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  1. Shadow9043

    radar icon

    When I play my destroyers with radar ships in the game I make sure to stay away from them. Or failing that try to leave myself a way out using hard cover (islands) if possible. Radar is only really dangerous if you get trapped in the open. Yes it happens but it normally means I have screwed up. Having an icon for radar on enemy ships wouldnt necessarily help as if they are unspotted (say behind an island) and used radar for their team ud still be caught out.
  2. Shadow9043

    Oh! DD you made me laugh.

    I have accidentally hit a friendly Des Moines with torps on my Fletcher. Was in a close engagement with an Iowa, launched torps at the Iowa. Iowa dodged alot of them and they continued on and sank the friendly almost 9km away. Oops. Said sorry but he flamed me in chat nonetheless. Iowa killed me but not before he was low on hp and floading to death.
  3. Shadow9043

    Current poor implementation of Cyclones

    They should have a weather forecast on the loading screen. ☺
  4. Shadow9043

    Sorry WG Storm is cool buts breaks balance !

    My best thing that happened during cylcone is finding a 60k hp yamato broadside on to my North Carolina and me deleting him with some well placed citadels.
  5. Shadow9043

    Patch 0.5.5 loading times issue

    New computer out of the question? Maybe exchange that slow harddrive for an solid state drive (ssd) which will aid in loading times. Otherwise it is probably time to think about upgrading your machine if you struggling to run on even low settings. I have noticed since patch it loads quicker than before.
  6. Shadow9043

    Weather , your veiws.

    Does radar work in the cyclone? I.e. Can I pop radar in my New Orleans and see up to 9km (instead of 8km)? Can't test this till later tonight.
  7. Shadow9043

    Now this is what I call an update......

    I am so glad I replaced my hdd with 2X ssds (Raid 0). Defragmenting is now a thing of the past It shouldn't take me too long on my system (assuming that it downloads at a decent rate). If you can afford it ssds definitely the way to go for any gaming rig.
  8. Shadow9043

    When to use AP

    I feel sorry for Myoko players. I can citadel them through the front in my Pepsicola quite reliably at < 10km. US AP can pen from better angles than other cruisers but the arcs can be a pain at hitting those long range shots. Thought I'd hate the Pepsi but it's my best performing T7 cruiser and it's actually quite fun.
  9. Shadow9043

    Problems with ingame graphics

    Have u tried checking the running temperature of your graphics card(if applicable) and/or CPU while the game is running? It may be slowing the speed down if it gets too warm and then you lose performance and have possible render issues. Tried updating your graphics drivers to latest?
  10. Shadow9043

    Game doesn't work with S.L.I. enabled.

    I had same issue as OP. I just went into nvidia settings and told it to use 1 GPU for this game. Sorted and still perfect frame rates at max settings. I have 2x GTX780s for reference.
  11. Shadow9043

    Module damage

    Um.... How 'bout gunboat dds.
  12. Shadow9043

    Low tier RU DD's

    Don't treat the Russian dds as dds. Treat them as very light cruisers and use your speed to your advantage to avoid alot of fire (while wiggling). They are not very good at fighting solo but if you have enemies that are distracted by friendlies they are ripe for some nice gun salvos. ;) Also using smoke offensively while team spots works really well. Just beware the torpedo walls that may head in your direction ;) The HE damage of the shells isn't great I admit but AP wrecks broadside cruisers and BBs BTW pretty much ignore your torpedoes unless you find yourself at close range (which these ships don't favor due to poor maneuverability). Happy sailing!
  13. Shadow9043

    Proximity/collision-alert for friendly ships

    That system normally makes me crash into islands, not avoid them. Also if you need to turn left and the AI had decided you needed to turn right to avoid a "possible" collision then you have to wait for rudder to shift all the way. (making you more likely to crash) ^^
  14. Shadow9043

    Tier 6 DD smoke

    It could have been German cruiser with hydroacoustic active at that range. I use it all the time in my German cruisers to take out those pesky dds!! ;-)
  15. Shadow9043

    WOS 0.5.3 Broke Nvidia 980 GTX SLI

    I've had this issue as well with my 2x GTX780s. I went into nvidia control panel and set World of Warships to be single GPU only. Solved the issue for me.