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  1. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    I think you guys are missing this point. This campaign is not about rewarding the existing playerbase, it’s about getting new players to the game. That’s why it’s made so easy, you only need to register and play 3 games. So you install the game, play 3 matches, maybe get hooked and keep on playing.
  2. So what should you do if you have 5 DDs and 3 caps for example?
  3. Camo insanity

    There are problems, there are first world problems, and there are ugly camo problems.
  4. My win rate is better on Sundays, I guess because most good players are attending churches and unable to play.
  5. This categorization clearly needs some work. First, superpotato and great potato are almost synonyms, yet you have placed them at opposite ends of the potato spectrum. You are also slightly confused about the colors. As per gaming community traditions owing to the natural colors of the respective vegetables, it's clear that potatoes are yellow stat players, red stat players being tomatoes.
  6. Wallace Monument

    No need to suicide, it should not be too hard to see if you spawn on the South side of the map
  7. Wallace Monument

    That would be too corny, as everyone recognizes these. Wallace Monument as in this example would not be recognized by most people, you would probably know about it only if you had visited it as a tourist or if you were Scottish or at least from UK.
  8. I have not played Akatsuki myself so don't know why, but statistically Shiratsuyu has clearly superior winrate. Maybe better concealment could be the deciding factor in Shiratsuyu's advantage.
  9. I've done about 30 matches in her now, with torpedo booster. It is playable and somewhat fun. I have not been doing very well in it but for other reasons than lack of smoke. Will keep trying. What annoys me is that people assume you have smoke when in DD, so I'm sometimes requested in chat to give smoke cover, and I need to explain I don't have one. BTW Flamu has just posted a video on Youtube about Shiratsuyu play, at
  10. Wallace Monument

    I don’t mind. Sometimes you have to let developers do what they like to keep them more motivated in their job.
  11. Wallace Monument

    Don't know if anyone has spotted this, I noticed the Wallace Monument, a well known Scottish landmark on Twin Brothers. Only noticed it because someone in our team was shooting at it
  12. Yuudachi When?

    Well if it came with a captain that says poi automatically in chat that would be nice to have.
  13. Playing this solo as I do feels like being in the Groundhog Day like time loop, going through the same scenario over and over, getting better at it all the time, yet never meking the five stars.
  14. Right, now I found you can select any scenario previously available for division play.
  15. I thought the first mission is no longer available?