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  1. LOL, not even. No torps fired. I was peaceful, I promise
  2. Nope, just saying I want to detonate when I actually get hit instead of magically exploding when an enemy ship randomly fires shells around me lol
  3. I dunno man, don't want to be mean or anything but... read the thread before replying?
  4. The point went so over your head that I literally cringed reading your reply. Let me spell it out for you so it's super clear: the point is getting detonated without being hit. It happened to be a Conqueror but it could have been any boat. It's meant to portray a situation that I found funny while also pointing out that getting detonated without even being hit is a bit brutal.
  5. haha! and the match after the one in the picture, I got detonated in my Akizuki. 3 games that I'd rather forget. My team mate was stunned as was I because on my screen the conq shells landed a full ship length away from me. I think that's when he took the citadels. Living proof that when RNGesus is pissed off with you, you will have a bad time.
  6. It depends a lot on the ships you play. I mostly main DDs which do seem to get detonated a lot more than the other 2 classes. But of course, getting detonated twice in a row is bad luck. I am only slightly annoyed at getting detonated without actually being hit. I don't even know if there's a historical basis for that. Like, if a ship ever went boom from splash damage.
  7. I had 2 in a row yesterday. So your mileage may vary.
  8. yeah this wasn't a dig at the Conq - I am still on the fence about it. This was more about getting detonated when a shell doesn't hit you. I mean yes, I get taking dmg from the splash but getting outright detonated seems a bit harsh to me.
  9. So a Conqueror looked my way and I got so excited that I simply blew up... But seriously, can we at least get detonated only when shells actually hit us, please? I mean no shells landed on me whatsoever. They didn't even look that close!
  10. Think of it this way. While you might call them out on their decisions and maybe call them idiots or something like that, someone else will fire off an n-word bomb and follow it up with some other horrible crap. I am sure we both agree that while the first is meh, the second is not acceptable. So allowing any sort of abuse is a slippery slope. On the other stuff, yeah I mean you could put all sorts of conditions but it becomes really difficult. You will not be able to foresee all situations either so proximity rules and that might be difficult to implement.
  11. I fully take your points gents. Like I said the system is by no means perfect. I promise that I never actually cared about my Karma. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I was on like 150 (which was about the first time I checked). I am not sure if a better system could be devised. I think that maybe if using your reports/complements would have some sort of incentive? Like if you'd get one of the crappy flags or something? And obviously cap it at one report/compliment per player per match. You had me up until the last point. Even if someone had a bad game, it doesn't mean he should suffer abuse. It's a damn game at the end of the day. Also detonations are a thing. I do kinda like your other suggestions.
  12. I think CVs are much more susceptible than any other class. Like I see CVs getting reported all the damn time. For some reason, the expectations for CV players are much higher than the rest of the rank and file. At any rate, I think that's not wholly representative. Also how did you lose all your Karma? It doesn't matter if someone reports you 7 times, it will still count as a single report. Was he in a division or something?
  13. How useful the number itself is is highly debatable. Don't put too much value on this sort of thing. It's indicative at most. Like I am baffled that someone like @mtm78 doesn't have really high Karma as he mostly seems like a decent dude. Mostly But people do have a point when they question the value of the reporting system. There is no feedback in place to let you know your reports have any effect. On a similar note, I always wondered if a system where, if you have higher karma, your reports have more weight, wouldn't be more effective. By that I mean that a player that has a Karma score of 10 and reports someone should have less of an impact than a report from someone that has a Karma score of 500. Like you would need to be reported 30 times by low Karma players but only 3 times by high Karma players before you got chat banned, for example. My reasoning is that a system like that would allow everyone to accrue Karma but it would also provide strong incentive for people to want to accrue Karma. And it's a way for the community to police itself. This would of course require some involvement from WG. There is of course a risk of high Karma players abusing their "power" but on the other hand, I imagine that someone with high Karma is less likely to be toxic or power-mad. Especially if an effective appeal system was in place where, if a high Karma player is proven to have miss used the reporting system, they would be penalized like 100 Karma or something. There are a couple of details that would need to be worked out but I'd quite like some early thoughts.
  14. The truth is somewhere in the middle about Karma. You do get reported occasionally by salty enemies. You also do get reported by salty teammates. That doesn't invalidate the system altogether. I find I get complimented for playing well far more often than I get reported. Then again, I don't get that Kraken achievement that often lol! However I don't go AFK, I don't grief and I (mostly) try to be courteous in chat although, I will make fun of BBs going to D on North for example or 20km torp Shimas. I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself. I have around 300 Karma and I have never once asked for a compliment. In fact most people in Tora Tora Tora tend to have quite high Karma. I quite like the idea. It's soft pressure. *edited*
  15. I have around 1100 battles in the Gearing with a total WR of 67% - I know exactly how well it can or can't carry. I am very familiar with this boat and I am telling you straight up that it is not a good carry. It's a good support but you rely heavily on your teammates being good. Smoking a bad team doesn't actually do anything other than waste a smoke. The Gearing's AA is anemic at best. Def AA will keep you alive for another 2 minutes tops versus a good CV because the Gearing is very slow. The Grozo's AA is scarier and more effective because of the way that ships is commonly specc'd. And the Grozo is faster. This makes it harder to hit. Although to be fair any DD will die if a good CV really wants you dead. The Z52 has the same torpedo DPM as the Gearing but the torpedoes are fired more frequently and are faster. This means that the potential for flooding is much higher. The Z52 is also much faster than the Gearing which means that you can get around the map quicker and be where you need to be at the right time. Lastly the arcs on the Z52 guns are significantly more usable and it has more range on the guns. I would take better range on the guns than on the torpedoes any time. The Shima is indeed heavily reliant on torpedoes but if you do hit torpedoes your target will really feel it. Although I agree that I would probably take a Gearing over a Shima. The Khaba is in a different league altogether and not worth mentioning in the context of this discussion. It's not a "traditional" destroyer. The Gearing's main issue is that it's a Jack of all trades master of none. - Its guns have great DPM... at 6km. The arcs make them very difficult to use at longer distances and the range is terrible. - Its torpedoes are fast and stealthy... but do less damage than the Fletcher's and the reload is not great either. What's more the 16km range is not needed most of the time. Honestly if you hit something with torpedoes at 10+ km it's less about skill and more about luck. - Its stealth is on par with most DDs at t10 - nothing special. - It was the best DD at contesting caps. Now it will straight up lose against a Z52 and it will probably lose against a Grozovoi or at the very least, it will lose most of its health. - It's the slowest DD at t10 - It's fat so it takes catastrophic damage from AP not only from BBs but also from cruisers. And if you give broadside to a Z52, 4-5k salvos are not unusual. I have killed Gearings in my Z52 in less than 20 seconds. with guns alone. This all means that its carry potential is severely limited but its support potential is quite high. It's a good ship for supporting others and hope they carry you. Three more aspects: 1) in the past 2 weeks, the only DD that has a worse win rate than the Gearing is the Shima (at t10). 2) if the proposed smoke changes/nerfs go through, then the Gearing becomes even less relevant 3) if the Pan-Asia DDs are released in their current form the Hsiang Yang will make the Gearing struggle to justify its spot on a team.