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  1. Right. Or, consider this, maybe there are more ways to go about it. I mean pulling stats is cute and all but it doesn't quite support your point unless everyone in the leaderboard has achieved those results with the exact same spec. So basically you are saying that your way is the only way/the best way to spec it. I am saying that there are several ways to spec it. Now as far as actual arguments, German AP is one of the worst performing shells as far as penetration at t10. You can check these values here For ease of use, I will include the relevant chart here: The orange line is Gearing AP pen, the blue line is Z52 AP pen. The Z46 has the same gun performance as the Z52. So relying on it alone might work but I prefer not to do that. And DE is actually a pretty great skill if you want to start fires and it is especially good with BFT. This reddit thread is a pretty good read. Basically split by number of fires per minute, DE + BFT is great (at the very least a 30% increase). This obviously doesn't take into account the fact that sometimes your window of opportunity is not really that large so starting two fires instead of one can mean the difference between killing something or not. The point is there really are more ways to perform well in these boats.
  2. It's a relative buff. If it's a blanket nerf but it affects one line much less than others then in the end that line will be buffed in the "new" reality. It means that compared to now, DE BBs will manage to stay alive more and have a greater impact on the game. Basically the ratio of power between DE BBs and the other BBs will be changed in the former's favor once PADDs are in play. Buffs/nerfs can be direct or indirect. Like if you'd suddenly buff all cruisers, you would also nerf all BBs, for example.
  3. Yes, precisely because they have Hydro. It might not be up constantly but it certainly is active a lot more than for all the other BBs that don't have it to begin with. How do you not see the logic in that? Let me put it another way, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. And it's not about German BBs being immune to torpedoes, it's about how much better they are at countering them compared to the other lines. And, let me tell you, from a DD perspective, I don't fire torpedoes at German BBs if there's a better target around. They are never my first choice because if they do have hydro up then I just wasted a torpedo salvo. and with how many of them there are, it's not like there's a lack of hydro these days.
  4. I get that and I totally respect that. It's honestly difficult to accurately tell at this point to what extent cruisers will be affected. I mean, I think that these DDs will be relatively difficult to play because other DDs can just charge them down. This is the first line that even IJN DDs have a counter against - just go bow on and charge/torp them. I think that will limit the impact they will have on cruisers. Not to mention that cruisers like the DM are super scary to DDs anyway so nobody will get closer than 10km from them. BBs without hydro will probably be affected the most in my opinion. This is also an indirect buff to German BBs which they didn't need. That's why overall I dislike the DW torpedoes. I think they are not a good addition to the game and I wish things were different. They could have just been normal torpedoes with like a 1.2km detection instead of the normal 1.4 or something. Like something to make them better but not this gimmicky.
  5. Dude you seem to have an issue with me. I don't think you're being objective at all. How can you say he didn't say that? Did you read the OP? That is literally what the OP says. That it will affect cruisers more than BBs because BBs won't be affected too much. That's what I disagreed with from my first post. Did you even read the OP or did you just jump right in to take a jab at me? There's very little point in me debating anything with you if you're going to deny reality. It's like talking to a flat-earther. What's the point? I am done. This is childish and counter-productive.
  6. Wait what? I said that in the rare occurrence where torpedoes not aimed at cruisers would have been dodged before, they will hit more now. What I said is that I don't think torpedoes will be aimed more at cruisers because of how difficult it is to hit them in the first place.
  7. I said that I agree that they are better than normal torpedoes against cruisers but I do think it's important to what extent. I never contested it's a cruiser nerf - I do contest to what extent, and I think that's important. A 2% nerf is totally different than a 10% nerf. I think the impact is important and I think it's incredibly silly to say otherwise. And like I keep saying, I think the impact on BBs will be greater than the impact on cruisers.That's all I've been saying. The only controversial thing that I said is that I don't think it's an issue that cruisers will be taking more torpedoes from PADDs because overall they tend to dodge all normal torpedoes and because I don't think cruisers will be the main target. The OP was saying that cruisers will be affected more than BBs. I disagreed with that.
