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  1. lup3s

    Flint is trash

    Isn't Flint's torp range about twice that of the Atlanta's ?
  2. lup3s

    Super battleships and the future of WOWS

    Only interested in damage and not in teamplay ... how surprising
  3. I'm not asking for DDs, I'm asking for (supposedly) AA Cruisers like the Seattle. Or is the Seattle not an AA Cruiser ? 11 destroyed attack planes aren't exactly "heavy plane losses". I'm also confused what you mean with "it is YOUR problem not wanting to use it for your team."; what does my inability to stop a CV from striking have to do with this ? :edit: Just saw your addition about El2; are you saying that I should form a division with a (good) CV player, to make sure we can win ? Doesn't that just prove the point that CVs (in good hands) are broken af ?
  4. T9 USN CL Seattle, with the AA Gunner captain skill (= +20% damage from continuous AA and flak) vs T8 CV Indomitable Who wins ? T9 AA Cruiser can't stop a T8 CV .. perfectly balanced of course ! So much fun I had that battle ! @Beastofwar please teach me how to counter lower tier CVs in my AA Cruiser; clearly the Captain skill isn't working / doing that much.
  5. I know the feeling; had a similar battle yesterday.
  6. lup3s

    Soviet Cvs

    I don't drink coffee; does this mean I never grew up to an adult ?
  7. I have a difficult time selecting a single T9 DD (I love most of my T9 DDs) Kitakaze (dakka + smoke + ijn torps) ZF-6 (dakka + smoke + good concealment + "F3-like" torps) Z-46 / Jutland (probably the best all-rounder DDs; decent guns, decent torps, decent concealment, smoke, hydro) (Fletcher is also a very good all-round DD, but I think the other 2 are a bit better because of their hydro) Mogador (speed + guns + speed + guns + SPEED + GUNS + SPEED) I LOVE MY MOGADOR ------------- T9 Cruiser life is tough, but from experience: Riga (radar is short duration but long range, hard-hitting railguns, survivable enough) Buffalo / Roon / Drake can perform as well, but it's less easy (imo). ------------ BBs I'd say Alsace or Soyuz - though I can't say I've played them much outside of the grind.
  8. If I have to pick one per class; Akizuki (dakka + smoke + ijn torps + decent concealment) Baltimore (great concealment + great guns + radar) North Carolina (idk why I just like this ship - Amagi may be better) Shokaku (good all-round CV - just like the Lexi - but I prefer Shokaku's TBs)
  9. SBF was on a whole other level - and it was a fun read (most of the times)
  10. lup3s

    Another Hybrid but its much much worse

    Fake news. Marceau sinks FDR! *insert random screenshot here* add some bold italic text Did I forget anything? Ah yes purple is bad !
  11. lup3s

    What use have tier V premiums ?

    Remember that WG (at first) said there would be a "hard" difficulty for Operations. So -maybe- allow the same Operations, but for a tier lower. At least that's how we (Scrubs) used to make the Operations a bit more challenging - we all took weak T5s (and we still managed to complete the Operations).
  12. lup3s

    What use have tier V premiums ?

    It used to be that Operations were T6 and T5, but WG changed it to only T6. Would be nice to get this option back again; at least with T5s the Operations were a bit more challenging.