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  1. urr027

    Re-build 17-point DD commander?

    I think in the current state of the game RL is a lot less useful than before because of all these planes spotting DDs all the time anyway.
  2. urr027

    Match without CVs

    I was in a random match today and there were no CVs at all! It was in tier 5-7 bracket. Maybe there is some hope for the future after all.
  3. urr027

    No AA lock on since 0.8.0

    Is AA completely disabled during the 5 sec priority switchover period?
  4. urr027

    Neptune - What to make of it?

    I generally don’t sell my ships, I think Neptune is the only tier 5+ ship I’ve gotten rid of, I found her so difficult that I was sure never want to play it again after grinding through it.
  5. You all missed the real reason people focus fire on Furutaka. Everyone has in the back of their memories the horrible suffering they endured while grinding through this ship. So every time you see one you pass on your righteous anger and fury. “It’s your turn to feel the pain now!”
  6. urr027


    I speculate that Coop games take more server resources, so WG does not want too many players there.
  7. urr027

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    Why complain? With no power comes no responsibility. While you cannot easily carry you also cannot easily f*ck up anything. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride :)
  8. What I meant was that it would be an alternative to Random, not a replacement. It would not have any special rewards for getting to higher ranks, but would perhaps give you more XP and silver than Random, just like Random gives more compared to Coop. For players that want tougher matches. But yes, the problem is it would split the playerbase and would make queue times longer and MM more difficult. So it’s just an idea, not a realistic one, I understand that.
  9. What if the game had a permanent Ranked mode, otherwise like Ranked mode now but without any irrevokable ranks, incl. rank 1, and for tiers, say 6-10, with similar MM mechanics as in Randoms? Then in this mode people would eventually end up playing in bands of their own skill level.
  10. urr027

    Good players and teams!

    I’m happy for you, but this thread will be closed by moderators. Don’t know what you were talking about but you are not supposed to discuss other games than World of Warships on this forum!
  11. urr027

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    I didn’t know you can make your DDs cap by ramming them into cap zones. Must try it out next time. I propose that WG adds a tech tree of tugboat class ships to make this job a bit easier.
  12. urr027

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    FWIW, I don’t like the idea of reducing dispersion against slow moving ships. There are many situations where moving slowly or standing still is tactically the best thing to do, why should this be punished? A stationary ship is easier to hit as it is. And I think it’s good that high tier games are different from mid tier games. That’s diversity! Do we really want similar gameplay at all tiers?
  13. urr027

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    Completed it yesterday after 15 battles. I had to use Kamikaze R because I needed to retrain my Akizuki captain and this is my only Japanese premium DD.
  14. urr027

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I went from rank 17 to 7 fast, with 73% WR (with Benson, I only have 19 pt captain in US line). I thought I had figured out the system. Then I started losing stars and ranks. 8, 9, 10, 11. When I dropped to rank 11, I made a promise to myself. Should I drop to the last irrevocable rank 12, I will uninstall the game. I’m not exactly religious but I like to think that sometimes things happen for a reason. After over 2600 random and 500 ranked games, if I haven’t figured out how to kick [edited]in this game, I probably never will. Perhaps I should be doing something else with my free time. Read books, watch movies, learn piano, become a better person, find love and happiness etc. The game has been uninstalled now. Not regretting anything, I had quite a bit of fun in the game as well as in the forum here. Maybe I’ll be back some day, like next year or whenever. LLAP.
  15. urr027

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    What happens with draw, both teams lose stars?