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  1. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I went from rank 17 to 7 fast, with 73% WR (with Benson, I only have 19 pt captain in US line). I thought I had figured out the system. Then I started losing stars and ranks. 8, 9, 10, 11. When I dropped to rank 11, I made a promise to myself. Should I drop to the last irrevocable rank 12, I will uninstall the game. I’m not exactly religious but I like to think that sometimes things happen for a reason. After over 2600 random and 500 ranked games, if I haven’t figured out how to kick [edited]in this game, I probably never will. Perhaps I should be doing something else with my free time. Read books, watch movies, learn piano, become a better person, find love and happiness etc. The game has been uninstalled now. Not regretting anything, I had quite a bit of fun in the game as well as in the forum here. Maybe I’ll be back some day, like next year or whenever. LLAP.
  2. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    What happens with draw, both teams lose stars?
  3. Killed a ship with Belfast and torps?

    I filed a bug report about this. And I have an awesome signature picture now :)
  4. Killed a ship with Belfast and torps?

    OK maybe I’ll make a support ticket just for fun if it’s not too difficult. It’s not important, just for academic interest.
  5. Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    Don't play Kiev in ranked unless you are super good.
  6. Killed a ship with Belfast and torps?

    Meanwhile, I took my dog for a walk and developed a theory. As noted, the enemy carrier was under my gunfire (also our Atlanta was firing at her) while being torped by our carrier's bombers. What if the ship got the fatal torpedo hit and gun hit at the same time -- in our digital world, at the same clock cycle? The game then needs to decide somehow who gets the kill and what was the kill method. For some reason the algorithms that make these decisions work a bit differently and assigned the kill to me, but the kill method to the torpedo.
  7. Killed a ship with Belfast and torps?

    Yes I killed 3 aircraft but also 3 ships and this Ryojo was one of them.
  8. Weird thing happened today, played coop with my Belfast and the game showed I had killed the enemy carrier with torpedo. Game bug or am I missing something? The situation was that the enemy was hit by torpedoes of our bomber while at the same time I was shooting at it with my guns. This was the last ship killed in the battle, maybe the end of battle condition confused the game.
  9. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    There are more DDs but then I play DD myself so of course I will see more DDs. Sometimes there are matches without any cruisers but mostly I think the classes are OK balanced. I have played very few matches in this bracket though.
  10. Ranked Season 8 Meta

    I think it’s clearly more of a DD meta than in the previous two, tier 7 and 6 seasons.
  11. The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    I think you should not switch ships between battles like that unless you are some kind of unicum, or you don’t care about winning :)
  12. I see, unfortunately I skipped the whole Yamamoto thing.
  13. You can mount more than one flag on IJN ships? How? When I mount a flag the current one is removed automatically.
  14. Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    I asked this :) But in 11-15 range where I play it’s maybe seen in less than once per 3 battles.
  15. Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    Much info is missing from public stats like spotting and potential damage, cap and defense points. These all contribute to XP but we don't know how exactly. It's possible that Sims gets more XP because the formula is favourable to its playstyle, not necessarily because there is a ship specific coefficient that boosts its XP?