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  1. Hi Camo! Thanks for taking an interest in TTT. While your stats are very good for a new player, we are generally interested in individuals with a bit more experience than you. As such, we will have to reject your application at this time, unfortunately. Keep it up though and in the future you will undoubtedly be a valuable asset for any competitive clan. Good luck!
  2. @Longy221 and @rvfharrier you both should have PMs in your inboxes.

    Rule of thumb is you can blame a small number of loses on your team. However it's your own performance that will affect your win rate in the long run.
  4. Too much smoke

    Yes they are...
  5. Too much smoke

    That's the point of smoke for those ships. Without the ability to fire from smoke they do not work. Do you at least consider that you might be wrong or basically not know enough about the game?
  6. Too much smoke

    you must be speaking from experience or something, right? I am obviously not good enough because I definitely need smoke in my DDs. I also think that you didn't get the point. The point he was trying to make is that there's a whole line of ships that would not work at all without smoke (RNCLs). And a whole class that would suffer immensely without it (DDs). In fact the only class that benefits from less smoke are BBs.
  7. Self destruct button

    That would literally ruin the game. Terrible idea. Using historical events to justify robbing people of kills would just be horrible. We don't need a self-destruct button in any way shape or form. What we do need is for everyone to play to the best of their ability. A t8 CV will keep t10 DDs spotted and force smokes and make torpedoes useless just as well as a t10 CV. Not to mention that even 3-4 torpedo bombers making it through and hitting a BB (of any tier) that has used its DCP will result in a slow agonizing death for that BB. CVs are never useless.
  8. Quality gameplay...

    That's frustrating even to read. But yeah, that was my initial point. I don't understand for the life of me but there are some people that simply fail to recognize a tactical advantage. I imagine the Bismarck in your story just thought "welp, there's 2 of them and just one of me, it's obviously lost anyway so I might as well ram".
  9. Quality gameplay...

    That's exactly my point though. Had the Takao panicked because the Bismarck was capping one of the points and went to defend, then Reds had a good chance of winning. In fact, as you correctly pointed out, the play there was to go dark and run for the hills and let the Bismarck get all the caps and do whatever the hell he wanted because the only way he was gonna win is if he killed the Takao. My experience is (in both randoms and ranked) that people don't get that relationship between caps and the rate of points gained so in their mind 2 caps lost = lost game despite it not always being the case so they take unnecessary risks which in the end snowballs a loss even worse because when they die they feed points.
  10. Quality gameplay...

    That's clearly not the case. You are actually doing very very well indeed. Your performance is comfortably among the top 100 players. You are one of those exceptional players you referred to. Ranked is NOT a grind for you and you are most likely having a very positive impact on your matches.
  11. Quality gameplay...

    You need to do something but that something doesn't need to mean throwing ships at caps. If you can get more kills, I would focus on that. There's a point where the enemy team can't win anymore due to lack of ships afloat. And yeah, 3 minutes until they overtake you in points which doesn't mean that you lost the match automatically. The point is that losing ships simply out of panic because the enemy has 2 caps is usually a bad idea (especially so if it's as a result of failing to recognize an overall tactical superiority)
  12. Quality gameplay...

    I had a 62% win rate this season and a 66% win rate last season in ranked which is very much in line with my solo win rate in randoms. I am not sure where you get the 60%/55% ratio from. I just explained to you why it's grind mode only for people who are not very good. Check this table out if you want to have a look at win rates vs number of matches etc. I totally respect your feelings and anyone else's on the matter though. I get that you or others might simply not like the game mode. That's fine. I was just saying that for me, it's a fun game mode and I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with it. Edit: And I don't think TTT is a top 3 clan. We are top 10. That means we're good but we're not the best. And I bet you that lots of the people getting to rank one are in lower rated clans than TTT. The clan itself or its competitive rating doesn't necessarily mean that you will do well in ranked.
  13. Akizuki 'gunboat'

    Depends on the DD I am fighting. I mean I tend to stick to HE because yes a perfect AP salvo will net you more damage but if the target angles, you will end up doing 300 dmg. And t8 DDs are all quite nimble. I tend to do the first salvo with AP (as they don't know I am there) and get like 4k or so then stick to HE as I want to break their engine and torp launchers/turrets. But yeah, if the DD I am shooting at it stationary or they can't angle, then I will AP. Don't discount the fires that HE causes though. They do % damage so having a fire or 2 on an enemy DD means that the dmg starts racking up quite fast, with the added benefit that it increased their detection range a lot.
  14. Quality gameplay...

    It's pure grind if you're not very good. If you're not very good, you can still get to rank 1 but yeah, it will take you 1000 matches and that I would agree is cancerous. Most people will reach rank 1 in under 250 matches or give up. I have a clan mate that ranked out this season in 90 matches so there's that. I think that takes quite a lot of skill in fact.
  15. Quality gameplay...

    Depends. It's not a straight answer, is it. It might be enough to outright win the match. It might be enough to force the enemy into an unfavorable situation or it might not be either of those things. If you're asking about the point gain rate then the wiki does a good job explaining it. Action Random and Co-Op Battles Ranked Battles Clan Battles Game starts 300 points 300 points 300 points Capture a control area +3 or +4 points +9 points +3 points Control one of two areas N/A +9 points every 10 seconds (for each area controlled) N/A Control one of three areas +3 points every 5 seconds (for each area controlled) N/A +3 points every 4 seconds (for each area controlled) Control one of four areas +4 points every 9 seconds (for each area controlled) N/A N/A Control one of four areas (Northand Northern Lights only) +3 points every 6 seconds (for each area controlled) N/A N/A But they will definitely not last very long if you start losing ships because you panic due to being down a cap. Because losing a ship is a pretty big points swing. Ship Class Random and Co-Op Battles Ranked Battles Clan Battles Reward for Killing Penalty for Death Reward for Killing Penalty for Death Reward for Killing Penalty for Death Destroyers +30 points -45 points +40 points -60 points +40 points -60 points Cruisers +35 points -50 points +40 points -60 points +40 points -60 points Battleships +40 points -60 points +40 points -60 points +40 points -60 points Aircraft Carriers +45 points -65 points +40 points -60 points N/A N/A