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  1. lup3s

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    2 minutes is often enough to reach a cap; if I'm that DD and I see the enemy planes heading to "my" cap, I will ping CV and call for AA as well. Better be safe with a fighter squadron above me, then having to smoke up and blind myself and the team.
  2. lup3s

    Abysmal modul damage on dds

    Stuff almost always gets broken on DDs when hit. I don't really feel like more stuff is breaking on my DDs, maybe you just had some bad games? Last night I played multiple battles with Mogami (155mm's), some good some bad, but the thing/battle I remember best is where RNG said no and decided to grant me 2 fires out of 210+ HE hits doesn't mean her fire chance got nerfed ... just unlucky I guess
  3. lup3s

    The Chronicles of Potato

    Apart from some specific situations (e.g. you're in a Shima and enemy has no radars nor stealthy DDs at your side of the map), it's better to just flee / retreat with your team, even if you don't want to. If you know it'll be a loss, all you can do is [try to] stay alive and rack up damage. Don't try to be a hero in a losing situation, it'll just get you killed.
  4. lup3s

    Max Filth gathering Basic needs

    Some players are just griefers in this mode. Had a team tonight that did barely anything but hunt and sink other players. I had them chase me to the map border, none of us survived nor made it in time to extract. I hate this type of player
  5. lup3s

    Post-buff Błyskawica, is she worth it?

    I don't know the raw stats of ships I don't play often, but besides the (big) torpedo advantage, I likely played my Akatsuki and Blyska the same way, as they felt the same for me (bad concealment, good guns). But I have to admit I hardly played my Blyska since the stealth fire removal.
  6. lup3s

    Post-buff Błyskawica, is she worth it?

    I'll have to check; I just remember Akatsuki being an unfun grind due to its shitty concealment (for an IJN DD). But "going around in open water, torping and capping" - there are far better DDs do this than the Akatsuki. If she would have better concealment, yes, but she doesn't, so no. If I'm in a Shira and you're in an Akatsuki, unless you ambush me you'll never spot me, until that final salvo to sink you. Same applies for the Blyska, you can't just "sail around in open water" when there are DDs with 400m+ better concealment than you.
  7. lup3s

    Post-buff Błyskawica, is she worth it?

    Akatsuki has shitty concealment as well .. 6.4km or something?
  8. lup3s

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Decent tanking with Nagato. Team was desperate to throw away victory ... so I capped the enemy base. Another carry with the Myoko. And a fun Nagato game to end the grind for the Amagi.
  9. Oh didn't notice you .. were you on my team? I do remember dodging some Atlantas' rain of fire in multiple battles yesterday
  10. I thought so :) nice to have a DD scout ! I tried helping with the Mahan but RNG didn't always favour me it was quite an easy win in the end, thanks to your help
  11. lup3s


    What would your build be then? :edit: I have LM on my Repy and I adore it so no changing that
  12. lup3s


    Yes! But as others said ... don't skip the Alsace she's probably the (silver) T9 BB I had most fun with.
  13. lup3s


    I played mine with the 406mm's, and full (IFHE) secondary build. Probably not the best build for any ship, but I did have a lot of fun
  14. lup3s

    The "Core" number of "World of Warships" players...

    This so much. I've become quite inactive (in the game) as well, and there are no real incentives that draw me back / make me more active. The only reason that makes me (sometimes) consider to start the game are fellow SCRUBs ... and that's it.