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  1. _Teob_

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    I am gonna go ahead and lock this because it has been discussed to death. There really is nothing else to say. As several people have already stated, your torpedoes - your responsibility. Incidents of friendly fire happen. You get pink and, as long as it's not a behavioural pattern and just an accident, everything will be fine.
  2. _Teob_

    The DD Lines

    Yeah, pick a generalist line and go up to like tier 7 or something. USN or RN are good in that regard. RN does require a captain respec for tier 9/10 but the whole line is good. USN is OK but kind of power creeped currently bu they are a good learning line. Stay away from IJN DDs for now. You can also look at the DD focused VMF line (the one that ends with the Grozovoi) for a more guns orientated play style. Most generalist DD lines do not have very long range torpedoes though with the one exception being the Gearing (USN) with its 16km range at t10.
  3. _Teob_

    z-52 unsung heroes

    The Daring is quite good to deal with CVs. The number of smoke charges and the short cooldown means that it's difficult for CVs to hunt you down effectively. No CV wants to chill with his planes over you for 40-50s until your smoke runs out.
  4. _Teob_

    z-52 unsung heroes

    I don't do that well in it anymore. I mean, I do but compared to my performance in the Daring or the Grozo, it's not that great. And I am a DD nut, I can make any DD work but it might not be a very fun experience. I know you didn't ask me, but I thought I'd share my Daring build for as well. I don't believe you should be putting any points in torpedoes. My build has considerably more gun DPM and I consider your guns to be your main source of damage. With the amount of smokes at your disposal, as long as you do at least 10k dmg per smoke (so fire like 6-7 times) you will have a pretty big impact on the match.
  5. _Teob_

    z-52 unsung heroes

    I mean it is true that the Z52 is in a bad spot a the moment. I keep getting involved in topics about it because I used to love it to bits. It was my favorite DD in the game (and I played over 1400 battles in it as a result). I find it upsetting that this DD is now at the bottom of the pack in terms of performance. The AP suffers greatly from bounces and overpens. The DPM is not great to begin with. And if you go for the torpedo reload, then obviously your guns aren't going to be nearly as good. On top of that, torpedo DPM is also lackluster. Fully specced, you get the same DPM as the Gearing with the 16km torpedoes. Honestly, if you're looking for a well rounded torpedo boat, the Gearing is a much better choice. And the Hydro, while still being a great tool, is nowhere near as useful as it was before all the radar ships were introduced. The Z52 as a package is probably the worst DD at t10 currently. And I would absolutely love it for that to not be the case.
  6. _Teob_

    Win Rate - Improving it!

    I am aware it has been mentioned in several threads but a good way to improve your WR is to watch videos. Secondly, what I used to do, I would find people at the top of the leaderboards for ships that I wanted to play better and I would PM them for advice. Some of them were kind enough to agree to play some games with me and give me hands-on feedback. But before that, increase your minimap to its maximum size, turn on last known positions of ships and work on improving your general awareness. Know where enemies are and plan ahead and you will undoubtedly make significant gains.
  7. _Teob_

    Why I quit

    Quite the necro. I would say the thread is locked but with a 3 year old necro, I think a wooden steak through the heart might be needed.
  8. _Teob_

    Worst Ranked Season ever !!!

    I kind of liked this season. Got a bit frustrated at the start but it was just me being a potato. It was much better than the gimmick infested festival of awful that the last season was (for me at least).
  9. _Teob_

    Z52 needs some love

    The fact that you like it and do well in it doesn't change the fact that its damage and win rate are terrible overall. I have 1400+ games in the Z52 and I played in ranked a while back as well. I don't think I ever dropped below 60-62% WR in it. I do well in it, so I know where you're coming from. The question is, do I do better in it than I do in some of the other DDs, to which the answer is a resounding "no". And then the stats are pretty clear cut on the issue - it is the worst performing DD in several metrics. I just pulled up WoWs numbers for this (which isn't entirely accurate but it's a good indicator of the situation). So its WR is higher only than the two original DDs which have been power crept like crazy. Other than that "silver lining", it is dead last in damage done, lowest average kill rate coupled with the worst kill/death ratio and is second to last in avg experience earned. Seriously, under 40k avg dmg for a t10 ship is pathetic. And before anyone points out that WoWs stats aggregates all the data, the ship's recent stats are actually worse and you can look for yourself on Maplesyrup Just some highlights: a below 35k average damage and a sub 48% WR - great ship indeed. Past 2 months data on the EU server for t10 DDs: The Z52 is dead last in every relevant metric. I honestly believe there is no debate here - the ship needs a bit of help.
  10. _Teob_

    Z52 needs some love

    I mean, the ship has been trailing all other DDs as far as dmg and kills go for a long time now. The torpedo reload is excellent but torpedo damage is awful and on top of that flooding has been nerfed. The guns are NOT fine at all. Why would you not lose a fight against a shima since they have the same DPM? Yes if you manage to do a smoke+hydro combo on a shima that is sailing straight at you then yeah, maybe you can do some dmg to it. Not kill it, mind you, because any DD can just run away.
  11. _Teob_


    Then be a pal and play nice for my sake.
  12. _Teob_


    There is no "trend". Let's not get carried away here. The overwhelming majority of people are totally OK with divisions and don't think any less of people who play in them. And if someone makes a non-argument, what's the point of resorting to ad-hominems? Just ignore and move on. These things have a way of working out themselves.
  13. _Teob_


    Stay civil, people. Stop with the personal attacks and that. Attack the argument not the person behind the keyboard.