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  1. What's wrong with my recent winrate?

    So here's the issue: https://wows-numbers.com/player/531224268,Contender83/ I was overall 56% solo wr player until I came back into the game and now I keep getting teams that just melt in 5 mins every time, especially in the Iowa. Is it that my WR was considered too high and it's being normalized by giving me potato team after potato team or is this just a passing phenomenon? Just RNG? Especially on the Iowa i'm quitting after 8 games lost straight where the team collapses very quickly. Feel free to check my stats and suggest some improvements to my gameplay and tactics if that's the problem but this is getting embarassing...
  2. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I have the same problems in this season ranked, looks like its time to call it quits for this season. I don't mind having about 52% - 53% winrate in ranked, but after using some stats tools to check the teams I see I constantly weaker players on my side time after time again. It's too systematic and I feel like all my time is just wasted in this mode. It's like wargaming is taking wins away from me and handing them out to someone else considered more "worthy", regardless of whether they deserve it or not. Ofcourse I also have the problem of not playing DDs, which I do intend to rectify soon enough. We will see if that has any effect on my ranked winrate... Regards, 56% solo winrate in randoms, 48% winrate in ranked. Apparently I'm just not good enough...
  3. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    My problem seems to be the skill based MM, too often I get the teams that just throw the game despite myself playing my guts out. I'm almost 56% wr in random solo games, but my winrate in ranked is LESS than 50% despite not doing stupid crap most of the time. Maybe I just need to buy more premiums and try ranked when I have the advantage of starting higher rank due to playing the previous season? Maybe then I will be given the courtesy of having decent teams at least half of the time...
  4. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I seem to be stuck at rank 9-10 for a while and I would consider myself above average player. Does this get better by just playing a lot and brute forcing it until WG is more generous with the teams? I started from rank 23 so maybe thats why I'm considered "low priority" for consideration of ranking out and getting good teams over 50% of the time. Any thoughts from others who ranked out "the hard way" because that was the only option given to them by wargaming?
  5. I have the same issue, really need to know which mod is causing this. I'm assuming the sorry state of the mods is because of the christmas break and people just not updating the mods properly? Is that it?
  6. The donskoi, how to make it work?

    Just an incoherent stream of thoughts, but I need to rant: I couldnt make this ship work until the very last few battles I played in it, started averaging 100k dmg but then I reached enough free xp and just unlocked the Moskva. I did great in the chapayev because of the HUGE synergies you get from captain skills like IFHE + CE and the high arcs mean you can lob shells easily from over any cover. I'm also doing decently in the Moskva and now I feel like the Don had all the weaknesses of Moskva but none of the strenghts, also being punished heavily by the fact that all the BB players at high tier KNOW what a huge xp/dmg piñata you are and focus you like hell, then you end up getting these random citadels from any angle that can instantly devastate/delete you. In a last act of desperation I actually started idling in the spawn for as long as i dared, 90-120 seconds in fact(!!!) and suddenly I was averaging 100k dmg per game. In comparison the games that I played earlier I could barely get 50-60k because of the awful reload speed and survivability. I also prioritized range over reload speed because I wanted to stay as far back as possible while still having use for my guns, but in a hindsight I might reconsider the reload mod because you cannot do much in early game anyway. Problem is that in domination the games are usually over after 10 mins or so and I feel like the Don just doesn't fit the current meta very well. You basically hang far in the back and turn tail as soon as any of the 5 BBs in the game even look at you funny, spamming what little IFHE you can at them because 180mm doesnt cross enough penetration thresholds without it. Then if you manage to survive any stray AP citadel hits while WASDing like crazy you can later move in and start picking off stray DDs and CAs that show broadside to you and actually be relevant to the outcome of the game. If I started playing the Don again I would probably do much better with it (at least statistically) than I did before, but I would not be surprised if I started bleeding karma for idling/throttling around the spawn for the first couple of minutes or so. In the first 20 games I did great (rng), the next 20 games were awful (more rng in a sense), and in the last 3 games I had adjusted to the meta fully, but your teammates will hate you when you play this ship like you're "supposed to" in the current meta. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I get a weird error where the terrain is not showing on minimap, anyone know what mods aree causing this? Also, the custom detection icons mods are missing. Are these added later? EDIT: nvm, I guess I'll have to stay put and wait :)
  8. North Carolina in random meta?

