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  1. @genosse I moved this to off topic as it's not gameplay related in the slightest.
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    Cleaned up the thread a bit. Please try to stay on topic. Cheers
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    Locking this thread before it gets out of hand. There is no constructive discussion that can be had here.
  4. Because presumably, there will be other ranked seasons and everything I wrote is generally applicable and not directly related to season 14. Also due to time. Lastly, why wouldn't I?
  5. Good to hear. Actually, you may have stumbled on another bit of wisdom here which is, it's generally a pretty good idea to do a few matches of ranked each season for pretty much everyone. Rewards are pretty good and the experience is invaluable.
  6. Thank you, that's very kind.
  7. That might very well be true. Although I would try to get good in highly competitive ships. Wows-numbers has the ship win rates for season 14 in particular. I guess it's a balance between ships that one is good with vs. ships that have more potential. I was thinking more generally where, like you said, even if someone is very comfortable in randoms in a Mahan, it might just not work for ranked as well.
  8. I understand that. That's why I said that ranked is not for everyone. Thank you. Good point, I will edit the OP to make it clear that it's about ranked and not ranked sprints (I wish it would be easier to differentiate between the two). To your second point, yeah that's why I said more or less the same thing at point 6 which is that it's better to play to win rather than to try to save a star. There are too many variables and things change too often as far as XP coefficients go in order to be able to reliable save stars. BBs might be the best overall at saving stars but I am not 100% sure. I think that once this thread runs its course a bit, I will edit the OP with any and all other good tips from everyone and maybe sticky it. It might help people avoid frustration which is the end goal.
  9. Thank you! Well if enough people find this helpful, maybe I will (not a bad idea, I guess).
  10. I meant this to be about ranking out in any class. Everything I wrote should be generally applicable. I am not sure which class is the best at saving stars.
  11. So I've been meaning to make a post about ranked for quite a long time now but I never manage to find the time or be in the right mood for it. Then I saw this thread and I realised that I really want to try to contribute in a positive way to the discussion. This is mostly about ranked rather than the ranked sprints although some points apply there as well. I love ranked. Out of the 14 seasons we've had, I have ranked out in 11 of them and the only season I didn't rank out simply due to not enjoying it was the 11th one (with all the gimmicks and the zones with buffs). And my WR in ranked is well over 60% in most seasons, so I don't just grind out my ranks. (this is not to brag but rather to be transparent with where I am coming from and to highlight any biases I might have due to my own experience - I am not the best player by far but I can swing with the best of them in ranked) Having said that there are some things that are worth taking into consideration when doing ranked - these fall into two categories one is overview of ranked and second one is tips and tricks. These are in no particular order. A. Overview: 1) The only constant factor in ranked is you. This might upset a lot of people but it is an undeniable reality - the sooner you accept this, the sooner you can start improving and getting into the right mind-state. This means that while you might be tempted to blame your team, at the end of the day, your own performance is what helps you progress up the ranks because you will get roughly the same amount of bad teams as teams that will carry you. It evens out in the end, over a sufficient number of matches, so the question is how well you play in the matches where your input makes a difference. 2) Players at rank 5 and above tend to be better than below so it does get harder to progress. Don't use the performance you had below rank 5 to set your expectations because it's misleading and it will only affect your morale. Keep this in mind and try to be more conservative. Play safe and remember that any mistakes might get punished more severely. 3) The meta is usually different between below and above rank 5. You might need to change your ship and your play style dramatically in order to continue to progress. If you focused on damage up to rank 5, you might need to change to more utility above it (consider slotting RL or playing a radar cruiser for example, if playing a DD, look for more opportunities to use smoke to help allies etc.) 4) Don't be toxic. Treat each match on its own and don't let previous matches colour your outlook on your current team. Honestly, defeatism and toxicity will cost you more matches than you'd think. Be positive, tell people when they are playing well and if you find yourself running out of reports faster than compliments, you might want to adjust your behaviour a bit. After all, throwing out a compliment and typing "well played" takes a lot less effort than explaining to someone all the ways in which they suck. I know it's hard and I have been guilty of being less than constructive, on multiple occasions, myself but trust me, it makes you feel a bit better momentarily but it takes the fun out of playing for both you and your teammates and it can actively hurt your chances. 