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  1. Stalingrad

    "That bauble around your neck; did you pay the iron price for it, or the gold? ... Did you pull it from the neck of a corpse you made? ... Iron or Gold?"
  2. CLAN battles Season 2 and 3 compare

    There are 2 kind of ppl: Those who give up Those who try harder
  3. CLAN battles Season 2 and 3 compare

    1) Gaining purple tag is a status, in many games ppl grind for status rewards --> this is a reward 2) Hurricane had minor rewards --> those are still rewards 3) The whole thing that reaching hurricane /thyphoon was harder in the 3rd seasons make logic to think that less players gained 30 wins in typhoon So before saying that was nonsense u should count to 10. Anyway even if u think it's nonsense i can't still understand why ppl can't just accept that some rewards can be reached only by top players, after all those prize are meant " to reward efforts put into game ". I've Stalingrad and even if i like it i agree it's not OP as many think, but my point was if they made clan wars even easier there would have been a lot more stalingrad around with ppl whining because there are so many of thema round. Whatever u do there's always someone complaining.
  4. CLAN battles Season 2 and 3 compare

    What if they realized it was too easy to get into hurricane league and they fixed it? We didn't reach hurricane this season but i can't see the problem to accept that some rewards should be given only to best players of server. Making rewards too easy to obtain might be even worse. Imagine if all the season were even easier and half of ships in t10 would be Stalingrad.
  5. Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    I feel burned everytime i pick BB.
  6. Why perfect shell hits by the Henri cause no damage

    I took DE to compensate IFHE, but if u think 2% is not worth 3 points i still think SE is a poor choice. Would value more vigilance when sailing @ 42 knots to rush a DD.
  7. Abuse of chatban

    Here how chat ban works: 1) if u play too bad u r chat banned 2) If u play too good u r chat banned 3) if u play average but someone feel damaged by your gameplay.... u got chat banned
  8. Why perfect shell hits by the Henri cause no damage

    I've purple stats on some french cruisers and i own an Henry.
  9. Why perfect shell hits by the Henri cause no damage

    Can't see any good reason to take PM on cruiser. Here u got 4 points for IFHE. Also u took SE, this make me think u r just trolling.
  10. Why perfect shell hits by the Henri cause no damage

    Use HE and IFHE skill = 90% penetration Swap AP only for target of oppurtunity profit
  11. Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    Mosvka can swap def. fire to hydro Moskva shoot small caliber but more often In any other aspect i agree Stalingrad is better, more hp, more punch, more AA. Have u checked long range AA? Actually if u spec it with manual AA it has the best long range mounts.
  12. Ranked Season 10

    From my point of view, WG provides content costantly over the year. Your choice if you want to farm max reward, take the most with the least effort or even skip it totally. Can't blame them if they try to keep the playerbase interested into the game.
  13. a Stalingrad 3flags and the -25% cupon ?

    But it has " Stalin " inside the name
  14. [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    A quick question: Event is ending 21/08, but are we getting last 5 loyalty that day? or we collect until 20/08? Makes big difference between 45 or 50 loyalty after switching, it's 50 more tokens = 10 containers
  15. Giving Tirpitz Hydro

    Give it hydro AND radar, or just leave it like it's now, much better idea.