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  1. Dee_82

    Battleships are now obsolete

    or about, CLs doing what they should be doing, ie, supporting with AA and screening DDs, CAs doing what they should be doing and supporting DDs and CLs as a priority, secondary lending support to BBs with high rates of fire. BBs should have AA nerfd to reflect how poor they should be against CVs relying on close AA support ships. DDs should do what DDs do... Seems to me that rather than removing groups of ships, we really should solidify the CL CA as separate roles and try get more CVs in games....somehow.
  2. Dee_82

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    in order for it to work, player A who can see the location of all his team mates would have a mod, that mod would unknowingly send that information to a third party server. Player B on the opposite team could then gain access to that information to plot the enemy ships. Ok, that could work in so far as WG not tracking and preventing such mods and the hack would only be as useful as the malicious mod is widespread. ie, if the enemy doesn't have anyone with that mod then they wouldn't be able to see the locations. not ideal from a client side hack point of view. but I concede, possible albeit, ive not seen any evidence that such a hack exists.
  3. Dee_82

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    i suppose if players both sides were using the same hack then the hack could circumvent WG servers and report information, but I'm not sure how that would benefit the team as a whole because what information your hack could give to you, would also give to them, but yes, theoretically, a client side external hack "Could" do that albeit, it would nullify the results because the enemy with a hack to make that work would also benifit
  4. Dee_82

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    Nope, not wrong at all, there is no way on earth that a client side hack can make you see things that are not already visible to you. there are plenty of things on there which are all bogus malware assertions claiming great wonders but offering nothing other than malware or at best, selling your details for junk mail. Others have said they exist, I say they don't, the onus of proof lies on those making the original assertion that they exist if a ship is not detected in game on your client, it cant be made to be seen. If you want to prove me wrong you will need to come up with the proof In the spirit of being a kind decent human being, anyone watching these comments to google it and find some wonder hacks that can give you XP, make you see things in smoke and cause insta kills are all, you should all be aware scams. There are only a very small number of external hacks that can be used in game which offer a very small number of benefits, namely target assistance, you could also add some extrapolation of data in to it as well, ie, based on the last know course and speed they should be located at XYZ, there are of course in game mod packs out there which can offer up some more functionality, such as approx. shell landing positions but WG is pretty good at catching these people.
  5. Dee_82

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    no its not, find me a wall hacking style of hack that lets you see where anyone is.... doesn't exist. for this game I might add. there are zero insta kill hacks, wall hacks, XP hacks or any other hack for that matter that doesn't just manipulate the information you already have at your fingertips.
  6. Dee_82

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    then find one and prove me wrong.
  7. Dee_82

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    ships in smoke is a no no, unless the mod is able to extrapolate its predicted location based on the last known course and speed. but as others have already said, if you pop smoke, MOVE, don't just go forward and backwards. any mod or injection hack is only as good as the target ship is stupid.
  8. Dee_82

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    the onus is on the person making the claim to prove something, I cant prove a negative, I cant prove that something doesn't exist, but you assert that something does exist, therefore its on you to prove it. the best I can show you is that the game is server side, if it wasn't, then I could change the memory addresses for certain aspects of the game, such as XP or damage and keep the rewards. you cant because that is all kept server side, in a sense, the client you play on is just a window in to the server itself any changes you make to the game are like writing on the glass, which is fine but whats behind the glass, ie on the server, is out of reach. Another good indication that there is no such thing as a wall hack or aim bot is that it would easily be found with a 5 second google search. Let me give you a quick tutorial in how these hacks work. Your game is loaded in to memory on your computer code is run and graphics are processed, typically through directX or openGL before being passed to the graphics driver and then the graphics card to display on your screen. On client side games the server would only act as a directory of people playing and perhaps host the map your playing on although that was typically the responsibility of one of the clients itself, sometimes that client could be set to a server only status but its more or less the same thing, all info is shared to everyone. the map would be downloaded to the client and each client would send updates to the other players via the server about what it was doing. Its a lot of traffic going backwards and forwards but it took the onus off the server to deal with it all, because all this information is generated and stored on each client and its the client itself that determines what you see, its just a matter of accessing the memory addresses to find out information. you can then modify the game or hook in to DirectX or OpenGL (think of it like a hijack) and display whatever you want to see because everything is on the client already, you can edit a memory address and give yourself XP or whatever your after and it will accept it because no one is there to tell it otherwise. Aimbots are the same, it knows where someone is, your hack forces the cross hairs to sit on the spot you want (head shots) the hack could jump to the closest player, it can compensate for recoil and it could even fire for you, you just need to walk about. We don't have that in wows, because everything is done server side, we tell the server what we are doing, and the server calculates everything determines what is legit and then passes what information it thinks each of you need back to the client. any hack would only show us what the server wants us to see in the first place, ie, if in smoke the server will not tell you where your target is therefore there is nothing to read from memory and display on the screen. id love you get a look at the servers running this game, I think it would be really impressive because theres a shed load of work done for each battle! Now you can get aim assists, these take the information given to you by the server and using some maths give you the approx. location to shoot but that information is only as good as the moment it was drawn, meaning if the target changes course or direction your assisted shot will miss, inevitably people who use these aim assists are usually really crap shots because they don't think for themselves or attempt to predict your movements. The best defence against theses also happens to be the best defence against anyone else which is why they are more or less useless, change course and speed and stop being "that guy" who sails in a straight line making the same old predictive moves. So there you go, the closest thing to proof that there is no such thing to a "wall hack" in wows is because you wont find one careful what you see on youtube, a lot of it is BS designed to generate money and worse get you to download some malware.
  9. Dee_82

