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  1. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    WG is giving 10pt captains left and right...
  2. BBs as Fire Starters

    I appreciate the effort and time you took to make that post However - sorry if I misunderstood or make a mistake - wouldn't it be better (statistical-wise), to use the chance of not starting a fire? e.g. (assume 100% MBH and no fire resistance for the sake of the example) You have a ship with 20% fire chance and 12 guns, the fire chance isn't "just" 12 x 20%; as 240% is quite a meaningless number (2.4 fires?). To calculate the chance of starting (at least one) fire per salvo, you should use the chance of none of your shells starting a fire = 0.8 ^ 12 (= ~0.069). As such, assuming 100% MBH and no fire resistance, the chance of a 12-shell 20% fire chance HE salvo setting at least one fire would be 93.1%. ::: edit ::: 12x 20% fire chance HE with a MBH of 33.3% and vs a TX BB (50% resistance iirc?) would yield a 34.4% chance to start at least one fire :)
  3. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Not possible (excluding fail divisions). Look at the MM chart. The highest tier T5 can face (in "normal" conditions) is T7.
  4. That's freaking insane. (downloading replay now.. will check it soonTM) Damn you @havaduck, now I'll have to up my game even more (btw I went and sent the replay to Jingles for you) :::: edit :::: Watched the replay, damn hava, you just raped wasted those bots! Love it how, at the end, you briefly switched fire to the Katori (maybe more citadel hits? ) when there was a Myoko and a DD so close to you. Anyway, I'm grinding the Shchors now and having just so-and-so battles with it. Then I got this battle ... had to carry so hard my back just still hurts.
  5. About the Conqueror

    Then it might as well have been you I had the discussion with Good thing WG updated their wiki on this :)
  6. Reporting system

    I got chatbanned once in a Ranked battle ... all I did was saying "hi" to someone on the enemy team (I belive it was @Negativvv). It's not a foolproof system... Imo biggest issue is that you can't even write in the clan chat window..
  7. Tell me the Ibuki is not EDIT.

    Ibuki I can understand, but why the Baltimore? It's an amazing ship! I kept it after I got the DM, and with the "elite XP" I have now, I could unlock the DM twice...
  8. About the Conqueror

    Are you sure about this (i.e. source? )? I had a discussion some time ago with someone on the forum (can't remember who) about the healing potential for HE pens. I thought it was the same as AP pens (like you mention), he/she claimed it to be 100% repairable. (Wiki at the time didn't provide any straight answer)
  9. About the Conqueror

    Still, there's a difference between being able to hit a ship's citadel and being able to hit a ship's citadel reliably. To continue the comparison with the NC: the NC's citadel can be hit reliably, if it shows broadside you're almost sure to hit its citadel (even with 203mm CA AP); on the other hand the CQ's citadel can be hit, but it rarely happens and when it does it's due to plunging fire, i.e. long range (and I've never been able to hit a CQ's citadel with 203mm CA AP). Imo increase its armour values, but raise its citadel.
  10. Hahaha I recognise that.. early December I accidently bought 1 year of Premium in-game (instead of 1 week...) and lost over 20k doubloons
  11. Manual drop not working [NOT tier 4-5]

    This issue I've encountered a couple of times; the manual drop one not (luckily). Sometimes I also have my bombers not automatically returning after a drop.. not that big of a deal (they spend 5-10s longer in the enemies' AA), but more bombers are lost than necessary.
  12. makes me drool more than any waifu can I've found a new waifu beefu
  13. I've been absent some time our glorious topic .. happy to be back