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  1. lup3s

    African-american pre-saturday

    WG plz gib black Black-B
  2. lup3s

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I see CD8+, I upvote
  3. lup3s

    Destroyers and bad game design

    I understand - to return to my previous post, one could assume CVs have a higher stdev, as skill difference has more impact on the outcome of the entire battle
  4. lup3s

    Destroyers and bad game design

    Hence it might be useful to have mean and standard deviation. The latter will tell how "far" the average player is from the average (or, the amount and extent of "extremes"). i.e. average 50% WR with low stdev means most players are close to the average (e.g. 2 players: 45% and 55%); on the contrary, average 50% WR with high stdev means most players are quite far from the average (e.g. 2 players: 25% and 75%). You could conclude that a high stdev means a higher impact (more and larger extremes).
  5. lup3s

    Sunray Hard Mode - whats the difference exactly?

    We got 5* with 6; but then again we're just Scrubs
  6. lup3s

    misspositioning of DD divisions

    But I want to play triple Ochotnik
  7. lup3s

    Constantly crashing after update.

    I have every first battle crashing in loading screen ..
  8. lup3s

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    last battle with Ognevoi before unlocking the Udaloi .. and what a battle it was (my previous damage record with Ognevoi was about 110k damage ..) also, almost half my damage was fire + flooding
  9. Our Scrub division met @Tuccy in the Raptor Rescue Operation; it was a good run, Tactical Expertise. We also ran into a HAMI division on the enemy team (though I can only remember @SunSkaRe in his Midway). I tried to position my Minotaur in a central location to provide a good AA bubble, but I got rushed by a Hydro Moskva .
  10. lup3s

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    3.6k base XP with Shimakaze https://replayswows.com/replay/32823 At the end I was greedy to beat my damage record - but at that point victory was assured (my division mates informed me about the Yamato's HP).
  11. lup3s

    Asashio game play

    I blame a certain Youtuber for this..
  12. lup3s

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Back to school; st. Patricks day (la phleleig or something like that?)
  13. lup3s

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska, your choice

    Watched Flamu's latest vid on the Alaska .. seems more potato-proof than the KS (i.e. nigh impossible to hit the citadel at medium or short ranges). No idea why someone would decide that this game needs more ships like this...
  14. lup3s

    Extremely broken matchmaking

    Define "fair" .. Is it fair for a good player to always have to carry the potato teammmates, just because (s)he's good ?
  15. lup3s

    Domintaion and Destroyers

    "Switzerland is neutral" almost made me spill my beer