    Minotaur-Class Cruiser / Swiftsure Class

    Neptune is a BEAST and in many ways, better than Mino. Out of the CL line i mostly use Fiji, Belfast, Neptune and mino. My AA specced Neptune is as close to perfection as a CL can be. The entire line however is seriously punishing if you get it wrong, i can totally understand why folk don't do well with them or even dislike them, but in the right hands Bring it on! All i would ask for is some bias in MM, noting worse then having an AA ship and not get a CV to protect against.
  10. Dee_82

    Minotaur-Class Cruiser / Swiftsure Class

    if we are talking about historically accurate ships, then actually, they wouldn't be firing all that much HE anyway, i for one think HE is one of the most annoying functions of the game ( if on the receiving end)
  11. Dee_82

    Nelson or Hood

    they have very different play styles, Hood is very much a get in close and Nail them hard and fast, Nelson is a bit more, hang with your buddies, if you are singled out with Nelson you can duck and dive but you will get nailed quickly, its imperative that you stay with friendly ships. in many ways she is the BB equivalent of Atlanta, a support ship that can rain down hell but is quickly destroyed if singled out.
  12. Dee_82

    Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    i just played a few games with her and her spread of shells is epic, I do still find that I'm getting overpens though, I a lot of them. I was under them impression the short fuse would reduce them but still, first game we won and I did about 86k of damage, the rest of the games where ruined by bloomin gamecon idiots or the teams ability to help one another so we lost more than we won but damage seemed above average for me. She is damaged very very easily, which is normally more than made up for with rhe heals, so I'm not to bothered, this idea that a BB captain should be given a floating fortress that no one by a Yamoto can destroy is just stupid. I think I might actually quite like that its a ship that is seriously punished but can deliver death on a stick to anyone in front with only a moderate amount of our sides being shown. I was expecting more from short fuses but and perhaps not quite so much damage from more frontal zones but its fun to play. She turns fast, heals good and hands out death very very well. but you cant have it all, she is damaged easily and is relatively slow in a straight line. seems like a fair trade off if you ask me
  13. Dee_82

    British battleships incoming

    what made me laugh more was the nuggets on Chat. They soon shut up after the combined weight of what, 8 ships at one point? didn't sink her. His team was also pretty poor, sitting back chilling in the rear isn't cool and any BB that has +80% of their HP left at the end of the battle should be automatically be sunk in shame
  14. Dee_82

    British battleships incoming

    yup, sure does sound expensive, which is exactly why it will be AT LEAST 400k. might as well try an get a few folk to spend some money converting that wasted XP sitting on ships gathering dust.
  15. Dee_82

    British battleships incoming

    your obviously in a better position to judge than myself but if the RN CL line is do go by, it has a very steep learning curve and is quite unforgiving, yes you might be powerful, perhaps over powerful, but if your caught with your pants down, its game over. Perhaps the BB line is similar? I'm just speculating of course, time will tell.