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  1. lup3s

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    Since I'm home now I can provide some screenshots : Damage distribution; I sunk 8 ships (more than the rest of the team combined) and damaged 7 more. Only two of the players above me got the "Sea Star" achievement. I could understand a uniform nerf to the base XP, but how does this make any sense? How / why do the 4 players above me get more base XP?
  2. lup3s

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    The issue isn't the low XP per se, it's that it seems like playing good nets less base XP than playing worse.
  3. lup3s

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    I got this as well last night. I was dumbstruck since I got the fake High Caliber and fake Confederate, while some players didn't even do their own hp in damage and still got more base XP
  4. Don't think I'll play next season .. not really because of boycot but simply because it is not fun. Some other Scrubs think alike so I fear we won't play CBs with CVs anymore.
  5. lup3s

    Newport MM

    Problem is that most (silver) BBs on T6 are not really accurate or fast. Imo best BBs would be the more accurate ones (e.g. Warspite, West Virginia 1941), or the faster ones (e.g. Dunkerque). DDs can work but it's very difficult (bow-in enemies for torping + lot of CLs for your health).
  6. lup3s

    Newport MM

    Yes I play Ark Royal in this Operation; or a Cruiser with good survivability (e.g. Leander, though you have to play quite aggressive with her) or 203mm guns. DDs and BBs are less important in this Operation (in my opinion), since DPM is important in this Operation (imo).
  7. lup3s

    Newport MM

    Were you already able to get 5 stars? If not, I can try to help :) if we happen to be online both at the same time, I'll send you an invite
  8. lup3s

    Low-Tier Gems: Ships up to TIV

    Couple of days ago I played in a 3P-division and one is grinding the IJN CV line. The other one and me picked a Kaiser, together we shot down over 55 planes (he got the "AA Defence Expert" and I had 20+ plane kills as well); combine that with the plane kills of other players on the team and we shot down about 70 planes in total. Even with 2 CVs per team, this could seem like a lot at T4 ... but in the end they could still attack and sink us I don't recall the exact amount of planes the RTS Hosho had, but I doubt 2 of them could launch (well) over 70 planes ..
  9. lup3s

    Low-Tier Gems: Ships up to TIV

    Smith / Tachibana (since no CVs at T2). All other low tier ships I used to like to play, I don't like to play anymore since that $*@&$%%*#& CV rework. (even my Nikolai is just rusting in port)
  10. If I could I'd go double Enterprise imagine double AP drop :edit: or double rockets on DDs
  11. lup3s

    0 dmg kill with ap?

    Probably this. Rounding can lead to some unexpected results from time to time
  12. How is your battle count less than 1/20th of your post count?
  13. lup3s

    Submarines - first impressions

    I've played about 20 games with each of the 3 submarines. In my opinion submarines are broken at the moment; your counter (ASW ships) isn't really a counter unless there's more than one attacking you. (if it's a single DD or CL you just bounce around the 6m mark and once they're getting below 2km surface distance, you surface and sink them with your torpedoes; you'll be firing as close as possible and at that range it's nearly impossible to miss) The majority of the times I got sunk was by enemy submarines; hence I changed my (submarine) playstyle to prioritize hunting other subs first. And with the current state of the submarines, I think the U-69 is the best pick; 2.6km pinging detection combined with 4km hydro combined with the (by far) hardest hitting torps : perfect sub hunter. One minor aspect is the (relative) short range on the torps; you need to operate close to the front and will sometimes find yourself without targets for multiple minutes. The U-69 requires a good player, but in his/her hands it's a very (broken) lethal ship. The S-1 is also a good pick, a bit more range on the torps (but they have less alpha damage) and slightly worse detection range; the main trump of this submarine is its heal, which makes it a lot more durable across multiple fights in a single battle. Probably the better pick for most players than the U-69, since it's more forgiving.