5) Have patience and don't try to "win harder". This is my personal pet peeve with ranked. If you have a points and situational advantage, your only job is to wait. The goal is to win the game not do the most dmg. 6) Play to win, not to save a star. Don't try to use your teammates as cover while you try to farm dmg in order to attempt to save a star. If your BB is getting focused down and you're in a full health cruiser, open up with your own guns to try to draw some fire and share the damage. If you're in a DD, don't go on adventures around the map to try to get a dev strike on an enemy BB that's backing up while your team gets melted because of lack of spotting etc. Accept that you will lose stars and do your best to win every match 7) Win/loss streaks. Yes they do happen. you will lose 5 matches in a row and then win 8. Don't focus on them either way, if you can or at the very least try to remember the wins when you feel crushed by all the loses. Consider taking a break or changing tactics if loss streaks become too severe. If you're on a win streak, don't pat yourself on the back too hard. Try to asses your performance accurately. If there was nothing you can do to win, don't get upset. If you did nothing and still won, try to do better. 7) You might not be good enough to reach rank 1. This is hard to swallow for a lot of people but bare with me here. Yes, theoretically, you can reach rank one if you spam enough games but what I am referring to here is reaching rank 1, without losing your mind in the process. Aim for under 300 matches. If it doesn't happen in that amount of games, you might want to just give up and reassess your own performance and try to improve for the next season. The reality is that you are not entitled to rank 1 and you might simply need more practice and more information. Everyone can improve with a bit of effort. 8) You do not have to play ranked. Look, not everyone enjoys it. If you find yourself not having fun, just stop. This is a game after all. B. Tips and tricks: 1) Ranked gets easier as the season progresses. One of the most important aspects of your ranked strategy should be choosing the correct moment to go for rank 1. The start of the season is usually rough as a lot of the really good players will be going up the ranks. These might be people who have been playing clan battles or other competitive team modes constantly before the ranked season started so they are not only better than average but also get to practice the same game mode (clan battles and ranked tend to have a lot of similarities as far as ship numbers and maps). So basically consider waiting a week or two at the start of the season if it feels a bit too tough. As the best players rank out, it naturally becomes easier. 2) Talk to people. OK, I realise this seems facetious but it really is worth mentioning. Not only to your teammates during the match (which you definitely should do) but if you see someone performing very well, message them and ask them what build they are running on their ship etc. 3) Flags flags flags. There are some mandatory flags that you should run on each class: anti detonation on DDs, heal on cruisers and ramming on BBs. Everything else you can get on top of that will help out a bit but those three are essentially mandatory. If you cannot afford to get those, you cannot afford to play ranked. Just go get some credits and buy some before starting or save them up between seasons. 4) Queue shenanigans. Look, sometimes you have to look at what sort of ships are in queue and adapt. If you really want to play a ship without meaningful AA and you see 8 carries in the queue, you might want to reconsider. If you want to play a Khaba and you see that there are only 2 DDs in queue, you might struggle to cap so maybe change to a more traditional DD. Stuff like that. Don't get hung up on a single ship. If you only have one tier 10 ship, it might be difficult to reach rank 1. 5) Ships and specs. This is one of the most important aspects of ranked. Picking powerful ships with effective specs will make your experience much easier. A general rule is pick DDs that are either very good at killing other DDs or are very good at keeping other DDs spotted for their team to kill, pick cruisers with added utility (radar or smoke) and pick BBs that are either very accurate or have high survivability. You might really enjoy playing your secondaries specced Henri 4 but maybe keep that for randoms. I want to end this wall of text with an offer to help anyone who wants to enjoy ranked or who wants to get better at it. Send me a message with any questions (of any kind) or we can div up for more practical aspects. It's easy to get bogged down with negativity when playing this game mode but I still find it a very fun variation from randoms and clan battles and I really do enjoy it. Good luck!
  12. @Gong_ER Hey there! There's a PTS dedicated sub-forum and I just had a look and there are other people reporting the same thing you are. At any rate, I would suggest you add your voice there and keep an eye on the bug report thread. I am going to lock this thread as it's in the wrong section but will leave it here for a couple of days in case other people run into the same issue.
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    I mean he did wait one year to say it. Also, Locked - don't necro threads please.
  14. I have cleaned the thread a bit on the last page. Please do not use this topic to name and shame people or to start insulting each other.
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