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  1. Captain_Bloodless

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    So far refounded US T 10,8,6,4 well not even used them since rework. Refounded Haku and shokaku for FXP reasons, kept t6 because i've good amount of xp to buy back shokaku. Still thinking what to do with Saipan but since it perform quite bad when uptiered i'm probably gonna sell it. Any t8 cv can do good when it is top tier. Will probably spend FXP on UK CV and soviet BB.
  2. Captain_Bloodless

    2 stars 1 game

    Give me 2 stars for this defeat!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Captain_Bloodless

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    There are some Kidd bundle in the store. I can't remember if a while ago i bought a ship advertised like this: Quite decent anti-aircraft firepower for a destroyer
  4. Captain_Bloodless

    Farewell ranked

    Looks like the top scorer of the enemy team managed to have more points than me. I think i reached my lethal dose of salt for this season.
  5. Captain_Bloodless

    To be honest this patch is just horrible

    Also i played haku today and it's just boring
  6. Captain_Bloodless

    To be honest this patch is just horrible

    Yamato doesn't fit the meta. Everygame i play yamato there's a [edited]idiot cv that keep throwing tons of planes on me just because Yamato used to be weak AA and only tank/concealment build
  7. Captain_Bloodless

    To be honest this patch is just horrible

    4 cv in game means everyone is always spotted. No strategy No hide and seek No opening volley on broadside targets after flanking Everyone spotted the WHOLE [edited]GAME. XBOX Arcade crap game
  8. Captain_Bloodless

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    @ with chikor, you are wrong about khaba and Moskva. You need to understand how to play a ship before calling it garbage. Moskva was my first T10 and khaba the last i grinded. With both i got purple stats and i also enjoy them. 3 options: 1) they are good ships 2) i'm an unicum- but i'm not- 3) you still need practice
  9. Captain_Bloodless

    April fool

    So this year we got it 2 months earlier. If u want to remove cv from game just say it clear, don't call it " rework ". Right now i would dare to call it Alpha stage gameplay.
  10. Captain_Bloodless

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    All i can say is i tried it against bots and planes just melt like icecream on sunny summer afternoon. Hard to hit stuff because terrible camera managment. Removed fighters mean no cv vs cv gameplay. I'll sold every cv and enjoy credits/doubloons/free xp
  11. Captain_Bloodless

    khaba, power creeped hard with overpen mechanics?

    Khaba is last T10 i unlocked. Tashkent was really strong, dunno why ppl called it trashcan. Khaba has to be played on it's own way, i play with DE and 9.7km detection. I find it really fun to play it has only problem when enemy team has 2 players with brain and let's say they out spot u with shima/gearing bodyguarded by hindy/zao. For any other situation i find it borderline OP and i can't imagine how OP it was 1 year ago.
  12. Give half xp for fire damage give bonus xp for citadel ribbon give bonus for defended ribbon give triple xp for capping/cap assist give quadruple xp for damage tanking/damage upon spotting Everyone will play the objectives and push.
  13. Captain_Bloodless

    0.8.0 is an end of the game as we know it. Let's see what it cost us

    Wait, since when u " should be paid for having fun in a free to play game " ? U should give a valor to the playtime WG gifted u.
  14. Captain_Bloodless

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.