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  1. _Flyto_

    Zao - captain skills in clan battle

    I've been finding RPF worthwhile for clan battles. I respec out of it when clan battles aren't on.
  2. Seems to me you got exactly the amount of help that you paid for. Remember that Aslain, and the mod authors whose work he assembles, are doing this for free; they deserve gratitude, not childish anger.
  3. _Flyto_

    Tirpitz or Alabama

    They're pretty similar to Bismarck and N. Carolina respectively. Pick whichever you prefer of those two. If you haven't played T8 battleships before, wait until you have. If you've only unlocked one of them, that's a harder choice.
  4. _Flyto_

    WoWS without the Game Center, how?

    I'd also like to know this; am attempting a fresh install, which means I was landed with Game Center, and it keeps on telling me "download speed has dropped to zero".
  5. Eh. It's the time gating that makes this impossible for anybody who travels for Christmas to see family, etc., without a PC that can play the game. Enjoy your Duke of Yorks.
  6. _Flyto_

    New Orleans how to be usefull.

    Pensacola pretty much has to hide for the first few minutes of a game, to be alive to do some good later on (though it's not as bad now that she's stealthy). NO is similar, but because of the radar she can be useful while hiding :)
  7. _Flyto_

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Yes please! Thanks to all the donors.
  8. It would be lovely, but I think it would be tricky to do. It would have to constantly keep track of the distances of all visible ships and planes and the time since you last fired, and some of the time it would still be wrong as there'd be no way for it to tell if an invisible ship or plane would still spot you.
  9. The main thing seems to be to get everybody to nuke Rasputin so that he's dead before the Gorgon starts torping people - and then do the same to the Gorgon. A couple of cruisers can burn either of them down, but otherwise it takes the whole team's firepower because of their continuous healing. (or battleship rams, but that's probably quite difficult...)
  10. _Flyto_

    Spectator mode please?

    That doesn't help one to spectate clan battles, though.l
  11. _Flyto_

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Bugs

    Missions reset With the mini-patch this morning for the new halloween mission, progress on all "combat missions" seems to have been reset. "Dress to Impress" has reappeared even though I completed it last week, as have some of the clan battle ones. More annoyingly for me, the "Earn your Revolution Camo" and "Black sea raid" missions - which I hadn't completed - have also been reset, with all progress from last week wiped. EDIT: But it isn't possible to repeat the missions that are already completed - and existing ones seem to resume from where they were. It's just that isn't possible to *see* where you are, or what stage you're at (see screenshot for an odd view)
  12. _Flyto_

    Update 0.6.12 - General Feedback

    Misleading text / false advertising re pumpkin crates: "In every container, you can find one of 11 unique permanent camoflages". (see screenshot) No use of "a chance of" or anything similar. Now, I realise that a pedantic reader might say that "can" renders the whole statement meaningless, but reading this casually would imply to me that every pumpkin was guaranteed to have a permanant camo. That's definitely misleading, and possibly false advertising in a legal sense.
  13. Four stars... 3x 75 +fire chance flags, and one crate of useful one-shot camos. FML ;-)
  14. I think that the in-smoke spotting ranges need to be reduced for RN cruisers. In the past, rushing a RN CL's smoke was dangerous, because they could keep shooting back nearly all of the way. Now, you only need to get within ~6km and so long as you can avoid a few torps there's nothing they can do short of running away - because if they fire they'll be exposed to your whole team. Worse still, if the other team can sneak a destroyer within ~6km of a RN cruiser's position, the RN cruiser will reveal himself by mistake. There's no way for him to know the destroyer is coming, and thus no way to prevent this. He won't even know why he is spotted as he dies, because the DD that is spotting him will still be invisible! That isn't fun, it's just frustrating. Playing my Fiji a bit today I found that the highly tactical, short range cat-and-mouse play that used to be possible is now all gone. You spam shells from a safe distance of 8+ km, because otherwise you'll accidentially expose yourself. This was advertised as a nerf to heavy cruisers and battleships that wasn't intended to affect light cruisers - so please give the light cruisers, and the RN ones in particular that are so dependant on smoke, some love :-)