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  1. Patteri666

    [0.64 update] Tirpitz getting Bismarck secondaries

    Cause nobody is going to buy the Eugen.
  2. Patteri666

    [0.64 update] Tirpitz getting Bismarck secondaries

    I'm taking a wild guess here, but the reason Tirpitz has awful average damage numbers is most probably the people buying her with no KM or general BB experience. Sales must've plummeted so a buff was in order.
  3. Patteri666

    Colorado vs Kongo

    Yes it is normal - lucky but completely normal, 3-4 citadels and a couple of normal pens and you are gone.
  4. Patteri666

    [0.64 update] Tirpitz getting Bismarck secondaries

    Oh boy, Tirpitz is gonna be hecking strong now.
  5. Patteri666

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Last phase of Tarigo Convoy is T6+ so don't waste your time farming it on Kamikaze
  6. Patteri666

    Battle for Tarigo 5/5

    I would like to thank the opposing team for potatoing ultra-hard in the first minutes of the game, 6 torp hits in my first 2 volleys. I never imagined I'd complete this one on my Fubuki I just started grinding on - with a 6pt captain Raked in the Bane of the Oceans aswell, ain't even mad for losing.
  7. Patteri666

    Is the economy broken?

    Maintenance cost is fixed these days.
  8. Had a conversation with a guy today who was set in his belief that battleships get a sigma improvement when you upgrade the hulls and I am pretty certain this isn't the case. Has anyone tested this? Just doesn't sound right to me.
  9. Patteri666

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    You don't meet the Shiratsuyu in the "torp boat" line. I picked up the aforementioned torp destroyers today aswell. My average damage plummeted instantly, but only lost 1 game out of 8 so far. Granted my sample size is still very small and I'm a filthy casual, but to me it seems people still respect the nuclear level damage on the torps and 1 IJN DD surfing near the flank is enough to cause panic and chaos among the lines.
  10. Patteri666

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    I have no idea at all Just have the Akizuki and I'm tempted to start the grind towards Shimakaze to see what this fuzz about IJN torp boats being so "bad" is. waxx25 gave me alot of faith with his posts, so I'm probably gonna buy the Fubuki with a brand new captain today and start the road towards gitting gud with the little buggers.
  11. Patteri666

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    Didn't he just do that a couple of posts back?
  12. Patteri666

    Glitch selecting Manual Secondaries target

    Common bug for me atleast. Every once in a while the whole goddamn UI glitches out with the score screen and chat window blinking like no tomorrow. Frustrating to say the least.
  13. Patteri666

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    Only progressed through the newest line to Akizuki, so I only can speak from my experiences in that line and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Shiratsuyu in my opinion has a bit silly position in the tech tree though. Might pick up the other line aswell and see how it fares, always liked the underdogs in any games I play.
  14. Patteri666

    Why do you play BBs? A poll...

    I love brawling and I feel like I can have the biggest individual impact on the game when playing a BB well.