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  1. Captain_Bloodless

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    Community can afford to lose u.
  2. Captain_Bloodless

    are you serious with ranks...totally manipulated

    Well it took me 120 games from 10 to 1, maybe u have a skill issue
  3. Captain_Bloodless

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Where i can sign up for 10 mins games? U need to try the joy of pink shimakaze suiciding himself as soon as he has torps ready by teamkilling other dd. Those are the kind of games u have to try yet.
  4. Captain_Bloodless


    Well, with friesland, siegfried and submarines coming i'll take the long way to it. Thx for info u r providing.
  5. Captain_Bloodless


    Thx u for the info, i'll reset shima line, fxp to yogumo. Put all flags on that and farm 1 victory each day.
  6. Captain_Bloodless


    Isn't worchester tree @ 789.880 XP ?
  7. Captain_Bloodless


    Hello. As u can see since today we have this research bureau thing. I've done some approx estimation and the conversion for Colbert if u don't consider 10k gift and u want to have it in 1st RB season it's 3,7 mil xp ( or free xp ). The amount can be lowered of course if u are willing to wait and use next RB seasons 2x bonus. Given that i don't know Ohio price yet i'm probably skipping colbert for now, any advice on which tech tree reset btw?
  8. Captain_Bloodless

    Full Nelson - Gamescom in-game competition


    I would like to join this event. On portal link gives 404 error. Best regards