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  1. Scawl_D_Balls

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    Yeah... I've stopped playing lots of games over the years (WOT being one of them). I just uninstalled and deleted the forum bookmark. Never looked back. If I eventually get bored of ships (I will), I'll do the same.
  2. I've had a 43 day break... Should I reinstall? Or is it still the same?
  3. The game-play of team mates these days seems so erratic that I finally decided to uninstall and take a break (I just ended up staring at the screen in disbelief at most matches). I understand it's random, I understand I'm not a unicum, I understand it's just a game/people can play how they want etc etc... But when every battleship turns at the start of every game and retreats behind their spawn point to hide/avoid the fight, it just gets frustrating. I had so many games recently where we were dominating/heading for an easy win, when several players on the team would engage in the most ridiculous behaviour and it would end up in a loss (3 BB's and a cruiser leaving the fight to chase a carrier anyone??). I'll be back no doubt, but a break is overdue.
  4. Scawl_D_Balls

    Halloween salt

    Logged in, tried the special, completed it first time. It's a bit easy.
  5. Scawl_D_Balls

    Anyone else think this is getting alittle boring?

    I've been away from the game for about 6 months and just fired it up again. I had a ball and really enjoyed playing the game. Took the Kaze out and had a great laugh. Maybe you just need a break??
  6. Scawl_D_Balls

    World of Cowards yes i said it.

    Ten matches already today? You didn't throw that towel very far did you? Infantile, attention seeking nonsense.
  7. Scawl_D_Balls


    quoted post removed So desperate for attention off strangers on the internet (using several alts over the years on the WOT and WOWS forums). It's actually quite sad. I wonder will you ever get to the root cause of your issues?
  8. Scawl_D_Balls

    Can we ask for refunds on premium ships?

    First page of Billing Support (but you already knew that and wanted to slip a whine thread in) Refunds and Transfers Refunds We understand that we are all human and mistakes can happen. Payments are not an exception to this and various situations in which we might want to cancel one may arise. In such cases we can offer a refund for a payment as long as the provided services weren't used and the payment method is refundable. To process a refund, we will need your help to verify the transaction.
  9. How many times will you be done? You were raised on a diet of Facebook 'like's weren't you? You got some negative reactions, it throws you into confusion, you don't have your FB friends to fling likes at you, so you throw a hissy fit. If you want to use a public forum, you will need to grow up a little.
  10. Scawl_D_Balls

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I've been struggling with the game lately, but I logged in tonight after the United game and was in good spirits. The team got flanked badly, so I said I'd return and do my best. Other team members prioritized my protection and said they would help. Finished top damage and even the enemy team said I played very well
  11. Scawl_D_Balls

    On a Bad Run But Not Whining Thread

    Lets see what happens against Everton today (probably a Lukaku hat trick)
  12. Scawl_D_Balls

    On a Bad Run But Not Whining Thread

    Bush is one of the leading sellers of Avon beauty products in England. If you have dry chapped skin on your heel, or oily skin on your T-Zone... Bush is your only man
  13. Scawl_D_Balls

    On a Bad Run But Not Whining Thread

    Yeah Bush, I logged in yesterday and found a new ship in my port 'Mutsuki', and my Minekaze captain all changed (I don't play often enough, or check the news to see what the hell they are doing to my ships). Tried two games in it but the team mates dissolved within 2 minutes of the start in both matches. I turned it off, went to the pub and watched the Arsenal match.
  14. Scawl_D_Balls

    Playing on slow broadband. Advice please.

    Are you in the UK? I've mates over there and the Broadband service is terrible (even though you have lots of competition). I'm in the sticks in Ireland and still get 360mb with my TV and phone package. Rarely drops below 340 and the connection is rock solid.
  15. Scawl_D_Balls


    Well... You are using a fifteen year old operating system. What's the spec of the PC?