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  1. _Teob_

    Looking for a new clan.

    Locked at the request of the OP.
  2. _Teob_

    Premier League? what happenned?

    What I did notice at rank 5 is that if you get someone who is maybe a bit worse, like someone who got to rank 5 but isn't quite good enough yet to be there, you are at a significant disadvantage.
  3. I cleaned up this thread a bit. Please stay on topic and stop assigning different meanings to the same word just to start random arguments.
  4. _Teob_

    Alternative to WoW?

    I don't want to be that guy but discussing other games in the general discussion section of this game is really not related to World of Warships at all. Locked.
  5. _Teob_

    Stuck at rank 3

    Realistically speaking buying the Atlanta is probably not a good idea. It's not an easy ship to play and it needs a dedicated captain ideally. You will struggle to make it work in randoms initially let alone above rank 5 in ranked. My suggestion is to stop playing ranked for a week. I keep saying this but ranked gets progressively easier throughout each season as the best players rank out. Just give it a week or so and when you come back, I am sure you'll get to rank 1 in no time. Sinop is by far your best bet. As long as there are no DDs around you can just rush any belfast smoke and there's literally nothing they can do about it.
  6. _Teob_

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    I really wanted to leave this thread up because it provided some useful information. Forum users were kind enough to provide the OP with information that contradicted the initial premise. But then OP replies to everyone disagreeing with them all belligerent and disrespectful so obviously now the thread is locked. At any rate the OP has their answer so the thread has run its course. Don't have a go at everyone disagreeing with you on a forum. You can discuss things in a polite manner.
  7. _Teob_

    How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Pretty impressive necro. At any rate, the change is final and Wg has no plans on reverting the use of the WGC. Cheers.
  8. If I don't know what the OP means then I am sure most other people here don't know either. Locked.
  9. _Teob_

    Done with WOW

    OK, I guess this has run its course and the OP said it can be closed as well. @Dukewerth1 If you want me to unlock it, please feel free to PM me.
  10. _Teob_

    Done with WOW

    I am leaving this thread up for now but I am not quite sure what the purpose is here. At any rate please be nice everyone. Try to be constructive and, if you can't, then just ignore and move on.
  11. _Teob_

    CVs remain overpowered

    Hiya, Please use the dedicated CV thread. Thanks
  12. To me the only two broken ships this season seem to be the Belfast and the Sinop (especially with Kuznetzov). I say this as someone that has mainly played Belfast because I know I have a chance to carry with it regardless of what my team is doing. I do feel a bit guilty for playing it though. They are both so good it's unreal. They both could easily be t8 and nobody would bat an eye. But yeah, for the good of the game this season both those ships should have been banned. But I think you are right that you can't really ban either of them for various reasons.
  13. A non SE Shiratsuyu torpedoed me and then was angry with me and called me a noob for not dodging his torps. I feel like there are some weird things happening with DDs this season.
  14. _Teob_

    Matchmaker whorse than ever :/

    I mean there literally is a stickied MM thread. Think of it this way, if you were the developer and you were like "ok let's do some qualitative research and see what people are talking/upset about" would you go through 5-10 threads discussing the same thing? I sure wouldn't. Locked. Please use the dedicated MM discussion thread.
  15. _Teob_

    Khabarovsk - Skills and upgrades

    you are replying to a 6 month old post. Thread is locked.