    My best NC game has over 200k damage, it's not like I can't get good games when the RNG is just right (tiers, enemy team, friendly team, map spawns, our breakout vs enemy breakout etc.). What I was looking for were ways to be more consistent and have a bigger impact in the game especially early on. Maybe I just need to try this bowcamping method more and hope the HE spam isn't too bad. I do have DC2 and the firefighting signal for 40% reduction in fire duration plus fireproof captain skill. As for flamu, yes I watched his videos and got the feeling he won the rng lottery, especially his 200k+ dmg game he was just facing a potato team. Maybe I just need to rewatch his videos. I would totally love the idea of flamu playing 20 games straight in an NC on the EU server, preferrably with a fake name and totally 100% solo like I do and then see what he does better. I will defintely try this ship in ranked, considering i have some counter against HE spam it might prove still to be a beast there. I'm not so worried about my stats, but rather the feeling of being able to influence the game and not just hanging along for the ride.
  9. North Carolina in random meta?

    I'm not sure if you read my post above. I do finish off low hp ships when the situation calls for it. In some cases I see a low hp cruiser or bb or even a dd wailed on by 3 to 4 ships, delay my fire by 5-10 seconds to confirm they indeed die and then shoot at something else instead, such as another BB sailing broadside to me for another 15k-20k and improving our chances of winning a little bit more or maybe it was a cruiser and I devastate him instead so another teammate gets one more easy kill. If I did go for the kill I would surely "steal" more kills and all these wise guys in the forums couldn't use that as an excuse to be the cause of my problem, while all the other points that I list in my topic are conveniently ignored. I'm getting the feeling this not really going to go anywhere. Not to mention my stats are still comparable to most posters here, so I may need to contact some very specific individuals to get the pointers that I seek, or maybe just deal with the nature of the game and suck it up. Not to mention just playing more of the ships that seem to fit my style and how things play out in most random battles. Soon I have finished the NC captain grind up to 16 points and that will be a good enough alternative for the next ranked season if the Bismarck doesn't cut it for whatever reason. Thank you for all the advice none the less :)
  10. North Carolina in random meta?

    I only use HE in a KGV and go full anti-BB in that ship, great for "debuffing" enemy BB and sniping DD that come too close... Switching to AP is veeery rare only if a cruiser comes within 10km and stays there, even then the RNG is such that HE may be the best bet believe it or not. As to rarely shooting cruisers, you misread the stats. I do get those nice devastations when an enemy cruiser make a mistake of showing his side to me, but I DO NOT waste a salvo on a weak BB/cruiser already being focused and about to die. Instead I turn my guns on something else. This is why I dont get as many kills and also one reason why I have the damage I have, also it seems to make chances of winning a tiny bit better at least. I dont feel like killstealing and wasting damage on a target already about to die UNLESS it looks like my fire is needed, I make these judgement calls constantly. Sometimes a salvo is needed, sometimes not. I could start killstealing to pad my stats I suppose, the damage would not be that much less necessarily, but I do feel the "impact" of my game is lessened if I throw shells away on someone already about to die with certainty. If a cruiser comes within my "good" engagement range of no more than 12-15km OR is giving me stable broadside (not maneuvering or paying attention) then I usually prioritize that cruiser even if I'm in a brawl with enemy BB. Its not like I'm underestimating the impact that good cruiser players have on the game, let alone the radar ships. As to the winrates, I feel like I got very lucky in the NC early on with solid teams and its getting normalized. On the other hand I feel like my Bismarck does so well not only statswise but also helping the team that it deserves 60+ winrate and I think I can eventually get it. In the latest game with Bis I lead the push to middle cap, tanked like crazy, drove the dds away with secondaries+hydro and did some 160k total damage, could only kill one ship, but my team was able to finish all those ships I had tenderized for them, but it still wasn't enough because the potato dd on our team decided to rush the last enemy ship with 1,5k hp remaining and he dies to give the enemy a win with 10 secs remaining. I'm pretty confident that at this rate the WR with Bis will go up and NC will go down. I'm still hoping that some of those super uni NC players will show up and maybe explain some problem with my game sense? I'm totally up for improving my game.
  11. North Carolina in random meta?

