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  1. gr0pah

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    Feast your eyes!! @Ryuuteimaru is on to us Hey man, get back to us with WG:s reply will ya? I'm quite sure we have official sanction for the HAGS package. EDIT: You should look up these guys from today, and make a class action suit out of it: Together, I'm sure you'll be safe on the seas! Btw, that last report was because grimlock hydroed him in smoke and that's apparently cheating; so you might want to go through the strength of your cases first. You know, to make sure you're not making fools of yourselves
  2. I don't remember saying hi? Apologies if so!
  3. gr0pah

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    Admittedly, I was overconfident in that clip. After being nuked for 18k by a Yam in the two seconds I was spotted in the game, that was quickly rectified.
  4. gr0pah

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    LOL WTF!! Not enough that every time I meet OM players I get spammed with "gr0pah sexy beast", now this?!
  5. Hi hSKyyyy, I apologize for this on behalf of Tora Tora Tora. You're unbanned on our TS - this by the way never should have happened - and you are welcome to connect at any time. Poke me and we'll talk. I'd like to a publicly state that TTT does not condone this kind of behaviour. There will be consequences for EDIT internally. Again, sorry for this. Cheers //g
  6. They did change/nerf premiums (maybe just one?) at one point - WoT IIRC - but that didn't go over.. well.
  7. It would not be a nerf to a premium ship, it would be a global change to the game mechanics. Don't take this the wrong way, but you and people like you are the worst kind of the player base. It's because of views like yours the devs are afraid to change things, and can never nerf anything premium sold.
  8. That is my personal opinion too, yes.
  9. About a month ago (so rather long before this was leaked), WG actually asked the top 4 EU clans about our collective thoughts on the effect his would have on competitive. I'll not go into details, but I dare say that the consensus is that it will not break competitive. I can say as much though, that the effect on Random battles was more important to us than that on competitive. Either way, I appreciate WG asking for input and a slightly unusual perspective.
  10. 1. Could hunt dds still No, I can't - or rather it's an extremely risky proposition without smoke. If the enemy DD has a smoke he instantly smokes upon contact, and I take 20 seconds of murderous BB AP and cruiser fire (not to mention close range DD spam from the smoke). 2.smoke others That's basically giving away my bullet proof vest AND gun at the same time. 3. find IJD dds Sure, if I have a smoke available. I'm extremely loathe to fire my Gearing guns nowadays; between torp cooldown I find a nice place to settle my smoke and there I pewpewpew away. Rinse and repeat. Compare this to my heal-khaba with the pedal to the metal non-stop gunning.
  11. Between torp cooldown, this is basically the only thing a Gearing can do now. Taking a potshot at a BB to do 1k dmg, being spotted for 20 seconds and quite possibly likely taking 10-15k BB AP in return? Nah.
  12. It's not "good" for anyone. It's actual facts. You do know the difference between opinion and fact, right?
  13. gr0pah

    4x4 Tournament

    Just for reference; no USN DD can choose between Smoke and DefAA. It's Engine Boost or DefAA where applicable.