mod is causing this. I'm assuming the sorry state of the mods is because of the christmas break and people just not updating the mods properly? Is that it?
  13. Contender83

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    Just an incoherent stream of thoughts, but I need to rant: I couldnt make this ship work until the very last few battles I played in it, started averaging 100k dmg but then I reached enough free xp and just unlocked the Moskva. I did great in the chapayev because of the HUGE synergies you get from captain skills like IFHE + CE and the high arcs mean you can lob shells easily from over any cover. I'm also doing decently in the Moskva and now I feel like the Don had all the weaknesses of Moskva but none of the strenghts, also being punished heavily by the fact that all the BB players at high tier KNOW what a huge xp/dmg piñata you are and focus you like hell, then you end up getting these random citadels from any angle that can instantly devastate/delete you. In a last act of desperation I actually started idling in the spawn for as long as i dared, 90-120 seconds in fact(!!!) and suddenly I was averaging 100k dmg per game. In comparison the games that I played earlier I could barely get 50-60k because of the awful reload speed and survivability. I also prioritized range over reload speed because I wanted to stay as far back as possible while still having use for my guns, but in a hindsight I might reconsider the reload mod because you cannot do much in early game anyway. Problem is that in domination the games are usually over after 10 mins or so and I feel like the Don just doesn't fit the current meta very well. You basically hang far in the back and turn tail as soon as any of the 5 BBs in the game even look at you funny, spamming what little IFHE you can at them because 180mm doesnt cross enough penetration thresholds without it. Then if you manage to survive any stray AP citadel hits while WASDing like crazy you can later move in and start picking off stray DDs and CAs that show broadside to you and actually be relevant to the outcome of the game. If I started playing the Don again I would probably do much better with it (at least statistically) than I did before, but I would not be surprised if I started bleeding karma for idling/throttling around the spawn for the first couple of minutes or so. In the first 20 games I did great (rng), the next 20 games were awful (more rng in a sense), and in the last 3 games I had adjusted to the meta fully, but your teammates will hate you when you play this ship like you're "supposed to" in the current meta. Just my 2 cents.
  14. I get a weird error where the terrain is not showing on minimap, anyone know what mods aree causing this? Also, the custom detection icons mods are missing. Are these added later? EDIT: nvm, I guess I'll have to stay put and wait :)
  15. Contender83

    North Carolina in random meta?

    My best NC game has over 200k damage, it's not like I can't get good games when the RNG is just right (tiers, enemy team, friendly team, map spawns, our breakout vs enemy breakout etc.). What I was looking for were ways to be more consistent and have a bigger impact in the game especially early on. Maybe I just need to try this bowcamping method more and hope the HE spam isn't too bad. I do have DC2 and the firefighting signal for 40% reduction in fire duration plus fireproof captain skill. As for flamu, yes I watched his videos and got the feeling he won the rng lottery, especially his 200k+ dmg game he was just facing a potato team. Maybe I just need to rewatch his videos. I would totally love the idea of flamu playing 20 games straight in an NC on the EU server, preferrably with a fake name and totally 100% solo like I do and then see what he does better. I will defintely try this ship in ranked, considering i have some counter against HE spam it might prove still to be a beast there. I'm not so worried about my stats, but rather the feeling of being able to influence the game and not just hanging along for the ride.