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  1. Captain_Bloodless

    Bot spam games to get R1.

    ahah u took all the time to post after 1 week a screenshot of a game where a BB bumped my dd into torps This is good example of no life person. Just replied to this crap post because i see the notification entering forum. Maybe i can pay a paparazzi to follow u all your life until u take a glass door in your face and than make fun of you. Anyway plenty of angry fappers like you in this game, you are not special even if u think you are.
  2. Captain_Bloodless

    Bot spam games to get R1.

    Well i had to carry your dead body @ least one game, so i had my part of hard games.
  3. Captain_Bloodless

    Bot spam games to get R1.

    It's all nice and fun until you was they guy insulting left and right every game ppl, included me. Fun fact i ranked out 1st day and u still posting your ranked adventure in the forum, but i'm pretty sure you can explain this with luck and bad luck. Enjoy the raging.
  4. Captain_Bloodless

    How is new Ranked? How do you like new format in actual play?

    Yesterday ranked out, a few consideration: The new system is as i said a few weeks ago much similar to old one. The 3 league format doesn't change the players playing it. The amount of effort vs rewards is worse than old system. Bronze is a piece of cake. Silver had to work hard about it. Gold did in 1 day still u have no save point in gold league. BB best class to save star. Marceau best DD, shima viable for good concealment. Your only chance to really impact on match and carry the team is play CV. So, not complaining at all about new system, just not much different from old one aside for rewards.
  5. Captain_Bloodless

    How is new Ranked? How do you like new format in actual play?

    Didn't change anything. To fix ranked we should fix players that play it. On a side note i start from bottom after ranked rework even if i was R1 last season, so i can enjoy the full experience.
  6. Captain_Bloodless

    Detonated with 0 hit

    Funniest part is i always use detonation flag on dd even in random and i detonated the 1st game i run out of my stock i buy on daily base.
  7. Captain_Bloodless

    Detonated with 0 hit

    Hello there. Posting funny stuff here. I know it's working as intended cause of splash damage, still want to share
  8. Captain_Bloodless

    Why do BB's use the repair so quickly after 1 fire

    The main reason is after flooding rework it's no more a sentence to death. Basically while before was wise to repair no less than 2 fires to keep consumable ready as much as possible for potential flooding, now u can repair fires without much trade off. Another reason is that with IFHE rework there's less fire chance around. Last reason is that repair is related to actual positioning of BB. If i can disengage i tend to isant repair even 1 fire because if i let it run it's damage i'll suffer for sure, while 2nd-3rd fires might never happen.
  9. Captain_Bloodless

    So is Richthoffen worth the grind?

    " Vastly better " is a strong sentence. Manfred can reliably deal 26k AP damage on most BB and punish with 10-20k bad positioned cruisers. Audacious is worst cv right now. That said Manfred can only put fighters on dd and disturb dd in smoke with torps. I say disturb, because once i hit an haragumo with 3 torps and the salvo was a gran total of 11k damage, while with legendary module on midway u can deal 14k and more with much easier to hit dive bombs. Still manfred can coordinate much better with team because with AP rockets/bombs can force ships bow tanking to either take cv drop or give broadside to your team mates. Audacious beside very good rockets ( which midway can have similar as alternative to tiny tim ) has litterally no killing power.
  10. Captain_Bloodless

    So is Richthoffen worth the grind?

    It's very fun to play but earns less xp than Midway/shokaku for the type of damage u can apply to enemy team.
  11. Captain_Bloodless

    Russian carriers are coming!

    AP carpet bombing he said?
  12. Captain_Bloodless

    Are You Struggling with Pan European DD's, here is why

    Disappointed by halland so far. On paper torps are amazing, but they don't do much damage. Didn't kill a GK with 7 hits in 1 run. The ship is slow, the gun accuracy is bad, survability is ok but it eats a lot of damage. Fire chance is rigged, with 11% fire chance i managed 1 fire with 70 hits and 2 fire with 100 hits. Main problem is that lacking of smoke u need to be fast as kleber or tanky and good ballistic as old khaba. This ship miss both features. AA is storng but eventually cv will kill u even after 17-20 planes killed because u keep missing the [edited]smoke to take a rest from plane perma spot. Most of the time 90 secs of smoke make cv change target because he's " missing damage while waiting " assuming his plane are not being killed by someone else AA while camping DD smoke.
  13. Captain_Bloodless

    The Ohio Is Bad

    Ohio deal better with spike damage because of the short cooldown on healings, so it's very effective in ranked and other competitive modes. If u want to damage farm in random u can stick to stuff like conqueror/kremlin/smolensk
  14. Captain_Bloodless

    This round of ranked is

    People keep complaining about ships. I played bismarck which is silver ship. Piece of cake to R1. Meet some cv in the process, never lost to them. But it's easier to complain about ships or mode instead of working on yourself.
  15. Captain_Bloodless

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    30. I want to participate, Massachussets. Merry XMAS!!!