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  1. Captain_Meow

    The state of the game.

    Look I'm going to start off by saying I love and hate this game in equal measures and I say that because I've been playing since the very start. My issues are this. The current play style is sit behind Islands reverse when spotted and play a nose on style of gameplay. Do you want to know why the static style is the in thing at the moment? It's because of the butchering of the IJN DD line that's why. There's no counter to passive or static play and that is purely WG's fault. I can't be the only one who is getting sick of this play style can I? I really hope WG buffs the IJN DD line back to a time when they were enjoyable not op they've never been op and back to a time when the game was fun. Before the comments of oh torps ruin the game please think about what we now have in game. We have Radar we have spotter planes we have all sorts of magical items to counter the wall of skill if used correctly so this argument torps need a 1.7 surface detection range really isn't viable anymore. IJN torps should max out at 1.5 at most now and I hope something is done because this game is in serious danger of failing within it's first two years of life and that is sad.
  2. Captain_Meow

    The end of a vaiable Torpedo Boat line.

    Good day fellow gamers and Trolls who will more then likely bring their bridge to this comment I welcome you. I've been playing this game now since day one. I've enjoyed it for the most part and like most I've pulled my hair out at times but we keep coming back right? I play all classes and enjoy them for what they are. I like Cruisers for the all round style I like Battleships for that once in a while money shot and I like my DD's as that class in game before patch had variety TRUE variety. We have the USN line a line which is a Gun Boat line up until Tier 8 where they become more of a Hybrid. We have the Russian line more suited to the support DD role where being spotted is the norm and your speed is your friend. We had the IJN line. A line for the thinker the line for the calculated the line to balance Battleships poor play the line to make others think the line WG just killed. I've been playing for a few hours today just to make sure I didn't jump to the wrong conclusion to give the ships a chance and I've come to the conclusion WG no longer wants a thinking man's line in game they want well I'm not sure what they want or what they were going for with this update? I've heard people say it's a Gun Boat line....No it isn't we only have one Gun Boat and that's got Spud Guns. The thing which bothered me the most is the 1 minute 50 reload time on my Torpedo's. Think about if for a moment. After you fire you are sat close to 2 minutes doing nothing at all. Nothing. I'm not going to sit here and demand an instant reload no that isn't why I'm here. I think the Torpedo rearm should be 1 minute 1 minute 10 at worst. Another thing over looked again has been the turret speed.. This patch this update has been for the most part take with one hand and not give with the other. I love the new Campaigns so it's not all doom and gloom but I do worry as to the direction this game is headed. Sorry that should say Viable I have no idea where the extra A came from.:p
  3. Captain_Meow

    New Japanese Destroyers

    1 minute 50 reload time. I'm not sure why this is justified but it's a clear signal you no longer want Torpedo Boats in game. I've been playing the Kagero and I feel like a spare part now due to this crazy reload on the torps.
  4. Captain_Meow

    General Feedback

    No issues just so much more fun though have you changed my Aoba's torps? I swear they were the 62knts not the 57 variant.
  5. Captain_Meow


    Love it. This whole update has been a breath of fresh air for me. I love the Rain/fog effects as it's brought much needed balance in my humble opinion to BB users who now can get the jump on Cruisers as the distance you are seen has shortened and some. I predict many cruiser users will whine but that's pay back for the HE spamming we have to put up. Fabulous work WG on this update 10 out of 10 for me.
  6. Captain_Meow

    General Feedback

    Hello Mr Conway. Detonations seem to be the Theme of the Day and still the Match Making is a little off. In Random Battles we have twelve aside and it's still spitting out six DD's aside. This is not fun. Would you please have a look into this. Many thanks.
  7. Captain_Meow

    Todays patch will fix issue with AP pens?

    I noticed this. In my Colorado I've been getting constant 1224 Damage output which is really weird as I'm hitting ships I should be chewing up. As for the Rubber banding that is being worked on but we still have frame rate drops and some still have ping issues. Put in a Ticket and explain fully and now that they know there is a problem they will tell you once we have a fix.
  8. Captain_Meow

    Anyone else suffering excess lag these last few days?

    It's a little better but Frame Rates still drop off a hell of a lot it even went down to 1. Crazy but glad they are now looking into it.
  9. Captain_Meow

    Anyone else suffering excess lag these last few days?

    Yep BT here as well and I even rang them to check my Internet speed and all is hunky dory. I've finally got into my Ticket and again they say it's mod issue.......................................Either I'm being Trolled or WG is clueless to the obvious issue with their coding in that last Patch.
  10. Captain_Meow

    Anyone else suffering excess lag these last few days?

    Same response but don't give in. They've fudged something up so keep at em.
  11. Captain_Meow

    Anyone else suffering excess lag these last few days?

    Oh my God. Since last Thursday you folks won't believe the run around I've had. The Games been Rubber Banding since the last Patch so bad and WG wouldn't have it. They said it was Mods though I have none installed they said it was my internet connection even though it's not. I've sent in 6 WGCheck reports I've sent in Ping Plotter and all show my end is fine and still blank awnsers. Tomorrow I will have lost 7 days of Premium and WG hasn't got any idea why we have this issue but logic tells us last Thursday's Patch broke something and it broke it hard. Really phished off now. UK here as well.
  12. Captain_Meow

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    I had them tell me my issue was mod related even though I haven't got mods installed.
  13. Captain_Meow

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    I bet any Money you're missing Files just like I am. I have this very issue and the reason is some files won't download with the latest patch.
  14. Captain_Meow

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Killed my Game. Missing Files when done with the WG Check. I've spent the entire day trying to fix this Game. I've downloaded three times put in tickets disabled antivirus uninstalled mods you name I've done it and still some files are missing. Really disappointed WG.
  15. Captain_Meow

    graphics problem after update?

    Lag issues for me major lag and frame rate drops. Can't play and I'm losing Premium time as well. Not happy.