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  1. urr027

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    Just based on my experience today, pick low tier for easy win, pick high tier for a challenge. I wonder if this is WG intention here, as high tier access is limited with tokens, so you tend to get bots in high tier team. In one game I played as low tier, the high tier team had just one human and four bots.
  2. urr027

    Top ranked battle players sucking at random?

    A bit off topic but can someone explain this? Sometimes at the results screen there is a player with this big star indicating that one has ranked out, but actually it does not say ”rank 1” when you hover the mouse over it. Then when you check the player profile, it may say that the player has not played ranked battles at all.
  3. urr027

    Submarines - first impressions

    How close to a sub do you have to be for the depth charge to be effective? And if your friendly and enemy subs are close to each other, will the depth charge damage both or only the enemy?
  4. urr027

    The best looking ship ?

  5. urr027

    Your favorite captain...

    Ashigara is my favourite too, trained her to 19 points, she is commanding my Zao. I have her screaming as my phone’s ringtone, very annoying. Also like Takao, Kongo and Haruna, playing with them in their own ships.
  6. No, you should think of 1v1 as a training room, to improve your 1v1 combat skills. As long as you learn, you are not wasting time. You learn more from the games you lose than from the games you win.
  7. Ranked out in 76 battles (47% WR) in somewhat underdog ships: Akizuki, Takao, Ognevoi. I think that kind of ranked sprint is really good as you can practice your 1 vs 1 skills which you cannot do much in random or ranked battles.
  8. urr027

    do u think there should be a battle limit for ranked

    Could this be a bot grinding xp? You make 250 xp per lost game? That’s 100k per 400 games.
  9. urr027

    AA build dds vs planes?

    So how about DefAA consumable on US DDs? Would you take that or Speed Boost instead?
  10. urr027

    Minitaur (aka. daring) vs Minotaur

    I think this is like comparing apples and oranges. Because of the way MM works, you will be successful in Minotaur if you can outplay enemy cruisers, and you will be successful in Daring if you can outplay enemy destroyers.
  11. urr027

    Getting good....

    Isn’t the hydro the RN DDs have more useful than speed boost?
  12. urr027

    Stats for Ranked Season 12 unavailable?

    I can see my season 12 stats at wows-numbers.com.
  13. urr027

    Re-build 17-point DD commander?

    I think in the current state of the game RL is a lot less useful than before because of all these planes spotting DDs all the time anyway.
  14. urr027

    Match without CVs

    I was in a random match today and there were no CVs at all! It was in tier 5-7 bracket. Maybe there is some hope for the future after all.