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  1. Capping mechanic

    rushing a DD in smoke means 100% death for at least one of the rushing ships if not both because of either torpedoes from the defending DD or all his team shooting at the rushing ships. I can't remember ever seeing what you're describing which is why I am proposing this solution in the first place.
  2. Capping mechanic

    Well that's the thing. If what I am proposing would be implemented there's a direct implication to BBs and cruisers pushing the central cap in epicentre. In the sense that look if we have more ships on the point, we will cap. And since most people don't go in the middle, there's obviously a need to try to do something about that.
  3. Capping mechanic

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I don't want to devalue blocking too much. I mostly just want to make a higher investment of resources mean more.
  4. Capping mechanic

    Maybe... or at least do it for epicenter for example. Because again, that mode is basically DDs being shot like fish in a barrel in the middle while everyone casually sails around the sides as there is no point in them being in the cap.
  5. Capping mechanic

    Well I see it the other way around. In the sense that I think that what I am proposing would make more people go for caps. And it would mean large ships could cap as well instead of being blocked by one DD in a smoke. There would still be incentive to block because of the points gain. I don't think it could be worse than right now where DDs and only DDs cap anyway in the vast majority of cases.
  6. Capping mechanic

    I am sure this has all been said before but I couldn't find it so please do let me know if what I am about to propose is yesterday's news. I would quite like it if the team with more ships on a cap would cap even if there's an enemy ship also in the cap. By this I mean that if the enemy team is blocking a cap with 1 DD and we have 2 DDs in the cap we should still slowly be able to take that point. Obviously having an enemy ship in a cap would still block or at the very least slow down points gain. It just feels to me that the team that invests more resources (in this case players) in capping should get something out of it. Thoughts?
  7. destoyer players stop whining so much

    I realise I might just be pointing out the obvious here but...
  8. Yeah to be fair, I would never presume to know better than you. I have very few matches under tier 8 and I think that I was just dmg farming for the hell of it rather than going for the optimal build. Also I played it when the Shira was all the rage so it was usually me and a bunch of sneakier IJN DDs. I've not seen Mahans in ages.
  9. I am grateful for the vote of confidence but I actually don't like the Leningrad that much. I've only played like 10 matches in it or something and then I swapped my captain out. However, for what it's worth, I ran this build at the time I didn't see the point of running CE that much as there aren't that many things that won't outspot you anyway. I played it like a mini khaba and although the sample size is totally inadequate, I was doing around 70k. You slot the engine boost mod on it and then you're going like 47kn for very long periods of time. At t7 there are few ships that can shoot well enough to nail you consistently. Edit: I take PT on the Grozo. It's not an especially fast or small DD so you need to know how many people are looking your way in order to maximise your impact. I won't comment on the other DDs as I am rubbish in them.
  10. Hi Camo! Thanks for taking an interest in TTT. While your stats are very good for a new player, we are generally interested in individuals with a bit more experience than you. As such, we will have to reject your application at this time, unfortunately. Keep it up though and in the future you will undoubtedly be a valuable asset for any competitive clan. Good luck!
  11. @Longy221 and @rvfharrier you both should have PMs in your inboxes.
  12. MAJOR BUG FOUND!!!!!

    Rule of thumb is you can blame a small number of loses on your team. However it's your own performance that will affect your win rate in the long run.
  13. Too much smoke

    Yes they are...
  14. Too much smoke

    That's the point of smoke for those ships. Without the ability to fire from smoke they do not work. Do you at least consider that you might be wrong or basically not know enough about the game?
  15. Too much smoke

    you must be speaking from experience or something, right? I am obviously not good enough because I definitely need smoke in my DDs. I also think that you didn't get the point. The point he was trying to make is that there's a whole line of ships that would not work at all without smoke (RNCLs). And a whole class that would suffer immensely without it (DDs). In fact the only class that benefits from less smoke are BBs.