    So I have come to ask the community about making the NC work in what I call "random meta". This is a little bit of a rant so take your time reading and think long and hard about giving a response that helps me deal with this ship better in randoms. It seems that I have no problem doing well consistently in a Bismarck, but in NC I feel like I'm at the mercy of the MM and circumstances beyond my control. I feel powerless even after playing a 140k dmg game with a few kills and win. I have 15 pt captain, full stealth and will take AR as soon as I get 16th point. My stats in this ship can be considered average, at least compared to my own standards. (78k dmg, 55% WR). I struggle especially when uptiered due to following reasons: - Getting uptiered A LOT in NC, not that often with Bismarck for some reason. Maybe it's me? Or the MM consider the NC "differently" for some reason? This compounds all the issues mentioned below: - Low speed and maneuverability. Positioning well only goes so far to compensate especially when uptiered, so please dont use that as an argument. I'm prepared to argue a lot about this to explain better, we will see. Also harder to evade torps, vigilance or not. - Getting focused a lot. This is because I try to get within ideal range (15km) while the top tier 9-10 BB play the camping meta, CE doesnt seem to help that much even if i try to wait enemy BBs in range to shoot at something else first (and goes against the nature of BB play too). - Armor is too "conditional". You need perfect angling against other t8 BBs to really bounce their shells, t9-10 BBs just overmatch and if they see me they always focus me, its frustrating as f*ck. So I can't push like I want, but I either stay with other BBs which keeps me out of ideal range and I can't do crap to affect the outcome or I stray too close and get focused dead. The 20 sec spotting window seems more than enough for anyone within range to counterfire and if any shell from those t9-10 BB even touch me its massive damage no matter how I angle. The actual gameplay just doesnt give you the chance to be perfectly angled relatively to everybody all the damn time! This is also compounded by relatively low maneuverability compared to Bismarck or Amagi for example. I also eat a lot of funny citadels through the nose and little bit all over even when I feel like I can't really angle better relative to the enemy. - Concealment is good in theory, but especially when uptiered I seem to get a lot of focus fire even when the window is just 20 secs and there are other targets to shoot at nearby. In a way you could also say that CE build is retarded because one of your jobs as BB is to take enemy fire and handle it well. When top tier this works somewhat but completely breaks down when uptiered. - Slow shell speed makes long range engagements painful. I have 29% accuracy with mains which I consider decent, I even take low percentage shots especially against dd. But the problem is that too often even enemy BB can see the shells coming visually and has too much time to evade. The plunging effect makes it even easier for the salvo to get completely wasted. "Get closer" they say and yes I want to do that but I mentioned some problems for doing that effectively mentioned above. I can totally see this ship dominating ranked, especially when carriers are in play. But in randoms it seems Bismarck is the king. People see it early but just don't care, it's hard to citadel and maneuvers well so people dont always shoot at it first, like how about that NC instead that just popped out of concealment for example... In the Bismarck I can just handle anything that comes my way, dds dont want to get too close to me (secondaries and hydro), people dont watch out for my shots so much and I can do some serious damage with my main guns, sure they're not as accurate but the shells are fast and you don't just turn the ship around when you see them coming. Bismarck also has no-nosense armor. So I can actually do my job and push the enemy around, panic their dds, delete careless cruisers and even citadel BBs that forget how good the guns are if you aim properly. And all that while taking godly amounts of shells close range and enemy attention just like a BB is supposed to do. So I want to talk to all those people who consider the NC to be the best there is and maybe they can give me some pointers on how to make this ship work and properly make the difference in randoms, given the current meta and how things actually play out in most random battles.
  12. What is your comfort ship?

    Aurora + captain with AFT. Love making low tier BBs die in a fire...
  13. Stuck at rank 10?

    Hello, I seem to have problem with being stuck at rank 10 for some reason... I get lots of teams with lower tier BBs, and players with win rate well below 50%. And now I have a 27% winrate with New Orleans with avg damage of 37k (ranked mode). That's not great, but I don't think it alone explains why I end up so much in teams that lose the game within the first few minutes. Most of the losses have been apparent right off the bat. Could it be that my winrate is still too damn high to get a good MM? I've stood at 60%+ before rank 10 and it's coming down fast... Is that it? I just need to keep losing until the MM decides I can have decent teammates as well? What can I do to start winning more on ranked first league? If it's my personal problem and lack of skill in a cruiser, then that's great since that problem I can fix easily by getting better. So any advice on how to proceed through the remaining ranks? Just keep at it?
  14. Matchmaker

    Has anyone experienced a situation, where after buying a new ship they become xp meat for higher tiers but after upgrading all the stuff with xp they get matched to lower tiers... It's like WG telling us to spend lots of doubloons (€€€) to convert xp and then start winning or am I just imagining things?