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  1. -2 Guy torped me deliberately (from 1km) and sank himself as well. I hate these players. I hate them. Why play if you're going to just f*ck up other players' games. But hey, at least I got a detonation out of it.
  2. NARAÏ operation & operations statistics

    Yes plz gib bak Narai WG. Shinyhorse want farm
  3. Gameplay Suggestion : Fuel System

    Skybuck is our Saviour, the one true Forum Lord.
  4. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    Had a Khaba last night that got 3 kills with torpedoes
  5. Rebalancing at its finest ... first my game crashed halfway in the battle, only to get detonated near the end of the battle ... (fyi: Benson was at 5k health and I was at 9k health so I might have won that fight and got my Kraken, but RNG decided otherwise) Not my best battle with Edinburgh but it felt quite good to beat a (try-hard) 788 division
  6. More than double the experience of the second player on my team .. At a moment we were 3 vs 6; our Shokaku, Duke of York, and me against their Lexington, Missouri, Alabama, Bismarck, Maass, and New Orleans. It's some time ago that I got well over 3k base XP.
  7. While a "lemming train" can be devastating to the enemy team if played / used correctly; it usually (i.e. 99% of the time) isn't, and is exactly what the name implies: a group of lemmings not pushing the enemy team with superior numbers, or simply dying to a smaller group of enemies because they're not even able to push the enemy with superior numbers. Most of the time it's just a group of players who have no idea at all how to play this game, and just sail with others like the sheeple they are.
  8. Proposal

    Imo biggest issue is that "old" players spent actual money for these ships (at least 3 of them). It's a free-to-play game and players have the choice to spend money on it. The players that spend money keep the game going / improving / expanding. The players that don't spé money (which is propably the majority of the player base) keep the game alive, i.e. a decent amount of players in the pool. I don't mind WG giving out some extras like free Premium time, or free Premium camouflages, or free doubloons, or free low/mid tier Premium ships (i.e. max T6) to keep the "free" players in the game / returning to the game; but higher tier Premium ships are quite a bit more expensive and it might result in "spenderd" (like me) to stop spending money on the game, as we might gat that Premium ship for free anyway (at one time).
  9. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    Aren't we always ? He's one of your bestest friends after all
  10. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    I wonder if letting them play the Oktobership would teach them a thing or two .. Imagine having no DCPs left after 2 minutes of battle .. (btw completely off-topic, but we played with your friend ArgoSax last night )
  11. Submarines.

    It would need a lot of work though .. if their speed will be any close to reality, you'll hardly ever get to see the battle with your sub. Anti-sub weapons will need to be implemented, and once spotted I think you'll have a very hard time getting away. This might also mean that anti-sub tools will need to be implemented, e.g. hydro / radar on DDs ... which might probably introduce some imbalance between surface ships ... Subs seem like a good idea for an Operation, but (imo) surely not for PvP (in this game). Maybe WG can make a World of Submarines ?
  12. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    Solid advice. Especially for DDs .. I took a torp and gunfight with my Shima once, surviving with only ~20hp. AR boost ftw !
  13. You get a torpedo ... and you get a torpedo ... and you get a torpedo ... and you get a torpedo ... Torpedoes for everyone ! (every 8s or so)