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  1. Tbh I quite liked the NO and I still play her from time to time. Great stealth, guns, and radar!
  2. Iirc, one evening I got detonated in a DD, CL, and BB
  3. And here I am ... at 700+ detoflags Maybe WG could give out some detoflags with the weekly missions? (e.g. 10 for stage 1, or 15 for a later stage)
  4. I agree with most parts, except for the increase in BBs (just no, 1 is enough in 7v7) and the removal of detonations. I agree most with an extended "prime time"; some of us have a life (i.e. need to work) and get home too late to decently participate in the CBs.
  5. I found a Scrub on YT @AmXshotz
  6. Let's just hope it's not T6. Last season was by far the worst imo
  7. I'd be happy if they nerf the Def AA dps multiplier.
  8. I'd say even 100 battles would be quite a low amount to provide proper "objective" statistics. I just think that the battles where you're bottom tier "stick more" than those where you're top tier. But, assuming one has (a lot) more battles as bottom tier, I wonder if it has anything to do with the type of ship one plays?
  9. Had a good evening with @havaduck in the PvE Operation "Defense of Naval Station Newport" - all but one were 5-star victories! We even got a couple of "Tactical Expertise" achievements. Got a good game with the De Grasse: And with the Ryujo (over 2k base XP): And with the Dunkerque I got maybe one of my most entertaining PvE Ops-battles so far. (apart from the 60-citadel hits Anshan battle of course ) - @havaduck and I really carried this one by making one of the most ridiculous manoeuvres ever to intercept a DD before it could enter our base - I did a drive-by on the Izumo and REKT him with a single 4-citadel salvo Going for the drive-by ... ... and finishing him
  10. No offense, but I sometimes have a really hard time understanding what you mean... Anyway, if I understood you well, you shouldn't underestimate 2 tier higher (gunboat) DDs in your CLs. Was it an Akizuki / Harekaze by any chance? If you give a bit too much broadside, their tiny guns will shred your citadel.
  11. Confirmation bias.
  12. Same here ... And while he was sailing around, I kept the middle base (B cap), I devastated a GK, drove a Gearing and Khaba away from the cap, did a ton of damage in general; but in the end I got hunt down by a DM and Hindenburg (at the C cap). That other Shima could have capped A behind them (and then tried contesting B); and we might have won by points. But no; instead he just sailed at the I / J line (more South than the enemies' spawn.
  13. Had some great games with Fletcher and Gearing ... - Fletcher: 21 planes and a ton of free XP - Gearing: rain of shells also: that fire RNG ... and yet I'm still mostly pissed off due to this one: - new (overall) damage record - 1.1M credits - tried to carry my team as much as I could - to no avail My Shima seems to be cursed lately And I won't spend too many words about it - but the other Shima on my team nearly made me punch through my screen. F***ing useless potato; never bothered capping or doing anything to help win the battle; instead he just sailed all the way around to torp enemies that were sailing away from him.
  14. Met @Eclaire in his Huanghe. He made a good move on me and sunk me. Yet ... it was such a weird battle after I died ... don't really know how my team managed to win that one.