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  1. I ddi it with 4* despite two teammates sailing into the minefield into the first minute and a third doing it later. However, the remaining teammates knew what they were doing (to an extent) so they all did their thing until they ran into a torpedo from an Schnellboot. As a result, I was the last survivor on my team, getting a Will to Win medal for my troubles.
  2. Actually, I don't think the high tier RN cruisers are affected that much. I'm seeing more and more players run Radar on those things. Poor Emerald, though.
  3. The average hourly consumption of the members from the Wargaming Balance Department:
  4. Wargaming is clearly smoking weed while drunk on wodka. One of them is bad enough when at work, but both of them combined is just asking for trouble.
  5. Atago has Heal. You'd be surprised at how many Dreadnought or Fireproof medals I farm in mine, actually more than Witherers to my surprise.
  6. Only if you are dumb enough to not use your concealment tho. My Takao has 9,4km Concealment and I can't even apply camo paint to it to reduce it any further - if I catch a Kutuzov broadside at that range there's only one way that can end, especially if I have AP loaded.
  7. What about Jellicoe or Anson? To be fair, I'm not surprised. I leave that to the others that are blind as a bat - I actually found it odd that the planned KGV design with 3×3 15" was absent, though I do agree that there should be also a 14" KGV in the Tech Tree. It is THE reason to grind up that line, alongside the Vanguard, and having both absent leaves it a line that either gets ignored unless one of the ships is stupidly good, and we really do not need any more BBs in queue right now, but an ignored line is just a waste of effort. Why are others so surprised? I have no idea. I understand why they got upset, but their rage is irrational as... *insert F-word here*. Do this. Give test ships useless names people can't make head or tails of, especially in the early stages. You guys made the right decision here, which needs to be said. However, to prevent confusion, you should have wrote something along the likes of "Tier: To be decided" or "Tier: Not finalized" instead of no tier at all, because then people make blind assumptions and think of them as the truth, which causes some problems. Agreed. I wouldn't mind some fantasy ships for the sake of uniqueness - I'd love to see a light cruiser with a Dunkerque-esque layout, as long as they are stowed away in their own unique line or as an event reward of some sort, not too dissilar from the ARP ships. I don't really care too much about realism. In the end, the game needs to be playable and the tech trees need to be somewhat convenient, with maybe an unique Tier X at the head of the line. Patience is a virtue.
  8. I think that is fine as long as she doesn't perform better than the ships having those consumables. That there finally is a free Tier VIII cruiser that isn't any worse than the premium counterparts (even without the special consumables) is a good thing.
  9. Isn't the Charles Martel allowed to have better stats to be balanced to offset the lack of Smoke (Kutuzov), Radar (New Orleans/Chapayev) or Heal (Atago)?
  10. Or they pull a Scharnhorst and make the Real Life configuration from the KGV the Tier VIII Premium. I wonder which one we get as a premium. Duke of York, Prince of Wales or King George V? I'm not surprised to be honest, I actually expected this all along and missed the 3×3 15" KGV in the RN Tech Tree.
  11. Well, Kutuzov is good, and Martel is iffy (though I doubt it's much better than the Atago, if at all), and Chapayev and Edinburgh are fine too. But I think it's actually that these ships are balanced. And all other Tier VIII cruisers just need a buff of some sort. Note that I don't speak out of experience, though. But just looking at the complaints the Eugen and Hipper get, or the New Orleans even... and Mogami just looks like a strictly worse Atago unless you have an IFHE captain.
  12. Yes, there are 2 Tier X DDs (Khabarovsk and Gearing) on G3, and they moved in between F3 and G3 for the entire game. The Lo Yang is on H2, which isn't any better...
  13. I think the Tier II and III are amazing - the Tier IV is just a bigger version and a worse ship compared to the Tier III which is awkward. The Tier II I actually kept because it's hilarious. I'm almost at the Tier V - yes, I'm late to the party, but I have to play through it without a sufficient amount of free XP anyway.
  14. This I'd love, though it should probably look slightly more modern to fit in at such a tier. Maybe as a Tier VIII DD, it'd be interesting in its own right for competitive play even if the guns would probably still suck (even if the Mutsuki guns were used).
  15. Don't you think that everybody who wanted to join and meets the requirement already did? I'd love to division a few times with you guys, but joining? Nah. Even disregarding the requirements, which I don't meet, I also don't have the mindset for competitive play. I'm way too much of a clown when playing and I know it.