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  1. lup3s

    Screenshot co-op corner ?

  2. lup3s

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    The 2-letter words - what do they mean ?
  3. lup3s

    Screenshot co-op corner ?

    That's a lot of damage And my Graf Spee turned into a torpedo boat
  4. lup3s

    Rework spotting

    -- double post, apologies --
  5. lup3s

    Rework spotting

    Do you think the Musashi should not be able to shoot the CL ?
  6. lup3s

    Paolo Emilio in brawls

    I did, specifically for Brawls (even though I only played a handful). I thought it would be useful vs other DDs but I didn't meet any - only Pommerns and most were ez kill
  7. lup3s

    Rework spotting

    Many players' in-battle behaviour seems to indicate they don't understand the detection mechanics. I'm struggling to understand how map-wide information can be both "too useful" and "bad" at the same time. If it leads to defeatist behaviour, I think the problem lies with the person showing that behaviour. How can a team rectify a situation if they have no information about what's happening on the other side of the map ? I think you put too much faith in the average Wows-player; in my opinion, your suggestion will increase the skill gap even more. That's all you could come up with ? What about : - knowing where enemy CV's planes are - knowing on which flank the enemy sub is - knowing on which flank enemy overmatch-BBs are - knowing on which flank radar ships are - knowing on which flank torpedo DDs are .... What I take from this is that you want to increase the player skill gap with that suggestion. And you call me a bit selfish ? Tbh this one sentence made me think you were trolling. How can you be this delusional ? You really think making the detection mechanics more complicated would reduce stress / toxicity and improve experience / level of acceptance / player retention rate ?
  8. lup3s

    Rework spotting

    I think it's not about it being "too" complicated, but being "more" complicated. I have to agree with @SkipperCH that it seems many players are already having trouble understanding the current detection system, and making it more complicated is not an ideal solution. I also think that having map-wide information can be (very) useful for decision-making in a specific battle, so I wouldn't like to see that go.
  9. lup3s

    Is IFHE worth it anymore?

    Afaik pens are healed all the same, regardless if the shells were HE, AP, or SAP. Only fire / flooding / ramming damage is fully healable.
  10. lup3s

    Poetic player base.

    It's all fun and games till the first ping arrives
  11. lup3s

    Is IFHE worth it anymore?

    I think i did an oopsie with the quotes was meant to quote the other one but i must've had more text selected
  12. Liquidator ? :edit: nvm I read through the thread - I didn't know it got removed
  13. lup3s

    Is IFHE worth it anymore?

    Why is it mandatory ? I don't use IFHE on any of my IJN gunboat DDs since they got their base HE pen increased. I think it's not mandatory at all, the increase in pen isn't as important as before, and the commander points can be better spent on some other skill(s).
  14. lup3s

    Is IFHE worth it anymore?

    I just realised i have more BBs with IFHE than CLs
  15. lup3s


    Really? ITA DDs have HE and SAP.