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  1. Sharks still winning?

    But why exactly ? If the Eagle players want that extra crate, they should just switch to Sharks
  2. Submarines ingame?

    No. And if you're missing a new dimension, you have 3 other classes of ships to play.
  3. Operation "Killer Whale" is waste of time

    Still better than getting a defeat because 4 ships decide to stay inside the harbour "because we have to prevent enemy ships from entering"
  4. [IDEA] Carrier-focused scenario's

    Triple Kaga division ? yes please
  5. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    and really ... full AA PE shreds planes - even TX ones
  6. Shipstacking in CW

    Don't think your auto-dropping Zuiho will do much in TX CBs
  7. @havaduck Pseudo-High Caliber on Killer Whale
  8. Match results delay

    Same here. I also (sometimes) experience a bug where the statistics on your profile aren't updated
  9. Was in division with @Skyllon .. our session last night is best be forgotten Didn't notice you .. I assume we were raging a bit too much then
  10. Ok. The submerged citadel on plenty (/ most) high tier BBs doesn't help either
  11. Why not just give MGRB to the HIV and leave others like the are ?
  12. The other way around, if you're in a CA and have a BB full broadside at ~2km, why is it so difficult to hit its citadel ? Had few times now where I "sneaked" up to a BB in my DM (Richelieu and Yamato), and I could not get any citadel hit, no matter where I aimed (they were perfect broadside). I know you usually don't get that close to BBs in your CA, but if you do, shouldn't you be able to punish them with multiple citadel salvoes ?
  13. Our Scrub division had @BeauNidl3 on our team - but it wasn't really a spectacular battle if I recall correctly (I do think we won). Few battles later we ran into @xxNihilanxx and a buddy of his - this one was a very hard-fought battle but in the end my division mates were able to carry this Scrub to victory My Shima got rushed and sunk by 3 DDs (first an other Shima, then a Gearing, and finally an Akizuki ) .. good thing they all got sunk as well
  14. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    If you have a recurring credit problem, a single ship (i.e. Missouri) won't prevent that.
  15. 46 hits, 3200 damage...

    Use the "detailed ribbons" - they're not always correct but they give a general idea of what your shells are doing (i.e. penetration, overpenetration, bounce, or shatter). In this case you might have either gotten a lot of shatters, or you might have been hitting a part of the DM that was damage saturated.