  8. We cannot debate a situation that happens very rarely. I mean I will happily concede that in the rare situations when that happens then yeah, you will probably eat more torpedoes. But this is a super rare situation. I hit torpedoes on things that I wasn't aiming at at most once or twice a week.
  9. I mean, Black torpedoes run at a maximum of 48kn. Even if he launched them from 6-7 km they ran for like 30 seconds at the very least before they hit you. Also, if you knew he was there, why didn't you use hydro? If you didn't have hydro, why would you be able to totally counter that DD? Like what are his options in that case if you can dodge everything with ease? You are also misrepresenting my point. In a 1v1 then yeah, DW torpedoes will hit cruisers more. Otherwise, in normal situations, at 8-10 km, you will have to sail in a straight line for quite a while to be hit by them. But I can't really argue single situations nor am I saying that these torpedoes aren't good against cruisers - they are. I am not even saying they are a good idea. I think they are a silly gimmick that shouldn't have been in the game. What I am saying (again) is that I don't think people will start focusing cruisers with them simply due to how much cruisers change direction naturally. And even then, a cruiser will probably take 1 (where with normal torpedoes they would have dodged everything) and a BB will take 3 (where with normal torpedoes he would have taken 1). I am just speculating though on the numbers. So BBs will still be more affected.
  10. I get his point, but that's not a very common occurrence. I mean I can tell you from an experienced DD perspective that you rarely hit torpedoes on things that you weren't aiming at. Let's not use a rare situation and treat is as though it happens all the time. So if we agree that's a rare situation then all we have left is deliberate torpedo hits. Those will still be rare because cruisers change direction a lot. And again, if the contention is that cruisers are able to dodge all torpedoes then there's something wrong. Cruisers will just be careful once they know a PADD is in the area. Similarly to how DDs have to be careful when a Z52 is in the area, for example. Or how a BB has to be careful when a DD is in the area. So again, not disputing that these torpedoes are better against cruisers than normal torpedoes. I am disputing the extent to which that will happen. I simply think that DDs won't be targeting cruisers a lot more. And I am still of the opinion that BBs will be affected much more by DW torpedoes.
  11. I disagree. We can discuss how to play DDs but I doubt that this is the right place to do it. DW will help with salvos from any angle because, by definition more will hit because the reaction time is lower. I agree with that. But like I said, I am of the opinion that the DW torpedoes shouldn't affect cruisers too much unless a cruiser sails in a straight line for a long time. Also, I guess that people will just have to take hydro or spec into vigilance if they are getting hit by these all the time.
  12. Yeah I don't know what he means there. I meant I think the first question refers to the forum. To be fair though, I am not sure.
  13. Not all of them. But if you only land 1 of them because the BB did a quick pirouette then it's not really worth it. For example at t10, a Gearing torpedo will do around 8k dmg on a Yamato belt... I've had that happen to me in DDs. It happens. I never said I don't think cruisers will get hit more often. I am saying that I don't see an issue with that because I don't think it should happen much more often simply due to how much cruisers bob and weave
  14. I think he is (partially) referring to the rank on the forum. @OP it's based on number of posts, I think.
  15. Three points here. 1) A lot of BBs are perfectly capable of dodging most torpedoes even if they start turning after they have been spotted. I like to call this the BB ballerina issue. So DW torpedoes will be quite a big difference for BBs. 2) Who decided that cruisers should never be hit by torpedoes? Honestly, if you sail in a straight line long enough in a cruiser to actually be hit by torpedoes, then you made some very dubious choices. DD players don't target cruisers mostly because they know that a slight shift in direction will totally waste a torpedo salvo. 3) Since these torpedoes won't be able to hit DDs, and the main reason why DDs die is other DDs or radar, I think it's totally fine for DW torpedoes to be better against one of the common DD counters seeing as they are totally ineffective against the other.