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    [SKIN] IJN Nagato 1945 [H]

    nice skin...no download link???
  2. Brian_Pfeiffer

    spread of canons of battleships is seriously too RNG

    I agree ..I'm using Tirpitz and when I fire a full broadside, 8 shells, they are spread out so much I'm lucky if I get one hit. Then I see other guys shells from cruisers arriving to target in a tight group, whats with that? The way they have it now is not real all shells fired at once would be aimed with the same fire control system, so they should all land within a circle no more than a hundred feet across, or less than a third the length of a ship.
  3. Brian_Pfeiffer

    My gameplay suggestion

    Is it just me, but I'm beginning to find the gameplay just a bit boring with just an unreal mix of ships constantly slugging it out (eg, the Tirpitz never went up against the Yamato in real life) Why doesn't WoT create some events maps with just German against British, or US against Japan.. Another thought I had was "Convoys"...how about WoT create a bunch of AI cargo ships, and a port somewhere on the map, the mission being the convoy must cross the map to the port and your team can either attack the convoy or defend the convoy. Extra points for each cargo ship sunk or defended (reached port)
  4. Brian_Pfeiffer

    Voice Chat

    Why is there no "Voice Chat" in WoW? Will it be added? If so, when? I see it in World of Tanks and World of Warplanes but I don't see it in World of Warships.
  5. Brian_Pfeiffer

    German ships in the near future?

    I'm waiting for the Germans too, as well as the Brits... We have of course the Bismark, Schnarnhorst, Tirpitz, Graf Spee, just to name a few, then there war the WW1 Dreadnoughts, the British Hood, Prince of Wales, Exeter, etc... Just a thought here, how about adding some German U-boats, and depth charges on destroyers, to make up for Germany's lack of carriers.