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  1. Black, Fletcher, occasionally Kitakaze
  2. urr027

    New buffed YouYang

    I only play Asian DDs with radar, this is fun IMO because enemy DDs often don’t expect you to radar them and smoke up next to you. Playing them with smoke seems pointless to me because then you might just as well play something like US DDs. Radar gives you a different experience.
  3. urr027

    Premium commander swap

    Yes, as both are premium ships.
  4. urr027

    Matchmaking and CV... I quit!

    Report the CV player, not a real solution to anything but makes you feel a bit better!
  5. When playing Shimakaze myself, I’d rather play against a normal Gearing than a Legendary one.
  6. The stealth advantage is not that marginal: it means Shimas, your most common DD opponents, can no longer outspot you in practice, and your DPM will still be enough against Shimas. Plus the surprise factor in general, nobody expects a Gearing with 5.6km concealment.
  7. urr027

    damage upon your spotting how it is calculated?

    When multiple ships spot a target, will the damage to the target be divided amongst all spotters? Eg 3 ships spot a target, so each spotter gets 1/3 of spotting damage?
  8. Could you explain the "can be killed easily" part? The sub will dive and there's only so much you can do then.
  9. urr027

    Update 0.10.7 - Bugs Reports

    In the port, ship stats, under Concealment, you can no longer see the ship's detectability range after firing main guns in smoke. A bug?
  10. Yes, having the same issue. Not compatible with the latest update?
  11. urr027

    Missed shot at point blank range

    In my case, no, this happened close to an island though, as I took a shot at my target as she came out from behind the island.
  12. A weird thing happened to me today. In Izumo, I had a clean shot at the bow section of a broadside Lepanto, from only 7.9 km distance. All 3 turrets fired. ALL shells missed. Looking at replay in slow motion, I could see one shell falling short, one shell going right through #2 turret of Lepanto doing no damage whatsoever, and the rest of the shells going over. Can vertical dispersion be really so bad that with bad luck you can miss your shot completely from such close range? Maybe my aim was bad but still, one shell went under and 7 went over... Or maybe what you see in reply is not what really happened?
  13. urr027

    9 vs 9 random match

    Yes, it was a tier 7-9 match. Thanks, good to know. Not a problem really.
  14. urr027

    9 vs 9 random match

    MM threw me into a 9 vs 9 random match (no CVs, no DDs) today, is this a feature or a bug? I thought randoms are always 12 vs 12 and some slots may be filled with bots. It's been a long time since I have seen a weird thing like this, I don't play that much though.
  15. urr027


    I played 4 games of this Brawl today, 3 losses, 1 win, I actually liked it, even the games we lost were fun. I think asymmetric teams is a nice variation.