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  1. -> Change the game from World of Battleships back to World of Warships. -> No; radar counters smoke. (hydro too, in a lesser way) -> Smoking up allies and spotting for them is one of the best teamwork you can do as a DD; but you want to punish this teamwork? I smoke up allied ships whether they are in my division or not. This kind of teamwork can win games, and you want to remove this? Wtf? I see you have a Sims. How do you play your Sims if not smoking up allies, providing them an offensive smoke so they can support you at the front line? -> Learn how to deal with it in stead of wanting to punish teamwork. So what do I think about it? I think the people who want to see this change happen are probably solo players who get really frustrated if they get wrecked by this kind of teamwork on the enemy team; and who want to see this teamwork (and probably any kind of teamwork) disappear so that these braindead potatoes don't get wrecked as much by it.
  2. And an aggressive, offensive smoke holds no risk? No risk of being hit in smoke by shells or torpedoes? Maybe if there wasn't such an overpopulation in BBs, less ships would have to hide in smoke to survive long enough when playing aggressively.
  3. While it's a very good game by this player, my first thoughts were "this can only happen in the potato league". And sure it was (even 2 unranked players on his team). At higher ranks you hardly see this many Cruisers as well. Most of the time it's 3-5 BBs per team, with the occasional 1-2 CLs (if there are any) and the rest DDs. But still, gg OP
  4. If they want to nerf smokes (BBaby bingo card again ), I think this (next quoted post) might be the best of the worst: - depending on gun calibre, ships are detected in smoke but by a shorter range. -> I'd say DDs: 5km CLs: 6km CAs: 8km BBs: 10km
  5. The Texas in a T5 battle can be a real monster. And I had a real WTF-battle in Coop with my Dunkerque. 3 enemy Dunkerques were chasing me. I did pull a good manoeuvre and was able to devastate one of them with 4 citadel hits in a drive-by.
  6. Got to love these teams that sit in spawn while the enemy team pushes both sides. It took the enemy team only 12 minutes to sink every ship. I tried my best to stop the attack waves of the enemy Kaga. I tried my best to keep as many enemy ships spotted as possible. I tried my best to strike enemy ships and stop their advance, but it was nearly impossible as they were moving as one blob on both sides. But of course it was my fault we lost this, because I am "a moron CV player who doesn't know what he's doing". I got reported 7 times in this battle.
  7. Which good DD players already do. But with this change in smoke mechanics, why even bother smoking up your BBs if a few of their salvoes will clear your entire smokescreen? So Cruisers should just camp behind islands to farm damage? How is that not passive play? No offensive smokes means less Cruisers or Battleships will get to the front line, but just snipe from long range or camp behind islands. Can you not see that this change in smoke mechanics is likely to make the meta even more passive? But this change in smoke mechanics makes your smokes less useful for other ships and will probably kill off any kind of smoke-related teamplay. It's kind of useless to smoke up other ships if they can't shoot from it. Putting down an offensive smokescreen for your allies is teamwork. I don't know why players would want this teamwork to be punished. I think that the players who want to see this change happen, are likely to be solo players who can't stand this teamwork by enemy players and want to see this teamwork disappear.
  8. Removal of stealth fire, even though an indirect buff to BBs, didn't really have an effect on teamwork. Whereas this change in smoke mechanics does.
  9. ^ This
  10. :::edit::: Ninja'd by El2aZeR I think WG do what they want as long as the money keeps flowing in.
  11. Do you know what there findings were? And you think WG would / will listen to them? ^ This. It's a way bigger punishment for teamplayers than for selfish players. As many said before, this smoke change actually encourages teamplayers to be more selfish; so there will be more DDs popping a tiny smoke only for themselves to shoot from.
  12. So teamplayers should be punished because of selfish players like that one? Thanks. I couldn't really find it quickly. But then they introduce the RN BBs with there monster heals.
  13. But didn't he say in a Q&A some time ago that they should / would address the BB overpopulation? And all they do is making it worse (i.e. which each update the BB overpopulation increases). e.g. Their most recent """nerf""" to KM BBs' secondary guns. Or the release of RN BBs. (apparently the high tier ones can now choose between Def AA or Radar - because "hey! let's give these RN BBs some counters to their counters" )
  14. Please tell me how WG is fixing the "unintentional" side effect that is the ever-growing BB overpopulation? A side effect of nearly every major update I remember. WG balanceTM: every ship class should be equal, but BBs should be the most powerful, forgiving and represented one. So why nerf smokes then? For those cases where players can use their smoke until it expires? Don't break something that isn't broken.
  15. Why would you prefer multiple tweaks to make this smoke change work, in stead of just not having the change at all?