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  1. Idd, thx Hava. Instagib mutator was godlike
  2. Kind of .. Saipan has OP fighters, you don't really need the third squadron. And 2 TB squadrons are better than 1 DB squadron.
  3. I was more a fan of the Flak Cannon or the Sniper Rifle (or in UT 2003 that Electric Rifle) wtf
  4. Strike Ranger got me very good results. At the end I played ~5 battles with AS, lost all 5 battles of them. Why would you play AS Saipan?
  5. I pity those who enter that thread unprepared / unknowing.
  6. How about a double Double Strike?
  7. Got my 3rd Solo Warrior tonight. Also got 3k base XP in a CV (Saipan) and a whole list of achievements. The Danae may be one of the worst CLs in the game, but she's only the second ship I got 8 kills with. I actually got multiple good battles with the Danae.
  8. I'll have to dust off my old PC (Windows 98 I think) too see if it's still installed on it
  9. @Reaper_JackGBR nice montage! Could use some more waifu though :edit: I'll probably better put this one in a spoiler Tbh I think this is scripted. I've seen a handful of videos of this girl saying the most stupidest things (yes, double superlative sue me).
  10. Literally no idea what this is supposed to prove.
  11. Never heard of this; where do you get this idea?